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Updated On November 7, 2023
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Israel is a small Middle Eastern country located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea at the Gulf of Eilat.

Israel shares its borders with Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the southwest, with Jordan to the east, and Syria and Lebanon to the north.

After World War II, Israel was established as a state for the Jewish people and considered a part of the Holy Land (along with Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Territories).

Another reason why this country is so important from a historical and cultural aspect is the fact that three major religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — all have historical connections to the region.

Tourists can immerse themselves in a number of different activities, since Israel varies significantly in geography from region to region, with landscapes of mountains, valleys and deserts and of course an amazing coastline, with everything else in between.

Each area of Israel has its own tourist attractions and its unique beauty, though the areas of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are definitely the most popular and most frequented by tourists.

Warnings & Dangers in Israel

Overall Risk


Israel is overall safe to travel to, with considerably low crime rates where tourists are free to explore without having to worry about street crime. However, it is advised that you remain vigilant at all times, especially on public transport since Palestinian terrorist groups have been known to target buses and bus-stops.

Transport & Taxis Risk


It is recommended that you remain vigilant when using public transport since it is often the target of terrorist groups. Try to avoid public transport during rush hours and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets are a problem like in the majority of destinations frequented by tourists. Be careful, keep your eyes open in public, crowded areas such as train stations and airports, and keep your valuables close by your side.

Natural Disasters Risk


Israel is located in a seismically active area. Apart from that, you can expect sand storms and occasional floods.

Mugging Risk


It is not likely you will get mugged in Israel. Crime rates are very low, and violent crime against tourists is highly unlikely. Still, be careful near the borders with Syria, Lebanon or Egypt, since there's a risk of being kidnapped in those areas.

Terrorism Risk


Acts of terrorism are very likely in Israel. Avoid at all costs the areas near the borders with Lebanon, Syria or Egypt.

Scams Risk


The risk of getting scammed in Israel is pretty low, though you should still negotiate everything in advance, double check your change and never pay anything upfront.

Women Travelers Risk


Israel is definitely safe for women traveling solo. Just use your common sense and have your wits with you. Avoid poorly lit and deserted areas at night and finding yourself in places filled with drunken people.

So... How Safe Is Israel Really?

Traveling to Israel is relatively safe, of course, when there is no danger of encountering riots and fights between Israel and Palestinian militants, and this is also your biggest worry if you’re planning on visiting Israel.

Bear in mind that public transport is somewhat dangerous since buses and bus-stops have been targeted by Palestinian terrorist groups since the early 1990s.

However, it isn’t likely that you’ll be involved in an attack, so this shouldn’t pose a great danger to tourist, but you should be wary when using public transportation in Israel.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously, notify the authorities immediately, and never leave your bags or backpacks unattended as they might cause panic since people may suspect a bomb is inside.

As for other forms of crime, Israel is very safe to travel to, it even has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and is much safer, in terms of street crime, than other top destinations in Europe.

Crimes such as mugging and violence happen rarely and even more so towards tourists, so you are safe to walk at night.

You should still take precaution measures, especially if you are a single woman traveling alone, and you should be careful late at night as you would be in your own country but the risks are much lower than in Europe or America.

How Does Israel Compare?

CountrySafety Index

Useful Information



Many countries, including all U.S, Australian, European and Canadian visitors do not need a visa for stays shorter than 90 days. Any longer than that, you might need to acquire a visa. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need a visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Israeli new shekel is the official currency of Israel. Be wary of people trying to pass off the old version of a shekel as the new one: the old ones do not have any value. ATMs are widely available, except near the borders with Jordan and Egypt and credit cards accepted throughout the country.



The weather in Israel is characterized by hot and sunny summers, and long sunny spells, with clear skies from May to September. In places where there is precipitation, rain is expected from November to March. The west coast of Israel has a Mediterranean climate, with very mild and rainy winters, and hot and sunny summers.



Ben Gurion International Airport, sometimes knows as just Ben Gurion Airport or Natbag is the busiest, and the main international airport of Israel. It is located 19 km southeast of Tel Aviv, the main municipal city of this country.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Israel since it covers not only the costs of medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Israel Weather Averages (Temperatures)

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Feb 11° C
Mar 13° C
Apr 17° C
May 21° C
Jun 23° C
Jul 25° C
Aug 25° C
Sep 24° C
Oct 21° C
Nov 16° C
Dec 11° C
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Israel - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Dead Sea65
Golan Heights55
Tel Aviv64

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39 Reviews on Israel

  1. Best!

    Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and only Israel! great country.

    1. Not really

      Jerusalem is shared by Arabs and Jews. Israeli aggression and settlement policy is intentionally working to extract Arabs.

      1. No, really?

        But it could be shared by Jews and Arabs, as still be THE capital city. Paris is shared by many nationalities, but it’s still the indisputable capital of France. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works with Muslims. There is NO reason why Jerusalem should be a HOLY city for Muslims. They conquered it – yes. But what Jerusalem is to Jews, and Rome to Christians, MECCA is to Muslims. I’m no Nostradamus, but I can see how in 100 years, Paris and Berlin “evolve” into Islam’s holy cities.

        1. Middle East belongs to Arabic Race

          I’m Arab and i don’t care about religion, i’m atheist. And i’m from Jerusalem. Jerusalem was an Arab city from a while. Even under the Roman and Byzantine rule, the Arabs population was in Jerusalem and rural/desert area near the city.
          It’s right that Jerusalem was an Hebraic city before the Roman rule. But, if the Jews have the right to have Jerusalem, so, let’s deported all Europeans American from America, because the Native Americans have the right to reconquer their lands.

          1. Your just mad we have the best land and only a little piece of it and it’s still one of the best countries in the world, your people have enough land but always turn it to shit but we finally have our own land and of course Arabs want it! Selfish scum

          2. Take your antisemitism and leave it out of travel websites. No one cares about your political opinion. Jews are indigenous to the region unlike the Palestinians, and the land will continue to be theirs even if that hurts your feelings. Cope.

        2. Jerusalem and Israel always have been and always will be Jewish homeland.

          Dude, Jerusalem has literally NEVER been an arab or muslim city. Even the Quran recognizes Jerusalem and Israel as the land of Issac and Jacobs people. Historically it has never had an arab majority. I have friends who’s families have been there a hundred generations! Don’t distort the fact that Jews are welcoming and hospitable to even their enemies. This land is our heritage all 11,000 sq miles of it. Muslim heritage has 6.5 million sq miles, same language, same religion and same culture.

          1. V
            Victoria B says:

            Absolutely Andy B.

        3. R
          Rahmatullah Howard Atkins says:

          I don't have a rating but my kuwaiti uncle sister Married a Jew and I need dual citizenship bc I received a US military pension otherwise I would do asylum. I didn't vote for Obama or Trump

          Roman Catholic is not Christain…in the Quran states “Christainity Judo-Christainity and Islam all have the same Allah” doesn’t say Roman Catholic. I converted from Christain to Muslim because I needed Ruquia. From what I KNOW now about Roman Catholic I wouldn’t let them touch me. There’s more to it…but the British, since you can legally dead…icate the US military war memorials to the British Red Coats. In their roll of using the Federal Reserve to support both sides of the war in WW1 and WW2 with France and Germany to prolong the wars to kill more American Soldiers legally using american tax payers money. Which means British supported the extermination of Jews. Plus Germany and France sold parts to Iraq to make their SCUDS missiles to shoot further to kill Americans Soldiers in Kuwait at the start of the war in Iraq. Werid that U.S. still has bases in Germany since US military is not number 1 in the world plus not in the Top 3 that’s a fact. I know because I watched a TV program here in Africa with in last month. It stated Top 3 in the world are British Germany and France..? How can 2 conquered nations be in Top 3 by USA. Unless USA is the FALL COUNTRY look at the national Debt. The Declaration of Independence is a lie. Taxation without representation. British RUNS USA Africa France Germany India to Name a few.

  2. Misleading review and rating

    I think this description and low rating is really exaggerated, we have not had any bus attacks in years. Pick pocketing is super rare with the exception of leaving your smartphone or wallet exposed and unguarded. Sandstorms??? I don’t think so! this is not the Sahara desert, whoever wrote this this does not know what they are talking about. We do get floods occasionally during winter season, mainly in the south, you just need to watch where you are driving.

    I would say there are three things to worry about if you are traveling to Israel, getting ripped off or scammed because you are a tourist, happens on taxi rides or any tourist attraction-just ask for the price before hand and haggle when needed. Terror attacks targeting tourists are superrrr rare, but if it’s your day to go…
    I would be a bit more concerned about young ladies drinking too much and getting themselves into trouble, and even that is not that common. All in all Israel is one of the safest places I know. It’s as safe as most countries in Europe.

    1. Well I want to go visit. I have never been there I am from California I would love to go visit and see the hospitality from the people.. I really was interested in the anointing oil where is a good place to go visit . Thanks

  3. Welcoming and very safe country!!

    Great experience and super safe… I traveled all over and was in the Golan over looking Lebanon and Syria. Tel aviv and Jerusalem both fantastic in their own way. Major real estate development and the level of tech/med innovation is amazing.

    I did not travel very south, but did go to the Dead Sea and Masada. The tour bus did use the highway that crossed into the “West Bank” from the North into Jerusalem.

    I felt totally safe and at home at all times. This was my (and Wife’s) first trip to the Holy land!!

    Go visit!!!

  4. Great country if you avoid the border area

    I’ve visited Israel in the 90’s but I don’t think I have the courage to go again. I know only some places have bad reputation but I am a compulsive worrier, I wouldn’t enjoy myself, I would think of the wildest scenarios all the time.

  5. Safer than expected

    Got a bit nervous before my trip to Israel. However, Israel felt safer than expected. I even walk around Jerusalem and Tel Aviv at night and felt very safe. Both Jews and Arab Israelis are friendly.

  6. M
    Michael says:

    Much safer than stated!

    Much safer than described here. Israel has taken some major terrorist prevention steps in the past decade. Just stay away from the boarder of Gaza and you will be fine!

  7. Even travelling to the West Bank was safe. The biggest issue in Israel are taxis. They will always try to rip you off, not want to use the meter, etc. Biggest scammers. Avoid or use an app to order a taxi if possible.

  8. P
    PolarBear says:

    Very Safe

    For good, it is NOT true Israel is Safe!

  9. Israel is safer than most western cities, including NY, Paris & Barcelona. I’ve lived here for 10 years & I can’t remember the last time there was a major terror attack – maybe 1 in the last 10 years & it was targeting settlers. I don’t think any tourists have ever been killed here, maybe one in the last 30 years. Pickpocketing will not happen here unless you’re in an Arab area (you’ll know because you’ll stop seeing signs in Arabic only) because most Israelis will intervene & stop it. Most Arabs, especially in the north are friendly to Jews & tourists. There is a lot of peaceful coexistence, especially in mixed cities like Haifa. If you want to avoid arguments just keep your political views to yourself & enjoy the diversity & the history.

    1. Reliving history as a tourist.

      I agree that Haifa is a beautiful city. The country of Israel is a great tourist destination with white beaches and friendly inhabitants. I served with the Multinational forces in Sinai and traveled to Israel weekly experiencing the old city and all the tourist areas. My advice to travelers is to blend in and be respectful to all persons you meet. Hope to return to Israel again.

  10. A
    Anonymous says:

    Safer but avoid gaza strip

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Only safe when things improve

      If you have read what has happened on the news lately (may 2021) then Israel should be put on red not safe for any tourist if there are frequent rocket explosions and riots in cities

      Maybe it will be safe again when situation improves but right now no

  11. I am about to go in November 2021 but don’t quite know what to do. Go, or not. Safe, or not. Going with a group. Still holding my breath.

  12. 999 centillion percent wrong.

    Israel is safe, not dangerous. It is better than neighbouring Africa. Why the hell is Israel not safe? The author of this stupid article made a very bad idea. DO NOT READ THIS PAGE!

  13. As an Iranian I love Israel I hope one day visit Isreal <3

  14. U
    Uriah J. Churchill says:

    Israel is an absolutely amazing country!

    Israel is a great place to visit! Do not listen to all the antisemitic garbage out there about Israel being a dangerous country. I myself and so many people I know—just look at most other reviews out there—all think that Israel is one of the best experiences ever. Israel is definitely a first-world country with technology that matches if not exceeds America’s. Israel is the best!

  15. M
    Martino says:

    Israel is a place of wonder, with many beautiful attractions

    Israel is a beautiful and energy-filled country. Jerusalem in particular is one of those few places where a huge wave of energy flows. You will fill it when you’re there. All the people praying and having strong convictions add up to a lot of energy.

    Anyway, it’s a wonderful place to visit, with many attractions. Is it safe? Not completely. You need to be careful about pickpockets and thieves that like to operate in crowded areas which there are plenty of in Jerusalem for example. Also, this can be a place that is sometimes at risk of terrorist attacks. Just do your research before visiting and make sure nothing bad is happening at that time. And you will have a great trip.

    Besides Jerusalem which should be the first visit, Haifa is one of those cities where you feel safe and at-home in. It has a certain feel, an easygoing nature about it that will appeal to most people and that’s why it should be on your to-visit list.

    Nazareth is probably one of the most known cities in the world as it being the birthplace of Jesus. This is a very well known pilgrimage destination but there’s more to it than this as well.

    The Dead Sea is a natural wonder that should be explored by anyone. This place is an experience on its own, something you won’t encounter anywhere else on earth. Be prepared to be awed.

    Other important destinations are the Sea of Galilee, Timna Park, Bethlehem, Masada, Mar Saba Monastery, Beit Shean (a well preserved Roman town that you should see), Akko (this will take you back to the time of the Crusaders), Jaffa.

    Israel has many things for many people, not just for people on pilgrimages. It’s a very spiritual country that also has impressive landscapes, important historical buildings and cities and it’s a place that’s worth exploring in detail.

  16. M
    Mrs. Nixon says:

    Need to visit these places on my visit November 2022

    Needed to see the red sea that moses parted.
    needed to see the Jordan river where the children of Israel passed through on dry land, and where they took the 12 stones from the midst.
    Needed to go to Gilgal-in the east border of Jericho where the 12 stones that was taken of Jordan river was packed.
    Needed to see Jericho where the wall
    Fell down.
    Needed to go at mount sodom near the Dead Sea where Lot’s wife becomes a pillow of salt, (or near the desert site).
    Need to go to Jerusalem the place where christ was crucified.
    Cave of treasures where Adam, eve and abraham was buried.
    OG- in bashan where the remnant of giants were;
    Needed to see where the garden of eden is also.

  17. M
    Mrs. Nixon says:

    Attractions and tours

    Needed to go to Bethlehem where Jesus was born.
    Needed to see where Israel oil comes from.
    Where is the safest place to stay in Israel when visiting?
    I am a jamaican visiting for the first time.

  18. Safe and friendly

    Israel is way safer than Winnipeg MB, Canada where I live.
    No crime and Israeli security forces curb terrorism very well.
    Let alone plenty of sites to visit.
    Great food and hospitality.

  19. H
    Hossein says:

    Hi. I’m Iranian and i hope one day make peace without Islamic republic of Iran. I like travel and study in Israel. Viva Iran and Israel

    1. T
      Theresa Godwin says:

      It’s on my bucket list. I pray I get to go too.

  20. Israel is safe

    In Israel we travel by public transport all the time and it is perfectly safe.Comapre the number of mass shooting in the U.S to the number of terrorist attacks on bus stations and you’ll realize how ridiculous the piece claims are. Near border kidnapping? When did this ever happen?I’ve travelled all over the world and find Israel to be one of the safest places to be.

  21. T
    Theresa Godwin says:

    Bucket List

    I just want to place my feet on the top of the Mt. Of Olives where Jesus left this earth. And scripture says it’s where He will come back to when He returns. That’s on my bucket list. That is all. I need a double lung transplant, I pray I get to go.

  22. S
    Stand with Israel says:

    Israel is the best

    I stand with Israel in these troubled times and am disgusted by the terrorism unleashed by Hamas. Israel has a full right to remove Gaza from the map after the last events. God bless Israel.

  23. I need a contact in Israel

    I’ve not been to Israel and I want to go now can someone in Israel talk to me privately Thanks

  24. R
    Random Soon to be Journalist says:

    Isn’t it at war right now

    Isn’t Israel at war right now? I saw multiple news reports stating this. So this review is very misleading. Israel is extremely dangerous and I’m pretty sure US nationals have been kidnapped by palestine or have been unfairly arrested. Don’t go to Israel at this time. The chances of you getting killed or caught in the middle of a war during your time in Israel is extremely high. A lot of it’s citizens are dying and have ended up dead.

  25. As an Israeli

    An opinion from an Israeli:
    1. Excluding war days like the months following 7.10, all the borders area are considered very safe – except west-bank and gaza border areas which are ALWAYS very dangerous.
    2. This means (again – excluding wars) you can 100% travel and hike in the Golan Heights, Galil, Arava and south areas until Eilat. I would defiantly take my family to such trips, feeling safe and protected.
    3. Getting robbed, or sexually abused while hiking or “in the wild” can happen only by Arabs (Israeli citizens). Best thing is to avoid any contact with 14-35 years old Arab males, which commit the highest rate of violence crimes in israel. The worst thing that can happen for a male is being robbed. For a woman – being raped. They won’t murder. Fortunately, Arabs do go hiking or remote camping occasionally.
    Markets and bazars are safe, as long as you stick to daylight and crowded places.
    4. Israelis are very nice and would be very glad to help you, so just ask kindly.
    5. Generally, Israel cities are VERY safe.

Israel Rated 4.18 / 5 based on 39 user reviews.

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