Is Matamoros Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On November 7, 2023
Matamoros, Mexico
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* Based on Research & Crime Data
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* Rated 80 / 100 based on 17 user reviews.

Matamoros is situated on the United States-Mexico border across the Rio Grande River.

This area is beautiful, tropical and humid.

Tourists may be interested in such places as Museum Of Contemporary Art Of Tamaulipas, Mexican Agrarian Museum, Casemate Museum.

Some travelers come here to visit Bagdad Beach which is located not so far from the city.

Here you can do all sorts of water activities such as fishing or swimming, and you can also take advantage of its dunes for walks ATV.

Also, an interesting place in Matamoros is The Juarez Market.

It is a pedestrian area and besides to buy some from a great selection of hats, shoes, traditional candies and handicrafts travelers can enjoy various architectural styles of streets.

Warnings & Dangers in Matamoros

Overall Risk


The risk of getting into trouble is high enough at Matamoros. Traveling alone in a rental car is not a good idea. Many gang showdowns and poor police control of the area make this region not very safe for travel.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Taxis are usually without taximeters, and it’s better to agree on the price of the trip before you get into the car. Catching a taxi on the streets is quite dangerous. Public transport is not safe, there are many numbers of kidnapping from rout buses.

Pickpockets Risk


The risk of becoming a pickpocket victim is not particularly great here. However, vigilance and keeping valuables in a safe place is recommended.

Natural Disasters Risk


In Matamoros exist risk from river flooding because of coastline and rivers here. Check authorized sources on these risks before the trip.

Mugging Risk


The consequences of careless behavior in the city can lead to kidnapping, carjacking, and even murder.

Terrorism Risk


There is a minimal risk of terrorism in Matamoros. However, the nature of the border and the ready access to human smugglers and counterfeit documents continue to make this area a potential transit point for international terrorists.

Scams Risk


There are a lot of credit card frauds in the city, criminals got the hang of skimming cards and you can easily become a victim of such violence. It's recommended to use ATMs only in secure places.

Women Travelers Risk


Due to the fact that the Matamoros district is quite unsafe in itself, women traveling alone have a great risk of falling into an unpleasant situation where they can not fight back. It is not recommended to women travel alone here.

So... How Safe Is Matamoros Really?

The crime rate in the border areas of Mexico is quite high and Matamoros is no exception.

The random violence and one of the highest kidnapping rates in Mexico – are the main crimes here.

Local will try to cheat you if they see that you are a foreigner.

Serious risk crime in Matamoros a murder, robbery, carjacking, extortion, and sexual assault are quite common.

Also, armed criminal groups target public and travel passenger buses. Unfortunately, the chance of being taken hostage for demanding ransom payments are extremely high.

Federal and state security forces have limited capability to respond to violence in many parts of the state.

Exercise caution when using debit or credit cards in the Matamoros area – many cases here are related to cloning or counterfeiting debit or credit cards.

Take with you only a required amount of cash, use reputable ATMs in secure areas.

Roads are not safe for lonely travelers due to their isolation.

Incidents of gunfire between criminals and Mexican police time from time occur on the highways.

To be aware of what is happening, tourists are advised to review OSAC’s Mexico-specific webpage for proprietary analytic reports, Consular Messages, and contact information.

How Does Matamoros Compare?

CitySafety Index
Playa del Carmen69
Cabo San Lucas68
Mexico City45
Sao Paulo (Brazil)45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)43
Sofia (Bulgaria)73
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87

Useful Information



No visas required for tourist proposals to enter Mexico for many countries of Europe, US citizens and so on. You should have a valid passport and a tourist permit. The maximum possible of stay is 180 days. For a longer stay or other options, you should visit the Mexican embassy.



The Mexican peso - is the official currency in Mexico. There are one hundred Mexican centavos to every peso. The symbol for the Mexican Peso is $, so you can see MX$ or MN$ in banks and exchange points.



The best times to visit Matamoros for ideal weather are from November to April. The average temperatures in Matamoros vary somewhat. The chance of rain is low during the year. Most crowded months are June, July, and December.



There is General Servando Canales International Airport in Matamoros, located 10 km away from the city center. It handles national and international air traffic for the city of Matamoros.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

The medical travel insurance is required for travelers in any country as well as Mexico. On the border, any traveler may be asked by a customs officer to show insurance.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Matamoros Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 16° C
Feb 18° C
Mar 21° C
Apr 24° C
May 27° C
Jun 29° C
Jul 29° C
Aug 30° C
Sep 28° C
Oct 25° C
Nov 21° C
Dec 18° C
Choose Temperature Unit

Average High/Low Temperature

Temperature / MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

Mexico - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Cabo San Lucas68
Chichen Itza70
Isla Holbox85
Isla Mujeres80
Los Cabos80
Mexico City45
Nuevo Laredo40
Piedras Negras67
Playa del Carmen69
Puerto Morelos85
Puerto Vallarta70
Queretaro City63
San Luis Potosi80
San Miguel de Allende75

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17 Reviews on Matamoros

  1. A
    Anonymous says:

    Visit to a Matamoros

    Went to Matamoros and found all this “scare propaganda”
    To be pure BS. Yes- they see gringos coming and charge you more – but really – they can use the $20 bucks better than you. The Mexican nationals are caring, kind and common humans. Don’t believe the scare propaganda. As with any big city in the world – be smart and pay attention. But don’t begrudge the “guide” charging you a few bucks to show you around.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      When did you go? I’m planning on going with 3 kids and 2 other family members. Is is just to drop off my nephews with their grandma because my cousin will be working. They said they live 30 mins from the boarder. I’m scared because I have never used this boarder and the stories of kids being kidnapped scares me. Please let me know any information you might have for me. Thank you.

      1. e
        el cuh jesus says:

        Just don’t mess with anyone or do anything dumb and you’ll be good.

      2. W
        Welder Nic says:

        Good food

        Crossed into Matamoros Just to have lunch and wander around on the motorcycle for a day, met very friendly people while walking around. Not one problem, spent the night at a hotel and left the motorcycle out over night in plain view, it was there in the morning. Went west to Reynosa the next morning without a problem. September 2021

      3. Crime !!

        Be sure to have your life insure paid up to date. Also, don’t take your beneficiary with you. Really, why would you bring children into a war zone.

      4. c
        chrissouthsideslaughter says:

        Go with confidence

        Look I’m White from Kentucky and.i go alot but I live near the border now but don’ fearful be aware be prepared no need to be scared your fears only isnt real it something your mind.creates..Danger is real..But be prepared for any situation..But you only.hear the.bad stories I’ve been there several times..Don’ and don’t be.seen as weak..worried be decisive. Stay alert don’t look for those things you don’t.need to look for.

    2. Crime

      Do not go into Matamoros. It’s dirty, crime everywhere. Do you really need trinkets.

  2. A
    Andrew H says:

    My wife’s family is from Matamoros so we visit frequently. From the time we cross into matamoros to the time we leave I always feel safe and secured. No scamming, kind and caring people. Military presence is abundant as well. I do advise if you are a tourist and want to get some “souvenirs” go to this store/restaurant called Garcia’s. Staff speaks English and are super friendly. Great prices on goods and it’s only a few minutes from the border crossing.

    1. I don’t see a date for this review. When was this?

  3. J
    John-Charles Guseman says:

    Great Place

    I go to Matamoros all the time. I am a gringo man 6 ft 3. I have never had a problem except once I drove my vehicle and was stopped by two federales who checked my license. I gave them fifty dollars and they let me go and were extremely friendly after that. I have never felt threatened but my advise is walk across border and stay on main streets. And like any where or anyone be polite and courteous to people and they will be that way to u. Do be a stupid American A hole. And college kids don’t drink too much or talk trash to locals. Show respect. Speaking Spanish even poquito is advised. They see that as respectful but it’s not necessary. Use your head and manners and you will be fine. Garcia’s is a great and safe place to eat. They have armed guards and fenced in if u want to drive there . They will watch and protect your vehicles. The kidnapping is the most dangerous possibility and crossfire can happen. But if u stay in market and on main streets you will be fine. Also it’s always better to travel with others you are less of a target if your in a group. Do not carry guns into Mexico. Also great place to buy gifts, alcohol, and prescriptions like Xanax.

  4. S
    Shannon says:

    Spring 2021

    I have visited Matamoros several times on foot without incidence and found the locals to be gentle and even subdued. You will be confronted by many who wish to sell things like chewing gum, explaining they need money to eat, but it is not high pressure.
    Buses are easy to catch and cheap to ride, but very bumpy and nerve-wracking in traffic. If you want an overview of the whole city you can catch one near the International Bridge and ride until it returns to the same spot, witnessing the fascinating as well as the heartbreaking.
    The worst experience I had was when I drove my vehicle across, which I will never do again. I failed to lock my doors and an unpleasant man climbed in at a parking lot and grabbed a bag of chips from the back seat and demanded money. I did not feel threatened, more annoyed, but the realization this could have been worse made those who love me implore me not to return alone.

    1. M
      Margaret Garner says:

      Matamoros pharmacy purchase

      Well it’s been sev yrs since I went to Matamoros but no real incident. I drove on this one occasion and went in a pharmacy where I bought Retin A for a great price. My fairly newer car was being cased by a young teen when I left but he didn’t bother me after that and I just left with my good pharmacy purchase

  5. Contact me

    Can you tell me more ?

  6. G
    Gunter Helmholz says:

    Right next to Matamoros, in nuevo progreso I walked on the main street when all of a sudden I was bitten by a dog in the back of my leg without a warning growl or bark.

    It was a brown dog, a stray dog and she backed off after I turned around. when I came back home and inspected my leg I found three penetrations. the treatment cost me $340 plus five trips to the Harlingen hospital because in all of Brownsville no rabies treatment could be found. it took 6 rabies injections and one tetanus.

    1. g
      gunter helmholz says:

      this is not a reply, but an additional information on the above rabies treatment. i later found out that my rabies treatment cost me over a thousand dollars, while my medicare was charged over 40’000 dollars. the medicine alone was over $36’000 which i find totally ridiculous because for the same treatment 3 years earlier in china the entire charge was us.$10.00

  7. J
    Jacqueline says:

    No worries

    My husband and I drove to Matamoras for me to have surgery and had a pleasant experience.

    I received better care than any surgery I’ve had in the states, plus it’s way less expensive there.

    My husband even walked around shopping and got food no problem. Were white, not sure if that matters or not. Anyway, everyone we came in contact with was very nice.

    They do appreciate it if you speak Spanish, which ours was terrible but we tried.

    It’s overall a semi-decent area.

  8. M
    Mr. Anonymous says:

    Don’t listen to these reviews, you’ll get knocked off. Decoy to draw you in and get kidnapped. Two ppl just got killed

Matamoros Rated 4 / 5 based on 17 user reviews.

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