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Updated On February 8, 2024
Wiesbaden, Germany
Safety Index:
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Nestled in the heart of Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate region, Wiesbaden is a picturesque city renowned for its spa culture, stunning architecture, and rich history.

As the capital of the state of Hesse, Wiesbaden sits on the northern bank of the Rhine River and is just a stone’s throw away from Frankfurt.

Boasting charming streets lined with elegant buildings, lush parks, and thermal baths, Wiesbaden offers a blend of relaxation and cultural exploration.

Its name, which translates to “meadow baths,” reflects its centuries-old tradition as a spa town.

One way to enjoy this city is with a Rhine Valley River cruise.

You can enjoy all of the benefits of the area while taking in the amazing vistas along the way.

With its vibrant atmosphere and cultural allure, Wiesbaden beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its beauty and history.

Warnings & Dangers in Wiesbaden

Overall Risk


Petty crimes tend to be low in the city. However, like many large cities, there is the risk of pickpocketing or minor theft. The key is to carefully watch your personal items, do not wear expensive jewelry and keep your wallet on the inside of your jacket or front pocket. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have any problems with crime in the city. If you do have valuables with you, store them in your hotel’s safe. Also, be wary of people selling things on the street. They may not be authentic, and you may be cheated. While you will be safe walking at night, walk in well-lighted areas where there are other people. If you feel unsafe in an area or a restaurant or other establishment, leave and find somewhere else.

Transport & Taxis Risk


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Very safe You’ll feel safe taking any form of the city’s public transportation. This includes buses, taxis and trains. All forms of transportation are used by everyone in the city every day. This includes locals and tourists. Public transportation is well-maintained and punctual. Taxi drivers follow local safety road regulations and are polite. Train stations are clean with clear signage. This means that even if you are not familiar with the area, you can get to where you are going. The stations are designed to move large numbers of people even those who are not familiar with the city. Most people who use public transportation really enjoy it.

Pickpockets Risk


In Wiesbaden and the surrounding areas, levels of crime and personal security in it recently. Germany is ranked 43 place out of 140 countries in our ranking, which measures the crime levels reported in the area, and the resident's feelings about the safety level in their area. The crime rate in the Wiesbaden area is 36.17 out of 100 (The lower the better), which measures the prevalence of crime, pickpocketing, assault, sexual assault, violence, and more in recent years, in the city and the wider area. The safety rate in the Wiesbaden area is 65.43 out of 100 (The higher the better), which measures the levels of security, and the sense of personal safety felt by the residents, tourists, and guides visiting the city. That means that While crime rates in the area are below average, you should still take precautions, since there may be more problematic areas that you should avoid walking around at night.

Natural Disasters Risk


Given its geographic location, the risk of natural disasters is very low. Pay attention to any public warnings though and heed their instructions if you hear them.

Mugging Risk


The risk here is medium to low. The risk can be lowered by not wearing flashy or expensive jewelry, or carrying items of high value. The key is to blend in and not to stand out. One of the tricks that muggers use is to bump a person to get their wallet or handbag. This is why you should carry your wallet inside the pocket of your jacket or the front bock of your pants. For women, carry your purse inside your jacket against your body. If you are in a restaurant, the best place for your purse is your lap. If that is not feasible, wrap the strap around your foot and the dining chair. That way you will know if someone is trying to take it.

Terrorism Risk


The risk of terrorism events is very low. Take normal precautions and heed any public media alerts. If there is something that doesn’t seem right, contact local authorities immediately.

Scams Risk


As with any large city, there is a risk of scams, particularly on the streets. Be wary of street vendors who have a “great deal”. There is a chance that the product will not be authenticated and you will be scammed out of your money. Also, be watchful in restaurants and bars to ensure that the prices are correct. If you feel uncomfortable in any establishment or it doesn’t appear to be cleaned regularly or hygienically, find another place.

Women Travelers Risk


Wiesbaden overall is a safe city for solo female travelers. Instances of street harassment are quite rare in this European city. Local citizens are generally respectful and maintain good public behavior. However, common safety precautions should still be observed at all times, especially during nighttime.

Tap Water Risk


Tap water in Wiesbaden is of a very high standard. It undergoes stringent quality checks and is safe to drink. Many locals prefer it to bottled water due to its freshness and taste. The water's quality is maintained by public water utilities that strictly follow German and European Union guidelines. You’ll find that it’s important to stay hydrated while you are moving around so both tap and bottled waters are good choices.

Safest Places to Visit in Wiesbaden

Kurpark: A tranquil oasis featuring lush gardens and soothing thermal springs.

Schlossplatz: The historic square is surrounded by majestic buildings and vibrant cafes.

Neroberg Mountain: Offering panoramic views of the city and recreational activities.

Places to Avoid in Wiesbaden

While Wiesbaden is generally safe, travelers should exercise caution in the Bahnhofsviertel area, especially at night, due to reports of petty crimes.

Safety is hardly a concern when it comes to living in Germany.

Nothing wrong with WI-Südost.

It is a district of mixed use – from residential streets to large office buildings, major courthouses, supermarkets and the city’s biggest sports facilities.

Avoid living right on of the main thoroughfares, traffic is heavy in Wiesbaden, so noise can be an issue.

I would echo the post below except that Sauerland is OK.

I think he means Schelmengraben, which has a lot of high rises and its fair share of social problems.

The inner Westend is a bit of a Turkish ghetto and I would avoid this area too.

Not dangerous but quite dirty and rundown.

I wouldn’t want to walk around there at night if I were a lone female.

There are no “dangerous” areas of Wiesbaden.

It is generally a very affluent city of around 270,000 inhabitants but it feels like a village in many ways.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Wiesbaden

  1. Stay vigilant in crowded areas and keep your belongings secure. Don’t wear provocative clothing or expensive jewelry. Use your hotel safe to secure travel papers and items that are valuable.
  2. Use reputable taxis or public transportation for travel within the city. While German is the language of the country, many people speak English as well. If you don’t feel comfortable, have your hotel write down where you would like to go on a business card so that you can travel more freely.
  3. Avoid displaying valuable items in public to deter potential thieves.
  4. Research safe routes and neighborhoods before exploring the city.
  5. Be cautious of strangers offering unsolicited assistance or directions.
  6. Keep important documents and valuables in a secure location.
  7. Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers and services.
  8. Respect local customs and laws to avoid any misunderstandings. Perhaps the most important point here is that you should avoid asking or talking about the past. This can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.
  9. Stay aware of your surroundings, especially in tourist hotspots.
  10. Trust your instincts and seek help if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

So... How Safe Is Wiesbaden Really?

Overall, Wiesbaden offers a relatively safe environment for travelers, with low to medium risks across various categories.

While incidents of petty crime and scams may occur, exercising caution and staying informed can help mitigate potential risks.

By following common-sense safety measures and staying aware of your surroundings, visitors can enjoy all that Wiesbaden has to offer without major concerns.

How Does Wiesbaden Compare?

CitySafety Index
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82
Cordoba (Argentina)61
Toronto (Canada)81

Useful Information



Most tourists from the US, Canada, Australia, and EU countries do not require a visa for short stays. Check the German embassy website for specific requirements and visa fees.



The currency used in Wiesbaden is the Euro (EUR). Exchange money at banks or exchange offices for the best rates.



Wiesbaden experiences a temperate climate with warm summers and cool winters. Pack layers and waterproof clothing, especially if visiting during the rainy season.



Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is the main international airport serving Wiesbaden. Travelers can reach the city by train, taxi, or shuttle services.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

It is highly recommended to purchase travel insurance before visiting Wiesbaden to cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events.

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Wiesbaden Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 2° C
Feb 2° C
Mar 6° C
Apr 10° C
May 14° C
Jun 17° C
Jul 19° C
Aug 19° C
Sep 16° C
Oct 11° C
Nov 6° C
Dec 3° C
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