How Safe Is United States for Travel?

United States
Safety Index:

The United States of America is probably the most popular destination and the best-known country in the world.

Its multiple appeals for tourists is clear: the city that never sleeps, New York, the feeling of freedom and possibilities, its world-known natural parks, the famous landmarks seen so many times in movies, the city of angels with its Hollywood heart, the virtues of this promised country are so numerous and so widely known that there is no need to list them all.

While it is generally a safe country for tourists, since it is so large, there are definitely parts of this country, and parts of particular cities that are best avoided, and that most locals never venture into.

However, generally speaking, if you follow common sense and apply basic precaution measures, you should have no problems.

The United States is also home to a lot of educational institutions, it’s commonplace for students to study abroad for various careers, and they even have free training in cities like New York.

Warnings & Dangers in United States

Overall Risk


The US is a very safe country to travel to. Tourists are unlikely to experience any incidents or inconveniences. What contributes to the general feeling of insecurity in this country are the mass shootings and isolated terrorist attacks, but they are highly unlikely to occur at a place frequented by tourists.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Means of transportation vary from city to city, from area to area, but are generally numerous, and highly reliable and safe.

Pickpockets Risk


There are almost no pickpockets in the US, and the rate of petty crime is on a major decline for the past couple of years. Still, it is wise to watch your belongings while on a means of public transport or in crowded places.

Natural Disasters Risk


Occasional natural threats exist in some areas of the USA, and they are usually typical for the areas where they occur, for example, earthquakes are a threat for the west coast, the hurricanes for coastal states and wildfires for some regions with extremely high temperatures during summer.

Mugging Risk


When it comes to chances of being mugged or kidnapped, they are very low in the US. Violent street crime is not a common occurrence but only if you avoid dangerous areas of some cities that even locals rarely dare to walk around.

Terrorism Risk


Excluding isolated mass shootings, the US hasn't been the target of any terrorist attacks recently, but the attacks shouldn't be ruled out. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Scams Risk


Just like in other tourist destinations, there will be people trying to scam you in the US, too. Be wary of anyone trying to distract you, flashing large signs in front of you or ATMs that look like they've been tampered with.

Women Travelers Risk


The United States of America is very safe for female solo travelers. Following basic precaution measures should completely minimize the chances of anything going wrong.

So... How Safe Is United States Really?

The US is a safe country to visit.

Of course, since it is so large, it’s expected that there are some parts of it that are very unsafe for tourists, but even the risks that are listed here, are highly unlikely to happen.

This country is infamous for gun usage and the selling of guns, but the truth is that most violent crimes that do occur in the US, occur in suburbs or urban areas of some cities.

It is by no means as widespread throughout the entire country as the media would have us believe.

Even though there is a minor chance that, as a tourist, you might experience petty theft incidents, it is highly unlikely because petty theft crimes such as pick-pocketing and bag snatching have been on a decline for the past couple of years.

Violent crime rates are also pretty low, so you should feel mostly-safe in all bigger cities of this gigantic country, especially due to the fact that, since 9/11, most touristic landmarks have been severely backed up by police presence, so big cities that are frequented by tourists are basically the safest places you can find yourself in.

In fact, you may even get frisked and searched near the touristic landmarks.

However, mass shootings are an issue that the US has been dealing with for a long time, and even to this day: there have been over 372 mass shootings in the US, in 2015 solely.

Even though they mostly occur in the neighborhoods and towns that are unknown to most tourists, this fact contributes to the overall feeling of being mildly unsafe in this country.

Useful Information

  • Visas - The US is famous for its harsh policy for acquiring a tourist, let alone a resident visa. The US embassies usually ask for interviews before granting tourist visas, and tourists usually have to pay up to 160 USD to get a visa. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.
  • Currency - The United States dollar is the official currency in America. Credit and debit cards are accepted nearly everywhere, and ATMs are widely available. The prices vary but you can plan on spending about 100 dollars per day.
  • Weather - The most attractive cities for tourists can be visited all year round, with New York being gorgeous both during summer and winter when it's extremely cold there. However, the climate varies from city to city, from a Mediterranean climate in Los Angeles to subarctic oceanic climate in Alaska, so depending on the country you are visiting you should get informed about the best time to visit.
  • Airports - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport located 7 miles south of Atlanta's central business district, in the US state of Georgia is the busiest airport in the world. Los Angeles International Airport is the second busiest airport in the US.
  • Travel Insurance - Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to the US, since it covers not only the costs of medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.
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107 Reviews on United States

  1. K
    Kabo Kabo says:

    Real opinion from someone who is not American but who have lived and travelled to the USA

    Ok… pickpockets risk : low? !!!!!!!!! Women travelers risks: low?!!!!!! LOOOOOOL…. the person who wrote this article is delusional or American, or probably both!!!!!
    The USA is one of the most dangerous country you could end up in! I like this country, but let’s keep it real… you do not watch the News!!!!! The everyday criminality level is high ( check the official numbers…)

    1. said mass shootings are highly unlikely at places frequented by tourists, guess las vegas doesn’t count

    2. The person responding above must have had a bad experience , hangs out in the wrong places or just has an issue with the US. If you travel you just don’t go to bad parts of any city in the world. It is safe but always keep your guard up as a traveler and a woman anywhere.


      The United States Is NOT A Safe Country… Especially if you are BLACK, HISPANIC, ASIAN, Or an Immigrant That A Person Of Color!! The police are Criminal Gangs…Opioid addiction is at an Al Time High… Driving is Not Safe, Especially in Large Cities…. Homelessness is High…Unemployment is HIGH…and Covid is Widespread!!! I am American… Lives here for 56 plus years… Many Americans are trying to leave…Come here at your own risk and expense!!

      1. Get a grip

        This is clearly a political response LMAO. I reckon you haven’t done much traveling in your “56 years.”

        1. Liar.

          Agreed. Yvonne sounds like she belongs to BLM. I understand that blacks are not safe from other blacks, but explain to me how Asians are not safe in America. They experience the lowest rates of crime victimization of any racial group residing in this country.

          1. T
            The Left Prophet says:


            there’s been plenty of attacks on asian americans and poc generally by the pigs in the American police force. I’m assuming you’ve never left your rich suburb and seen what the rest of the country is like

          2. y
            you have got to be kidding says:

            Huh? Asians Elders get attacked daily especially over the course of the Coronavirus. It s been all over the news. Also, yes. Black people get targeted by the police over white people. It’s a real thing. A black woman got hit by a white woman in a mall and the white girl freaked out and got away with it. If the black woman hit her, she wouldv’e been in prison.

      2. Yvonne's a lying fool.


      3. e
        everyman USA says:

        grow up . the USA is very safe and very accommodating to all who visit and respect her .

      4. M
        Monique says:

        USA FACTS!

        100% accurate Yvonne! I was born in UK, speak 5 languages (including sign), have traveled to 13 countries and lived in the USA for many years, caring for mum. *If English is not your first language or if you have 2 drops of melanin; brown black yellow red, Enter at your own risk and know that you are not welcomed in this Native land.*

      5. A
        Anonymous says:

        Your crazy, I am a American and there is 0 to none racism here.

      6. C
        Conservative POC says:

        Yvonne is a freeloader and can leave anytime

        Rewritten by a Real American:
        The United States is NOT a safe country in black and Hispanic communities where there is an accepted culture of crime and gang violence. The police do all that they can, except when Democrat leadership tells them to stand down. Opioid addiction is at an all time high thanks to Democrats allowing mules from Mexico to come right in. Illegal immigrates are also largely responsible for sex trafficking of children (Democrats make up the rest). Driving is not safe in urban area where thugs turn to car-jacking instead of getting a job. Homelessness is high especially for those cultures that frown on having a job (probably the case for Yvonne). Covid is widespread in urban areas because thugs only wash their hands after committing a crime. No one is trying to leave. If they were trying to leave, they would have left. Every four years celebrity Democrats threaten to leave if a conservative were to get elected, but they never leave. The rest of us Americans welcome celebrity Democrats to leave, but they just stay sucking off the freedom of this great country.

        1. You’re proving her point with your retarded statement 🤣🤣

    4. P
      PoliticalBoomersRangry says:

      “Do not watch the news” “Check the official numbers” Jeez lady.

      1. Reality Check

        Yvonne really needs to get back on her meds. Her neighborhood may be a dump, and if the cops are hostile, maybe it’s due to the issues caused by some residents. As long as you stay out of the crappy part of town, you’re no less safe than most other large cities worldwide.

        1. 🙄
          🙄 says:

          How about y’all chill on Yvonne and respect that she has an opinion. And you who are saying she’s crazy liar and on meds are a part of the reason she said what she said .. relax you fkn hypocrites

          1. Always watch your 6

            Well said. You should always be cautious when visiting any place where there are humans. There are many good ones and there are many bad.

  2. As an Natural Born American citizen, who has lived here all his life, I must say the person who wrote this article is delusional and very much “Candy Coating” the truth. America is full of street crimes especially in the major cities where most foreign tourists travel. Lots of muggings, purse snatching, pick pockets, and yes even car jackings. People get ruffied and drugged in bars and later robbed and/or raped. Many small theft is committed by junkies looking for quick cash to get a quick fix and then on to the next victim. I am not saying that everyone will get targeted but lets be real. Everyone, especially unaware tourists, are a target. I would say tourists are more of a public target than an American as Americans are more alert because we are more aware of the tactics American criminals use. I would rate the safety in major cities as moderately high and urban areas low to moderate. I am no expert I am just speaking from personal opinion based on my knowledge of local and national crime statistics and news.

    1. Safe but learn where to avoid.

      You must hang out in the wrong places. WE have lived in the NY area and or visited for over 40 years and it is not as you described. No matter where you travel in the world there are good areas and bad. You need to be smart enough to ask where those areas are and stay out of the bad areas. I understand that California has some issues in the “sanctuary cities” with petty crime and homelessness . Also, bail reform seems to be increasing the use of drugs on the street because people won’t suffer consequences. Coincidentally, friends who have visited the once beautiful city of San Francisco say you can find needles on the street

      1. Dangerous Urban Areas

        PROTIP: It isn’t the immigrants committing the crimes, nor is it the people getting out of the world’s most crowded prison system because of bail reform. Your racism is factually not true. What is true is that American cities are extraordinarily dangerous compared to their counterparts in the rest of the developed world.

        1. Illegal immigrants do increase crime a good bit and bail reform has made crime higher, facts are not racism. A bad area in an American city is dangerous at night but the rest of the country is not more dangerous than elsewhere in the developed world.

        2. Get a grip

          Where in the f… does the OP mention immigrants?

  3. T
    Tokogeru says:

    Small City America

    (English not superior very sorry)
    America great place for visit long time. Big cities noisy and smelly, small cities calm and inviting. I forgot card on bus stranger hand it to me. Good place.

    1. A
      Arielle says:

      Thank time don’t forget your card

  4. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 America safe really give me a break

    1. lived here my whole life never had any crimes happen to me so give me a break about your uneducated response.

      1. I’ve also lived there my entire life and I haven’t had any crimes happen to me, but I can think of literally hundreds of examples of crimes happening to friends, family and just locals and tourists visiting.

        So idk how you can call him uneducated when you’re basing it strictly off your personal lack of American crimes.

        I’d say cities in the US range from low to high, especially high in Albuquerque, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Hartford.

      2. I was born and lived more than 20 years in Mexico and I never had any crimes happen to me, BUT it doesn`t mean that I am not aware of what’s going on around. I have visited also many countries including several cities in the US and I can tell this Index is not very reliable.

      3. As with any place it depends on where you go and the people there. There are shit people the world over. In America I have had cars broken into and stolen. I have been attacked more than once. I have even had guns drawn on me by people trying to rob me to be honest I just gave them what they wanted. In the United States of America my suggestion is to stay away from the inner-city no matter where you are. As long as you stay in good areas and are aware of your surroundings you will be very safe. PS when I lived in America I lived in the inner-city and this is what I learned from it.

    2. It is safe to visit tho…

  5. AS an American I can assure you that the USA is safe. The people are kind hearted and welcoming. Its is pricey, so be prepared to spend at least 150 dollars per night for an average hotel.

  6. A
    Anonymous says:

    America Is Beautiful and Safe

    Wonderful country with amazing people. Very safe for visitors with lots of fun things to do and beautiful places to see.

  7. A
    Anonymous says:

    American and a Woman with kids...

    I am An American and a Woman and I have to say that as both I can not agree that it is safe even in tourist areas. With my kids and a female friend and her two kids someone attempted to mug us on the strip in Las Vegas…a common tourist place. Crime in a lot of tourist places unless you are talking things like the actual resort but outside the place there is crime. Museums, they are safe but many are in downtown areas that are not great and you will be robbed, have your car broken into and the such. Once in the place you are safe. Many outside places are safe like the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park.

    LA? Nope

    New York? Nope

    Don’t be fooled by the nonsense. People love to take advantage of tourist and will do so.

  8. J
    Julius Cesar says:

    I have mixed feelings about the USA, but it does have some amazing destinations

    As a Canadian, (I am not going to address politics) I am going to try to not be to bias against the USA, but when you watch the news, you can see that it can be a pretty sketchy place sometimes, and it is definitely a risk to take.
    However, with that being said there are lots of incredible places to visit, all over the country, and it is definitely a good place for a vacation.

    1. yeah the news says the same about Canadians being all drugged out in the streets

      1. Bull. We Americans are so below Canadian standards in health, crime and education. Don’t be salty. I’d much rather visit Canada

        1. A
          Anon is a dick says:

          Anon, you know you’re free to leave right? If you love Canada so much then by all means emigrate there, you won’t be missed!

  9. Dont Base off the news reports.

    If you go to a small town like mine you will likely never run into any crime at all. If you travel to a larger city , it maybe different in different areas of the city. Around the main business centers are normally the safest. I would feel safe to walk across my town in any place at any time day or night.

  10. A
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t trust the media: it’s perfectly safe.

    The small towns and parks are perfectly safe to visit, and honestly I feel just as safe walking down the street in my hometown in NC at midnight as I do here in Japan, where I currently live. Plenty of us are those dreaded gun-owners you always hear about, and yet nothing tends to happen in our rural communities.

    Most violent crime in the US occurs in very specific areas that most tourists don’t even know how to find. In general, my feeling of safety in the central area of most US cities has been just about the same as anywhere else in the developed world. Be smart about things and don’t fall for scams and you’ll probably be fine. Even in infamous New Orleans, I never felt threatened or in danger. A general rule of thumb many of us have discussed is that if you aren’t involved in crime, you’re unlikely to be a victim of it.

    The mass shooting statistic is also kind of generalized; the majority of these involve a few people and typically occur in the aforementioned places that have gang warfare, meaning that many (but not all, of course) victims are already involved in those circumstances to start. I’ve done my own research on the subject, and if you discount gang warfare (don’t get me wrong, it’s a horrible problem that we need to address as a nation), the rate of terrorist attacks/mass murders is almost on par with many other developed countries. Even the murder rate drops substantially when you take these factors into account; what this essentially means is that you, as an ordinary person uninvolved in any major crime (no, smoking weed doesn’t count), have a negligibly low chance of being the victim of a crime.

    I’m an avid world traveler, and every person I’ve met who has been to the US has only had positive things to say, explaining that the US really defied their expectations and was much more safe than the media had them believe. I think the same applies to lots of other places in the world too.

    Or you can listen to the grammatically poor “AMERICA BAD!!!” reviews with a thousand exclamation points and no valid explanation as to why.

    1. I agree. If you watch the news you would think the US is a war zone. That is because the media in the US is all about ratings to make more money selling commercials. Most gun deaths are either gang members killing other gang members or suicides. You just have to have some common sense when travelling to avoid seedy area just.lime everywhere else in the world.

  11. A New Yorker’s Opinion

    Pickpocketing and petty theft crimes do happen in New York. Watch your belongings in high tourist areas like Times Square. Avoid leaving personal items on restaurant tables because they can be stolen when you’re not looking. Take yellow or green metered NYC taxis or use share riding services like Uber. Do not hail a black cab because they are more likely to ripe you off. Don’t get suckered into buying counterfeit luxury items from Chinatown. Avoid the NYCHA public housing projects located throughout the city; especially when the sun goes down. These tend to be high crime areas. Do not stare at people on public transportation and mind your own business. New Yorkers are a friendly bunch. We will help anyone in need of assistance but please don’t get in our way when we have somewhere to go.

  12. A
    Aidia Ratwee says:


    I’ve lived in the us all my life, and it’s incredibly hard to make an average for this country. The northeast is drastically different from New Orleans, which is drastically different to the Great Lakes and so on. Overall there is absolutely no threat to coming here. As always be cautious and if something doesn’t feel right then leave, but I’ve been everywhere in the US and the rest of these people in the comments are just Americans who are bored and looked up there country. It’s a diverse place that is completely different wherever you go. The US is more like 10 different countries in 1.

  13. A
    Anonymous says:

    Of course it’s safe

    You obviously have never been outside highly developed countries if you seriously think the United States is unsafe to visit. The US is one of the most safe countries on earth to visit and live in. Use common sense and stay out of sketchy areas of major cities at night, and there will be no problems. I have been to every corner of the country and I have never felt in danger. Don’t let exaggerated reviews or the media scare you away, visit and enjoy this beautiful country!

  14. J
    Joan Pepe says:

    If you must

    If you are white and not involved in drugs it’s safe enough. By far the most racist country in the Western Hemisphere. Physically it can be beautiful but just doesn’t have that relaxed vibe to it. It’s a big world with better choices for a vacation

    1. Oh please, the USA is the least racist country, give me a break.

    2. If the USA is so racist, why do so many people from around the world come here and succeed here, they wouldn’t if it was racist. It’s the least racist country in the western hemisphere.

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        Not least racist but definetly not most racist

        1. Yes, THE usa IS the least racist. No other country on the planet is as tolerant as the US when it comes to
          immigration, free healthcare and schooling for illegal migrants and no other country has as much diversity in its’ leadership as the USA.

          1. y
            you have got to be kidding says:

            There are still many racists in the south that proudly raise the confederate flag. The people of the US are still super racist. I can name many countries that are less racist than southern USA.

    3. People need to understand the difference between what you see on American news stations and reality. The media profits off of people’s fear here, both sides do it, conservatives and liberals. It’s how they get people to watch their shows. If you watch the news, it may seem like there’s more crime here than other developed countries, and there usually is, because The U.S. is huge. More people=More crimes to report.

  15. F
    Felix Garcia says:

    Your Mileage May Vary

    Big country so varies widely. Occasional terrorist attacks of all verities are a sad reality and seemingly random. Large size means a large variety of natural disasters possible. Be aware of fire season and earthquakes in the west, tornado season in the Midwest, hurricane season in the south and east coast, winter in the north and northeast is not the most enjoyable and can cause airport delays.

    Street crime is a thing and every state and city has areas you should avoid. On the other hand every state has “safe” neighborhoods but they will often cost a pretty penny.

    Lots of people are armed. Avoid confrontations which can easily escalate out of control. Absolutely avoid drugs. The USA has a very competitive culture that sometimes seems very cold to foreigners and there is a general attitude of victim blaming if someone gets taken advantage of or ripped off. If you encounter someone who is aggressively nice or seems like they have an agenda they probably do.

  16. We are Awesome

    We Americans are proud to have tourists and people wanting to become citizens on a daily basis!

    While mass shootings and other violent crimes happen; They are not all over like some people like to portray.

    Where I am from, we have large amounts of Asian tourists and they are always telling our shop owners and fellow locals how safe and welcome they feel day or night.

    The only truly unsafe places would be the ghettos and similar locations in bigger cities like Detroit or Los Angeles.

  17. I’m a 13 Year Old Kid, Its Perfectly Safe Here don’t get me wrong crime is very very rare but it’s not place to be safe to be at in the night always stay home after 10 PM. I do feel safe in the U.S. There is a high risk of smoking.

  18. a
    anonymous says:


    are you fucking serious so you are saying America is safe, and for example, Algeria is being accused of having terrorist attacks which is a big fucking lie because that was 8 years ago this site is shit and the reason I brought up Algeria is that I have been to it and the people there let me stay in their houses and gave me all sorts of food for FREE and I got a shit ton of souvenirs and entered a lot of places for free too because how nice the people are in there and the first night I was in LA some dude came up to me with a gun and a dog and mugged me and I was planning to go to another area but canceled because there was a FUCKING ACTIVE SHOOTER IN IT and this is without addressing all of the crimes and kidnappings and gangs
    this site triggered the shit out of me because it’s giving a lot of countries a bad name so if you want info about countries go to another site or try to speak to its citizens from my experience

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Triggered that explains it right there

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        I wonder why im triggered

  19. GREAT

    Best country in the world by far, considering its population crime is low.

    1. Go to Murderapolis

      Minneapolis, North side = death

  20. C
    Canadian says:

    Pretty safe

    i have rented cars in two states that had specific laws in place for rental cars not to be identified as rentals because too many tourists were being targeted.
    However I have been many places in the states and rarely have I felt unsafe. Except that one time in Compton after the riots… THAT was a wrong turn…
    Reality is that there are many factors to your safety when you travel. The more you blend in, the less of a target you will be. If you look like a target, you will be a target.

  21. S
    Safetyfirst says:

    Dangerous. Avoid!!!

    Do not travel to this dangerous country

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Shoot you’re wrong Safetyfirst the United states is safe for us to travel. Shootings are uncommon in here

  22. Bunch of Crybabies

    So many jealous haters in these comments. If the United States is so terrible, why are so many people desperate to immigrate here? No, we aren’t perfect. But what country is? I bet most of you haters actually live here and have the audacity to trash it.

  23. Honestly kinda sucks here /: would not recommend

    People be shootin each other on the daily bro

  24. T
    Traveler says:

    The U.S. is a big Country! Lots of states. It will vary from city to city. Everyone knows there are BAD areas. In every Country. Do your research before traveling.Make sure to recheck when your actually ready to enter the State’s. For varied reasons. Example: COVID-19 now. There are homeless people. A lot of drugs. Many people live here. From across the world. I have felt uncomfortable in the States. But mostly a good place. Beautiful places. Some very bad ugly places. Travel all countries at your own risk!

  25. Northwest, very safe

    I have been all over the United States, the Pacific Northwest is really nice, I would avoid any large metro area, like L.A., New York, Chicago, Atlanta etc, especially places with a large black or hispanic population. These are crime ripe areas. The Northwest, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana are beautiful places to visit. Very vast area, a car rental is a must. People are friendly. (Exception is Seattle). The Northwest is a great area of America for summer motorcycle trip.

    1. forget Portland, bunch of violent communist idiots

  26. I’m an American and considering all that is going on around here from Portland to Kenosha, I am absolutely amazed the United States still has a green status.

  27. Alright, 2020 update!

    As a person who is living in the USA, which has right now the most Covid-19 cases, I can tell you that the USA isn’t really safe for travel. There is right now civil unrest happening everywhere, a dictatorial president, and right wing guerrilla groups in the south. Please reconsider your choice, if you’ve travelled to the US multiple times, great, just take extreme precautions when going out. Only travel if necessary. My rating for right now: 35/100.

    1. Oh please, it not “right wing guerrilla” groups in the South, it’s Antifa left wing radicals causing the problems.

  28. A
    Anonymous says:

    Move along, we’re full.

  29. Impossible to Generalize

    I admire this website’s earnest effort to summarize tourist safety in the US, but it’s just impossible to generalize – it’s too big, too diverse, and too varied in the reason travelers are here. A person traveling to New York will have a totally different experience and risk profile than a traveler to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Foreign exchange students to the midwest will be in a completely different environment that somebody wanting to live it up in South Beach.

  30. E
    Extra Life says:

    It is okay if you are with a big group

    I am an American and I would recommend foreigners to stay away from southern states, you might be a victim of a hate crime. Random gun shootings are real and can happen to anybody, stay away from Ghetto areas or places where you see a lot of homeless people. You should hired at least 2 security guys because we Americans love to commit crime man. It is true, and the thing I hate is we can’t do anything to prevent a crime from happening, we have to wait until the crime happens before catching the criminal. We know who is shady and gonna commit a crime, but we can’t do anything because we will get sued or end up on the news as a “monster.”

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      “Extra Life”-Your review is not only false but ridiculous. Random shootings are rare, most shootings are suicide or drug/gang related and in a bad area. Yes, American cities have bad areas but those are certainly avoidable. You do not need to hire security or go in a group, simply take common sense safety precautions such as staying out of a bad urban area and not walking in deserted urban areas at night and keeping your valuables secured, you know the same safety precautions as in any country.

    2. Normal Precautions

      How absolutely ridiculous to stay away from southern states due to hate crimes. These are some of the friendliest places in the US. Hate crimes are extremely rare and certainly not in tourist areas. Like any country, stay away from inner city areas, be careful at night in downtown and watch your valuables on public transit. I have traveled as a solo female all over the US and the world and have never had any issues at all. The national parks and other outdoorsy areas are all fabulous and extremely safe. Obviously, you have to be more careful in places like NY, Chicago and LA.

      1. You’re caucasian correct.

  31. w
    walina aime says:

    Wow completely biased article coming from someone who was born and raised here

    I give the United States three stars the reason why I gave it three stars is because yes relatively the United States when it comes to being safe compared to other countries yes it’s more safe but the crime in United States is very high. They cannot sit there and say that United States is relatively safe and the crimes are low when you have the police literally killing black and Hispanics and minorities out here .They cannot say that On top of that you have a lot of petty crimes you have a lot of kidnappings you have a lot of organized crimes such as human trafficking , you have kid napping actual kidnapping not just adults children kidnapping that are Being sold for sex you also have rapes drugs and the poor community is very high so this article is very biased but I can say compared to other countries United States is more organized in a sense that if you are in trouble you will get help immediately! Other countries if you are in trouble if you are injured They won’t come to you as fast as possible like the United States. As a woman of color who has been raised by Caribbean parents and Was born and grew up here I’ve had many friends family coworkers just people that I know neighbors they have had terrible things happen to them me per se I can’t say that I haven’t had anything bad happened to me that’s major but it was close to being bad so they can’t paint United States as such a wonderful place to travel to Over other countries!!

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      USA is perfectly fine

      I lived in New York city and now I’m currently in Los Angeles. United States is safe just use common sense and be aware that’s for travel into any country. I have lived in LA five years and nothing has ever happened to me. The only time it was crazy was during the George Floyd riots. There is homeless that’s no lie but it’s not bad. People on here are dramatic or hate USA. Don’t listen to media.

  32. usa is still a little safe

    USA is a safe place but there is mass shootings and gun crimes. USA is ranked no. 1 for the amount of people with guns. but you should be fine if you follow common sense and take precaution measures. also my family has been getting scammed so also watch out for that.

  33. S
    Someone says:

    After 2021, change this once again.

    The U.S. right now is electing a president, and whoever it is, it is almost certain that post-election day violence will follow, no matter who gets elected. If Trump gets elected, then there will be outrage from BLM protesters and other activists, and Trump-Supported right wing militias will probably start trying to wage war with them. If Biden gets elected, there could be an insurgency somewhere in the U.S. After 2020, the U.S’ safety rating would probably be lower yellow to upper red.

    1. G
      Gene Smith says:

      Well you called that wrong.

  34. anonyoumus i always see u making comments

  35. It's kinda racist..

    i’m japanese and look like it.. ..karens advise their kids to stay away from me cause I’m chinese and probably have ”corona” .. really karen? =.= if i had corona i would’ve stayed in japan not go shopping.. i also notice old men stare at you when you show the slightest bit of skin!! o.O i can’t tell if their doing it cause their dissapointed in me or just.. are weird.. its an ok country i guess..their not very nice to me as they stand in a different lane when i come.. cause of course every asian person has corona.. but its okey =^.^= i get used to it.. it has many shops!! its so cool kind of expensive but yeah :3

    1. Please, Japan most racist country on planet.

      1. Are you seriously invalidating a Japanese persons racist experience here?

  36. Terrible Country

    Sh*t hole country Avoid at all costs!!

    1. welcome!

      u have to avoid places like memphis, cleveland, baltimore, detroit, huston, new orleans, baton rouge, birmingham, dayton, and little rock.

  37. well america is not as safe as this article says, as an white american

  38. M
    MIA2NYC73 says:

    Read Within Reason and Avoid Insanity

    This is hilarious!

    I’ve lived in and out the outskirts of Boston, Chelsea and the lower east side in New York City, Los Angeles , Austin Texas and Miami. I’m a professor so I seek to find new areas across the country. NYC , to me, has provided the most comfort and safety despite the density of people roaming around at any given time. Look at per PER CAP crime rates across the spectrum. Otherwise, expect to be misinformed.

    Don’t get bamboozled—no matter day or night you can walk around the city with some common sense (where I think a lot of these comments are NOT coming from) and enjoy yourself. If you are concerned, contact the hotel or the concierge of the hotel with which you are staying.

    If not, maybe try Iowa–we can shuck corn together!

  39. Eh it’s ok

    I live here but this isn’t right on lol

  40. S
    Sassy Duck quack quack quack says:

    neutral, indifferent

    There are numerous flaws, but the suburbs are probably the safest areas of America. The cities are very large, and the crime rate is higher. On the other hand, the smaller suburbs are safer. I have a friend who was in DC and they said that it is unsafe to walk in the street a night and that is true. I went to America and the monuments are fun to take pictures of, and they have some nice restaurants. It has some room to improve but overall 9/10 visit, would recommend.

    1. D
      DC Dave says:

      DC Calling

      DC native here. The streets of the District are unsafe in certain parts of the area at night and one hundred percent safe in others. On more than one occasion a tourist has asked if there are any actual residents living in DC itself or does everyone live in the two surrounding states of Maryland and Virginia? It has a thriving residential population. The city is rapidly gentrifying and housing prices are skyrocketing even in the southeastern quadrant, east of the Anacostia River. That section is probably not advisable to wonder around in at night but even there, certain parts are quiet residential streets however there is very little in the way of tourist attractions to see so no real reason to explore.

      Scams? Yep! We got’em. The “gentlemen” pushing bicycles with flat tires and asking for money to get the sudden puncture fixed. Panhandlers at many a busy intersection especially in Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan but you’ll find them everywhere. Some have asked me for money “for a ticket home” at Union Station – the main railway station. Gas stations seem to attract more of the aggressive types who want to come up and pump your gas for a small fee. They often get offended when you refuse the offer but I’ve never been more than verbally abused for the rebuff (6’2” 200lbs) Your interactions may vary!

      I once interrupted an almost mugging at an atm in Capitol Hill (near 3rd and Pennsylvania SE) at around 8:30pm. A young female tourist was obliviously counting a pile of $20 bills right there on the street without a care in the world for her surroundings. I could see the guy approaching and I simply walked up to her and said in an extremely loud voice “SO GLAD to see you again! I didn’t know you’d be down here tonight!” She had NO IDEA what kind of nut was talking to her and was more afraid of me than what was about to happen. Once she did realize she thanked me profusely and was on her way, a little wiser.

      DC? Safe if you keep an eye out on your surroundings, MD and VA burbs, the same but you’ll have little to no problem here if you use common sense as a tourist. Metros are clean and efficient but hold on to those iPhones and handbags and don’t sit right near the doors where someone can grab them and jump out as the train is coming to a stop but even this doesn’t happen all the often and won’t happen to you if you are vigilant.

      Its early 2021 We are patiently waiting for y’all tourists to come back soon!!

  41. Pretty accurate

    This is pretty accurate, except for Natural Disasters. I think it should be high, as I see them almost every time I go on a multiple state road trip (but that might be because I tend to like places with these types of weather)

  42. A
    Anonymous says:


    My nation gleefully wants to rip itself apart we have 10 years 20 tops before it ends.Any tourists should come now to see the sights before that happens. crime is rising so stay away from population areas and go see the natural beauty while it lasts.Like the national parks.P.S. Even if you are super wealthy that will not be enough to protect you in the cities rich people here get hurt like everyone else.

  43. A
    Anonymous says:


  44. A
    Anonymous says:


  45. Us ok just be careful.

    Reality: I am 63 and lived in US my entire life. Today April 18,2021. I have lived in California the last 15 years. Current issues in US is hate crimes against Asians. Stupid idiots trying to blame them for Covid. San Francisco is currently not a place to visit. Since Covid, crime has increased. Many folks are leaving California. Some companies are returning to work so San Francisco is a tiny bit better but very dirty, homeless everywhere and many folks on the street that have mental health issues. Still some areas fairly safe if you are careful. Union Street and maybe fisherman‘s wharf but that’s pretty much it right now. Sacramento area pretty safe the old sacramental extremely safe. Los Angeles I haven’t visited for quite some time so I don’t know. I have family in Chicago where the suburbs are OK but the city of Chicago very dangerous. Safest during the day but once nighttime hits be very careful. Cities like to treat stay away. Cities like Oakland California definitely stay away unless it’s daytime by the lake. Las Vegas is having some issues on the strip but they have tripled up the cups so just be aware don’t go on any alleys stay on the main street and you’re gonna be fine so much but traffic you’ll be fine. Pickpocket are‘s, just watch your purse or your wallet me personally have never been pickpocketed but I’m very careful. If you rent a car, never leave anything in the car otherwise I guarantee someone will break in and steal it. If it’s in the truck they will still possibly have someone watching when you walk away the best into the trunk and take it. Especially Christmas time at the malls you go in shopping you buy stuff you come out to drop things off in the car put them in the trunk, I actually will move my car to the other side of the mall then go back in because you’re guaranteed someone’s probably watching for that shopper to go back in and then they hit your truck and steal it. Remember here in the US and most of the cities we have the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. you will have a beautiful neighborhood very upscale but a few blocks away a very poor neighborhood and it doesn’t take much for them to walk on over bicycle over what ever, do their street crime then head back to their own neighborhood. We have extreme drug use in our cities and they’re looking for a quick fix and get money wherever they can. So the US right now if it were me and I want to go out and visit play tourist which I do sometimes I would not go to San Francisco right now but I will go to old Sacramento which is kind of a old cowboy town Because there’s so much police presence is extremely safe. Covid here in the US has taken it’s toll and businesses are just now starting to open up for most of the cities so yeah we really would love to have Taurus but I’m gonna say it straight hell it is be careful be aware I am probably don’t go running around at night time keep it during the day and stick to main streets main areas and you’ll be fine.

  46. Good place to go

    Been to 15 states as a tourist
    Always was treated well and on 2 occasions people went out of their way to help me, once in Baltimore and once in phoenix. Love to travel in this nation a d will do so again as soon as it’s possible. Canadian neighbor

  47. Truth

    You can call me racist all you want, but as an American I can absolutely say the safest places are nicer (suburban) higher income white or Asian areas. Not all, but most black and hispanic areas are less safe to absolutely unsafe. Like never step foot there. Its a fact. Its a shame for the black and hispanic children who are raised there. Vast majority of mass shootings/gun crime is black on black gang related crimes. You can debate the reasons if you like, but its a fact. Stick with whites and asians and you’ll pretty much be untouched. Regardless of your own race. Sorry. Oh, and the South absolutely is more friendly. Southerners are the warmest friendliest people you’ll ever meet.
    And I’m a Northerner. People from New York are obnoxious A-holes. And Boston isn’t so great either. Sorry to speak the truth.

    1. y
      you have got to be kidding says:

      The south has way higher crime rates.. and its white infested. But okay! Look at the actual real collected data and the south is more dangerous than the north. Also there are WAY more white serial killers, lol.

  48. A
    A US citizen says:

    Don’t buy into to negative press

    You’ll be fine as long as you have an ounce of common sense. Do your research and stay out of bad areas. Your biggest inconvenience will be how annoyed you get at our self-centered and cynical population.

  49. A
    Anonymous says:


    I live on the east coast it’s safe very safe lived here since I was a kid

  50. '
    'Merica says:

    Only Democrat run areas are dangerous

    Urban areas like Portland, St. Louis, NY, LA and Chicago may be dangerous because of the thug culture accepted by Democrats. Other areas governed by Republicans are fine.

  51. J
    Juliana says:

    Stay out of large cities and you're fine.

    As of late 2021, the USA exists in two parallel realities. The first reality is found well outside of large cities in suburbs, exurbs, and rural areas; largely safe and clean, and good for anyone to visit. You won’t have a problem in that part of America unless you either set out looking for it or make it for yourself. The second reality is found exclusively in large cities and their urban metropolitan zones, where the quality of life is generally lower as conditions are far dirtier, louder, very poorly managed if at all, and extremely violent compared to other places; these areas are not fit for anyone for any purpose and should be avoided.

    As there has been a lot of conjecture regarding risk of violence based on one’s race, the facts are reflected in crime statistics: Blacks are overwhelmingly victimized by other Blacks, and they’re civilians – not law enforcement. Hispanics, Asians, and Whites are also predominantly victimized by Blacks in urban metropolitan zones, especially in cities with current and historical “leadership” from the Democratic Party. Also all of these areas have extensive “gun-free zones” wherein local ordinances attempt to prohibit civilian gun possession – most assault, rape, and murder in the USA happens within these “gun-free zones”.

    If you research the summer rioting of 2020 incited in many cities by BLM and related “social justice activist groups”, and tolerated by governments in those locales, you will find a long list of places that honestly do not offer any quality experiences to any visitors of any demographic. Avoid these areas if you have concerns for your physical safety as well as how your time will be spent.

    If you want to quickly assess whether your destination is safe for you, check if your destination fits the following criteria:

    • large city
    • run by Democratic Party mayors & council
    • features a large population of a race known to victimize your race
    • features huge gun-free zones
    • experienced BLM-centric rioting in 2020

    You can find many parts of the USA that are still clean, properly managed, with lots of natural beauty and friendly residents who will not hesitate to assist you, socialize with you, and peacefully coexist with you — but you will find most of them in the places popular and “news” media tell you to avoid: red states and cities with historically Republican leadership, smaller cities and towns, and rural regions with lots of wilderness where virtually everyone is armed and better behaved than people in urban environs.

    Feel free to dismiss all of the above as whatever variety of *ism your social justice sensibilities prefer and take your chances in whatever sprawling, filthy, crowded, boorish gross urban zone you wish, but do not purport that you weren’t warned.

  52. I am an American, but I’ve also lived out of the U.S. for extended periods of time. It’s very hard to put all of the U.S. into one box because it varies from place to place but I would definitely recommend not going places alone after dark in bigger cities and always being aware of your belongings and surroundings. I would also not recommend visiting Detroit as it is known for gang violence and lots of petty theft, but if you do go, be careful and be 100% aware of your surroundings.

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