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Updated On January 28, 2024
Bremen, Germany
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Imagine the feeling of stepping into a real-life fairy tale where cobblestone streets and a majestic town hall beckon newcomers with open arms.

This is the feeling that many people describe when visiting the German town of Bremen nestled in the northwestern corner of the country.

If you and your travel party are preparing to head to Bremen, there’s no doubt that travel safety is a major concern.

Our guide provides a peek into common warnings and dangers experienced by Bremen travelers.

Later we provide a list of must-see places and places to avoid along with a few location-specific travel safety tips.

Warnings & Dangers in Bremen

Overall Risk


The overall travel safety risk for Bremen travelers is moderate to high. This rating is based on several factors, including the steadily increasing levels of violent and non-violent crimes in the area and the potential for terrorist attacks as reported by the US State Department. The State Department has issued a level two travel advisory for Bremen-bound travelers. This means tourists should remain vigilant and exercise increased caution while traveling abroad.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Excited sightseers in Bremen should beware that there is a moderate to high risk of incidents of pickpocketing, taxi scams, and being overcharged by unlicensed drivers when visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site. Violent crimes, property crimes, and crimes against tourists have shown a steady increase in this area. Stay safer and avoid being overcharged for transportation services by using licensed, reputable, and verifiable transportation services.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing is a common occurrence in Bremen. This applies to locals and visitors alike. Local pickpockets are known to frequent tourist hotspots, entertainment venues, and public transportation depots to seek out distracted or confused travelers as targets. Travelers should note that the rate of pickpocketing is higher here than in many other European countries and take proper safety precautions.

Natural Disasters Risk


The occurrence of natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, or tsunamis is low for travelers seeking to visit the area. The city is not in a seismically active area or an area prone to bouts of severe weather. As a precaution, German officials have equipped the local infrastructure to mitigate the effects of unexpected disasters that happen infrequently in the area.

Mugging Risk


Crime data reports from reputable sources like Numbeo show crime increasing in and around the city of Bremen over the past three years. The safety of citizens and tourists has historically been considered low to moderate related to overall crime including violent crimes like muggings and assaults. Tourists should remain vigilant and alert to avoid becoming crime victims while traveling abroad and avoid traveling to outlying or isolated areas of the city where incidents of violent crime are higher.

Terrorism Risk


The US State Department reports that there is a moderate chance of terrorism and terror-related activities targeted at German cities based on information received by global intelligence reports. Their level two travel advisory recommends that US travelers exercise caution when traveling in the region as areas of Germany may be targets of terrorists because of the country's political and economic importance.

Scams Risk


The risk of being a scam victim while visiting Bremen is medium-high. Although Germany has a reputation for honesty and fair dealings there are pockets of local criminals seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting sightseers who run the risk of taxi scams, overcharges for goods, and services, distracted pickpocketing, and purchasing fake souvenirs or goods.

Women Travelers Risk


While Bremen has historically been considered a safe city, solo women travelers should be aware that crime in Germany and surrounding areas is on the rise and take common sense travel safety precautions to avoid becoming victims while traveling through Germany. Harassment, unwanted attention, pickpocketing, and petty theft are common perils for solo female travelers.

Tap Water Risk


While some Americans are hesitant to drink local water while traveling abroad, visitors will be happy to know that the city of Bremen has some of the cleanest and most drinkable water in Europe. Strict water quality regulations set forth by the European Union are major contributing factors to local water drinkability. Concerned travelers and those with pre-existing medical conditions can opt for bottled water.

Safest Places to Visit in Bremen

Most places in Bremen are safe to visit in the daytime and there are also a few local hotspots where visitors and residents gather to celebrate the nightlife.

The following are a few examples of where excited tourists go to have a good time. 

• Marktplatz:

Adventures can feel safe and secure when they visit the town center at Marktplatz.

This area features a variety of local tourist attractions for shopping and entertainment and is well-patrolled by local police.

• Schnoorviertel:

Visitors seeking to bask in the complexity of the local architecture can experience the feeling of stepping into a real-life fairy tale when they visit Schnoorviertel with its charming feel and rows of colorful homes.

• Boat Tours on the Weser River:

Explore Bremen in comfort and style and get stunning views of the city from the water when you take a local boat tour on the Weser Rover.

Places to Avoid in Bremen

Most parts of the central city of Bremen are safe for tourists, families, and other visitors who are following common sense safety precautions.

There are however some areas in and around the town that excited tourists should avoid completely.

The following are a few examples of places to steer clear of. 

• Gröpelingen and Huchting:

Increased levels of crime in the outlying districts of Gröpelingen and Huchting mean that tourists should steer clear of these areas to avoid becoming victims of muggings, pickpocketing, petty thefts, or worse.

• Construction Zones and Dark Alleyways:

Use common sense travel tips when visiting Bremen and avoid exploring construction zones, dark alleyways, and unlit streets.

While most of the city is considered safe crimes of opportunity can happen in unmonitored and dark areas.

• Outlying Areas and Secluded Nightclubs:

Many crimes that happen in Bremen happen in outlying areas of the city away from the watchful eyes of local authorities.

Tourists should avoid traveling to secluded areas and nightclubs and stick to well-patrolled and well-lit activities in town.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Bremen

Following common sense travel safety tips when traveling abroad is the best way to stay safe and avoid unpleasant mishaps.

The following safety tips are location-specific and represent common sense ways to keep yourself and your travel party out of harm’s way when visiting Bremen.

  1. Learn Conversational German. Tourists can decrease the likelihood of becoming victims of local scams and crime by learning conversational German. Learning how to communicate with locals can make for an improved experience when local criminals realize you can understand what they are saying.
  2. Beware of Pickpocketing Rings. Crimes of all types are on the rise in Bremen and surrounding areas. These crimes include high numbers of pickpockets targeting unsuspecting tourists and locals for cash, valuables, cell phones, and travel documents.
  3. Stay within the City Limits. Staying within the city limits and sticking to a pre-planned itinerary is one of the best ways for adventure seekers to stay safe while traveling in Bremen. Higher numbers of violent crimes and petty crimes happen when you leave the boundaries of town.
  4. Use Official Transportation Services. Protect yourself and your travel partners from unlicensed taxi drivers and local scammers by using official transportation services with public reviews and verifiable licenses. Research your planned itinerary before arrival to choose the best services.
  5. Research the Cost of Goods and Services. Jacking up the original cost for local goods and services is a common occurrence experienced by tourists in Bremen. Avoid being overcharged for hotels, dining, entertainment, transportation, and everyday necessities by researching the costs before you arrive.
  6. Beware of Local Scammers. Bremen has more scammers and nefarious criminals lurking around the city center and the outskirts of town than many other areas of Europe. Trust your instincts and avoid being scammed by local tourists asking to have their picture taken or offering unlicensed services.
  7. Stay in Well-Lit Areas at Night. It is common for local festivals, parties, and celebrations in Bremen to carry over into the night. Travelers should avoid getting caught up in the excitement and stay on well-lit streets and main areas – especially if they are traveling solo.
  8. Stay Hydrated with Refillable Water Bottles. The city of Bremen offers environmentally friendly ways for locals and tourists to protect the environment by offering free refills on water bottles at a variety of local establishments. Travelers without medical conditions should be able to safely drink the water due to high-quality levels.
  9. Don’t Flaunt Your Valuables. Flaunting your valuables and wealth or flashing cash while traveling abroad are some of the easiest ways to be labeled by local criminals as a target for theft. Keep your valuables safely secured on your person or in a hotel safe to avoid attracting unwanted attention.
  10. Register Your Bremen Trip with the State Department. Registering your Germany trip with the US State Department adds another layer of safety and security for you and your travel party. The State Department can provide emergency assistance and local support in the event of the unexpected.

So... How Safe Is Bremen Really?

Bremen is a moderately safe city when you consider all factors.

Lower instances of violent crimes against people make it easier for tourists who adhere to common sense travel safety tips to get out and explore the city.

The city boasts a variety of historical and fairy-tale-like adventures along with a moderate potential for petty thefts like pickpocketing and similar crimes.

How Does Bremen Compare?

CitySafety Index
Sydney (Australia)80
Santiago de Chile (Chile)71
Vienna (Austria)88
Hong Kong (China)70
Manama (Bahrain)54
Tianjin (China)67

Useful Information



Like most European countries, US travelers can visit Bremen, Germany Visa-free for periods of up to ninety days within a rolling six-month period. Travelers from other countries and those with special circumstances can contact the State Department to learn more about how to apply for a Visa.



The Euro is the standard currency used in Bremen. Travelers can convert sums of money before arrival using reputable online currency exchanges. Use airport or hotel concierge services or local ATMs and credit cards to convert currency upon arrival.



Bremen’s climate features a mix of weather patterns that can include some of the chill felt by Northern Europe and the occasional warmth of the Southern sunshine. Cozy sweaters and jackets are needed most of the year.



Travelers seeking to book domestic or international flights into Bremen get service at the main airport. Bremen Airport is the central landing point for many destinations in Europe. This airport is fully equipped with amenities and food.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

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