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Updated On January 25, 2024
Verona, Italy
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The city of Verona is in the northern Veneto region of Italy nestled between the world-famous cities of Milan, Venice, and the City of Canals.

Visitors to Verona, Italy experience a variety of architectural delights in the form of plazas, museums, and a variety of local attractions.

The city welcomes tourists from around the globe to take advantage of its famous attractions, unique architecture, and culinary delights.

Our guide provides an overview of warnings and dangers travelers should know about when traveling to Verona.

We’ll provide information about crucial risk factors affecting travel and places to see and avoid when visiting the area.

Warnings & Dangers in Verona

Overall Risk


Verona-bound travelers can expect to experience a relatively safe travel experience as long as they adhere to common sense travel safety rules like keeping a low profile, securing their valuables, and staying on the beaten path. Online crime reports show that the city of Verona has low levels of crime that have been steadily increasing within the past three years.

Transport & Taxis Risk


The overall risk to Verona travelers seeking to explore the city using public transportation options like buses, taxis, and rideshare services is low. Verona operates an efficient public transportation system that has scheduled routes for moving people around the city and an effective public transportation security presence.

Pickpockets Risk


Tourists have a moderate chance of becoming the victim of a pickpocket while traveling in Verona. This city, like most popular tourist attractions, has its fair share of local pickpockets who seek out and target unsuspecting tourists to steal cash, valuables, cell phones, and wallets from the back pockets of distracted travelers.

Natural Disasters Risk


Anxious travelers concerned about becoming victims of a natural disaster while traveling in Verona can breathe easier in knowing that this region experiences very few incidents of life-threatening natural disasters. The most common natural disaster concerns in this area include minor earthquakes, flooding, and infrequent landslides.

Mugging Risk


Verona poses a low risk of violent crimes like muggings or assaults and boasts a consistently low crime rate. Crimes happen less often than in many other major cities and popular tourist locales. Travelers can stay safer by avoiding abandoned and unlit areas after dark.

Terrorism Risk


Verona is a mostly peaceful city with no recent reported incidents involving terrorists and terrorism-related activities. The city further fortifies its boundaries to protect the safety of travelers and citizens with an active and visible security force that includes the use of foot patrols, video surveillance, and intelligence gathering.

Scams Risk


Popular tourist destinations are often a hotbed for local scammers and criminals seeking to scam cash and other valuables from unwitting tourists. The city of Verona is no different. Tourists should remain vigilant to avoid being victimized by local taxi scams, price-gouging scams, and camera scams where locals ask you to take their pictures and then demand payment for breaking their cameras.

Women Travelers Risk


Incidents of violent crimes against solo travelers are rare in Verona. However, all travelers should take common-sense safety precautions to avoid becoming a victim of harassment or assault while traveling. Solo women travelers may be more susceptible to perils like pickpocketing, taxi scams, and unwanted advances or catcalling while visiting local sites.

Tap Water Risk


Drinking tap water while visiting the city of Verona is considered relatively safe for most travelers. Travelers need to note that the taste of locally treated water might be much different than what you are used to. Travelers with sensitive stomachs or medical conditions should play it safe by drinking bottled water.

Safest Places to Visit in Verona

Plan your visit around safe areas that include some of the following popular hotspots below. 


Travelers seeking to explore ancient ruins and delve into Italian history can visit the fortified castle complex at Castelvechhio.

This local tourist attraction features stunning architecture and a museum where visitors can learn more about the history of the city.

Piazza delle Erbe: 

Visit the lively local historic square at Piazza delle Erbe to find some of the most charming cafes and historical architecture in the city.

This vibrant area is known as a safe and well-patrolled tourist hotspot.

Verona Arena: 

Verona visitors often make the local arena one of the first stops on their Italian itinerary.

This popular Roman amphitheater is one of the most visited locations in the area offering a safe location for tourists and traveling families.

Places to Avoid in Verona

Industrial and Construction Zones:

Most of the city of Verona is safe for travelers.

Adventure-seeking travelers should steer clear of construction and industrial zones which can mask imminent danger from heavy-duty work equipment and lurking thieves.

Expensive Tourist Traps:

Some seedy business owners in the area may purposely jack up prices on accommodations, transportation, dining, and entertainment-related services.

Avoid becoming a victim by researching your intended destinations in advance to verify local prices for everyday goods and services.

Aggressive Vendors and Con Persons:

Verona has its share of aggressive vendors who try to force tourists to purchase their goods and wares using aggressive or threatening tactics.

Be vigilant and walk away from vendors or con persons who try to force goods or services on you and those who ask you to take their pictures using their cameras.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Verona

Now that you have some general information on warnings and dangers in Sebastian, you might still have a few questions about how to keep you and your fellow travelers safe when visiting this picturesque Spanish vacation haven.

The following are examples of ten location-specific travel tips that can help travelers stay safer when visiting Sebastian. 

Take heed to the safety tips below when traveling to local museums, restaurants, amphitheaters, beaches, and when using local transportation options. 

  1. Learn Conversational Spanish – Before You Travel. Being able to effectively communicate with the locals can be a life-saving skill for Verona travelers who understand the local language. Learn conversational Spanish by taking a class or downloading a language learning apt to grasp the concepts of basic conversational Spanish – before you travel.
  2. Beware of Pick Pockets and Cons. Verona is a European city that attracts tourists from around the world. As such, large numbers of opportunistic criminals see some travelers as easy targets and commonly target both travelers and locals in pickpocketing scams and cons. Sightseers should remain vigilant when visiting crowded areas and avoid getting caught up in noisy crowds at night.
  3. Don’t Walk Alone at Night. Online crime statistics show that the crime rates in Verona are much lower than in many other European cities. However, the crimes that do happen, tend to happen in isolated areas under the cover of night. Safety-conscious globetrotters should avoid walking alone at night and don’t go into any isolated areas alone.
  4. Monitor Your Alcohol Intake. Having a cocktail while traveling on vacation is par for the course for many Italian travelers. While indulging in a delicious fruity cocktail or two can be fun, adventures should remain coherent and cognizant of their environment by monitoring their alcohol intake when in public. Intoxicated travelers are often the victims of nefarious criminals seeking out easy targets.
  5. Pre-book your Transportation. Nothing is worse than being taken to the wrong location or being charged double the price for a taxi ride across town. Avoid becoming a taxi scam victim by pre-booking your transportation option with reputable service providers or stick to booking ride-share services with verifiable public reviews in the area.
  6. Wear Comfortable Shoes. Be sure to wear or carry a pair of comfortable shoes when exploring the city of Verona on foot. Many of the area’s streets represent historical architecture that can include loose cobblestones and falling rocks. Wearing comfortable shoes can help you navigate historical streets and buildings more efficiently.
  7. Research Local Prices for Goods and Services. Unsuspecting tourists are often the unwitting victims of price-gouging scams when they don’t know the local prices for everyday goods and services. Research the costs of the goods and services you plan on using while in Verona to prevent having the wool pulled over your eyes by sneaky vendors.
  8. Some Areas Have a Strict Dress Code. Many of the area’s local religious sites like churches, cathedrals, and surrounding places of worship require locals to dress in religious attire. Avoid cultural faux pas, offending the locals and standing out by researching the dress code for local historical sites you plan to visit.
  9. Stay Vigilant When Using Public Transportation. Crowded buses and trains can be a hotbed for local area thieves seeking to slip wallets, cell phones, cash, and cameras from the back pockets of distracted tourists. It is important to keep your eyes open, your valuables close, and stay vigilant when riding public transportation.
  10. Register Your Trip. Register your Verona travel plans and itinerary with the US State Department’s global STEP program. This US-based program is designed to support US travelers and help them stay safer when traveling abroad by connecting them to local services and offering emergency support for unexpected mishaps.

So... How Safe Is Verona Really?

The city of Verona provides its residents and visitors with a low to moderate level of safety.

Travelers can expect to experience low rates of violent and property crime but should also be aware that global crime reports show steadily increasing rates of crime in the region.

Reports from global data analysts like Numbeo show that the city has experienced a steady increase in crime for three consecutive years.

Overall the city is safe, but beware of a high number of pickpocketing incidents and local scams which are common in this area.

How Does Verona Compare?

CitySafety Index
La Paz (Bolivia)52
Sao Paulo (Brazil)45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)43
Sofia (Bulgaria)73
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61

Useful Information



Verona, Italy offers Visa-free entry for most tourists from the US and many other countries for up to ninety days within a six-month travel period. Citizens from other countries and those with special circumstances may require a Visa before being allowed to enter the country. Check the entry and exit requirements by visiting the US State Department travel website.



The city of Verona uses the European Euro as its local form of currency. Verona's travelers can exchange currency using a variety of methods including credit and debit cards at ATMs, local currency exchanges, online currency exchanges, and hotel or airport concierge services.



The climate in Verona features a mix of mild spring temperatures, hot summers, and comfortable winters. They experience infrequent thunderstorms that can include brief periods of heavy downpours.



Travelers looking to enter or exit the city of Verona by plane can find domestic and international flight options at the Verona Villafanca Airport. This local airport is within a few miles of driving distance from the city center and offers air service from major airline carriers like British Airways and Lufthansa.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

If you want to protect your finances and your wallet when traveling to Verona. Travel insurance can help global travelers when medical emergencies and related travel issues like unexpected cancelations or lost baggage occur. Get travel insurance from a reputable provider before taking off.

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Italy - Safety by City

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Vatican City72

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