How Safe Is Hong Kong for Travel?

Hong Kong, China
Safety Index:

Hong Kong is the dynamic metropolis, where the modern and traditional world is combined.

That proves the description that this is the city where “East meets West”.

To satisfy everyone’s taste, it offers something for someone.

Starting from shopping, cuisine, and nightlife to the festivals, it is a city of vibrant entertainment.

The Victoria Peak and Harbour are often referred to as shopping paradise.

There is something for every budget, whether it is in the shops that offer brand items, or at bazaars and markets.

The most visited tourist attractions are St John’s Cathedral, Victorian-gothic St Andrew’s Church, the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Temple of Wong-Tar-Shian.

Warnings & Dangers in Hong Kong

Overall Risk


Hong Kong is quite safe with some petty crimes like thefts, vandalism, and burglaries. Serious crime acts are rare in Hong Kong, especially against tourists. Because there is no place in the world with 100 safety rates, it is always recommended to be watchful to avoid becoming a victim.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Unlicensed taxis are very common in Hong Kong and should not be taken. They often do not use their meter. What tourists should do, to avoid being tricked, is to ask the driver to take the bags out of the trunk before they pay and always take a licensed taxi from their hotel or any other accommodation.

Pickpockets Risk


The fact that it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, as well as a great and often visited tourist destination makes Hong Kong heaven for pickpockets. So, in crowded places and busy streets you should make sure that your belongings are close to you and pay attention to your surroundings.

Natural Disasters Risk


The only natural disasters risks in Hong Kong are those of typhoons during the summer season since storms and winds cause flooding, landslides, and other major damages.

Mugging Risk


Hong Kong has a low rate in terms of muggings, but some cases of this crime might happen if tourists follow the criminal without knowing what he/she is saying. Avoid talking to strangers, especially if they do not speak your language.

Terrorism Risk


In the recent history of terrorism in Hong Kong, there are no records of terrorist attacks, but they still cannot be predicted. The global risk of terrorist attacks in public areas exists worldwide, so tourists should be vigilant.

Scams Risk


All the tourists who come to Hong Kong represent a possible victim of scammers and it is a growing problem. The most common trick is in shops that shop assistants go to pick a new set in the back of the shop after you decide to purchase something and the one they bring is usually an older model or even a fake one. Many shops sell products without a price tag which allows them to decide the price at the spot and often overcharge customers.

Women Travelers Risk


The risk for women travelers in Hong Kong is at the lowest level and it is hard to believe that there is no area in the whole city that women should not visit both during the day and night. Because pickpocket risk is at a high level, women should be cautious as in any other city.

So... How Safe Is Hong Kong Really?

Hong Kong is a city that quickly developed into important business and cultural center.

Lan Kwai Fong is an entertainment district with bars, restaurants and lives music.

Victoria Peak is the mountaintop full of expensive mansions which offer the best view of the city.

All the attractions are great for tourists, but they are also attractive for some petty crimes and lawbreakers tend to take advantage of every possible situation.

The most violent crimes are usually committed by triads and they include drug trafficking and racketeering.

Tourists should pay attention while driving and use amazing public transport systems because there are over 500,000 private vehicles in Hong Kong and inexperienced driving can be risky.

Useful Information

  • Visas - The necessity for a visa depends on the country you are coming from. The Philippines nationals who come to Hong Kong for tourism or business and stay less than 14 days do not need visas. There are 170 countries whose citizens can visit Hong Kong without a visa if they stay from 7 to 180 days, but that also depends on their nationality.
  • Currency - The official currency in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar (HKD). ATMs can be found in big cities. Your credit cards might not be accepted everywhere since the Chinese still pay for most things in cash. Even though many people believe that it is a very luxurious city, Hong Kong is not the most expensive in the world.
  • Weather - A monsoon subtropical climate of Hong Kong makes the weather mild throughout most of the year. During the period from October to early December, the weather is sunny and pleasant. July is the hottest month, while the coldest is January. You can easily distinguish seasons in Hong Kong – spring is warm, summers are usually sunny and rainy, autumn is the best season to visit Hong Kong due to the pleasant weather conditions, and winters are cold.
  • Airports - Hong Kong International Airport has two parallel runways, which are 3,800 meters long and 60 meters wide. It is Hong Kong’s major airport, located on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The airport’s nickname is Chek Lap Kok Airport and it is used for the transportation of both cargo and passengers.
  • Travel Insurance - Visitors of Hong Kong do not necessarily have to have any form of insurance, but travel insurance is always considered prudent. Once you know that you have protection in case of accidental injury, lost or stolen baggage or trip cancellation, it makes you feel peaceful when you travel.
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10 Reviews on Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong Dollar is used in Hong Kong, instead of Renmenbi.

  2. Hong Kong people's comments

    As a Hong Kong people, I disagree.

    For Transport & Taxi risk should be low, not too much unlicensed taxi.

    For Pickpockets risk should be medium, not high risk. I don’t face too much of being pickpockets,

    For Mugging Risk should be medium, Mugging Risk is used to be low before July 2019. But after the HK protest 2019, there are significant rise of Mugging Risk

    For Terrorism risk should be medium to high, since june 2019, violent protesters begin, and they simply burn the police station and mtr station, there are case for burn human who stand in opposite side in Nov 2019. In another side, the pro-government protester also attack normal citizen.

    1. As a Hong Kongers, the TERRORISM RISK is not that high but since June 2019, the HK police force actually acts as the terrorist.

      They will arrest and shot to innocent people.

      But for tourists not from China are mostly to be safe to travel to Hong Kong.

      1. Indonesian Journalist was shot in face by Hong Kong police one eye left blind

        If you want to experience tear gas, rubber bullets, sponge grenades, welcome to Hong Kong.

        Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you may have a chance to become a blue man because of the water cannon.

  3. G
    Grayson says:

    Political terrorism is rampant

    As a Hong Kong citizen, the risk of political terrorism is extremely high. You are likely to be physically assaulted if you speak out against the “pro-democracy” protesters. In one case an old man was set on fire for arguing with them. Very xenophobic. Discriminates against mainlanders. Police sometimes uses excessive force while clearing out protests. Don’t come here unless you are looking for burning trashcans, teargas or riots.

  4. w
    what the ... says:

    what the ...

    As a Parisian who lived in Hong Kong this is the safest city on earth.
    Both in statistics and in experience.
    How the hell you place HK lower than Paris.
    It will virtually happend nothing at all to you in HK even if you seek for problems you won’t find them.
    0 credibility you never went there and not even took the time to look at pick pocket statistic. Bunch of non sense here written by amateurs and notes randomly given

  5. rubbish review

    These guys writing the review have not set foot in HK in their life
    Using Rmb in HK,since when?
    Unlicensed taxis?where?

  6. H
    HongKonger says:

    Wrong Information

    So much wrong information.
    1) $HKD is used in Hong Kong, not RMB.
    2) Pickpockets risks are low, I’ve never been a victim of pickpocket for a single time living here for 20 years.
    3) Scam risks are present, but not as high as it stated. If you want to buy something luxury, just go to the mall and avoid shops in the street.
    4) Political risks in Hong Kong is high though. Don’t speak something against China now.

  7. It would be hard to find a safer large city in the world

  8. 90% bad, 10% good, speaking as HKer myself

    Y’ know, as a HongKonger myself, HK isn’t exactly the safest place. I’m talkin’ political… problems here.

    HK is now under a National Security Law, which can be used against anyone who goes against it, violate that dumb, right-stripping law, and you’re just about as alive as a rock.

    Everywhere in HK was a battlefield, protestors and police clashed in violent battles which could be classified as war to some, it’s war to me, I stand with the pro-democracy protestors, most of us are good people who honestly just want freedom, but some others are uh, not right in the head, I’d like to say. I mean come on, one of us set fire to an old man in an argument, AN OLD MAN!!!! WHAT THE FUCK???????!!!!!

    Police are fucking assholes. Most of the battles I talked about above were started by police throwing tear gas at people, shooting people with rubber bullets, assaulting people who weren’t even involved in the matter and they shot a fucking student. A STUDENT!!!!!!!

    But there are good things here:

    Food its good, you can’t find better street food anywhere else, if you’re a sucker for eastern and western foods and can’t choose, come to HK, we got you covered

    It’s a shopping paradise, knock yourself out at the malls.

    The skyline. It’s fucking beautiful

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