9 Places In Chile For Adrenaline Junkies

Chile mountain

Namely, we are going to take you on a virtual tour to Pucon.

This place seems to be created for people with inner kids.

The kids who have no instinct of self-preservation.

Are you adventurous enough to take a chance on all of the nine places on the list?

Read on and decide for yourself.

1. Up and Down At Volcano Villarrica

Number one attraction on the list of adventures in Pucon, Chile is Villarica volcano hike.

What to expect?

The lava in the volcano is bubbling and it’s burning hot.

And you can see it with your own eyes by hiking up to the crater with the other tourists.

Do you know how to get down?

You will never guess. 

The sleds to slide to the foot of the mountain are there on the top for every tourist.


2. Huerquehue National Park Exploration

What can an adrenaline jerk find in a national park exploration?

The Huerquehue National Park in Pucon has a little bit of danger for you.

Long hiking through the park under the ancient Araucaria trees, passing the clearest lakes and the springs, getting up to the peaks of the mountains.

You can reach a waterfall and it’s even more adventurous in wet weather when it’s muddy and slippery.

Try this new experience.

National park

3. Horse Ride

Horse riding is actually not so safe. 

We used to think that horses are nice and trained. 

Nevertheless, they can notice a yummy leaf somewhere in the mountains and take you for an adrenaline ride. 

But there is no better way to enjoy the incredible views of Pucon other than riding a horse.

Girl horse riding

4. Down the Trancura River

The streams here are fast. 

Take on the role of an adventure movie hero and cross several sections of the Trancura River.

In case your friends or kids are not so experienced yet, you can search for an area that is safe enough for them.

The Trancura river welcomes everyone. 

Go rafting on white waters and you will feel a real rush of adrenaline.

White water rafting

5. Zip-Line Locations

Would you like to travel from top to the bottom on a pulley suspended on a cable?

In Pucon, you can get this experience in several places.

For instance, zip-line travel is available in national parks and forests which are not far from the center of the city.

The easiest way to learn about the zip-line location which is nearest to where you stay in Pucon is to ask from the receptionist.

Also, you can go to a tour agency and ask there.


6. Skiing on the Volcano

Looking for a ski trail in Pucon?

No problem. 

The Villarrica Volcano welcomes adventurers who are eager to get a dose of adrenaline in the mountains.

Villarrica Volcano Ski resort is one of the most popular in Chile.

The skiing season starts in June and ends in late October.

You can go snowboarding and hiking here too.

Girl skiing

7. Canyoning

Ready to go through obstacles in Pucon?

Go canyoning and have a lot of fun and adventures here.

Most of the time, you will be in the water or hanging on a rope over the waterfall.

Well, canyoning in Pucon is more dangerous than sunbathing, of course, but the experienced instructors have the best equipment to make your journey as safe as possible.

The season is from November to April.

Man standing on the edge of canyon

8. Kayaking

For whitewater kayakers, many hostels in Pucon have bought out or rented the accesses to rivers to make it comfortable to their residents to enjoy the sport.

Beginner kayakers can start with the instruction on how to paddle and the mechanics of kayaking.

The most popular are about 15 river sections for Class II and III kayakers.

If you are Class IV, go for the waterfalls and multiple river kayaking options.


9. Hot Springs 

Termas Geométricas is one of the numerous Chilean natural thermal baths that can be found in Pucon.

Thanks to the volcano and geothermic activity, the baths are always hot and pleasant. 

The evenings here are especially romantic as you can see numerous lights and smell the forests. 

Termas Río Blanco is another place to enjoy natural hot waters with a temperature between 48°C and 70°C.

Hot springs

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