Is Delaware Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On February 17, 2022
Delaware, United States
Safety Index:
* Based on Research & Crime Data

Delaware is the smallest and least populated state in America.

It was also the first state!

Delaware has the fewest number of counties than any other state.

It is also referred to as the “blue hen state” since the state bird is in the blue hen.

Tourism is a primary business in Delaware.

With the Dover International Speedway and the area’s various beaches, many tourists flock to Delaware all year round.

Warnings & Dangers in Delaware

Overall Risk


According to, Delaware was given a grade of C+. The rate of C+ is comparable to that of other states. also states that a crime occurs every fifteen minutes in Delaware! Overall, Delaware is a relatively safe area to travel to.

Transport & Taxis Risk


The Delaware state police compile a list of data every year based on the kinds of accidents that cause death or injuries. Last year Delaware experienced 7,254 injuries due to traffic accidents. In addition to that astronomical number, 117 people died as a result of a car accident. Distraction, following too closely, and driving under the influence of alcohol were some of the leading causes of Delaware's transportation incidents.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing is a form of robbery in which someone steals a wallet or other valuables from a person's pocket or purse without them noticing. Pickpocketing is not a massive issue in Delaware's cities. Pickpocketing tends to occur in more populated areas like New York City and Chicago.

Natural Disasters Risk


Since 1851 Delaware has seen only two hurricane-force style windstorms. Tropical storms are common to Delaware during hurricane season, though. Side effects of a tropical storm in Delaware include coastal storm surge, excessive rainfall, and rip currents.

Mugging Risk

MUGGING RISK: MEDIUM states that the chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Delaware are 1 out of 232. Robbery makes up a decent portion of Delaware's violent crime statistics. To protect yourself from mugging, you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep your things close to you at all times.

Terrorism Risk


Delaware is no more at risk for terrorism than any other state in the U.S. Delaware is about a day's driving distance from Washington D.C. Due to Delaware's proximity to the nation's capital, Delaware's terrorism risk may increase by a minuscule amount.

Scams Risk


In 2020 there were almost 5000 reports of identity theft in Delaware. Attorney-General Kathy Jennings has stated that some ways to deal with identity scams are to make sure you are only dealing with legitimate vendors, shred old documents before tossing them, and often check your credit report. Online shopping scams were the second most common form of scams in Delaware.

Women Travelers Risk


Women are no more at risk than if they were to visit any other state. Women traveling alone are a target for criminals. Make sure you reach your destination during the daylight hours. Consider staying in a hotel with a 24-hour front desk staff as opposed to staying in an Airbnb. If you ever enter an elevator with a stranger, have them press their floor first. If they press the same floor as you travel to the floor above just in case, then come back down.

Tap Water Risk


A 2020 water quality report stated that with a regular sampling and testing program, Delaware's water supply exceeds the quality asked for by the state. The Delaware Division of Public Health Office of Drinking Water and the EPA agrees with the findings in the report. There are zero violations in Delaware on the safe water drinking act.

Safest Places to Visit in Delaware

Newark, Delaware, wins the title of the safest city in Delaware.

Newark scored higher than all the other cities in Delaware.

Violent crime in Newark is five times lower than it is in Wilmington, another city in Delaware.

Newark, Delaware, is one of the safest places to live.

Newark is also the state’s largest city.

While visiting Newark, Delaware, some things to do are to visit its various parks and go see the Hagley Museum and Library.

This museum has access to the Eleutherian Mills Residence tour and the E.l du Pont Garden Tour.

There are also various exhibits and demos at the museum.

Places to Avoid in Delaware

Wilmington is one of the places that you should avoid while in Delaware.

Wilmington is consistently listed on lists of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

Even if you visit the more upscale area, you are still susceptible to property time.

It would be best if you stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

Laurel is another city in Delaware that should be avoided due to the higher than average crime rate.

Laurel is the number one city in Delaware for burglaries.

This city ranks second for a violent crime even though Lauren seems like a quaint small town.

Dover has been the state’s capital and the fifth most dangerous city for a long time.

The city has since been upgraded to the number three most dangerous city.

Arson crimes occurred in Dover more often than in any other city.

Dover is also home to the Dover International Speedway.

This location is a hub for the crime.

There are many robberies and assaults at these events.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Delaware

  1. Carry your wallet and your valuables in an interior or breast pocket. Do not put your wallet or mobile device in your back pocket when traveling in Delaware. Even though pickpocketing may not be as prevalent in Delaware cities as it is in others, you must always go the extra mile to protect your valuables.
  2. Pack as lightly as possible. The weather in Delaware is pretty consistent, so you shouldn’t have to pack a wide variety of clothes. Weighty luggage will slow you down and make you helpless to thieves and criminals.
  3. Avoid traveling at night in unfamiliar places. You will stand out if you go strolling through a dangerous neighborhood in the middle of the night dragging a suitcase. Try to travel only during the daytime. If it is less populated, fewer people will ask for help.
  4. Become familiar with your travel route. Avoid traveling through dangerous neighborhoods when possible. Look up areas and do research about which ones are safest to stop in for restroom breaks.
  5. Use caution if someone knocks on your hotel room door, saying they are staff. Call down to the front desk to confirm that a staff member is at your door. Please do not open the door to a stranger without first verifying their identity when you’re traveling.
  6. Store all of your valuables in the hotel room safe. Only take the exact cash and credit cards you need for the day. Don’t bring any excess money. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry if traveling to cities with high mugging rates as well.
  7. Stick to well-lit and well-traveled streets. The more light and more people mean, the less of a chance of you becoming the victim of a crime. The more eyes on a person, the less likely they will commit a crime.
  8. Always travel with a partner or in a group. An old saying says, “there is safety in numbers.” That quote is so accurate for those who are traveling. If you can walk down the streets of Delaware with a friend or acquaintance to ensure you’re safe.
  9. Watch out for distractions. Pickpocketers usually will scheme and try to distract tourists so they can steal their items. You must try and be aware of what is going on around you and keep your personal items close to your person when walking along a busy city street.
  10. Be wary of very friendly people in public. This practice doesn’t mean you should be unfriendly and ignore all people. It means be wary of those who approach you and begin asking too many questions or start getting too close to you. This method could be a pickpocketer trying to distract you or someone else looking to commit a crime. The best way to evade being a victim of a crime is to stay aware of your surroundings.

So... How Safe Is Delaware Really?

Delaware has worked hard to make sure the residents and visitors are safe.

It has reached 70% of the people being vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19.

The state is reminding everyone to take the proper precautions and if you feel you are sick stay home.

Many residents have a fear for their safety as the pandemic continues and this has caused more to purchase weapons for their protection.

The crime stats are based on percentages and with Delaware’s smaller landmass to people it would seem to have a high percentage of crimes compared to states with a larger landmass.

This has been found to be over-exaggerated to influence political offices to advance funding toward the proper organizations that help communities.

Keeping the tourism business in mind, the Delaware statistics are that 9 million visited the state in 2016.

This generated more than $504 million in tax revenue, making the tourism business the fourth-biggest private industry.

How Does Delaware Compare?

StateSafety Index

Useful Information



Travelers coming from international destinations must have an active Visa before entering Delaware. Remember to make sure your visa is active. Documents required for a visa are: 1. Fill out the DS -160 form online 2. Valid Passport 3. Photo 4. Receipt of payment from application fee 5. Social media details



Delaware uses the U.S. dollar for its currency system. Before your trip, you can visit your local bank as most major US banks will exchange foreign currency for U.S. dollars. Some airports even have an exchange kiosk where you can exchange currency.



Delaware has a moderate climate. Along the coast, the temperature is usually ten degrees warmer in winter and ten degrees cooler in the summer. Large amounts of snow are uncommon in Delaware. The weather stays between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit from December until February. The temperature rarely falls between 15 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn't usually get higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. July and August are the rainiest months in Delaware. The humidity stays at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.



The closest major international airport is Philadelphia International Airport. There are many different ways to get to Wilmington from Philadelphia. Delaware has zero international airports and zero passenger airports. Private airports in the area include Wilmington-New Castle Airport, Delaware Airport, Civil Air Terminal, and Dover Air Force Base.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will protect you when a delay occurs, cancellations happen, or a medical emergency. It is best to make sure you invest in travel insurance for your trip in these unprecedented times. It will give you peace of mind to know your vacation is insured. Travel insurance can also cover the loss of your passport, personal items, and checked bags. It is an additional layer of protection. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case of an emergency. Without travel insurance, you lose money and time while on your trip.

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Delaware Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 2° C
Feb 3° C
Mar 8° C
Apr 13° C
May 18° C
Jun 23° C
Jul 26° C
Aug 25° C
Sep 22° C
Oct 15° C
Nov 10° C
Dec 5° C
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Average High/Low Temperature

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Delaware - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Bethany Beach81
Delaware City74
Fenwick Island79
Greater Wilmington45
New Castle71
Rehoboth Beach68

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