7 Wonderful Places for Snowboarding in U.S.

Snowboarding panorama

Get your sleigh ready for summer – a famous proverb says.

That’s what we’re proposing you to do now.

Find the best place for skiing and snowboarding right now!

Book the best places in the hotel and prepare in advance for your vacation.

In the New Year’s time, spend time on finding gifts for your loved ones, and not the hotel rooms.

Whatever choice you choose from 7 places, you will be satisfied!

We guarantee it.

Aspen, Colorado

Want to relax like a celebrity?

Then don’t miss the season in Aspen.

This town is known for its beautiful views of the mountains and the fact that you can meet celebrities here.

Many famous Americans, including Michael Douglas, Martina Navratilova, Jack Nicholson, and Don Johnson, are property owners in Aspen.

It was in Aspen that the famous American comedy “Dumb and Dumber” was filmed.

This place is for real sky professionals.

Local ski slopes are, first of all, steep and short slopes for real pros.

The city regularly hosts the country’s largest skiing competitions, as well as the stages of the World Cup.

The streets of Aspen are decorated with seven discos, fifty-eight cafes, and bars.


Vail, Colorado

Is it your first ski vacation?

Then you better choose Vail.

This resort is suitable for both beginners and avid snowboarders.

Here everyone will find something to do on their strength?

Can’t ride at all?

There’s a beginner’s school on the slope where you’ll learn the basics.

Already have experience?

Then forward to the ski lifts!

The number of tracks is amazing.

There are 193 of them (18% – for beginners, 29% – for the middle level, 53% – for advanced)!

Don’t you like to spend the whole day skiing?

Not a problem.

There are more than 120 restaurants and more than 200 stores in Vale.

There are art galleries, museums, and movie theaters.

For children – ski schools, and even kindergartens.

Go there with your whole family and don’t worry that you will get bored with the snow.

Man skiing with a kid
Man skiing with a kid

Mammoth, California

Looking for a place near California?

Mammoth is one such place.

The city has over 3,500 acres of ski slopes, serviced by 28 ski lifts.

You can come here, both in winter and in summer.

The hotels located on the mountainside offer a variety of packages for vacationers.

This includes accommodation, ski lifts, ski and equipment rental, and much more.

Mammoth Mountain also has one of the longest ski seasons in North America – from the start of November to Memorial Day.

In addition to traditional skiing, there are Indore Activities and a spa.

The best hotels and restaurants are ready to accept and make the rest comfortable.

Snowy mountain
Snowy mountain

Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada

Do you like mountains and lakes at the same time?

Then you should visit this place.

Lake Tahoe is located on the mountain slopes.

This place is suitable for lovers of year-round recreation.

In summer you can go kayaking or fishing here.

In winter, ski or snowboard and enjoy the beauties of the lake and mountains.

Several resorts are ready to accept you.

It’s Harrah’s Lake Tahoe and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe.

They are located right at the foot of the mountains.

Take a trip in a Heavenly Gondola, visit Emerald state park, Bliss State Park, Rubicon Trail, Gate keeper’s museum.

Want to play golf?

Not a problem.

All you need is to visit Magic carpet golf.

Your vacation here won’t be boring.

Snowboarding in the evening
Snowboarding in the evening

Whistler, Canada

Prefer to ski in Canada?

It’s the right destination.

Whistler is a small town north of Vancouver.

It houses one of North America’s largest ski resorts.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, here you can go snowshoeing, tobogganing and jumping from the springboard on the tracks involved in the 2010 Olympics.

Despite its small size, the village has everything you need. 

Equipment rental, hotels, restaurants.

Like craft beer?

Whistler has its brewery and the best of local cuisine.

Tired of skiing?

Relax at the spa or campfire.

You will fall in love with this place for sure!

Two cable cars
Two cable cars

Park City, Utah

Movie fan?

Then Park City is your place.

It is a cozy tourist town with many hotels.

The names of almost all the streets and institutions of the city are associated with mining.

Park City is best known for hosting the annual Sundance International Film Festival every winter.

But if you came here to ski, there is no better place!

You will be greeted by 7,000 acres prepared for skiing.

In addition to the ski slopes, there are Park City Golf Club, Park City Ice Arena, and Kimball Art Center.

Choose your hotel, restaurant and ski lift and go to meet the beauty!

Snowboarder in the air
Snowboarder in the air

Big Bear, California

Another place with mountain ranges and a lake.

Do you like hiking?

Great choice.

Take a walk near the lake and in the center of the Big Bear Lake itself.

Or go kayaking, boating, fishing, hiking along trails, spending the night in a tent.

In general, the Big Bear Lake resort is like a small island of lake-forest nature.

There are a lot of ducks on the central beach of Big Bear Lake.

Ski resorts are another Big Bear winter fun.

There are three of them: Snow Summit, Bear Mountain Resort, Big Bear Mountain Resorts.

You will admire to be here.

Tent on a snow
Tent on a snow

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