How Safe Is Leeds for Travel?

Leeds, United Kingdom
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Leeds is a very popular and modern, largest city in the county of West Yorkshire and is known for its shopping, nightlife, universities, and sports.

Leeds is a very green city as there are a lot of parks and as Leeds has expanded to incorporate villages into city there are a lot of green areas making this a physically gorgeous town.

The city is great for shopping and nightlife – the addition of Leeds Arena was much needed and seems to have been well supported.

Each year there is a Christmas market, ice skating rink and lots and lots of Christmas decorations.

Warnings & Dangers in Leeds

Overall Risk


Leeds is a very charming city but it does have its dangers like drunk people roaming around which will make you want to exercise caution more than you would in usual circumstances.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transportation is relatively safe and reliable in Leeds, but it is still somewhat unsafe in public transport when it comes to pickpockets and other petty thieves.

Pickpockets Risk


As for pickpocketing, it is a recurring concern on the streets of Leeds. Keep your money and your valuables elsewhere, like in hidden pockets of your clothes and never keep all of your money in the same place.

Natural Disasters Risk


There haven't been any natural disasters in Leeds, like in the rest of the United Kingdom, so you can relax completely when it comes to this aspect of safety.

Mugging Risk


There is some violent crime and you should be careful after dark. There are some notorious areas of Leeds at night with seedy reputations but all in all, applying basic common sense should keep you out of trouble.

Terrorism Risk


The United Kingdom has recently been targeted by terrorist attacks and it is now publicly announced that the threat to the UK is severe.

Scams Risk


As in any tourist destination, there is a risk of getting scammed. Check your change twice, negotiate everything in advance, never pay upfront, and be wary of people trying to distract your offering you unsolicited help with your luggage or anything else, as it might be a trick to steal from you.

Women Travelers Risk


Leeds has a track record of a dangerous city for women since there have been numerous sexual assaults in certain areas. Just follow your basic common sense and general rules of things to avoid, and you should be fine.

So... How Safe Is Leeds Really?

Leeds is mostly safe, but there are some sketchy areas that you should avoid.

When it comes to safety, it is decent enough with the proper patrolling system, good communication system, transport accessibility during night hours, hospital services, cab services, etc.

There are areas like Hyde Park and some parts of South Leeds where you would not want to walk about alone at night.

For instance, in these areas, Leeds records an extremely high number of violent and sexual assaults.

If you are a woman living in Leeds, you need to avoid Hyde Park and be somewhat careful about what you do and where you go.

Don’t venture off into either Harehills, Chapel Town or Little London.

These are unfortunately known for the supply of drugs and other similar sketchy stuff more than anything these days.

As for other downsides of Leeds, they’re mostly about traffic and transportation.

Since then tram and trolleybus proposals have been rejected by the central government, bus services are declining due to the lack of public investment and trains are becoming overcrowded, so despite some improvements to bus corridors and a couple of new railway stations, the rush hour is appalling across the city.

Useful Information

  • Visas - Member countries of the EU do not need visas to enter the United Kingdom, as well as some other countries, but there is a considerable number of countries that do. Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into the United Kingdom.
  • Currency - The British pound is the currency in Leeds. Keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive countries in Europe and the prices of accommodation in most cities in the country are skyrocketing. You should bear in mind that you will need about 100£ per day, including accommodation.
  • Weather - Leeds has an unusually mild and sunny climate for northern England, and it's shielded from the worst and wettest weather by the Pennine Hills to the west, which gives you many opportunities to explore its wonderful parks.
  • Airports - Leeds-Bradford International Airport is the busiest airport in Leeds. The city is very accessible by air from major European destinations, with an airport located 10 miles north-west of the city center.
  • Travel Insurance - Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Leeds, since it covers not only the costs of medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.
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