Is Ormond Beach Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On March 5, 2022
Ormond Beach, United States
Safety Index:
* Based on Research & Crime Data

Ormond Beach is just north of Daytona Beach on Florida’s sunny coast.

It is a less commercialized, more laid back, version of its neighbor to the south.

It is home to two state parks – Tomoko state park and Addison Blockhouse Historic State Park.

It also has a park on the beach and many recreational opportunities.

The beach is less crowded than the one in Daytona and is more family-friendly.

Ormond Beach shares with Daytona the history of automobile racing and was a proving ground for cars in the early days.

The historic winter home of John Rockefeller can be toured, and there are many mansions along the beach.

It is a good launching point for exploring Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Cape Canaveral, and other interesting Florida destinations.

While there are stately mansions, it is also more affordable than some beaches in Florida and has more of a small-town atmosphere.

Warnings & Dangers in Ormond Beach

Overall Risk


Ormond Beach has the typical issues that any resort community would have, and it is safer than many. It has been ranked in the 74th percentile, meaning it is safer than 74 percent of cities of the same size. Property crime is a bigger threat than violent crime. It is more laid back than more commercialized beaches to the north and south.

Transport & Taxis Risk


There is not a lot of public transportation available. Some bus lines go from city to city. There are a couple of taxi companies that are a little expensive. If you want to go off the tourist area, you will need to rent a car.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets are fading away as people carry less cash and credit cards get more secure. There have been very few reports of pickpockets on Ormond Beach. Even so, it is a good idea to be careful about your wallet or purse.

Natural Disasters Risk


The beaches of the south always have the risk of a hurricane that can be disastrous. There are plenty of warnings when one is coming, so evacuate if you are told to do so. That is the major risk in this area.

Mugging Risk


Most crime in Ormond Beach is a crime of opportunity. Thieves go after things that are not protected. Muggings or armed robberies are rare here.

Terrorism Risk


Crowded tourist areas are targets for terrorists at times, but Ormond Beach has not had any. More popular places like Orlando or Daytona Beach would be a more likely target.

Scams Risk


Fake vacation rentals are an issue at times. Some hotels use an overbooking scam to get you to pay a higher price for a lower-quality hotel. It pays to make reservations ahead of time with a reputable organization. Any deal that seems too good to be true is likely, not true.

Women Travelers Risk


Ormond Beach is an upscale resort area with little violent crime. Women travelers are common. The tourist areas are generally safe even at night. It is still a good idea to use common sense safety precautions.

Tap Water Risk


The city provides water that meets all state and federal standards. There have been no issues reported with the tap water in this area. The city is not old, so the pipes are generally safe as well. You can drink tap water here with confidence.

Safest Places to Visit in Ormond Beach

The Ormond Scenic Loop is a 30-plus mile loop through some of the most scenic areas of Florida.

It has easy ocean access, as well as state and city parks.

Views of rivers, marshes, dunes, and historic homes.

It is very safe, but you might see a wild animal or even an alligator, along the roadway, and they should not be trifled with.

There are also trails for hiking off this roadway.

The beach is very safe as it is patrolled regularly and lifeguards are on duty in daylight hours.

It is generally safe at night, but there is a slight risk.

The beaches and tourist areas are very safe.

They are patrolled by law enforcement and there is an emphasis on public safety.

The state parks are also very safe, with lots of nature to explore.

The only danger would be from wild animals, and as long as you don’t bother them, there’s little danger.

Alligators can be dangerous.

They will not be on the beach but could be in other areas.

If you see an alligator, stay away.

They are very fast and are dangerous for humans and pets.

Places to Avoid in Ormond Beach

While the beach is safe, it can also be dangerous.

Heed any warnings about sharks or riptides.

Avoid the beach in bad weather.

Drugs are a bit of an issue, and drug deals happen at night on the beach.

There are some unsavory characters at night on the beach at times.

The crime rate in Ormond Beach is 18 per 1,000.

The national rate is 40, and the state rate is 39 per 1,000.

The beach and tourist areas are very safe.

The further inland you go, the less safe it gets.

The eastern neighborhoods have a higher rate of crime, which are just back from the beaches.

The southwest part of town is considered the safest by residents.

In the east part of town, you have a one in 40 chance of being a crime victim and a one in 77 chance in the southwest.

The areas furthest from the beach average about 230 crimes per year, and the southwest part of the beach area averages 40 crimes per year.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Ormond Beach

  1. Lock your car. While crime is low in Ormond Beach, there is no reason to allow someone to commit a crime. Thieves look for opportunities and may check doors to see if they are locked. Basic precautions will keep your property safe.
  2. Watch the weather. Storms can come up fast, and they are common during summer afternoons. Keeping an eye on the weather will keep you from getting caught out in the rain. There is lightning in some of these storms, so they can be dangerous.
  3. Watch for hurricanes. Late summer and early fall are when hurricanes come around. There is usually plenty of warning, so evacuate early if it is suggested. Exit routes get very clogged by those that wait until the last minute. Hurricanes can be deadly and very destructive.
  4. Alligators and sharks. These are the two most violent and dangerous creatures in the area. Stay away from the beach if there is a shark warning. If you see an alligator, stay away.
  5. Stay awake on the beach. People love relaxing on the beach but avoid falling asleep. If you fall asleep you may stay out too long in the sun and get severe sunburn. These are painful and can cause health problems in the long run.
  6. Use sunscreen. The sun is very intense in the summer in Florida, especially on the beach. It is a good idea to use sunscreen to protect your skin. The same holds true if you are just outside doing other things and not on the beach.
  7. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and keep some with you at all times. It is easy to get dried out, and if you get too hot you could have sunstroke. Heat exhaustion can sneak up on you, so it is a good idea to drink plenty of water and avoid the heat to some degree.
  8. Tiny pests. If you are out in the evening, it is a good idea to use some kind of insect repellant. Mosquitos can be a big nuisance if you are outside and away from the beach. There are other kinds of insects that can also cause issues.
  9. Careful at night. The beach is generally safe, but it is not a good idea to go too far out at night. There are drug deals at night on the beach. It is not good to be out on the beach away from everything by yourself. This is especially true for women.
  10. Mind the tides. Pay attention to the tide charts, and watch for warnings concerning rip tides. The water can become dangerous if certain currents develop and if you are not familiar with the ocean. You can easily be swept out to sea, or pulled underwater, by winds and currents.

So... How Safe Is Ormond Beach Really?

Ormond Beach is a very safe town, especially considering it is a heavily visited tourist area.

The City ranks in the 75th percentile of safety, meaning it is safer than 75 percent of other cities nationally of comparable size.

Twenty-four percent are safer.

There are 18 crimes per 1000 residents in an average year.

The national average is 40.

There is a difference in neighborhoods though.

People in the east, further inland, have a one in 40 chance of being a crime victim.

In the more affluent areas in the southwest, there is a one in 77 chance.

Few, if any, people live on the beach or in parks, so any crime there will make the crime rate seem much higher than it is.

Theft is the most common property crime.

There are 4.3 thefts per 1000 people, and 3.2 burglaries per 1000 people, both of which are well below the national average.

The property crime rate here is much lower than it is in nearby Daytona Beach.

Violent crime is also relatively rare.

There is a violent crime every nine hours in Ormond Beach.

Many cities have more than one per hour.

There is very little risk in the tourist areas, but there is some risk the further inland you go.

Simple assault is the most common crime, with 1.5 per 1000 people.

Robbery is second at less than one per 1000.

Rapes are also relatively low.

You have almost as much of a chance of being murdered as you do of being raped.

Even though assault is the most common violent crime, your chances of being a victim are one in 260 in the worst part of town, and one in 991 in the best part of town.

How Does Ormond Beach Compare?

CitySafety Index
Ormond Beach83
St. Louis58
Los Angeles56
New Orleans57
Sao Paulo (Brazil)45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)43
Sofia (Bulgaria)73
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87

Useful Information



You will need a visa to enter the United States. There is no direct port of entry in Ormond Beach, so you will enter the country from another location. You will not need it to get to Ormond beach, but it can be used as identification.



The currency is the dollar, and that is what is accepted as cash in all businesses here. You may use a credit card from any country and the exchange of currency will be made automatically. Make exchange at any bank.



Winters are very mild here, and summers can be very hot. Wear light-fitting clothing year-round. You will not need more than a light jacket in winter. There is more rain in the spring than at any other time of year.



Ormond Beach has a city airport that caters to private planes. The nearest public airport is Daytona International, which has flights from around the world. There is also an international airport in Orlando. A bus and taxi service to Ormond Beach is available.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Things can go wrong when you travel. Having travel insurance will protect you when things go wrong, and will give you peace of mind even when they do not go wrong. Hopefully, you will not need to use your insurance, but it is a good thing to have.

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Ormond Beach Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 15° C
Feb 16° C
Mar 18° C
Apr 21° C
May 24° C
Jun 27° C
Jul 27° C
Aug 28° C
Sep 27° C
Oct 23° C
Nov 19° C
Dec 17° C
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Average High/Low Temperature

Temperature / MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

Florida - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Amelia Island85
Boca Raton89
Boynton Beach74
Cape Coral82
Cocoa Beach92
Coral Springs78
Daytona Beach83
Deerfield Beach78
Delray Beach65
Everglades City93
Fort Lauderdale64
Fort Myers75
Fort Pierce72
Fort Walton Beach84
Key Largo84
Key West67
Lake Buena Vista72
Lake City72
Lake Worth Beach76
Marco Island88
Miami Beach68
Miami Gardens52
Mount Dora91
New Smyrna Beach84
North Port87
Ormond Beach83
Palm Beach Gardens82
Palm Harbor81
Panama City Beach77
Pembroke Pines77
Pompano Beach72
Port St. Lucie85
Punta Gorda83
St. Augustine87
St. Petersburg77
Vero Beach84
West Palm Beach54
Winter Park84

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