How Safe Is Sorrento for Travel?

Sorrento, Italy
Safety Index:

When people are coming to Sorrento, it is usually a short trip on a few hours, as an excursion from Naples.

However, the town has to offer much more and people should devote more time to explore it.

It is most known for its small shops selling ceramics and lacework.

Among things that must be done in Sorrento are taking a ride along the 50km-long Amalfi Coast or eating at ‘O Parrucchiano, a Campanian restaurant hidden behind a slew of lemon trees.

If you have time you should explore Marina Grande in the western part of town.

Warnings & Dangers in Sorrento

Overall Risk


Generally speaking, Sorrento is not a too dangerous city for tourists. They need to have in mind that demonstrations may occur and they should avoid any protests or political gatherings so as to remain safe and sound.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Those people who prefer taxis rather than the means of public transport should use only those cars with a sign on the roof and make sure the meter in the taxi has been reset.

Pickpockets Risk


When in public places, be aware that thieves may use a variety of methods to distract you. They usually work in a group of two or three people, and while one is asking you about something, the other steals your belongings.

Natural Disasters Risk


Besides earthquakes that happen regularly in Italy, no other natural disaster risk exists. Travelers can be safe when these kinds of risks are in question.

Mugging Risk


Usually, muggers tend to attack distracted people who are not careful enough and steal their possessions. On the other hand, they might do their best and succeed in distracting even the most vigilant tourists.

Terrorism Risk


Acts of terrorism cannot be predicted and can happen everywhere. The Italian authorities have made a number of arrests of suspected individuals, so tourists should be vigilant all the time.

Scams Risk


Scams usually happen when a person takes alcohol and drugs which makes him/her less in control. Make sure you limit the amount of alcohol you take so as not to be robbed or even assaulted.

Women Travelers Risk


Just like any other city in Italy, Sorrento welcomes female travelers and the majority of them spend the vacation trouble-free. However, the instances of women being assaulted happened and being vigilant is obligatory.

So... How Safe Is Sorrento Really?

In Sorrento, traffic can be busy, fast and chaotic.

That is why tourists are not suggested to drive and use public transport instead.

If you decide to rent a car and drive, you are suggested to check weather forecasts and conditions in the area you are planning to visit and make sure you are properly equipped.

You will need to have a driver’s license and your passport with you in case the police stops you.

Pedestrians should use zebra crossings, but they need to know that drivers do not respect this and do not always stop, even though they are required to do so.

Those interested in adventure activities such as hiking and mountaineering which are increasingly popular activities in Italy should know that there were incidents with visitors getting into difficulty and needing the help of the emergency services.

That is the moment when travel insurance comes into play and no matter whether you will do some dangerous activities or not, you should have it, as nobody knows when a person would need it.

When the natural disasters are in question, you should be ready to experience forest fires during the extended summer months which can be dangerous and unpredictable.

How Does Sorrento Compare?

CitySafety Index
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82

Useful Information

  • Visas - When coming to Italy make sure your passport and other travel documents are in accordance with the entry requirements of this country. Europeans do not need to get a visa, while other countries might need to obtain it.
  • Currency - The euro is the official currency of Italy, which is a member of the European Union. People coming as tourists should not take too much money with them, but rather use cards when paying.
  • Weather - The climate is warm and temperate in Sorrento, with July as the warmest month of the year. The lowest average temperatures occur in January when the temperature is around -2°C.
  • Airports - Being that there is not an airport in Sorrento, tourists use the closest one - Naples International Airport. This is the international airport serving Naples and Campania, located in the Capodichino district of Naples.
  • Travel Insurance - In the case of unpredicted medical emergencies, as well as luggage lost or missed flights, you will understand how important it is to have travel insurance which will cover all these expenses.
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Sorrento Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 8° C
Feb 9° C
Mar 11° C
Apr 13° C
May 17° C
Jun 21° C
Jul 24° C
Aug 24° C
Sep 21° C
Oct 17° C
Nov 12° C
Dec 9° C
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Average High/Low Temperature

Temperature / MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

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    My memorable experience there is the food tour I took. I highly recommend you try that out especially on an empty stomach. Well, technically because you need it and also you wouldn’t appreciate the food when you come in a full tummy anyway.

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