9 Cheapest Places to Live in Israel

Updated On May 19, 2024

Known for the Dead Sea, the birthplace of Jewish culture, and the highest standards of living in the Middle East, Israel is often a popular location.

Despite this, the cost of living is often known as one of the world’s most expensive.

Travelers or those wanting to move to Israel must be prepared to afford the expensive day-to-day expenses.

That said, Israel does have some relatively affordable places.

If you’re interested in experiencing the stunning land of Israel or want to move closer to family, don’t worry.

Below, we’ll introduce you to the nine cheapest places to live in Israel and their costs.

9 Cheapest Places to Live in Israel

Living in Israel can often be cheap if you know where to look.

With most cities being costly, it’s important to dig deeper and find locations that balance quality of life with cheap living expenses.

However, this can be tricky if you’re unsure where to look.

We’ve researched many of Israel’s locations and found the most affordable places to stay.

Many of these places are internationally friendly and open to tourists.

So, let’s introduce you to the nine cheapest places to live in Israel.


1. Galilee

Galilee is in northern Israel and bordered by the Jezreel Valley and the Lebanon Mountains.

It boasts an astounding population of 1.2 million people.

The city is split into two separate regions, the Upper Galilee and the Lower Galilee.

The average cost of living for a family of four in Galilee is $3,637.9, with a single person’s estimated expenses at $1,033 without rent.

So, while the cost of living is 10.2% lower than in the United States, it’s still pretty costly.

For a one-bedroom apartment, individuals can expect to pay nearly $1,241.


2. Netanya

Netanya is a popular destination for those shopping in the markets and bazaars.

The city is also known for its stunning diamond market, which produces many of the world’s best diamond jewelry.

That said, Netaya is popular among tourists, and people come from all over the world.

Despite its booming industries, Netanya is one of the more affordable places in Israel.

A family’s average living cost is $3,710, while an individual will require $1,056 without additional money for rent.

This is comparable to being 35.9% cheaper than New York.

Rent can range anywhere from $900 to $1,900, depending on the number of bedrooms and amenities.


3. Tiberias

Known for being one of Judaism’s four original holy cities, Tiberias is an amazing place to live.

It features the Jewish people’s rich history and includes many hot springs and tourist attractions.

The population is estimated at 44,779, and it’s nestled on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Many locals enjoy the waterfront, fish markets, and shopping districts.

To live here the cost of living is estimated at $1,427 for one person.

However, a family of four or more will need nearly $3,725 to survive.

These expenses are mainly due to rent being so high, but other living expenses, such as food and transportation, are low.

On average, expect to budget $2,144 for a decent quality of life.


4. Haifa

The city of Haifa is the heart of the country’s heavy industry.

Haifa features factories that focus on refining petroleum, chemical processing, and moving oil from the oil pipeline from Iraq to Jordan.

That said, many people are drawn to this city for work opportunities and because of its mixed population.

The average cost of living in Haifa is estimated at $1,567 for one person.

A family of four can budget for $3,722 while factoring in rent.

Aside from rent, the biggest expenses for those living here are food and transportation.

To have a decent quality of life is $2,738.


5. Ofakim

Located in Southern Israel, the smaller town is known for being home to major textile centers.

However, many people ended up moving away due to the Israel-Hamas war in 2023.

The city is now safe and is currently rebuilding itself.

Many new faces are popping up to experience the city and get the economy going again.

To live in Ofakim, a person will need around $1,671 for themselves.

However, a family may need more.

The average cost for a family of four is $4,147, but most will only need $2,500 for a decent quality of life.

The biggest expense in this city is the rent, followed by food.


6. Dimona

Dimona is best known for its secret nuclear weapons facility, the Negev Nuclear Research Center.

The city is also home to many textile mills and porcelain factories.

Many people moving here tend to come for job opportunities and less for tourism.

However, it’s a popular industrial city that is important to the country.

Most people will need only $1,703 to survive here, which makes it more affordable than most cities.

A family of four will need around $4,207, a bit higher.

That said, average people should budget around $2,640 to live comfortably.


7. Ashkelon

Ashkelon is one of the oldest cities in the world and is situated on the Mediterranean coast.

It’s the best place if you want to experience beautiful beachside activities while also being encapsulated in 5,000-year-old history.

The average person needs to make at least $1,499, with a family needing $3,576.

Many people will need to make $2,361 to live comfortably.

However, most of these expenses come from food and rent.

Overall, the city also has many other activities and amenities that will intrigue visitors.

Beit She’an
Beit She’an

8. Beit She’an

Beit She’an is among the more interesting picks, as it’s home to many archaeological excavations.

There are many places with vast history, such as the site of the Battle of Gilboa in 1010 BC.

Modern-day Beit She’an is a fascinating place to visit for most people.

A single person will need $1,366 to survive in the city.

On the other hand, a family of four will need to make $3,671.

If you want to live comfortably, you will need at least $2,683 or more.

While this seems high, there are more expensive places.


9. Nesher

Nesher is located in the Haifa District and has the country’s first cement factory.

It has a small population of 23,761.

Although it’s much smaller than other cities, it has a good economy and is a great place to work if you enjoy manual labor.

A single person will need to make an estimated $1,467.

However, a family of four needs to make $3,509.

That being said, it has one of the highest estimates for the cost of living even though it’s considered “cheap.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Israel?

The average cost of living depends on several factors, including lifestyle, location, and family members.

The average person’s estimated cost of living is around $1,038, while an average family of four is estimated at $3,655.

That said, these prices can go lower or higher depending on where you choose to live.

Despite these costs, Israel is found to be 33% less expensive than the United States.

Where is the best place for Americans to live in Israel?

The best places to live in Israel are rated highly for quality of life.

Those can include Rishon LeZion, Rehovot, and Petah Tikva.

However, other medium-sized cities may include Tel Aviv-Yafo, Haifa, and Beit Shemesh.

Any city often has Americans living there, especially in places known to tourists.

Can a U.S. citizen retire in Israel?

Interestingly, United States citizens can apply to retire in Israel while still receiving their benefits.

For those of you who didn’t know if you’re on Social Security, you can still receive those benefits in Israel.

Retiring in Israel is similar to retiring to Florida or Arizona, as the U.S. government allows them to do so as long as they have an approved visa.

What is the average rent in Israel?

The average cost of rent in Israel will also depend on the location.

However, in well-off cities, it’s estimated that the average cost of rent can be $2,812 for a decent-sized four-bedroom apartment.

If you’re looking for housing, these costs can go much higher.

That being said, there are also places in Israel that are as low as $141.

However, these might not have a good quality of life or be safe to stay long-term.

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