How Safe Is Surrey for Travel?

Surrey, United Kingdom
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Surrey is a county in the South East of England, located to the south-west of London.

Surrey is cited as being the wealthiest county in all of Great Britain.

Many of Surrey’s inhabitants are from affluent backgrounds.

Surrey has some fantastic attractions.

Travelers can find here some great places for a fun-filled family day out, including Brooklands Museum, where you can discover the history of flight and motorsport, the magnificent Hampton Court Palace, and award-winning Bocketts Farm.

Discover Denbies Wine Estate, one of the most extensive vineyards in England or wander around one of Surrey’s world-class gardens.

Warnings & Dangers in Surrey

Overall Risk


In Surrey, you can safely move at any time of the day or night. But you should always be alert to your surroundings. Keep track of pockets and personal items. Do not get drunk in bars, and do not get involved in drunken fights.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transport is quite reliable, but watch your pockets- pickpockets can operate on a crowded bus. Taxis can be used with great sure of safety. Call a cab from the application on your smartphone or take a licensed taxi with a taximeter.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets operate in shops and department stores, where people are more likely to be standing still, distracted, and so paying less attention to their belongings, making them an easier target. Remember, pickpockets are very skilled at what they do. They know all the tricks and are extremely light-fingered, with most of their thefts only taking a second or two.

Natural Disasters Risk


Despite its relatively temperate climate and stable geography, natural hazards present multiple risks to human activity in the UK. Most disaster concerns to landslides, through flooding. However, the risk of natural disasters in the region of Surrey is not significant.

Mugging Risk


Mugging is common in this area. Knife-related crime is increasing, and there have been reports of acid attacks across Surrey. But usually, an attack can only occur in dangerous areas or late at night. Avoid walking in the streets late at night, get to the hotel by taxi.

Terrorism Risk


The current level is "substantial," which was set on 4 November 2019. There is a risk of terrorist attacks from extremists. Most often, they attack crowds of protesters or large gatherings of people. Travelers should avoid them.

Scams Risk


Most often, fraud in Surrey concerns internet scams and SMS fraud. Fraudsters try to find out your data from bank cards to use them. This is more true for residents, not tourists. However, be on the alert, having this information.

Women Travelers Risk


Women traveling to Surrey should use common sense while traveling. In general, you can even be in this region alone if you are careful. Do not stroll around the city late at night or stay in bars. Do not attract unwanted attention from your clothes and manners.

So... How Safe Is Surrey Really?

We can say that Surrey is a city of medium security.

The crime rate exists here, but not too high.

Most crimes are related to the theft of personal belongings, hacking a car, and vandalism.

Guildford borough has the most quantity of crimes.

Travelers should avoid this area of Surrey.

Most of the crimes in Surrey were for anti-social behavior, and a close second was for violent and sexual offenses.

Therefore, tourists are advised to be very careful with their surroundings and, if possible, not to be on the streets of the region late at night.

Most likely, street gangs can bully you and attract attention – ignore them and do not get involved in drunken fights.

Since there is a large university community in Surrey, stupid antics from juvenile delinquents can be expected.

Grabbing your personal belongings, pickpocketing – all this can be found in Surrey.

Be careful and watch your things. Do not leave the car open, and do not leave something in the car when you go.

Park your vehicle in a guarded parking lot.

It is worth noting that in Surrey, there is a well-developed society for combating crime, and the police respond well to all cases of criminal behavior.

Therefore, if something happens to you, immediately contact the police station.

How Does Surrey Compare?

CitySafety Index
Northern Ireland56
La Paz (Bolivia)52
Sao Paulo (Brazil)45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)43

Useful Information

  • Visas - Visa policy of the United Kingdom is similar to the visa policy of the Schengen Area. It grants visa-free entry to genuine visitors who are nationals of Belize, Botswana, Maldives, Nauru, Namibia, and Papua New Guinea as well as all Schengen Annex II nationalities. A valid passport is a must.
  • Currency - Pound sterling commonly known as the pound and less commonly referred to as sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom. It has a symbol: £; and code: GBP. It is subdivided into 100 pence (singular: penny).
  • Weather - The best times to visit Surrey for ideal weather are June to mid-September. Average temperatures here vary somewhat, and the weather feels cold for about half of the year and otherwise excellent with a chance of rain or snow throughout most of the year.
  • Airports - The nearest major airport is London Heathrow Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights from London, United Kingdom and is about 27 km from the center of Surrey. Another major airport is London City Airport, 53 km from Surrey. London Gatwick Airport is 58 km from the University of Surrey. Southampton Airport is 63 km from Surrey.
  • Travel Insurance - The travel insurance policy is a must when visiting a foreign country. Make sure you got it before starting your journey, the customs officer may ask for it.
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Feb 4° C
Mar 7° C
Apr 9° C
May 12° C
Jun 15° C
Jul 18° C
Aug 17° C
Sep 14° C
Oct 11° C
Nov 7° C
Dec 6° C
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    Umm, that was surprising. Surrey’s a county rather than a city, unlike all the other places mentioned, and most of its urban areas are comparatively wealthy commuter towns. I can’t imagine why Surrey is a medium risk for women, but London a low risk?? London feels pretty safe, but it is a vibrant capital city with the full range of humanity represented. A lot of Surrey is golf clubs, gymkhanas and g&ts – it doesn’t really compare. This article makes me wonder what happened to the author in Surrey?

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