How Safe Is Manzanillo for Travel?

Manzanillo, Mexico
Safety Index:

Manzanillo located on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the best relax spots here.

Tourists come here to enjoy coastal life, snorkeling or just have a peaceful rest in a bar with a cold beverage, sample the local seafood.

Here located one of the biggest seaports in the country.

In this port arrives cruise ships, container ships, and independent travelers on their own yachts.

Tourists like to visit the Old Town of Manzanillo plenty of historic streets and buildings.

And Santiago Bay is the most popular area for relaxing, with the best beaches.

Playa Miramar is the favorite beach for travelers and locals, with soft sands and shallow waters.

Warnings & Dangers in Manzanillo

Overall Risk


Manzanillo has a medium crime level. In last year's index of crimes increase but it rarely concerns travelers. The government and police make a lot of effort to stop the crime.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Taxi services mostly safe here, if you use a licensed cab. Don't catch taxis on the street. Traveling by bus is safe. Normally a bus comes by every 10 minutes, in either direction.

Pickpockets Risk


Manzanillo is a touristy and port region, so the place is crowd, and pickpocketing is a common crime here. Keep your valuables in a safe place. Being a vigilant person helps avoid any problems.

Natural Disasters Risk


Manzanillo's area has a small risk with an earthquake and floods. Check authorized sources on these risks before the trip.

Mugging Risk


Criminals tend to robber luxury tourists if they show up expensive jewelry or flashing with credit cards and money. Try not to show up with valuables on the streets and crowd places.

Terrorism Risk


The port in Manzanillo is a major gateway for precursor chemicals. Cartel fighting over control of the port has been a major contributing factor to the increase in Colima’s homicide rates. These crimes rarely concern travelers and police have high-level attention to prevent this violence.

Scams Risk


Scams risk has a usual rate for tourist areas here. Travelers should be sure to buy tours and excursions in verified places and be watchful with those who asking or offer help to you.

Women Travelers Risk


Women travelers can feel safe in Manzanillo, but they should be attentive in any case. Avoid bars and clubs at late night and wear modest clothes.

So... How Safe Is Manzanillo Really?

The index of crime is increasing in the Colima area in the last few years.

Shootouts at bars, drug dealers showdown, and robbery are happened not so rarely here.

But as Manzanillo is an important economy port and popular tourist destination police work hard to make the city clean from gangs and violence.

The city has traditionally been a place where criminal organizations launder money.

Manzanillo’s tourism and port activity account for 75% of the state’s income.

So they’re in priority in the city and safety here is felts more than in other parts of the Colima area.

Many gang groups were disbanded by the authorities and their leaders were jailed.

While visiting Manzanillo common sense is what you should have.

Daytime is safe enough, but at nighttime, it’s better not showing up in bars and streets alone.

The US government has updates of information about unsafe places in Mexico so travelers can find comprehensive information about any region, just check it also before planning your trip to Manzanillo.

To ensure that your trip will be safe read through local news about the safety and check for Manzanillo warnings before the visit so that you can relax on vacation.

How Does Manzanillo Compare?

CitySafety Index
Playa del Carmen69
Cabo San Lucas68
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82

Useful Information

  • Visas - No visas required for tourist proposals to enter Mexico for many countries of Europe, US citizens and so on. You should have a valid passport and a tourist permit. The maximum possible of stay is 180 days. For a longer stay or other options, you should visit the Mexican embassy.
  • Currency - The Mexican peso - is the official currency in Mexico. There are one hundred Mexican centavos to every peso. The symbol for the Mexican Peso is $, so you can see MX$ or MN$ in banks and exchange points.
  • Weather - Temperatures vary little in Manzanillo during a year. Manzanillo has dry periods in February, March, April, May, and December. The best time to visit Manzanillo for good weather and comfortable temperatures is from May to June.
  • Airports - Playa de Oro International Airport is located in 32 km Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. It is the biggest international airport in Colima and an important gateway for tourism.
  • Travel Insurance - The medical travel insurance is required for travelers in any country as well as Mexico. On the border, any traveler may be asked by a customs officer to show insurance.
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Manzanillo Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 26° C
Feb 25° C
Mar 25° C
Apr 26° C
May 27° C
Jun 29° C
Jul 29° C
Aug 29° C
Sep 29° C
Oct 29° C
Nov 27° C
Dec 27° C
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Average High/Low Temperature

Temperature / MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

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2 Reviews on Manzanillo

  1. C
    Cyndy G says:

    West Coast Spot

    My personal preference is for coastal cities and towns so Manzanillo is a place that I would consider visiting. I’ve definitely heard of Playa Miramar so I’m glad to hear that this area is still very popular for tourists and has a good safety rating.

  2. Great vacation spot!

    My husband & I have travelled to Manzanillo four times in the past 5 years. As the article states, it is relatively safe here. We have never had any issues, but we never go out alone and do not go out at night. The taxis are inexpensive and give good service. Lots of good restaurants and several markets nearby. Weather is a consistent 30° with no rain. The Mexican people are lovely and genuine. My only recomendation would be to learn the language, at least to be able to communicate while shopping or in restaurants. Also, would not recommend for anyone with lung issues as the air quality is poor here due to pollution by industries.

Rated 4 / 5 based on 2 user reviews.

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