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Updated On November 7, 2023
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Germany is a country located in central-western Europe, and it’s comprised of 16 constituent states, with about 82 million inhabitants.

It is a top tourist destination because it offers a mix of tradition and modernity.

In Bavaria, you can visit its breathtaking baroque palaces while in Berlin you can explore famous historic sites such as the Brandenburg Gate and contemporary art galleries.

It is this mix of historic and contemporary that makes Germany such an appealing tourist destination.

However, it’s not just castles, art and beer in Germany.

It is much more than that, and apart from its cultural heritage, Germany boasts a large variety of different landscapes.

In the north, it has a coastline along the North Sea and the Baltic Seas in an area called the North German Plain.

The East Frisian Islands just off the coast are also gorgeous, even though mostly visited by the local Germans themselves.

There are even white sand resorts along the Baltic Sea, including Rügen and Usedom.

Warnings & Dangers in Germany

Overall Risk


Germany is very safe to travel to. Your biggest worry, when traveling to Germany, should be the pickpockets and scammers. If you apply basic precaution rules, that should minimize the risk of something going wrong.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transportation and taxis are generally safe and reliable in Germany, but do be careful in public transport, as it's a place where pickpockets operate.

Pickpockets Risk


As in any European top destination, there are pickpockets at popular tourist landmarks. Follow your common sense and remain vigilant at all times, especially in public transportation and at crowded stations.

Natural Disasters Risk


There is no particular threat of natural disasters in Germany, except for some earthquakes that happen every now and then.

Mugging Risk


There are low chances of getting mugged or kidnapped in this country, although it is advised to remain cautious and avoid poorly lit and deserted streets and areas. If you find yourself in such a situation, hand over your belongings immediately.

Terrorism Risk


There have been terrorist attacks in Germany's recent history, but, thankfully, they resulted in only a few casualties. No tourists have been targeted, but extreme vigilance is advised.

Scams Risk


As in any country, especially a top tourist destination, there is risk of getting scammed. Be wary of people trying to distract you or offering you unwanted help, check your change twice and always negotiate every service beforehand.

Women Travelers Risk


Germany is very safe to travel to, if you are a female traveling solo. Apart from a few general precaution rules you should apply, such as not walking alone in poorly lit and deserted areas, not finding yourself in strange company at night, etc, you can relax because Germany is very safe in this respect.

So... How Safe Is Germany Really?

Germany is a very safe country to travel to.

Its crimes rates are low and the law is strictly respected.

The most common form of a crime you’ll probably encounter is pickpocketing or bicycle theft.

Violent crimes such as homicide, robberies, rape or assaults are also not an issue in this country, especially not compared to most African and American countries.

You might encounter pickpockets in large cities or at events with large crowds.

Avoid crowded places, and apply extreme precaution when in public transportation or on bus or railway stations (airports, too).

You should also keep in mind that begging exists in some larger cities, and even though it’s not a serious issue, be careful and avoid getting into altercations with aggressive beggars, should they cross your paths.

Some beggars are organized in groups.

Bear in mind that flashing any cardboard sign very near to your body could be a pickpocket trick, as well as attempts to distract you in any way.

You should also expect street demonstrations if your accommodation is in Berlin or Hamburg and if you’re traveling somewhere around the first of May.

These demonstrations occasionally evolve into clashes between the police and a minority of the demonstrators.

How Does Germany Compare?

CountrySafety Index

Useful Information



Most countries do not need a visa for any stays shorter than 90 days. Any longer than that, you might need to acquire a visa. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months past your planned date of return. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Euro is the official currency in Germany. ATMs are widely available throughout the country, in cities and towns, rarely in villages. Credit cards however are not widely accepted, only in larger establishments such as restaurants and hotels.



Germany's has moderate climate and has no longer periods of cold or hot weather. Coastal part of Germany has a maritime influenced climate and mostly has warm summers and mild winters.



Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport in Germany as well as the fourth busiest airport by passenger traffic in Europe after London Heathrow Airport, Paris–Charles de Gaulle Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is located 12 km southwest of central Frankfurt.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Germany, since it covers not only medical problems, but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

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Germany - Safety by City

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31 Reviews on Germany

  1. W
    William says:

    Nice country

    There are two reasons you go to Germany. One is for the food and the other is for the alcohol. The place is pretty amazing. It is not ideal to go if this is your first trip outside your home country. You have to be wise to the area and make sure you don’t offend people because they are not shy to call you out on it!

    1. Hi there

      When is the best time to come visit to Germany

      1. summer

        id recommend you from May to August but in the middle of summer, you might encounter some heatwaves ranging from 30° to 40°

  2. R
    Ryan Wright says:

    I'm going!

    My father was born in Germany and moved to the US when he was 11 with his family. Needless to say, I too was born in the US but I have always wanted to go to Germany to get in touch with my roots. I am planning a trip now to go next year with my dad as a surprise gift for his 50th. Glad to see it is overall safe to visit still.

  3. 🥰
    🥰 says:

    I was born here and I can say it’s pretty peaceful here and nothing really bad happened ofc sometimes there are people with drugs and stuff but it’s not as bad as shooting in every single part. I love Germany a lot even if it got boring for me because I’m loving here my whole life.

    I’m planning to move but not out of it because it’s really safe and I don’t want to leave a safe country. I’ll mention a few cities you could visit because I liked them a lot.

    Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Trier, Saarbrücken, Munich, Nuremberg and Cologne. They’re all amazing. Germany is actually pretty safe and I even think it’s safer than they showed it.

    Only 2 times after the Nazis a shooting happened and it wasn’t even that bad. (Of course, it was bad, but it’s not that 3 or more people died.) If you have never been there, go, it’s gonna be a beautiful experience. There are many quiet cities which I prefer but it’s your choice.

    Also, the food is great and if you go you should really visit a beer garden. The best time to go is in June or August. It’s not too hot and not too cold. I hope you enjoy your trip! Love, German Girl.

    1. gez, you havent been groped yet ?

      women are being raped and stabbed on a daily basis in Germany by your beloved refugee men that you have welcomed

      1. t
        timdervergewaltigerflüchtling says:

        goar net woahr

      2. i
        iLiveInGermanyIdiot says:

        it so safe i live here for years

      3. Stop racism

        what a racist ! crimes have anything to do with race, On a daily Basis ???it looks like you dont live in germany or u are just uneducated racist. Compared to other countries germany is one of the safest one , I am saying that as a native german
        so please get some knowledge before comenting


    especially NOT SAFE FOR WOMEN

    due to „refugees „

    1. C
      Chav Bristol says:

      Germany is absolutely safe.

      Your postings here are pure propaganda and definitely nonsense. There were isolated incidents of this kind years ago, but they are not an objective or fundamental problem or risk in Germany.

      1. V
        Vi Holzer says:

        Stuttgart ist so

        I live in Stuttgart and groping, rape and robbery are sadly very common. Frail people and especially women are not advised to walk alone in the city after dark. And never cross a park after dark alone! Train stations and trains can be dangerous at night as well.

        1. G
          Guywholivedingermanyfordecades says:

          Overall one of the safest places on the planet

          What nonsense. I know Stuttgart and most major German cities very well and although Frankfurt Central can look kind of rough it really isn’t in comparison to most countries, including the US and Britain. Just Google German crime statistics and you’ll see this is nonsense. Most crime in Germany is non-violent crime. It’s very rare for someone to actually get hurt and any such incident immediately makes the news. That might be the reason people think such incidents are commonplace.
          As in most places in the world, if you behave stupidly you might get into trouble but in Germany that would normally be limited to you being too drunk, offending another drunk and that drunk kicking you in the nuts.

      2. B
        Brotfabrik says:

        The truth about Germany

        Dear user who is reading this,
        do not get frightened by these passive aggressive extremist propaganda supporting people as firstly, their “experiences” (who aren’t even proven either) are totally subjective and secondly these relatively rare incidents do NOT represent the German society and the thinking of people. Just the differentiating of our people’s ethnicities in the crime study is clearly showing that the motive is to purposely point out the crime statistics of certain racial groups. Race, nationality or religion isn’t a fundamental and good source to create a crime rate pattern as these criteria may give people a certain way of thinking about life and society but NOT extremist and criminal ideas. Plus, refugees, which are known as “Muslim refugees “ (which clearly is an ignorant generalisation) can have any religion and still be civilised and sane. As a matter of fact, isn’t it the yt chalk fragments that stole inventions of BLACK AND ARAB people and claimed as theirs and even were so obsessed with their agriculture, people and belief to colonise, do missionaries and exploit the poor colonised countries till this day for their valuable minerals, foods and fertile land, while saying in their millions worth palace that these people are savages and job stealers. We know exactly where this “huge flow” of migrants came from in the mid 2010’s. *cough* cough* carpet bombing and major theft. Argue with a wall about it.

        People need to be clearer about their expectations. How is it logical to expect a group of people who grew up in different cultures (which doesn’t automatically mean bad!) and environments (torn apart mostly by yt chalk fragment coloniser armies) to automatically integrate in a new society without any societal aid. Do not mentally enslave innocent people who migrated thinking of getting a better life with the thought that Western countries would be civilised (😂) and do not categorise them with people who refuse to work and want to live from the state (which actually quite a lot of Germans do, *cough* east and north Germany) because for your information, no academic, diplomat, or doctor freely leaves their home on a dangerous route just to be categorised in different classes without getting ANY (!!GENUINE!!) help from the government nor the society and wait ages for work permit just to get told you’re refusing to work.
        Guys, you all are a perfect example of the perfect circus I’d say is the most hilarious.

        Germany isn’t a country filled with rich milk fountains and marble parlours where everyone is a noble. Wake up and don’t be pretentious.
        I’d rather worry about myself and the country’s future if I’d be like that because over the years, if this doesn’t stop, people will eventually leave Germany (EVEN GERMANSSSS😂) which others are already doing, and y’all won’t have high GDPs to flex with.

        Schönen Tag noch euch allen meine Zuckermäuse❤️

  5. R
    Reza Inkiriwang says:

    You should add Bremen, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Augsburg on your list of the cities.

  6. T
    Tom Rieg says:

    To provide perspective for non-Germans: the user with the handle “hana” is part of a far-right, xenophobic minority, based mainly in former East Germany. They object to Germany’s generous policy of hosting refugees, and they even go as far as denying the Holocaust (denial is a crime in Germany) and other well-documented German-led atrocities during the Third Reich.

    Sadly, my advice would have to be this: if you are a person of colour, if you somehow look like a refugee, stay clear of former East Germany. You’d run the risk of being physically attacked by gangs of neo-nazi thugs.

    Former West Germany incl. West Berlin is safe.

    Another heads-up: we are not really the most warm, welcoming, chatty people; conversation is often to the point; friendly chit-chat exists, but people are less talkative than in other parts of Western Europe. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal.

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        Bullshit..the east is also safe if you don’t go far out to the countryside.

  7. A
    Al Smith says:

    I was stationed in Goeppengen in 1972 and thought Bavaria was the most fantastic and beautiful area I had lived in. Nothing has has changed. I was also in Berlin in the 70sand found it to be interesting and educational. While in Bavaria, the Bader Mi Haif gang went to Muchen, the Olymphics, and had a field day killing. Sorry for the spelling and not referencing.

    1. ...not Bavaria

      Göppingen is not in Bavaria but Baden-Württemberg, but nice that you liked it 🙂
      Cooke Barracks, where you were stationed, changed into a nice place with new companies, gym and golf course, but the structures are still recognizable. The casino was a club for many years, the hangar is a event center and a lot of buildings are inhabited, even the chapel is used for clubbing 🙂

      It is still safe 😉

  8. stay away

    Its down right dangerous for Women here since so many immigrants called “refugees” moved to this Country.
    Also the country is on its best way into an dictatorship since the whole corona topic came up. German citizens cant even travel from federal state to another ferderal state anymore.

    1. L
      Linksgrünversifft says:

      Dear Nisa,
      this is plain b***s*** and I think you know.

      Everybody else: Common sense is always good, other than that you do not need to follow any special security rules (none other than in any other western countries).

      Ever since so many refugees arrived here, the statistics for criminal acts went DOWN.

      1. M
        Maximilian says:

        stop trying to change words around. There are so many unwanted terrorists. Fick dich

    2. A
      Anonymous says:

      Nisa- Why I think your racist!

    3. S
      Suzanne says:

      The world is a dangerous place , I’ve lived in Germany and many other parts of the world Germany even through tough time Berlin Wall coming down was by far the safest. Be smart wherever you travel good bad everywhere.

  9. Great country

    One of my favourite countries I do like the German culture and modernity but also historical buildings from over a century ago the food and beer seems nice and the public transport is amazing even better than in my own country can’t wait to visit after corona!

  10. B
    Blair Keeton says:

    German mentality changed for the worse

    I lived in Germany for 6 months.

    The countrysides of Germany are magnificent and extremely safe (especially Bavaria and Shwartzwald). However, you do need to take good care of yourself and your belongings in Frankfurt. On my first day in Frankfurt, I got approached by a group of 6-8 young gentlemen. They asked me random questions and after that, they started harassing me. Finally, they forced me to hand them my bag with all my belongings in it. Two bouncers from some sort of hookah bar/club saw everything. However, they decided to just laugh at me and they even seemed to be friends with these young men. All this happened in the center of Frankfurt right behind the train station, 800ft from my hotel. I have been to Frankfurt about 25 years ago and I have to say that it has changed a lot since then (not for the better). I remembered the Germans as very orderly, humble, and agreeable people who don’t like violence. The mentality of the German people in the urban areas has changed dramatically. Frankfurt is now a filthy city with shady areas and dogy people. How could the Germans change so quickly?

  11. The country to visit if you’re a foodie

    Rather safe country with a diverse population which makes for a very diverse environment. I always opt for city breaks here because of the food, if we’re being honest, and for the many cultural activities. I’m from Bulgaria which translates to a short flight so I don’t waste a whole afternoon getting there.

  12. 85 is a very high rating

    85 is a very high rating and the information about rapes being low is quite misleading, rapes in Germany are actually very high just very under reported. Most new years eve celebrations result in thousands of street rapes so be very aware if you are planning to visit during the Christmas period. Also i suggest staying out of crowded places and not walking past gangs.

  13. A
    Anonymous says:

    Germany is not safe anymore.

Germany Rated 3.71 / 5 based on 31 user reviews.

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