How Safe Is Playa del Carmen for Travel?

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Safety Index:

Playa del Carmen is a coastal resort town in Mexico.

It is a perfect place which offers tourists a relaxed holiday.

Tourists are attracted by adventure parks like Xcaret, Xplor and Xel ha, beach clubs and perfect beaches.

For those who are interested in shopping, there are various designer shops and luxury items that can be found there.

One of the attractions is playful spider monkeys at The Jungle Place sanctuary. 

Playa del Carmen has experienced extreme development nowadays and new luxury buildings, restaurants, and boutiques were built, to meet tourists’ needs.

Warnings & Dangers in Playa del Carmen

Overall Risk


Playa del Carmen is a safe place, but that should never be taken for granted. Tourists tend to be fully protected since tourism is the main source of economy. They need to be aware that they can easily become victims of express kidnappings, and people who are traveling on the metro and public transport might become targets of thieves.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Playa Del Carmen is not so huge, and you can walk to the most-visited parts of it, but sometimes you may have to use public transportation or a taxi. A taxi has no meters and the prices vary. If you decide to drive, be aware that traffic signs are not respected. Crime levels on buses and highways are high, particularly after dark.

Pickpockets Risk


When it comes to less serious crimes, pickpocketing is the most common. The only way to protect yourself is to watch for your belongings and be aware of your surroundings since thieves often work in cooperation with taxi drivers. Travelers should never use taxis hailed from the street.

Natural Disasters Risk


Besides the hurricane season which lasts from June to November, Playa del Carmen is prone to flooding and earthquakes. Severe weather and tsunamis, as well as several active volcanoes, are all possible natural disasters.

Mugging Risk


Unlike pickpocketing, kidnapping and mugging are very rare. The instances of express kidnappings were reported and victims were forced to withdraw money from ATMs. Tourists are the least attacked, but they need to remain careful.

Terrorism Risk


When it comes to the terrorism threat, Playa del Carmen is a safe city and the possibility of attack is low.

Scams Risk


There is a high risk of drink spiking, so never leave your food or drink unattended. You should not reveal your personal information. Credit card fraud is very frequent, so watch your surroundings when withdrawing money from ATMs, or use ATMs that are inside a bank.

Women Travelers Risk


Women traveling on public transport should be particularly vigilant, but overall, Playa del Carmen is not dangerous for solo women. There have been some reports of sexual harassment in bars and nightclubs.

So... How Safe Is Playa del Carmen Really?

The sunshine that lasts almost all year round is attractive to people all over the world.

Beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea are a paradise on the Earth.

Even though it has not such perfect beaches as some other destinations, Playa del Carmen is developing rapidly and thus attracts even more tourists.

The Mayan Rivera is considered a safe area and Playa Del Carmen generally is considered a safe place, compared to other tourist destinations.

Like in any other tourist place, there are things to watch out for.

Pickpockets operate on beaches and your possessions should not be left unattended while in water.

If you are a tourist who has an all-inclusive booked holiday, then you will not be affected by the crime and your vacation is considered extremely safe.

Do not let anyone discourage you from coming and experiencing a perfect vacation in Playa Del Carmen since it is for sure worth visiting.

Useful Information

  • Visas - A visa is not obligatory if you come to Mexico as a tourist and stay less than 180 days. Still, you need to make sure your passport is stamped by Mexican immigration officials on arrival. You might need to complete the FMM in advance online or on arrival in Mexico since all visitors to Mexico will be issued a traveler’s permit upon arrival.
  • Currency - The Mexican Peso is the official currency in Playa del Carmen. Mexico is not too expensive, but luxurious resorts are not so cheap. The USD is widely accepted while Australian currency and travelers' cheques are generally not accepted for exchange. ATMs can be found everywhere.
  • Weather - Playa del Carmen is the place that is most frequently visited during the peak season. It has a tropical climate, with the hot weather all year round and the dry season from November to February. However, it can be rainy from June to October. From August to October, there is a risk of Hurricanes in Playa del Carmen.
  • Airports - When coming to Playa del Carmen by plane, you can use any of the main international airports in Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana. However, the nearest one is the Cancún International Airport, which also has the cheapest flights.
  • Travel Insurance - It is very important to possess a travel insurance policy when coming to Playa del Carmen and if you happen to ride a motorbike, your policy must cover you when using a motorcycle in case an accident occurs while using it.
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Playa del Carmen Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 24° C
Feb 25° C
Mar 25° C
Apr 27° C
May 28° C
Jun 29° C
Jul 29° C
Aug 29° C
Sep 28° C
Oct 27° C
Nov 26° C
Dec 25° C
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19 Reviews on Playa del Carmen

  1. If you are all-inclusive and go into playa del Carmen for the day you will be plagued by men pretending to be a staff member of your hotel on his day off. They try to get you to go with them to their relatives’ shop. They know all the wrist bands for each hotel.

    1. Same here but they did sell me nice jewelry! Did not feel in danger at any time!

  2. A
    Anonymous says:

    years ago this happened to me wasn’t aggressive or anything but almost made me feel like we had met at the resort I was staying at .

    1. Dangerous

      I was robbed of my money in my jewelry. It is no longer safe. The police robbed me! Very dangerous! Do not go there!

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        how recent was your visit, Sandra?

      2. Sandra I just read your message, When was this? we are long time visitors and have never had an incident?

  3. A
    Anonymous says:

    Do not go to Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. The police are corrupt and will rob you you are not safe. My money and my jewelry was stolen by the police.


    I’ve been to Cancun 6 times now. Never had a problem with safety. I feel safer there than some places where I live in the U.S. People treat you like royalty and thank you for coming because you keep them employed. Mexicans are very humble people and they come to the U.S. to do the work that Americans will never do. I hate to see how people treat them here.

  5. S
    Sandyeos says:

    Definitely safe

    I’ve been to Playa del Carmen twice. I was just there in Oct. 2020. Never had any issues. Always felt safe. Obviously you don’t want to bring any attention, if you’re going out of your resort.
    I really appreciate the fact that people were wearing face mask at our resort and tourist guide.
    Planning of going back in Feb. Love all of the Xcaret parks

  6. 25+ times over almost 20 years and no problems

    You have to pay attention and don’t do anything to bring attention to yourself. Don’t wear hats or shirts with sports teams or anything that will make them call out to you. Don’t under any circumstance flash your money. Smile and say no thank you while making a stop motion with your hand. My wife and I have been coming here for almost 20 years and have never had an issue the 25+ times we have visited. We are headed down there tomorrow, 12/14/2020 and will be there for awhile relaxing at Riu Palace.

    1. Y
      Yvonne W says:

      Go and relax. People are great

      Agreed….such a beautiful people and place. We go all the time and only the first few times stayed at an all inclusive. After that we have always stayed in the local community of Playa with the local people renting a unit from vrbo. Live with the locals. Feel the full experience. Safety and kindness of the people there. I will always LOVE it in Playa Del Carmen

  7. Playa Del Carmen is Horrible

    I had a terrible experience in Playa Del Carmen. First night there I was robbed by 5 taxi drivers. They came up to me and acted like the cops and told me to put my hands up and they frisked me and picked my pockets of all cash I had on me. While walking down the streets I didn’t go more than 5 minutes at without someone trying to sell me weed or cocaine or hookers. Most of the bars were ok, but don’t go to Las Miches unless you want to get over charged or double charged, they said they were charging me in peso’s and when I checked my statements later I found out they charged me in US dollars, so for a couple of beers and some food I was charged $200. This was my first time here and I will not ever return! There are many more places in the world to visit that will not try to rob you any chance they get.

    1. safety

      Sandra I just read your message, When was this? we are long time visitors and have never had an incident?

  8. Playa police have bad apples.

    On a sunday night in december 2020 I was walking my nightly stroll from my rented condo near calle 88 beach. Aftwr walking to the oxxo nesr CTM, i remembered i needed to withdraw pesos for the morning. I used the ATM in the oxxo store, pulled put 4000, and walked out to continue my walk to the condo. 20 feet outside teo policica municipal officers stopped me and said in fair english that someone with my description had been reported for trying to buy drugs (im a firefighter/paramedic in Canada). I told him it wasnt me and feel free to search me. Id been respectful and gave them the benefit of the doubt. As he did a 360 around me emptying my back pockets (i had a small flashlight in my rear right pocket) he pulled it out and put me in cuffs. I didnt resist. He showed me a dmall blue paraphenalia bag with a white powder and said it was in my pocket. Total BS. He said i could pay now and walk away. I refused, amd explained i want to dispute this incident with his supervisor. I was sat in the back of the police truck, and driven to the public safety compound. Once there, he again said i could pay and leave. They wanted 3000 pesos. I refused and asked for his supervisor. Instead i was tsken to a cell with teo other foreigners. I was kept for 8 hours until they csme again and took me to a “phone call” at the small broken window, the “prosecutor” said i could leave for 3000 pesos, and it would be thrown out. I paid it. When my belongings were returned, my cell phone, credit card, and flashlight were missing. I asked and she daid the police didnt bring me with any of those items. They did return my debit card, and drivers licence. Once released, i walked to the front of the police station, re enetered, and was directed to internal affairs where i requested my phone and credit cars back. I was told they would speak to the officer, and to return next week. They didnt ask for my contact info or address. Police corruption is definetly a problem in PDC. They tried to take 4000 dollars put of my credit cars but capital one declined it all thankfully because it easnt done with my pin. Im aure they took my phone to ensure i couldnt cancel it, and im sure they left my bankcard so i could pay the 3000pesos to get out. My cab driver from the police station said im not the first or last that will get robbed by heavily armed anonymous police, that it was a problem hes ashamed of because his livelyhood depends on tourism.

  9. B
    Brian McMahon says:

    beware of the police

    I have been robbed by the police on a few occasions and have friends that have been robbed too.
    This is becoming more common every year. The police are not treatening, they just say that they are ” checking you for drugs”, even though we are over 60 and don’t use drugs. They have you remove everything from your pockets and then keep the cash or your cards.
    Most of these cops are probably Cartel so there is no use making a complaint, if they know you made a complaint about them you may wind up in a dumpster!
    It’s a shame that the city has become so corrupt! You use to feel same when you seen the police, now you feel scared when you see them!
    The govement is so corrupt they just turn a blind eye to it and say there is no problem with crime!

  10. P
    Playa del carmen is SHIT says:

    Just got robbed at Playa del Carmen, came in with the car from Tulum towards Cancun. The demanded a stop e search, and stole the cash money I had on me. After the emptied the wallet i could leave and have a nice day.. fucking scum! If you resist the pull out the handcuffs.

  11. Lots of thieves hanging out at the beaches and bars, they all communicate on whatsapp. I had chain stolen at a bar.

  12. A
    Anonymous says:

    Be careful with the police they extort tourists .I was walking back to my airbnb on 5th Avenue, it wasn’t even late at night it was around 7 pm, I was stopped by two police officers and demanded a search for no reason. I refused , I was pushed around and they took my back pack . I didn’t have anything just a towel no money nothing because I heard the rumors so I don’t carry stuff, when they couldn’t find anything of value they let me go. This is horrible you can’t even go chill on the beach what is the point of coming here to get harassed. Never coming again, there are other places safer to visit stay away.

  13. S
    Staysafe says:

    Mexican Police scum bags. They are the criminals. You are not safe there. Go to a better place

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