Privacy Policy

The crucial significance of privacy is best recognized by

We have created a privacy policy that strongly proves our commitment and one that explains the measures we have designed to protect your privacy.

The policy below will definitely play a role in making you comprehend what type of data we have gathered, why and what we intend to do with it.

The Information Our Website Receives And How It Is Used

Specifically, we gather generic and not individual identifiable information concerning our visitors.

Instead, for one to assess how effective our website is we choose to gather demographic and statistical data for the purpose of our websites use.

To strengthen the privacy policy, we have created a strong server that is able to recognize the internet protocol address that reveals who enter the website, the date and exact time, and how much time they have spent in the website.

All other details concerning the visitor of the website remain private.

The main reason why we gather this type of information is to help us improve our website’s resources and how well it’s functioning.

Alternatively, it plays a role in aiding us to know how much traffic is encountered as well as finding solutions to arising problems that the server may encounter.

Occasionally, we may result to sharing with our market partners these statistical and demographic data concerning our visitors, but one sure thing is that we do not at all share any data regarding any specific user identity.

The Information Received By The Ad Networks Operating On Our Website

In order for a client to get related information on their interests on the website, ads will always be popping up.

You, however, have no reason to worry since this ads apart from gathering your non-identifiable information, they are not capable of gathering any of your personal information.

Ads will keep appearing and you can opt out of some but those that our website allows will keep coming.

User Comments

Users are permitted to make comments on our website with full responsibility being taken by the commentators.

This includes the personal data they provide and that of the commentators.

A third party receives a disclaimer in regards to how that personal information and data given by the commentator may be used.

You should, however, note that the rights to edit or remove a particular post are reserved due to various reasons including the nature of the comment.

Links To Other Websites

Website users have come across this links that normally lead to other websites.

Usually, these other websites will request for your personal information such as your full names, email address, phone numbers and other links to a Facebook account, Instagram or LinkedIn.

It’s up to the website user to carefully read and analyze these other websites terms and conditions as well as their privacy policies. will, however, take no responsibility for such users since we have no control over how the other website will handle that personal information.