How Safe Is Ahmedabad for Travel?

Ahmedabad, India
Safety Index:

Ahmedabad is the largest city and the capital of Gujarat and is considered to be the fifth most populated city in India situated on the Sabarmati river and known for its tourist attractions.

The city is known for its very cheap and accessible food markets, really affordable and qualitative clothes that are sold on the streets of the city and beautiful touristic attractions.

What is interesting to notice is that the city is called Boston City of India as it is considered to be the most fast-growing city of India.

Warnings & Dangers in Ahmedabad

Overall Risk


Overall it can be claimed that it is a safe destination for tourists if all precautions measures will be taken into account as well as your accommodation will be wisely chosen.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transport infrastructure is claimed developed in the city and as a result, traveling facilities are approximatively available everywhere, but these are not considered to be very safe. Therefore, be attentive and take only the cars that are labeled with the taxi sign.

Pickpockets Risk


Due to the not so pleasant situation of India, pickpockets are often met here and therefore it is advisable to keep a close look at your belongings especially on your documents, and try if possible not to carry all you have with you.

Natural Disasters Risk


Ahmedabad is considered to be exposed to some natural disasters risk and therefore it is really advisable in case of emergency to follow the advice of public authorities and always keep an eye on the national websites that will keep you updated.

Mugging Risk


There is an increasing number of violent crimes in the country, meaning that in order for you to avoid such unpleasant cases you should opt for not walking alone at night is not so populated places and take all measures to safeguard your possessions as well as yourself.

Terrorism Risk


Terrorist attacks happening on the island can not be ruled out and the only solution to this would be to follow the advice of public authorities that will try their best to diminish your exposure.

Scams Risk


There are scammers in the city but these could be easily avoided through using your common sense and not being manipulated. If you feel some pressure on your choice from an unknown party it is advisable to report this behavior to public authorities.

Women Travelers Risk


It is believed that this is the safest city of India for travelers as well it can be claimed to be the safe one for the women traveling there as well if all precaution measures will be taken into account.

So... How Safe Is Ahmedabad Really?

Even if from a lot of perspectives the city is considered to be safe it is still advisable to take all measures in order to preserve your safety and security.

As the tourism industry is growing in recent years with the development of tourism in the city the cases of robberies, thefts, and crime, in general, have increased, which means that you as a tourist should choose wisely your accommodation which will ensure that all your belongings are safe.

Also, it is recommended to always have a mobile phone from which in case of emergency you will be able to call.

Even if it is claimed that Ahmedabad is the safest city of India that one could travel to and experience their wide range of customs, there have been some cases that should be taken into consideration and all pieces of advice offered by locals to be followed.

The constant police patrolling and the alcohol ban are believed to be the two main measures that have made the city a safe place even for women that are traveling alone at night.

Taking everything into account and following all the above-mentioned pieces of advice you will be able to safely enjoy your trip.

How Does Ahmedabad Compare?

CitySafety Index
Sao Paulo (Brazil)45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)43
Sofia (Bulgaria)73

Useful Information

  • Visas - It depends on your citizenship whether you need a visa or not, but all the required information is clearly provided by the web-site of the public authorities.
  • Currency - The local currency is the so-called Indian Rupee which is believed to be a heavily regulated currency and as a result, it can not be taken out of the country and only exchanged on the arrival.
  • Weather - The climate of Ahmedabad is hot and semi-arid with a really low level of precipitations.
  • Airports - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is the international point from which a wide range of flights is operated, which makes it be considered the seventh busiest airport in terms of passengers in India.
  • Travel Insurance - As it is always recommended to have travel insurance while traveling, no matter the destination and Ahmedabad is not an exception.
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Ahmedabad Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 20° C
Feb 24° C
Mar 28° C
Apr 32° C
May 34° C
Jun 33° C
Jul 30° C
Aug 29° C
Sep 30° C
Oct 29° C
Nov 26° C
Dec 22° C
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