15 World Countries to Travel On $15+ Per Day Budget

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In these 15 world countries that you are going to read about, 15 USD is the minimum amount you can spend for one day. 

Of course, prices vary depending on the needs of each individual tourist.

However, it is quite possible and we will tell you exactly where you can travel with this sum of money.

If your kudos went to India and Sri Lanka, then you are right.

Of course, there are lots of things to explore in these countries and no need to pay much for hotels, food, and beer.

But apart from these countries, there are at least 10 other destinations in Europe and Asia where you can travel cheaply.

By the way, the regions in India differ, so if you are lucky to live on $15 a day in one town, you might find it rather difficult to live on the same amount of money in the other one.

Therefore, we will also dispel some myths about pricing in our 15 cheapest places of destination.

So let’s start.

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Best Cheap Destinations 2020

1. Iran

Thousands of backpackers from all over the world have already visited Iran and reported that this country is very cheap and very hospitable. 

We do not often think about Iran when we are trying to find a cheap destination for our next vacation.

The matter is Iran does not only attract visitors with its prices but also with culture and historical heritage. 

This country is among those that are often misunderstood and misinterpreted in the news.

In other words, you should go there and see it with your own eyes to reassure that people in Iran are very nice and welcoming, and the state of things in rather different in a good way. 

For an experienced backpacker, finding a cheap apartment online is not a problem.

You can put a tent in so many amazing places in Iran too.

So the budget of $15 can be more than enough for a day in this beautiful Islamic country.

Finally, the country is safer than most of the claimed safe destinations worldwide.


2. Sri Lanka

Buddha statues, temples, palm trees, elephants and the ocean. 

What else do you know about Sri Lanka?

This country looks tiny on the map, but once you start understanding how spacious and marvelous it is. 

The nature of Sri Lanka has everything for nomads, from mountains to forests. 

You can explore the country from East to West, visit tea plantations and elephant orphanages, traveling by train or on foot.

Budget travelers search and find cheap flights to and within Sri Lanka.

As for somewhere to sleep, some hostels offer amazing prices of $20 per person for 10 days with breakfast included. 

It depends on the time of the season and the level of comfort that you require. 

Sri Lanka

3. Nicaragua

A great cheap place in Central America where you can live on $15 a day.

Volcanoes, jungles, buzzing nightlife, and massive historical heritage – all are available to travelers on a budget.


Local street food costs less than a dollar and places in hostel rooms are available at as little as $10 per night. 

In addition, you can enjoy free beaches in Nicaragua.


4. Cambodia

If you can afford to pay more than $15 per day during your trip, then why don’t you go to Cambodia in Southeast Asia?

This country is not as cheap as the previous one, but you can still save money to spend it later on places that are more breathtaking than a hostel room.

By the way, living space in a hostel in Cambodia costs a couple of dollars only. 

And it’s absolutely safe to stay in Cambodia, as well as it is fun and easy to travel around.

Cambodian girl

5. Pakistan

You are not looking for easy travels?

Pakistan is a great destination for mountaineering!

Once you arrive in Pakistan, you will have spent more than expected because you need to pay for transportation, getting to the mountains, and spending nights somewhere. 

But the more days you spend in this country, the more you get acquainted with the citizens and the less money you spend. 

Good if you have made friends in advance and can enjoy free meals or free bed in someone’s apartment. 

Besides, you can take a tent and go camping in the mountains. 

Transport costs can be reduced by hitchhiking, for instance.


6. Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has hidden gems for backpackers.

One of them is Albania.

This country gets more and more open to mass tourism. 

It learns to welcome tourists from all over the world and opens the best sides to visitors. 

The capital of Albania still breathes communism, and people are a mixture of modest religious guys and girls and modern emancipated miniskirts.

Transport is cheap, and the food is extremely cheap, and you can sleep in your hammock or tent, or you can rent a room in a hostel which is always the best option for a budget traveler.

If you have seen enough of Albania, go to the neighboring countries in Eastern Europe like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania or Ukraine

Eastern Europe

7. India

Not only in South Asia but in the entire world, India is the cheapest country for backpackers. 

The prices vary from $15 to $35 a day depending on the conditions you choose that are most comfortable for you. 

Clearly, if you eat in a restaurant the price goes up, but street food will not cost you more than $1-$3 a person.

Also, India is cheap for the explorers of cultural and architectural heritage since the entrance fees to most historical buildings or temples are $2-$5 too.

All in all, if you do not require much and feel comfortable with your tent or the cheapest food and hostels, you can spend like a year in India for less than 3 thousand dollars. 

And when you do so, you fall in love with India and stay here for another year or two.

Indian girl

8. Bolivia

What is so attractive about Bolivia?

First, this country is cheap (you can buy enough food at local markets at $2-$3 to satisfy hunger).

Second, this country is famous for its beautiful architecture and ethnical diversity where Native American ancestors are predominant.

Finally, Bolivia is still off the beaten path which means you can still have photos of breathtaking views without other tourists on the background. 

Road construction Bolivia

9. Turkey

In case you are traveling in Eastern Europe and stopped in Georgia thinking about the next destination on your map, choose Turkey

Turkey is amazing and it is easy to travel there hitchhiking. 

The best place to put a tent in is Cappadocia.

Sometimes you can just sleep in a sleeping bag there. 

One reason to be there in Turkey is the prices are very low for an average tourist, and you can afford much to yourself. 

In plus, Turkish people are welcoming and nice, and they are very helpful too. 

One more cool thing about Turkey is you can travel from Asia to Europe and back within one city Istanbul

A miracle.

Istanbul tram

10. The Philippines

Another cheap country in South East Asia is the Philippines

This country is good for a relaxing vacation on the beach under the palm trees.

Besides, you can have lots of fun and cheap cocktails at clubs or warm small talks with locals in the street or at a cafe. 

Sometimes backpackers seek to escape the hustle and bustle of the city by getting deeper into the jungle. 

One of the cheapest towns to visit in the Philippines is Palawan.

Another good budget destination is Sagada.


11. Nepal

The minimum price for a day spent in Nepal is slightly higher than $15.

Probably, $20-$25 will be enough for you to eat, drink and see something interesting.

There are inexpensive rooms, which often include food and drinks.

If you go to a teahouse, you can have a bed and a meal there too.

You can still eat inexpensively in street stalls.

However, it is worth remembering that prices in Nepal are very different.

We mean, if you are Nepalese there’s one price for you and if you are a tourist the price is different.

Sadly, it’s higher.

How can this be avoided?

Of course, you cannot change your appearance or speak the Nepali language like a pro, but you can look at the locals.

If you notice how much a local person pays for bread or for local transport, give the same amount of money.

Do not pay more.

Nepal stupa

12. Croatia

If you have already decided on a trip to cheap Albania, we highly recommend that you visit a neighboring country, no less beautiful and popular.

Croatia is another European country where you can see history and culture, walk around with a backpack and not waste all your savings.

It’s worth going to Croatia out of season, especially avoiding the summer, if you are interested in a low price.

Say you’ll need around $35 dollars a day if you go in high season.

So it is best to go in March or November, while national parks are the cheapest in winter.

Be that as it may, Croatia needs to be visited.

It has a very beautiful nature, architecture, and delicious food.

Be sure to visit some of the 1200 islands that Croatia is rich in.

Of course, in order not to meet the crowds of tourists, you should choose less popular destinations, because the choice is so wide!

The same goes for Plitvice Lakes.

Of course, they are beautiful, but a lot of tourists are concentrated on their shores.

It is better to choose less popular lakes that will be no less splendid.

Croatian city

13. Portugal

It is also necessary to go to Portugal with a backpack out of season.

There are two main reasons – cheap housing, food and places of interest, and beautiful nature.

In summer, prices soar and housing becomes very expensive, especially in popular cities.

Portugal is $10-$15 a day more expensive than Croatia, but in addition to housing and food, this price will include one or two tickets to the attractions, and some beer too.

You can count on the amount of $40 per day to travel cheaply and comfortably in Portugal.


14. Malaysia

The same amount of money you spend per day in Portugal is enough for you to have a great time in Malaysia.

Meet the impeccable nature, landscapes, water, and beaches here.

You can learn how to go scuba diving cheaply and repeat this experience as many times as you like.

If you are not a swimmer and diver, Malaysia has very good roads and convenient transport infrastructure, so you can rent a car or explore the country by local public transport.

It is easy, comfortable and inexpensive.

You will save the most by riding a bus because trains and planes are not the cheapest pleasure in Malaysia.

All in all, the cost of living in this country for a backpacker who does not like diving and does not visit the Malaysian islands will not exceed $20 per day.

Malay wedding

15. Mexico

You probably already know why Mexico is on our list.

You are an avid traveler and have long dreamed of conquering Mexico with its enchanting forests, vast beaches, azure waters, mountains, and huge cities.

And also in Mexico, it’s cheap.

Whatever plan you take to conquer Mexico, you always win.

Everything is amazing here – from Mayan historical monuments to remote places where few nomads come.

Yes, in Mexico you need to see places that are not tourist ones, otherwise, you will not know all its flavor.

More than 35 million travelers come here annually, but you need to hide from their eyes, having gone, for example, to Oaxaca.

This will be your best adventure in Mexico.

So keep calm on seeing high prices on sites that offer the all-inclusive system.

You do not need it.

Go and live in Mexico like a Mexican, and your money will serve you longer.

It’s quite comfortable to live on $40- $50 per day.

Wishing you good luck (and great weather) wherever you are!

Day of dead Mexico

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