How Safe Is Guangzhou for Travel?

Guangzhou, China
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Guangzhou is the third largest and most populous city in China, after Beijing and Shanghai, which has been regarded as a center of trading, cultural exchanges and many revolutions throughout its history, over 2,200 years long.

That is why it is a place of museums, libraries, and galleries offering visitors an insight into China’s historical development.

Religious sights and old architecture also attract tourists, like Xiguan Residence dating from the late Qing Dynasty. 

Tourists can walk and explore the many hidden areas full of beautiful Cantonese architecture.

Besides all these, Guangzhou has many parks everywhere, such a 1000-year-old lake garden and it is best known for its Canton Fair, the oldest and largest trade fair in China.

Warnings & Dangers in Guangzhou

Overall Risk


In terms of general safety when in Guangzhou, tourists can feel relaxed since it is a non-violent city when compared with other cities of the same size. Petty crimes are common, but the presence of the police, security services, and private security guards tend to stop that. Foreigners are often targeted in case of pickpocketing, bag snatching, and credit card fraud.

Transport & Taxis Risk


As in whole China, unlicensed taxis should be avoided and taxi meters should be asked when entering it. Licensed cabs are generally safe and inexpensive. Traffic conditions in Guangzhou have improved in recent years, but still cars do not stop to pedestrians and zebra crossings are not respected.

Pickpockets Risk


Petty criminal acts of economic nature against tourists are bag grabbing and theft because travelers sometimes tend to show their wealth and usually have money on them. You should be watchful when in public transport, in shopping areas, and at tourist sites.

Natural Disasters Risk


Guangzhou is at risk from natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, and cyclones, flooding and tsunami. The typhoon season lasts from February to September.

Mugging Risk


Violent crimes are not often, especially against tourists since Guangzhou is known for its tolerance of cultural differences. Mugging and kidnapping of foreigners are not likely to happen here.

Terrorism Risk


The Islamic State is attempting to attack nations who oppose them and their attacks are unpredictable. Terrorist attacks are likely in here, but the risk level is low.

Scams Risk


Fake currency and taxi issues are the major problems in Guangzhou. Taxi drivers tend to overcharge or drive away without taking your luggage out of the truck. Shop assistants might give you back the note which is a fake one, without you noticing. Always be suspicious when scam risks are in question.

Women Travelers Risk


As for female travelers who practice common sense and are not disoriented, Guangzhou is the perfect destination. They can feel safer than in most places in the world, but there is always a chance to be assaulted, especially at night, if they go to empty areas solo.

So... How Safe Is Guangzhou Really?

Taking into account that Guangzhou is the third-largest city in China and the busiest trade center with thousands of visitors from all over the world, it is hard to be completely sure that it is safe to travel here.

However, the only thing you need to practice while in Guangzhou is the same behavior as in any other city in the world, since this is enough to reduce the chances of becoming a pray for lawbreakers.

The violent crime risk in unlikely and those against foreigners are rarely heard of, but pickpockets and theft can happen.

In comparison to most cities of a similar size, Guangzhou is a heaven for tourists in terms of general safety conditions.

How Does Guangzhou Compare?

CitySafety Index
Hong Kong70
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82

Useful Information

  • Visas - There are 52 nations whose citizens have less demanding requirements if they just pass through China on their way to other countries. A 72-hour transit visa, a confirmed ticket, and a valid passport are sufficient documentation. All U.S. citizens need a valid visa to visit China and they need to get it before they start their journey.
  • Currency - China is a country where most of the facilities are paid by cash. There are ATMs in major cities on every step, and credit cards are only accepted in certain restaurants and hotels. You need to exchange your money into China’s currency named yuan or renminbi. Pay attention when exchanging since money fraud is very common.
  • Weather - A humid subtropical climate here is influenced by the East Asian Monsoon, causing heavy rainfall throughout the year. Cold weather is almost unknown in Guangzhou since the lowest temperatures do not fall below 5°C. Snowfall is rare and summers are hot and humid. October and November are the best months to visit Guangzhou.
  • Airports - After Hong Kong airport, which can be used as an alternative when coming to Guangzhou, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is a hub for international and domestic flights to China and it is located 28 kilometers away from the city center.
  • Travel Insurance - Because medical urgencies can ruin your trip, international travel health insurance is a necessity. If you travel outside your home country for business or pleasure, it involves risk in terms of theft, baggage loss, accidents and illnesses, so a travel insurance policy is the best way to protect you against all these issues.
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Guangzhou Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 15° C
Feb 17° C
Mar 20° C
Apr 24° C
May 28° C
Jun 30° C
Jul 31° C
Aug 30° C
Sep 29° C
Oct 26° C
Nov 22° C
Dec 17° C
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3 Reviews on Guangzhou

  1. I am an American young woman who lived in Guangzhou (Huadu & Panyu) I can say no matter day or night, I always felt safe. Even on transport and walking along streets. Typhoons and small earthquakes were somewhat common. Watch out for scams and don’t take any hand outs from anyone along the streets. They may be trapping you into a scam. You must speak Chinese here as few people know English well enough to understand you completely. I have taken many taxi and motorcycle taxi rides, they will overcharge foreigners.

    1. Thank you for your review.

  2. M
    Metrocazar says:

    Guanzhou is very safe. In fact, nearly all cities in China are pretty safe to visit.

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