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Updated On November 7, 2023
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On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia invaded its neighbor country Ukraine, starting a war between these two countries.

This act of invasion caused many Ukrainians to flee their country and seek shelter in places like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, etc…

At this time, we recommend no travel to Russia or Ukraine, or any neighboring countries for your own safety.

Ukraine FlagUkraine : Safety by City

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe, situated at the northwest end of the Black Sea, sharing its borders with Russia to the east, Belarus to the north, Poland to the northwest, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, and Romania to the southwest and south, with Moldova in between.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is partly occupied by Russia and troubled by political turmoil, so visiting it is not entirely safe.

There are many sights Ukraine offers to its visitors like UNESCO listed Lviv center, Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans in Chernivtsi, Saint-Sophia Cathedral, and Pechersk Lavra in Kyiv.

If you’re more of a nature lover, you can visit the Carpathian Mountains which are one of the most visited attractions in this country.

They are considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine, with popular tourist resorts, offering a mix of natural areas, forests, meadows, and sights like shepherds and locals enjoying being surrounded by pure nature.

Warnings & Dangers in Ukraine

Overall Risk


Generally speaking, Ukraine is not too safe for visitors. It is a country where travelers aren't too common, but if you do visit, there are areas that should be avoided at all costs.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transportation is one of the most common places where you'll find pickpockets operating. Transport is generally safe, though you should keep in mind that most of the signs are written in Cyrillic letters.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets are a serious issue in Ukraine, and it occurs everywhere so you should be careful particularly in crowded places, in tourist areas, in bars and nightclubs, and on public transportation.

Natural Disasters Risk


As for natural disasters, what still represents the biggest issue in Ukraine is the legacy of the Chernobyl disaster. It is also susceptible to frequent flooding, freezing winters, storms, and mine disasters.

Mugging Risk


As for violent crime, it has been on the rise in Central Kyiv, especially after dark. This includes muggings, and armed robbery, particularly in the larger cities.

Terrorism Risk


Terrorists are likely to try and carry out attacks in Ukraine, and the authorities in Ukraine have announced that they have already disrupted numerous planned attacks, including in the capital, Kyiv.

Scams Risk


Scamming is also an issue in Ukraine. There are famous scams over dating sites where the victims are asked to send money to their prospective date in order for the date to be able to leave Ukraine, and then after the money is sent, the relationship ends. Apart from online scams, be careful on the streets, keep an eye on your drink and check your change twice.

Women Travelers Risk


Ukraine is not a safe place for solo female travelers. Crime is widespread throughout the country and there is political turmoil as well as terrorism threats disrupting peace in the country. Do not go anywhere alone and avoid dark and deserted areas.

So... How Safe Is Ukraine Really?

Ukraine is not safe for travelers, and there’s a huge threat if you plan on traveling near parts occupied by Russia.

These parts are Luhansk, Donetsk and Crimean regions and the Ukrainian government currently has no jurisdiction there.

And even though bad blood between Russia and Ukraine is unlikely to affect tourists, you should know that there are no government services like police, hospitals, firefighters, ambulance services, etc.

Crossing from Russia into this part of Ukraine is illegal while crossing into Russia is also strongly recommended against.

Avoid traveling to Chornobyl and the whole radiation zone, including the ghost city of Pripyat’, but if you still want to visit it, go accompanied by a tour, as traveling alone to these parts of the country is forbidden.

Do not leave your tour group or separate from them, as it can result in fines and radiation that may cause serious illnesses and health issues.

As for crime, you should try and lay low and refrain from showing the fact that you’re a tourist or your belongings.

Try to fit in as foreigners are still rare in this country.

Petty theft is an issue here, so be very careful and guard your stuff.

Kyiv, Odesa and other major cities are more accustomed to tourists, which is why pickpockets here are more common, especially in crowded places like metro, bus and train stations.

How Does Ukraine Compare?

CountrySafety Index
United Arab Emirates79

Useful Information



Many countries do not need a visa in order to enter Ukraine. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the planned date of your travel and you need to apply for your visa well in advance as they cannot be acquired on Ukranian airports. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need a visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Ukrainian hryvnia is the official currency in Ukraine. ATMs are widespread throughout the country and you can expect them even in smaller towns. Credit cards are also accepted in most establishments.



Ukraine has temperate continental climate, with the exception of the southern coast of Crimea, where the climate is subtropical of the Mediterranean type. Winters here are warm without much snow while summers are rainy which is typical of the mild climate of the Zakarpatye region.



Boryspil International Airport is the country's main international airport. It is located in Boryspil, 29 km east of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Ukraine, since it covers not only the costs of medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Ukraine Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan -5° C
Feb -3° C
Mar 2° C
Apr 10° C
May 16° C
Jun 19° C
Jul 20° C
Aug 20° C
Sep 15° C
Oct 8° C
Nov 3° C
Dec -3° C
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Ukraine - Safety by City

CitySafety Index

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68 Reviews on Ukraine

  1. Much safer than this article lets on

    This review is completely off target. I’ve lived in Kyiv as well as other cities for years and I don’t live in the posh districts either. Sure if you leave something out it will probably get stolen, but people aren’t going to run up and mug you on the street. It’s very safe for women, even at night. In my residential block, not the nicest part of town, women freely walk the streets without much worry even when it’s dark.

    Homeless people can be very determined to get money off of you, but just ignore them and keep walking. Sure you should be cautious.. i.e. if you see a group of drunk ghetto looking people on a dark street corner, it’s probably better to avoid them.

    Sure pickpocketing is high, but it’s not rampant. I also reject the notion that a mail-order bride scam is indicative of a countries safety since the victims are scammed from the comfort of their home countries. Typical scams are involved in the real estate practice i.e. if you rent an apartment make sure the person renting it to you can present the document proving ownership, along with their passport. Or the stranger who drops money in front of you and wants to split it with you etc. etc.

    I am also really curious how the “terrorism risk” is assessed and how Zimbabwe is rated safer than Ukraine according to this site.

    Overall, I’d rate Ukraine a medium risk. Be aware of your surroundings, be careful if you leave your belongings out, and stay away from obvious trouble areas such as bazaars at night and you’ll be perfectly fine.

    1. It's safe. Enjoy your trip.

      i would have to agree with Keith. I am (a woman) from ukraine but live in between Houston in the US and France right now (so haven’t lived in ukraine for a long time). When I visit every year I never feel threatened or in danger. Pick pocketers are a definite risk everywhere, although ive never been pick pocketed in my life.

      There’s nothing more dangerous about Ukraine as there is about Houston or Paris. Obvious rules apply everywhere: dont go into dark alleys at night, dont get into unmarked cars, dont take out wads of money … etc. and Id think it’s common sense that you don’t travel to the area affected by war. No one on the streets of other cities walks around with guns, so you’ll be totally fine.

      Also major cities have UBER for transport so you don’t have to be in crowded public transport.

      Overall, Id say its significantly safer to visit than this article rates it. If this is what 30 looks like then we are basically good to go almost anywhere.

      1. N
        N. Rozhenko says:

        I agree, I had more trouble in Paris than I did in Kyiv; was there on ONR assignment.

    2. I live in Ukraine for years and the only “unsafe” part of the country is the border with our good friend Russia

      1. S
        Sumitra bakshi says:

        Both the leader should meet and try to solve the problem and let peace come for both the country, I will be ready happy If this war immediately stop.

        I really want this war should stop immediately, so many people are dyeing because of this war praying God every time for peace to come for both the country.

    3. Kyiv is a pretty safe city

      Totally agree. I feel safer walking around Kyiv by myself at night than I would Australian cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart.

      1. Australia is way safer than anywhere in Eastern Europe.

  2. Real Review of 2019 Kiev

    As an American and ethnic minority who has spent substantial time in Kyiv, I feel that the above review is highly inaccurate. Overall, I feel that Kyiv downtown is about as safe as any major Western city.

    PETTY CRIME: I have heard stories about pickpockets and scammers. I’ve run into a couple of scammers and professional ladies at bars. They definitely exist, but overall are pretty obvious and if you don’t pay them any mind, they generally make a quick pass and then leave you be.

    ROBBERY/MUGGING: I am sure that it happens as it does in all cities, but I’ve never really run into it. I ran into one guy who was belligerently drunk, but it was the Podil bar district on a Saturday night. My Ukrainian friend told him to get lost and after a brief stare down he did. Exercise basic caution (dont follow strangers into poorly lit areas, dont antagonize people, be aware of people following you, etc.). Dont flash large amounts of cash.

    DEMONSTRATIONS: Due to the elections, there are a lot of demonstrations going on, some by far right parties. I generally avoid these. However, I have run into a few members of National Corps and other groups deemed dar right and had no issues. I also dont engage or antagonize them. Use common sense and avoid demonstrations, which are pretty easy to notice due to smoke, flares and flags.

    GENERAL HOSPITALITY: Ukrainians are not as boisterously outgoing to foreigners as some westerners. However, once I’ve spoken to them I have found many to be quite friendly and often curious about you, your country and why you are visiting theirs. Ukrainian service in restaurants is a bit different and waiters are not as on top of you as in the west. This can be a pain when you are trying to order or pay, but is also nice because you never feel rushed. If you mention an interest in Ukrainian culture or history, many people open up to you very quickly and are eager to share about their country.

    Overall, I find Kiev to be as safe as any western city and safer than many in the USA and UK. Of note, I do not go out and drink and party a lot, so maybe it is a bit different when you are stumbling around drunk at a late hour. However, even the areas that Ukrainians have warned me are “dangerous” I have never had any problems in.

    As in any city, you can always be a victim.of crime. Just stay alert. Also, I’d warn against being a sex tourist. It is still common, but my impression is that many Ukrainians (Male and female) take a dim view of this and prostitution is technically illegal. This is also how you will open yourself up to being scammed or sometimes lured to a spot for a robbery.

  3. Safe enough

    I was in Kiev three years ago , we stopped for three nights, I felt very safe, no problem, Hotel was good as was the food and the people were generally friendly enough.
    There is a lot of interesting places to visit there and its all very cheap.
    With the exception of some countries in Africa and The Middle East , this site is rubbish for travel tips. Do as you would in any other city your not familiar with and you’ll be fine.

  4. Safer than US cities

    I visited Kiev for several days and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found more crime and problems in Portland Oregon than anywhere in Ukraine or Belarus. Sure, the metro is packed and there are pickpockets but use common sense and you’ll be fine. I walked around Kiev at night with no problem.

    There are more violent demonstrations in Portland OR than I found in Ukraine. As for Chernobyl, there is more radiation in your airplane than you’ll find there. I find Eastern European countries to be safer and less pickpockets than cities in Western Europe. Visit Ukraine, the people are friendly and desperate for tourists. America is 4 times more dangerous than Ukraine!

    1. When did you travel there ?

  5. Travel in Odessa

    This review is so untrue its almost a fairytale, I travel to Odessa every 3 weeks from London connecting through Kiev, I travel on public transport and have found all the people very helpful and have never felt any threat whatsoever.
    Don’t flash your money around, I don’t at home either, have respect for the people, laws and the country and you will be fine. Watch out for the taxis at the airport, they will try to rip you off but they will at any airport anywhere in the world

  6. Very Safe

    This site is way off. I spent a week in Ukraine, between L’viv and Kyiv. I didn’t see any serious scams and nothing like I saw in Italy. I was even in Kyiv during their Independence Day from communism on August 24th. I was hesitant to go to the capital for the 24th because of things I had heard, but once I saw the precautions taken by the police and military, I felt very safe. Unless you go to the Donbass or Crimea, you’re fine. The only thing is that the street vendors will try to overcharge you or may shortchange you, but I’d hardly call that a serious crime. Uber is common (and very cheap) in major cities, you can always get a receipt to check your change at any restaurant, and vendors never asked to take my credit card out of my sight when paying. I was naive and walked a few blocks to my Airbnb one night and I wasn’t even approached by anyone.

    TL;DR: L’viv and Kyiv are incredibly safe. Don’t go to Eastern Ukraine. Read travel advisories from your government.

  7. All the comments are true, my grandparents are living in Kiev, I’ve been there many times for months. I’m livin in London for years, have been all around and apart from central it’s a lot more dangerous. If you get mugged in Ukraine and I’ve never been worst case scenario is a couple of punches compare to get stabbed, hammered or splashed with acid to the face for a mobile phone. Pick pocketers scammers yes, avoid drunk people, drunk Slavic people fight you just for lookin at. Taxis will rip you off all around the world either but in Ukraine that thing still exists when you just wave down a very old car with a pensioner he’ll takes you to the and of the edge of the city cheaper than end taxi. Overall it’s not worse than any eastern – western European large capital.

  8. Rubbish! Safe as House

    Bull Sh#t!

    Safer here than in most UK cities! Been to Kyiv few months after the riots – no problem. Dont piss off the locals, respect their custom and enjoy the country!

  9. What a lot of rubbish

    Who wrote this?

    Go and have a great trip to Kyiv.

  10. Totally safe, Lviv is safest

    Totally inaccurate. I’m living in Lviv and it is totally safe to walk everywhere, even out of the city center, even if you’re alone female, even at night.

    Idiot wrote this article, as Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa (biggest cities) are totally safe to visit

  11. Quite safe!

    Ukraine is quite safe to visit, except for the Donetsk & Lugansk regions (where the war is). The major tourist destinations like Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Carpathians are generally safe except for the pickpocketers. Well, there are some places where it is not advisable to walk at night, but they are usually far from the tourist centers.

  12. A paradise.

    Ukraine is one of the only countries where you can pay your bus tickets from hand to hand, starting from the very back of a fully crowded vehicle up to the driver without moving from your seat… and then getting your change back untouched!
    You can watch videos about that on YouTube, if you don’t believe me.

    Once, I did see a pickpocket in a bus. He ran away, but the bus stopped so EVERYONE could run after the criminal (including a pregnant young lady).
    That says it all, really.

  13. Safe place - rubbish site

    Who on earth writes for this site? So exaggerated and alarmistic. Do not not believe the conclusions presented, rubbish.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      WHAT DO YOU MEAN Russia is INVADING Ukraine now and invaded some land!

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        RUSSIA IS A TERRORIST STATE and this is true

  14. What a load of rubbish,I have been traveling to Ukraine to different city’s for the last ten years
    and traveling from London to Odessa every three month’s form the last seven years and i have found it safer than traveling in the UK

  15. Ukraine is safe

    I’ve been to Ukraine several times, traveling with U.S. college students. We stay a few weeks in L’viv. It’s safe. Precautions one takes in ANY large city should be taken here: avoid dark, desolate places at night; don’t argue with drunks; don’t leave your bag/purse/wallet unattended; remember that there *are* pickpockets, so don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket. I have a rule that my students must travel in twos and threes, but that isn’t because of danger; it’s because they generally don’t speak or read Ukrainian.

    I’ve always found Ukrainians to be a generally friendly lot. I struggle to speak understandable Ukrainian and most people I meet struggle to speak understandable English; we often end up laughing together. I have never had a shopkeeper or waiter or any service personnel get impatient with me as I try to figure out how to ask for what I want. L’viv has found the tourist industry to be a good one and people go out of their way to be friendly.

    I have only been to Kyiv once; from that single experience, I echo what others have said about the city’s safety.

    Go to Ukraine! As its popularity increases, you’ll be able to say you went there before it was cooler than Prague!

  16. T
    Thomas Blum says:

    Ukraine is safe

    I have been to Ukraine 4 times in the past 4 years. I always felt safe. The article is 95% inaccurate. Simple use any precautions you would use in any big city or unfamiliar area.

    All of the other replies support how inaccurate the article is. It should be taken down and the author ashamed.

  17. I’ve to been to Kiev and Odessa on several occasions for vacation. Very safe and I would recommend to come and visit. Both cities are beautiful and very rich in traditional history. The cafes serve excellent food and in most cases, service is excellent. The Ukrainian people are very nice and treated me with respect. Just like any other large, when walking at night stay vigilant and watch your money. The hotels are very clean and staff very professional.

  18. Safe, Fun, and Amazing Country!

    This article is extremely false. Travel to Ukraine, you won’t regret it!

  19. A
    Article author is a liar says:

    Article author is a liar

    This website, article author, webmasters, and website owners are full of shit. I’m American living in Kiev for 9 months and this country is safer than most large metro cities in US.

  20. C
    Capt. Alaa Shawkat says:

    Ukraine is safer than many other EU cities, BUT...

    I have visited odessa for more than twenty times. Odessa is more safe than most cities in Italy, more safe than central London, more safe than any city in Romania. People very friendly, they feels happy to talk to foreigners specially of European visitors.. odessa is more safe than many states in USA. Yes the taxi drivers in the airport are greedy as any airport in the world. Ukraine must be among the best countries in the world, but unfortunately the corruption of all previous governments made bad reputation for the country & also made their people has no any trust in their government.

  21. R
    Rune Rivenes says:

    I am a man from Norway who wanted to go the other way than mostly norwegians do in summertime .
    Most norwegians go south such as grand canary , tenerife , greak whatever ,
    I went east too ukrain for some reason .
    IDO NOT REGRET , by now i have been in spesifically Odesa 27 times , made a lot of friends ( ukrainian) i van strongly recommend this country as a vacation destiny .
    It’s no more chrime there than it is anywhere else !!

  22. M
    Michelle says:

    Wanna go back so bad

    I went to Kyiv last year to have my teeth done. I’m a 48 yr old woman who’s never been out of the states. I went to Ukraine for 3 weeks in Jan, and another 3 wks in June. LOVED IT!! Always felt safe, never got scammed, never been robbed. Lived in an apt the I rented out (not a hotel) In June, went swimming everyday, took metro, saw the American band Disturbed while there (June 18 2019), took metro home, at night, by myself, only someone talked to me to tell me my phone was falling out of my pocket. This article is bogus. Well, at least I can say Kyiv is totally cool and comfortable. Although I wasn’t with a group, and didnt really look like a tourist, maybe that helped. Teeth look GREAT btw and a tiny fraction of the cost it would’ve cost in the US…INCLUDING flight (×2) and apt!! Actually, I want to go back there sooooo bad!! The experiences I had and just living there for 3 wks. I miss it so much it almost hurts

    1. I can’t wait to get back to visit Ukraine!

      I’m a Kiwi who visited Odessa (for 5 weeks) a number of years ago and it was the BEST holiday of my life! I’m sure some areas of Ukraine will be dangerous at the moment (eg the war zones) but no shit Sherlock, that’s totally understandable!

      Apart from this I found Odessa to be VERY safe! Yes, a little unnerving walking past banks that have guards armed with automatic weapons and to stay in an apartment with bars on the windows (ground level apartment) or solid steel door in first level apartment… but only because I’d never seen that before!

      The first day I was there I realised I needed a warmer jacket. I found a market, quite a big one with lots of stalls, selling clothing, food and all manner of things. I was looking at some jackets at a stall and this older Ukrainian woman (who owned or managed the stall) could tell I was a foreigner by my English. She lifted my right arm up from beside me, pulled my camera (that was strapped over my shoulder) around to the front of me and put my arm down again, patting my arm to tell me “leave your camera in front of you”. And there’s a tip, pick pocket types are more likely to target you if you have a bag or camera on your back as opposed to being in frontbencher of you.

      I walked all over the place, even at night, without any problem whatsoever. There are a few people who will try and rip you off but that’s just like ANY country! Mostly, the Ukrainian people are a wonderful crowd! Friendly, helpful and genuine.

      I did get robbed by 2 gypsy ladies hon the Steps in Odessa but to be fair, I had previously been warned about this from a Ukrainian friend but had forgotten. If it was a guy there would have been a fight but you can’t punch out women; but I actually don’t mind – the US$60 I lost was well worth the experience! (I had USD$3k in a money belt, what others say about not flashing cash is totally correct! And when I say “robbed” there was no violence, more like trickery! And this gypsy woman (the older one) was very good!

      I am planning to go back to Ukraine later this year, to Lviv to visit friends. Nowhere near the front line and I feel it will be as safe as anywhere in a Western country unless the war thing changes.

      TO SUMMARISE: It’s a wonderful country rich in history, the people as a whole are also wonderful and very friendly and even though there are some scoundrels (just like every other country on the planet) I feel it is a very safe place to visit if you are not in a war zone. For Pete’s sake, EVERYWHERE in the world is dangerous if you’re in a war zone!

  23. Don't trust this article.

    This is insane. If Ukraine is as unsafe as the author suggests, you should probably never go abroad anywhere ever. Keep your common sense, apply it, be respectful, enjoy the ride. Simple as that. The country is extremely affordable, has many places worth visiting, and most people genuinely are hospitable, sincere, kind and non-violent. What did the author smoke while writing this, i wonder?

  24. E
    Elizabeth says:

    Love Kiev

    I went to Kiev last year alone. I felt safe and people were helpful. Many spoke some degree of English. I enjoyed it very much and want to go back – this time to Odessa.

  25. Rubbish

    This review is nothing but nonsense. I’ve spent 3 weeks in Ukraine last year and I can assure you it was one of the nicest and safest countries I’ve ever visited. I’ve seen women walk around by themselves at 3am, people using the subway without caring much about their personal belongings, used night trains and shared buses. I felt safer than in most cities in western Europe (Paris and Brussels to name a couple). The worst thing that can happen is to eat too much.

  26. Is this real?

    I have no idea where the author of this article has been, definitely not Ukraine and definitely not in the 2000s. I’ve been to Odessa, Lwow, Ivano Frankivsk, the Carpathians and finally Kiev. I’ve always been treated with enormous kindness and respect by everyone, Ukrainians love foreign tourists and are genuinely happy to have them around. Kiev is possibly the nicest major city in Eastern Europe together with St.Petersburg, it’s cheap and ultra safe. Zero scams, zero pickpockets (women and children are walking around until late night by themselves) and for sure absolutely no terrorism.

  27. This article is total BS. I’ve been to Lviv numerous times for work and have traveled outside of the city to various parts of the country. Ukraine is fabulous.

  28. C
    Christopher says:

    Uhhh i never felt in danger the whole 2 weeks i was in odessa or kiev…. beautiful people and places to see.

  29. S
    Steve W says:

    Visiting Kiev

    I just returned from a month in Kev. the people were gracious, I travel the city by myself, and without a translator. I never had a single problem. Everywhere I went, I was always able to find someone that spoke English, and people were quick to help. The women are beautiful, and actively seek your company. They want to know about you, where you are from, and why are you visiting their city. Most of my travels were spent walking or using taxi. Taxis there are a bit of an experience as the drivers are very aggressive. I was involved in two car accidents while in taxis. I went out at night, and during the day. I visited all areas of the city, mostly by myself.

  30. Exaggerated but not totally baseless

    I wouldn’t say this article is total Bullshit but exaggerated. I lived 3 years in Odessa, 2 in Kiev, it’s not without danger especially police stalking and aggressive drunks. I’ve never been pickpocketed or robbed but have been threatened with a knife, punched and had bottles thrown at me. Mind you this was all at night in bars or after bars walking home. Otherwise it’s safe, usual precautions but I wouldn’t speak English too loudly in public as it may attract unwanted attention or worse. Some people are friendly and some can be hostile to foreigners so be a little careful

  31. try it, I think you'll love it

    I am a woman and have lived all over Ukraine for 25 years, mostly in Kyiv. I love it and feel much safer than in Charlotte, NC where I lived for 30 before that. Charlotte is safer than a lot of cities in America. You can have your pocket picked in Ukraine and other crimes happen there but I agree with all the stuff I read in the comments. And Ukraine with all its wonderful historic sites is a tourist paradise. When this dumb pandemic is over, you might want to give this place a try. Try it, you’ll like it.:)

  32. Reviews gassing the safety

    This review is partially accurate. Everyone here is just gassing it, it really is NOT as safe as they say it is. Obviously, anyone that lives there will say it’s more safe than you think. That’s a no brainer. I travel to different countries every other month, or few months because of my job. The parts that ARE accurate are the muggings and scams risks. I was nearly mugged at Kiev. However, it was around 10pm, so at night. Do not walk out at night. I’m just glad that three total strangers saw I was in danger and helped me out. I would say it’s safe to travel, but definitely no where near as safe as people say it is. Just be smart. Don’t go out late. Travel with a group and do NOT make yourself stand out.

  33. V
    Vodka man says:

    Ukraine is the worst country in existence

    These people who wrote good reviews are probably agents who will benefit if you go there when they scam you. But don’t take my word for it, you will know this in the airport when the police start to question you to why the heck did you come to their trash country. Let me get started by saying: WORST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!! This article is 100% right. I was a foreign student in ukraine. And i should say don’t EVER go there. Corruption, Corruption and then more Corruption. Ukrainians are the most racist people i have ever seen if you’re a foreigner you will be treated like trash and you will be beaten and harassed. Especially if you don’t speak fluent russian or you look like a foreigner. You will not get anywhere without bribes. If they knew you’re a foreigner they will try by any means nessecary to scam you. one of my fellow students from africa got raped by ukrainian guys, foreigners getting robbed at their rented apartments, landlords who thinks that you’re a gold mine and what did the police do? NOTHING. They don’t give a damn about foreigners. There is no law in ukraine to help you. The police officers would only help if you make it rain money on his greedy butt. The university didn’t even help because they wanted to protect their reputation. Lawyers in ukraine are the ones who taught the devil, they scam, rob and lie that’s their job there. Real estate are big big scams no one is honest there. The police catch foreigners like pokemon to rob them. If you even speak by a different language at any place some fat ugly vodka smelling ukrainian or a some crazy ukrainian woman we will come to tell you to shut the heck up, people there are extremely rude. If you wonder why people go to ukraine it’s either they are student because its cheaper and will basically accept any idiot even if you bring a cow to be a student it will get accepted because basically you need to just throw money at their face . The other reason people go to ukraine for isssssssssssss……. sex tourism weeeeeeeeeee. Yup, ukrainians open a flat chested girl agency. Ukrainian girls are sure pretty. But looks can be deceiving. Girls their will think any foreigner is the head of a multi billion dollar industry and that he poops money, she will act nice and cute until she gets what she wants and put it a goal in life to make her man broke as soon as possible and make sure that his pockets only have air in them alot of them even murder their foreign husbands throwing them off a building or making them drown in the middle of nowhere in the sea.

    1. Vodka man should win a gold medal for his fictional fantasy writing skills all he has written is total B/S , as is the safety rating given by this web site . I Visited last year and found Kiev a very safe welcoming city day or night , there is good public transport , Uber and metro trains that are all very safe and reliable . Prices are low and there are plenty of nice places to visit , English is not widely spoken by older people and most signs are written in Cyrillic script but you wont find communicating difficult . I cant wait to plan a longer visit once the lock down ends .

      1. P
        Potatogirl says:

        Just don't.

        Right, and all foreign government travel advisory websites just copied off of Vodka man, too!
        It’s not like the Ukraine is the world’s human trafficking hub.

    2. Alright, first i’m sure this is a troll, Ukraine is a very nice and welcoming place and even though there is some corruption, that is true with all countries. Please don’t listen to Vodka Man, Ukraine is an amazing place with beautiful cities, culture and history. The risks there are the same risks as going almost anywhere.

      Even though English isn’t spoken in the country, not all countries speak fluent English. Not even some people from Canada or the United States can speak it, and as for scams, they are apparent in every country.

      And sure the conflict going on can make some places more dangerous, but overall the country is very safe to go to and visit, so don’t let “Vodka Man” stop you, if you want to go then go! (Better once the pandemic is over though) ^^

    3. A
      Anonymous says:

      Right now, you should 100% avoid Ukraine, because of a situation with Russia you likely know already.

  34. A
    Anonymous says:

    Why they put Pakistan And Ukraine warn is safe why would you do that there is mcdonalds and burger king and kfc

  35. a
    a random guy says:

    personal opinion

    I’m not from ukraine, but as i read most of the other reviews, there is positive and negative info, both, personally i think its not the safest place, lawyers are seriously corrupted, they got mostly american politicans robbing the country, its currently not really safe place as russians are doing their thing at border right now, sure robbers might be regular, but the police has to do something, if not then the country must be retarted or something, whats police if it cant do anything useful, im not giving 2 stars becouse its bad country, but becouse of its current state, russia is aboutta start a war, they got useless services, bad civillians, etc

    1. P
      Polandball says:

      Underrated Beautiful Country!

      Nie. You are thinking about Crimea. Ukraine is very safe, especially Lviv, one of my favorite cities in the world! As long as you don’t walk around too late at night. Well, if you do, you will usually be safe, but if you want to be safe as possible, don’t walk around at night.

  36. Complete miss characterisation of Ukraine

    Don’t know who writes this rubbish, but as somebody who lived and worked in Ukraine for a number of years and still visits regularly. I do not recognise the sentiments expressed in this article. Ukraine is a large country and I traveled extensively in it and never ever felt threatened. One should always learn about any country it’s laws, history and traditions before they visit and take the same precautions they would anywhere. I return every year to Ukraine to see friends and former colleagues and always feel like I’m coming home.

  37. c
    congoclash says:

    This article seems pliticaly biased, I’ve visited Crimea couple of years ago and found it safer than Ukraine. In any case Ukraine doesn’t allow Western tourists to enter “annexed” areas from it’s territory. You can enter Crimea, Donetsk or Lugansk from Russia with a Russian visa without any issues. Obviously DO NOT go anywhere near the front line in Donbass from either side.

  38. E
    El chapo says:

    Be careful,

    Most of the positive reviews are from the ukrainian diaspora that speak the language and can blend it hence not really foreign tourists.
    Some ukrainians can be racist anti-Semitic, and the right wing nationalists in L’viv are something you should take into account if you’re non-Caucasian. Nice Austro-Hungarian and Polish architecture though! Customer service is 3rd world tier in many places, although some were up to western standards. Corruption is widespread and medical services are of very poor quality (insured or not, you’ll still pay for your own medications and for any ‘additional’ services etc. ) hence reconsider some European neighbors as safer alternatives.

  39. A
    Anonymous says:


    Lots of disinformation of Ukraine as part of smear campaign. For sure, for sure.
    There is corruption, but seldom the harmful type.

  40. M
    Martynas says:

    Way safer, than described here

    As most reviewers said, its very safe, at least in western part: Kiev, Odesa or Lviv like any other European city. Cant speak for areas of conflict. Definitely safer than described in this article.

  41. A
    Anonymous says:

    Unfair from personal experience

    I was sat minding my own business in a bar when I was drugged and attacked. I found Kyiv to be largely unsafe as a result of this.

  42. Feel safe here

    I used to live in a few other European countries that are rated safe on this site, nowadays after 10 years in Kyiv and 3 years in a rural area in the middle of nowhere I can certainly tell you – Ukraine is a safe place to be, with nice friendly people around. Being a young female, I could walk alone at night in Kyiv and never had any issues whatsoever. Only once I got my mobile stolen in a crowded place, but that happened to me a few times in “safe-as-home” Stockholm (!!!), and a few times in “safe” Belarus. Ukraine is much safer than these two, for sure. Even areas next to the conflict zone are ok, we travel there time to time to see relatives and never

  43. As a Ukrainian woman, I can say that it’s a safe country to travel alone, as a man or woman. As in every country, You should avoid strange places, but the citizens are really friendly and calm people. We are always there to help foreigners and would never abuse them in any way.

  44. O
    Olle Koanovsky says:

    More safe than this article says

    Much safer than the article says. The problems are petty theft and pickpocketing, that happens. Nobody is going to stag you over anything like youth in western europe does. Outside of bigger cities (even inside them actually) I would highly recommend that you or your someone from your group of fellow travelers knows ukranian, russian or byelorussian (I guess bulgarian, serbo-croatian and polish would get you by in a pinch). Get a hold of some cash as cash is king in Ukraine, in the cities it is not as important, but trust me, it is good to have some on you. Not too much though because of the reasons above.
    Overall: I recommend travelling to Ukraine. It is a very beautiful country, so I would recommend going out from the cities and view the countryside! People are friendly and hospitality is great. Be polite and act reasonably as Ukranians hate obnoxious people! I recommend visiting churches as they are usually beautiful. If you plan on visiting an Orthodox church, ask someone first on how to behave (and for women, how to cover hair etc.)

    I feel Crimea deserves a special segment: I have been ther multiple times pre- and after 2014. It is as safe as ever over there, but it is just more complicated to get there and to be there. You have to get a Russian visa and do all the paperwork that comes with that (which is a mission in itself). Cash is king for tourists to Crimea, as only cards from the local banks works there due to sanctions, so unfortunatly, you have to get a big heap of cash. Also, get a Crimean SIM card for your phone ASAP as no non-local SIM card has service there. Oh, yeah, if you plan on going to Ukraine after having been in Crimea, try to hide that you have been there from Ukranian authorities. If they know you have been in Crimea…well things will jujst get complicated.
    Most of the behaviour things and recommendations said about Ukraine goes for Crimea as well. I would especiallt recommend visiting Yalta mountains or Ay Petri mountain. The 35th battery museum is also great for those who like history. The beaches of the whole peninsula are legendary along with the various sanatoriums and relaxation hotels!

    I have not been to Donetsk/Lugansk after 2014 so take this with a shovel of salt: This is the only place I would tell tourists to not go to. Only go there if you know someone there and have to go. Apart from an armed conflict going on in the area being an obvious danger, hospitals also have limited resources so it would be bad if you got hurt or sick. If you have been there and then plan to go to Ukraine, you really have to hide the evidence of you being there from Ukranian authorities as that would be a mess if they found out.

  45. Well done to all of you that’s replied positively.
    40+ years back and forth and never a single problem.

  46. L
    LionelMandrake says:

    Ukraine was safe. Maybe not any more.

    I feel much safer in Ukraine than in Russia (except Russian far east).
    Never got shaken down by the police like in Russia.

  47. A
    Anonymous says:


    1. U
      Ukrainian says:

      Even now, Lviv will be safer than most US cities. The West of Ukraine (Lviv region, Ternopil region, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Transcarpathian region) can be visited. The probability that a rocket will fly at you is extremely small!

  48. T
    The bad guy says:

    Ukraine just recently got worse now. Нещодавно Україні стало гірше.

    I hate to spread the bad news but… Now it’s less than 30. Now, the safety index is 11. The war had recently gotten out of control. I’m Ukrainian and I now found out that it really was worse than Iraq. Our neighbor next door, (Which is Russia) had kept invading Ukraine. I want to move to Poland but the Russians didn’t let me so now I have nowhere to go.

  49. A
    Anonymous says:

    I have been to the Ukraine even with this war on , yes it is bad ,but the people have not changed. They are still friendly and very helpful. I go to Odessa as my wife is there and refuses the leave, as she says this is my country why should I leave. Kyiv is bad but that is because of the russian bombing. I can say with total honesty that I was shown where to go for shelter, and nobody tried to hurt me. I don’t speak their language but I have no problems as someone always there to help. I take humanitarian aid to Odessa and I can say that while I am there the people are very polite and helpful. so please don’t rubbish the Ukrainian people. I get more help from them than I do in my own country [ UK ]

  50. A
    Anonymous says:


    Looking to go to Ukraine? Don’t. Already in Ukraine right now? Leave. The Reason? Should be obvious at this point. There is literally a warning message on this page that says exactly why you should avoid this place at all costs for now. Don’t let the other positive reviews here make you think that it’s safe to travel RIGHT NOW.

  51. Ukraine is much safer than western cities. Never seen any scammers and terrorirsts.

  52. R
    Root TheLucario says:

    Mever been to ukraine but i am lucky

    Russia is a bully. They invade ukraine and are at war with them. Don’t go to ukraine right now.

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