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Updated On February 17, 2022
Connecticut, United States
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Connecticut is a state that is popular for people exploring the United States because of its location between New York City and Boston, two of the most important cities in the country when it comes to history.

The state is home to some of the best universities in the country, like Yale, and it has a beautiful coastline that is often overlooked compared to some of its neighbors in New England.

Connecticut is the third-smallest state in the United States by land mass with only Rhode Island and Delaware being smaller.

Despite this, it still has a relatively large population of over 3 million people, making it the 29th most populated state.

One noteworthy thing about Connecticut is that its city, Bristol, is home to ESPN, the number one sports channel in the world.

It has been the home of ESPN since it was founded in the late-1970s.

The state is fairly flat, but still has a lot to offer the outdoorsman thanks to its underused beaches and coastline.

Warnings & Dangers in Connecticut

Overall Risk


Connecticut is one of the safest states in the country and is home to some of the communities with the best safety ratings in the United States. Travelers visiting the state should feel safe while visiting Connecticut unless they are doing things that are extremely dangerous or out of the ordinary.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Crime associated with transport companies in Connecticut is very low. You should feel extremely safe using rideshare, taxi, or public transportation as long as you use reputable companies. The accountability of a rideshare app is a great way to stay safe while getting from place to place.

Pickpockets Risk


There is zero risk of being pickpocketed or taken advantage of in that way while traveling in Connecticut. This is especially true as long as you are safe and don't leave your belongings sitting around where they would be easy to steal. Another good idea is to not keep your wallet in your back pocket in busier areas.

Natural Disasters Risk


Almost zero natural disasters are occurring in Connecticut each year, outside of the occasional hurricane. Hurricanes in the Northeast are rarer than in the south, though, and they are usually less severe if they do happen. While you are traveling in Connecticut, you shouldn't even have natural disasters in the back of your mind.

Mugging Risk


Unless you are wandering around a dangerous local neighborhood at night, you shouldn't worry about being mugged. It isn't a crime that happens much in the state of Connecticut and it especially doesn't happen in areas that tourists frequent. Just don't get caught wandering around in unfamiliar areas at night.

Terrorism Risk


You should have zero worries on your mind when it comes to terrorism in Connecticut. The state has never had an international terror incident and the risk of a domestic terror incident is extremely low. There is no real risk of terrorism in the state.

Scams Risk


Of course, there is some risk of being scammed anytime you travel, but this mostly occurs online when you are booking. Shady companies may try to get your personal information or credit card number to use for their gain. Make sure you only use reputable companies when you book your trip online.

Women Travelers Risk


While women do inherently have more risk associated with travel than men around the world, the risk is still very low in Connecticut compared to other places. As long as you stick with your traveling party and don't go anywhere with a bad reputation, you should be fine.

Tap Water Risk


The tap water is treated in Connecticut and is safe to drink. You may carry your own filtered water with you while you travel and explore the state, but it is not necessary to do so. There is no part of the state where the tap water has been classified as "unsafe to drink".

Safest Places to Visit in Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the safest states in the United States.

This even includes the beach towns that dot its coastline.

While most waterfront towns in other states are associated with higher crime rates and other issues, this isn’t the case in Connecticut.

One of these towns is Madison, which is popular because of its location near Hammonasset Beach State Park on the coast of Connecticut.

When you stay in Madison, you can experience everything the state has to offer when it comes to natural beauty.

Connecticut is also home to some of the safest communities in the world inland too.

Many people commute from these safe neighborhoods to New York City for work each day because of their low crime rate and great quality of life.

Connecticut is one of the original 13 colonies in the United States, so you can learn a lot about early US history while you are there.

Places to Avoid in Connecticut

While Connecticut is extremely safe, there are still some areas to avoid if you want to stay as safe as possible.

Most of these bad neighborhoods are not places that tourists and travelers would typically frequent anyway.

The bad neighborhoods in Connecticut are found in the bigger cities like Hartford and New Haven.

If you are in Hartford, avoid staying on the north side of Hartford, north of I-84.

A good way to avoid staying in a bad area when you land in Hartford is to Google ahead of time.

When you are checking out hotels, there will generally be reviews about the neighborhood and what it has to offer.

This should include how safe it is.

Most of the worst neighborhoods in the big cities won’t have hotels or other rental properties you would be interested in anyway.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Connecticut

Traveling abroad is fun, but comes with some danger if you aren’t careful.

Here are some tips you can use to stay as safe as possible while you are traveling in Connecticut.

  1. Heed travel advisories. The Connecticut state website has a section with travel advisories. These include warnings about potential weather, health, and safety dangers. A great way to start out being safe when you travel in the state is to heed these travel advisories. These advisories change all the time, so check the site often.
  2. Don’t be alone. Unless you are in an extremely familiar area, don’t wander alone. If you are alone, you make yourself a much bigger target for potential attackers and thieves. Try to stay with your group. If you do have to break off, have a buddy system so no one is ever completely alone. Criminals will avoid those that move in groups for obvious reasons.
  3. Research scams. There may be a few scams outside the airport or in tourist areas. These are sometimes straight-up crimes and sometimes just simple ” tourist traps” designed to get you to overspend on things. Do at least some light research before you travel to see what potential scams you might run into while you are traveling in Connecticut. This way you will be able to see them coming a mile away.
  4. Don’t travel in secret. Don’t leave home without telling anyone. Make sure at least one person has your contact info and general itinerary so they can get a hold of you if there is an emergency. This is also good if something happens to you. How can someone know you are missing if they never knew you left in the first place?
  5. Ask locals. Most locals in the United States are friendly and helpful people who are willing to help a stranger in need. If you want some good recommendations about places to eat or explore, don’t hesitate to ask locals like the people at the front desk at your hotel. They may know about secret places the internet travel experts don’t know about.
  6. Don’t do dangerous things. You may be tempted to try dangerous stunts, like climbing out on rocks, to get an amazing picture on social media. Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. The last thing you want is to get hurt while you are in another country, adding an entirely new level of a headache to deal with.
  7. Seem alert and aware. The best way to become a target for potential thieves in Connecticut is to not appear like one. Don’t wander around with your head on a map trying to find out where you are going. This will make it obvious you are a tourist, making you a potential target. Always project confidence, whether it’s true or not.
  8. Make sure your cards work. Oftentimes, people will go to use their debit card on vacation and it will get declined. This doesn’t happen because they don’t have enough money. It happens because their bank thinks the card has been stolen. Tell your bank you are going on vacation before you go, so you don’t get flagged while you are in another country.
  9. Keep some emergency cash. If you do get robbed, you don’t want to be complete without any means. Hide some cash in your luggage somewhere to help protect you in the event of an emergency. A little cash could go a long way in an emergency.
  10. Have a first aid kit. Pack a first aid kit with some basic medical equipment in your luggage. This way, you can patch up any small scrapes or cuts without having to visit the doctor while you are there. Don’t forget antihistamines in case you have an allergic reaction to something.

So... How Safe Is Connecticut Really?

Overall, Connecticut is extremely safe, especially for tourists.

Some cities in the state are some of the richest in the United States, so the amount of violent and property crime is extremely low.

The only real danger you are in when you travel there are the typical dangers you can find anywhere else in the country, but even that is lower than the average.

This is why the coast of Connecticut is such a hidden gem for US travelers. It’s both beautiful and safe to visit.

Avoid bad neighborhoods in Hartford, New Haven, and a couple of other cities around the state if you want to avoid the only real threat of experiencing any crime while you are there.

The good news is you probably have no interest in visiting these areas during your vacation.

Connecticut is truly a great place to visit in the Northeast because of its rich offerings and overall safety.

How Does Connecticut Compare?

StateSafety Index

Useful Information



There is no visa required to visit Connecticut from another country unless you are in a country requiring a tourist visa to enter the United States. The only time you need a visa when visiting from another country is when you plan on staying in the United States for an extended period. You also need one if you plan on conducting business while you are there. For visitors from most countries, the only thing you need when visiting Connecticut from another country is a passport.



The United States dollar is the currency in Connecticut. You can easily exchange your home currency for USD in various locations around Connecticut. Your best choice for doing so is at the airport where the exchange rates are the lowest.



Connecticut experiences all four seasons throughout the year. New England is well-known to have some of the most beautiful autumns in the world. People travel there from all over the world to see the changing leaves each September.



The most popular airport in Connecticut is Bradley International Airport in Hartford, the state's biggest city. This is the only international airport in the state and is likely where you will land when you fly in.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

If you are traveling internationally, it is imperative that you get travel insurance. This is the only way to protect yourself if your hotel, rental car, or flight has to cancel for any reason. This includes weather and acts of god, depending on the kind of insurance you get.

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Connecticut Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan -3° C
Feb -1° C
Mar 4° C
Apr 10° C
May 15° C
Jun 21° C
Jul 24° C
Aug 23° C
Sep 18° C
Oct 12° C
Nov 6° C
Dec 1° C
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Connecticut - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
East Hartford52
New Haven51
New London76
Old Saybrook91
West Hartford85
Windsor Locks86

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