Is Jaipur Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On November 7, 2023
Jaipur, India
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* Based on Research & Crime Data
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* Rated 83 / 100 based on 7 user reviews.

Being the home of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Jantar Mantar and the Amer Fort, fort-palace complex built in hybrid Hindu-Muslim style, is enough to attract tourists eager to explore the history and culture.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan in India which exists from the eighteenth century and it is not only attractive to Indian tourists but international travelers as well.

Once there, do not miss the chance to see attractions like the City Palace, Govind Dev Ji Temple, Vidhan Sabha, Birla Temple, among many others.

Fast growth and constant development projects just make the city even more attractive.

It is often referred to as a Pink City due to its differently colored buildings.

Warnings & Dangers in Jaipur

Overall Risk


Jaipur is the same as all the other cities in India, with a high level of crime. Not only is the petty crime present, but also many other ways of criminal acts.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Taxi drivers tend to be rude by not wanting to turn on their meter and determine the price themselves. Public transportation can be risky in terms of the possibility of being robbed, particularly during the night. Due to the poor driving standards, it is not advisable to drive in Jaipur. A helmet is obligatory if you decide to ride a motorbike or scooter.

Pickpockets Risk


India, as well as Jaipur, is full of pickpockets who distract a person’s attention. Using this strategy, tourists usually do not even notice that they have been robbed. Among all Indian major cities, pickpocketing is the rarest in Jaipur.

Natural Disasters Risk


There are several possible natural dangers in Jaipur and those are earthquakes and heavy monsoon rain which can cause flooding and severe tropical storms.

Mugging Risk


Violent crime acts such as kidnapping and mugging are not frequent in Jaipur, even though visitors are advised to practice common sense and never forget that they are in India, one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Terrorism Risk


Even though tourists might not be the direct target of the terrorist, they may become affected since attacks usually occur in those places full of people, and most of them happen to be the visitors. Terrorists are very likely to try to attack India.

Scams Risk


Distracted tourists are always easy prey for scams. Taxi drivers often use fast meters and they should not be asked for any shopping recommendations, because they will suggest stores where they get a commission but you will have to pay at higher prices. The gem scam is also frequent, so you should not accept tea from anybody.

Women Travelers Risk


Jaipur, as well as the whole of India, is very risky when female safety is in question. Sexual assaults occur very frequently, no matter whether it is day or night. Avoid traveling alone, dark and empty streets and dress properly in long pants and a shirt that covers your shoulders. Women should not communicate too much with strangers.

So... How Safe Is Jaipur Really?

Due to its development, Jaipur has become the biggest city in the region of Rajasthan.

It was built in the 18th century and is one of the must-visit cities in India.

Jaipur is not too dangerous for foreigners, but the safety index makes you think about your safety when coming there.

Architecture palaces complexes amaze even the most experienced traveler.

The only concern might be numerous pickpockets since violent crime is very rare.

Petty crimes like theft and armed robbery occur.

This fascinating and fulfilling city is an adventure for its visitors, but they should know that India is not for everyone.

Traveling to India demands a lot of preparation and research, as well as the practice of safe travel strategies.

When women are in question, they need to bear in mind the fact that they need to know how they carry themselves and if they look confident, it is less likely to attract unwanted attention.

Nevertheless, do not miss the chance to visit India, if you have it, but remain vigilant and prepare yourself before coming here.

How Does Jaipur Compare?

CitySafety Index
La Paz (Bolivia)52
Sao Paulo (Brazil)45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)43
Sofia (Bulgaria)73
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61

Useful Information



Getting a visa is necessary before coming to India. A valid passport is also an obligatory documentation. All the information about visas can be found online.



The official currency in India is the Indian rupee. Currency rates differ from place to place, so the best exchange rates, as well as the safest exchange, are done in banks, post offices, airports or hotels.



India's climate consists of summer, monsoon period and winter. When the weather is concerned, the best time to visit it is from November to March. The winter temperature goes from 10 degrees C to 27 degrees C. The rainfall during the monsoon period is 90 %, but flooding is not common.



When coming to Jaipur you can use Kempegowda International Airport which is the busiest one in India, but it is advisable to use less busy one and that is Jaipur Airport in Sanganer, 10 km away from the center of the city.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Do not forget to obtain a travel insurance policy before coming to India, because you never know when you will need it in case an accident happens.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Jaipur Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 16° C
Feb 19° C
Mar 25° C
Apr 30° C
May 34° C
Jun 34° C
Jul 31° C
Aug 29° C
Sep 29° C
Oct 27° C
Nov 22° C
Dec 18° C
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Average High/Low Temperature

Temperature / MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

India - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Navi Mumbai80

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7 Reviews on Jaipur

  1. jaipur is beautiful and very peaceful place, best and safe place for foreigners.

  2. This post is too exaggerating about safety

    I live in India and I have seen rape cases for sure but, can you confirm where in the world you don’t hear about rape cases? Rape cases in India are way less than several parts of the world (unacceptable anyways).

    Your post is too exaggerating. You need to know the facts.
    India is definitely one of the safest countries. We don’t have gun culture here. We are not racists ( but we do give names to people based on their color and the intention behind it is purely ‘a friendly joke’ ).

    However, when it comes to scams.. it’s a YES and its not just for foreign visitors but, for every Indian who is new to that particular place.
    All you need to do is use your common sense and also use ola/uber to travel, compare the prices of products you are about to buy in online stores like Amazon/Flipkart etc..

    Folks: Don’t worry, India is as safe as your country unless you have zero criminal cases in your place 🙂
    Scams happen everywhere in the world and all you need is ‘common sense’ and ‘internet’.
    Internet is too cheap in India :p
    You get unlimited internet for a month and it costs about 5$ to 10$ with daily limit and additional GB costs about 0.1$

    1. S
      Shubhendu says:

      Jaipur is fantastic to visit, offers great serving for the artistic tase buda with rich heritage n culture n world class facilities.

      Too much exaggerated…
      Safety is the first concern, on ur mind but Jaipur, while emerging as a metropolitan, has own problems too. Crime, in particular If h talk about, then where crime is not there? People in Jaipur are friendly ready to help but yes you should know who you should trust upon. Sometime people try to cheat by selling fake or substandard products or overpricing or taking u to a pre fixed shop where some percentage is fixed, scams are rare with foreigners though they may happen with anybody who is not cautious. Jaipur is quite safe as floods have occured only once so far as a part of Jaipur city is lower then the other part of the city. Gun culture is not there. Mugging may happen but uncommon, only snatching or pick pocketing takes place but that too is not highly common. It’s safe for females to move around freely but I still I would suggest not to do so during late night, otherwise it’s quite ok. Always keep phone numbers handy, keep ur group n ur people informed n updates about ur whereabouts and it will save u a trouble. Shops r bargaining mostly n rest is upto ur power of bargaining. Earthquake is possible but that massive scale has never struck Jaipur , n should never happen, I keep my fingers crossed. Check the rates online before buying and read about everything before going.

    2. s
      shailendra says:

      great city

      what is happening in America…do you have any idea….
      India is thousand time better and safe place in true sense a democratic country … even an beggar can abuse PM….freedom…..tolerance is our pride
      Please shed off this negativity and enjoy India as we Indians enjoys, at least spend minimum one year than you can have some feel of this great land

  3. Its safe

    I am a resident of Jaipur city there is nothing to worry in jaipur its 100 percent safe

    With a only government approve leopard reserve and best historical places its a must visit place for all tourists coming to INDIA

    Government encourages tourist here and have a help centre at chora rasta in walled city

  4. I love my jaipur

    I have been going to Jaipur for many years and even thou it’s changed with to much traffic hence pollution ,it still has a strong heart and I love it ……after Holi festival it starts being hotter and you pray for rain and cool evenings ..and generally Hindus and Muslims work well together in this historic city

  5. D
    Dr. Mouse says:

    Bro Jaipur is in top 10 safest cities in India how is it dangerous??? I have relatives here it is safe.

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