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Updated On November 7, 2023
Bologna, Italy
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Bologna is a historical city and the capital and largest city of Emilia-Romagna (a region in northern Italy).

The city is very popular in the rest of Europe for having the oldest university in the Western world and many European states have acquired its schooling system.

The quality of life here is very high.

It’s connected very well both to Milan, Florence, and the seaside, so you have a lot of possibilities if you want to move all over the country and see more cities.

People here have a relaxed and enviable lifestyle, you can see the streets full of shops, boutiques, musicians, young people, etc.

Warnings & Dangers in Bologna

Overall Risk


Bologna is a city in a very safe country, and since it's filled with tourists all the time, you should feel safe traveling here but always be wary of petty thieves and pickpockets.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transportation and taxis are normally safe in Bologna, so there is no need to avoid them.

Pickpockets Risk


Since Bologna is a very attractive and popular tourist destination, there is, naturally, a high risk of pickpocketing. You should keep your valuables in a safe place, make sure nothing of value is in your back pockets, and never keep all your money in the same place.

Natural Disasters Risk


Earthquakes and floods are the most prominent natural disasters in Bologna, but they're not too common. Still, be on the lookout and follow the authorities' advice.

Mugging Risk


Bologna is relatively safe when it comes to mugging and kidnapping, and such cases rarely happen, even more so to tourists, but do pay attention to your surroundings.

Terrorism Risk


It is best to stay alert and aware of your surroundings in Italy, since its neighbors, France and Belgium, have been victims of terrorist attacks. However, Italy hasn't suffered from such occurrences.

Scams Risk


When a city is a top tourist destination, you should expect people trying to take advantage of it. This rule applies to Bologna too, where scammers will likely try to take advantage of tourists and rip them off whenever they can.

Women Travelers Risk


Bologna, like other popular European destinations, is very safe for women travelers, so no need to worry there. Just don't do what you wouldn't in your own country.

So... How Safe Is Bologna Really?

Bologna is mostly a safe city, but there is no city without any dangers, and this applies here, too.

Bologna is a small town crowded with students from all over the world: it is the type of city that is generally called a “university city”. It’s not a dangerous place at all.

The most common crime you could be a victim of is pickpockets (especially on buses), or some kind of a street scam.

A few areas outside the city center may be not very recommendable at night, but the incidence of violent crimes in the city is still very low.

Avoid the university district, it can get loud and noisy, as well as the areas around major party street (such as Via del Pratello).

As for the places with a bad reputation – Pilastro and Bolognina quarters had a bad reputation in the nineties but things have now changed.

Pratello also has kind of a bad reputation among students.

Colli, Saragozza, and S.Stefano are probably the best areas you can find in Bologna, while the University part of the city center is probably the worst because it tends to be filled with drunk students and noisy people.

Still, that doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous to go there.

How Does Bologna Compare?

CitySafety Index
Cordoba (Argentina)61
Toronto (Canada)81
Melbourne (Australia)80
Montreal (Canada)81
Sydney (Australia)80
Santiago de Chile (Chile)71

Useful Information



Visa is not required for any stays shorter than 90 days, and members of the EU (Schengen) can stay in Italy for as long as they like. Be sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from your planned date of return to the country you're visiting. However, if you are not sure about your visa status, contact your local Italian embassy for further information.



Currency in Bologna is the euro, like in most popular European destinations. Sightseeing and visiting all the remarkable landmarks in Bologna can add up to a high budget. Take into account that you'll need about 70€ per day, including accommodation.



The weather in Bologna is warm and dry; it is absolutely gorgeous in the summer, with a Mediterranean climate calling to tourists all June through September, which is the time when it is best to visit this city, although you can visit the big cities all year long, and still be amazed.



Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is an international airport serving the city of Bologna in Italy. It is located some 6 km northwest of the city center.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Bologna, since it covers not only medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.

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Feb 6° C
Mar 10° C
Apr 13° C
May 17° C
Jun 21° C
Jul 25° C
Aug 24° C
Sep 21° C
Oct 15° C
Nov 8° C
Dec 4° C
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Italy - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Vatican City72

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11 Reviews on Bologna

  1. So-so

    I went to Italy a good 10 years ago and I have wanted to go back since but the fact that there is a growing issue of crime and terrorism has kept me away. I have two young children and a wife who would be coming along on the trip and I have to think of them first.

    1. Don't miss out

      you are missing out. Italy is one of the safest countries to visit and has so much beauty and culture to experience.

      1. The only annoying scene in Bologna was the professional beggars trying to pester you for money and whatever you gave
        Them they would ask for more .Insisting
        Arrogant, rude, fraudulent people.
        Could not trust them . Professional tricksters

  2. C
    Charlie says:

    Nice overall

    I was just in Bologna last year and while you need to be aware of the risks and possible crimes, it is no different from visiting a major city in America. Having recently been to New York City (I am Canadian), I can tell you I felt a lot less safe there in comparison to Bologna.

  3. J
    Jane T. says:

    Seems very promising

    Very glad to see this area is safe for women. I was planning a trip for my mother, my sister, and our two aunts to go in the spring and everyone keeps telling me to cancel it because it is dangerous for women. I don’t want to live a life in fear and miss out on traveling to wonderful places!

  4. D
    Daniela says:

    Fell in love with this city

    Like all big cities that are home to popular universities, Bologna has a huge influx of students which means the night life is both very alive and diverse.

    I traveled alone with zero incidents, at all hours.

    Also, keep in mind that Bologna is a great gateway to other Northern Italian cities like Florence, Venice or Milan. I thought I would end up renting a car straight away since it’s way cheaper than ubering around and much more comfortable but it turns out Bologna makes it easy to move around on foot. Plus, their cobblestone streets make the experience even better imho.

    I stayed at a quaint, very cozy and typical airbnb right in the middle of the city, I would go back in a flash. I think most of the issues people report online on forums are mostly related to the location they book. If your accommodation is way more affordable than others and it’s located quite far from all the major hotspots in that city I would say no right away. You might save some money but you might end up having the worst experience. You can’t really say that Bologna is not a safe city just because you happened to stay in an area that’s mostly populated with unsavory characters.

    Regardless if you’re traveling solo or not, I would avoid getting drunk. It’s a safe city but deliberately making you a target is not smart. On that same note, always stay glued to your drink. Drink spiking is a serious issue and here I’m not talking about Bologna specifically, I haven’t read or seen anything, but this is a serious problem worldwide.

    I did a lot of shopping, ate a lot of good food – came back home with four extra pounds, Bologna is one of my favorite Italian cities, a perfect destination if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or if you want a whole month of Italian fun.

    1. G
      Guniguni says:

      Hi! Are there lights in most streets in Bologna in the night? Thank you!

  5. G
    Giovanni says:

    Pay attention to the micro-criminals

    Having recently visited Bologna, I can say that security today has dropped dramatically compared to a decade ago. The presence of criminals affiliated with organized crime gangs from Africa (especially Mocro maffia, Nigerian mafia, Senegalese mafia) make some of the city’s neighboroughs as the central areas and suburbs inaccessible or not recommended for tourists, especially women. I strongly advise against visiting such areas mostly during the night, to pay attention to one’s personal belongings, to pay close attention to scammers will likely try to take advantage of tourists and rip tourists off whenever they can and above all pay close attention to incidents of mugging and kidnapping.

  6. C
    Costa Mostra says:

    Not feeling safe in Bologna

    I am in Bologna with my wife and baby and to be honest i don’t feel so safe (like i do in Florence or even in Rome , even thought i stay in a central hotel , when you get a turn and is dark an no other people around you feel unsafe. Also there is a lot of homeless even in the central road , where is the state ? i don’t believe the number is so high that they cannot accommodate.

  7. V
    Vanessa Mendoza says:

    Im in bologna right now staying and the ng bologna de la gare. Im traveling with my 9 year old girl and husband. We witness a hige fight, with the guys looking for flass bottles to fight, and a guy even pulled put two guns. I do not feel safe here and will be leaving tomorrow, even though the hotel said its preaid and i cannot modify it. Never again will i stay at an nh due to the lack of concern to what we witness!

  8. U
    UK tourist. says:

    Lovely city, feels safe to walk around even at night. However scammers do try and accost tourists to befriend them and foist ‘gifts’ onto them. When they realise you are not willing to give them money in return they turn nasty.
    Be warned! It happened to me with an African man who was very friendly and handed me a string bracelet. Do not take what they offer! His demeanor changed to very aggressive and rude once he realised I was not going to pay him anything.
    In my opinion there needs to be better, proactive policing to deter this antisocial behaviour.

Bologna Rated 3.55 / 5 based on 11 user reviews.

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