How Safe Is Anaheim for Travel?

Anaheim, United States
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Anaheim is a city very close to Los Angeles and due to this proximity, as well as the opening of Disneyland, it has developed into a very popular tourist destination.

This is a city that invites you to experience the authenticity of all the things it has to offer.

Anaheim is also known as the home of “the happiest place on Earth.”

This nickname is due to the fact that there are thrilling theme parks, Center Street Promenade, the Muzeo Museum, and Cultural Center as well as the possibility of enjoying live music at the House of Blues.

Everything is made so as to satisfy the needs and desires of people coming to visit it.

Warnings & Dangers in Anaheim

Overall Risk


Generally speaking, there are so many tourists that visit Anaheim yearly and the majority of visits are trouble-free. You are advised to take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel and act as you would do in any other city in the world.

Transport & Taxis Risk


If you decide to drive, you are suggested not to leave your valuables in the car, as there have been incidents with vehicles being robbed and passports and other possessions taken.

Pickpockets Risk


When in Anaheim, travelers are suggested to take sensible precautions to protect themselves and your property against petty crime. There have been reports of tourists being pickpocketed in public places and on public transport.

Natural Disasters Risk


No matter which part of the country you are traveling to, you should be aware of the fact that many natural disasters might happen. In Anaheim, forest fires are a danger in many dry areas due to the high winds which can cause fires to spread.

Mugging Risk


If you show your expensive gadgets in public, you will easily become a possible victim of a mugging. Stay vigilant and watchful of your surroundings all the time.

Terrorism Risk


Be aware of the fact that terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in the USA. These attacks cannot be predicted and places visited by foreigners are considered ideal locations for their attacks.

Scams Risk


Travelers should know that there have been instances of foreigners being drugged by eating or drinking spiked food and drinks. If you need to take a taxi, make sure it is a licensed one.

Women Travelers Risk


There have not been many instances of women being attacked in Anaheim. You can freely walk through the city alone during the daytime, while it is suggested to avoid distant areas during the night.

So... How Safe Is Anaheim Really?

The main reason why tourists wonder whether to visit Anaheim or not is the threat of terrorism.

Terrorist attacks are likely to happen in the USA.

So as to avoid getting into trouble due to terrorism, you should monitor media reports and be vigilant at all times.

In case you experience an increased presence of law enforcement and tight security at public places and events, our suggestion is to stay away from that place.

You will have to follow the rules so as not to get into trouble.

You must carry a passport with you all the time and those under 21 years of age are not allowed to buy alcohol.

Driving is possible there, with your driving license, but you should never leave your belongings in the car when you are not in, as there have been reports of the rented cars being robbed and passports taken.

So, travelers should be alert to the dangers of car and street crime.

In conclusion, as long as you remain vigilant and follow the advice of local authorities you will stay out of trouble and will be able to enjoy your holiday without worrying about your safety.

How Does Anaheim Compare?

CitySafety Index
San Diego67
Melbourne (Australia)80
Montreal (Canada)81
Sydney (Australia)80

Useful Information

  • Visas - If Anaheim is the next city you would like to visit, you will need to get a visa. In case you are an approved applicant to travel to the USA, you will be able to stay for up to 90 days for the purpose of tourism.
  • Currency - The United States dollar or American dollar is the official currency of the United States since 1792. Tourists are advised to exchange money only in banks and licensed exchange offices.
  • Weather - Anaheim is proud to have ideal climate conditions, being that the weather is amazing all year round. Winters almost do not exist, as the temperature does not fall below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Airports - There are two options to fly to Anaheim. The closest airport is John Wayne Orange County Airport which is ideal due to the proximity to the resort. Another option of flying is LAX, Los Angeles' airport.
  • Travel Insurance - Wherever in the world you go, your travel can be enjoyable, but in some instanced it can also be challenging. So looking after yourself during travel and when abroad is important and the best thing to do so is to get travel insurance before starting your journey.
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Anaheim Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 15° C
Feb 15° C
Mar 16° C
Apr 18° C
May 20° C
Jun 22° C
Jul 24° C
Aug 25° C
Sep 24° C
Oct 21° C
Nov 18° C
Dec 15° C
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