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Updated On May 3, 2022
Mableton, United States
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Mableton, Georgia, is a tough town to figure out.

It’s not a city, there’s not a mayor, and you won’t find a Mableton police officer.

No, it’s not the wild West of Atlanta.

It’s what’s known as a “census-designated area.”

That means it’s a place that only technically exists to get census numbers of the population.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a real place with fun things to do.

It sits on the south side of Cobb County, about 15 minutes west/northwest of downtown Atlanta.

One of the benefits of staying in Mableton is there is a straight shot down Highway 78 to get to downtown ATL without having to sit on those large interstates in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Most people who have heard of Mableton know it because of Six Flags being right on the edge of the border with Austell.

The address is technically in Austell.

Mableton is home to a popular modern amphitheater that is on the same site as the most historic building in Mableton.

The popular multi-use Silver Comet Trail also meets up here and can take you all the way to the Alabama state line.

Since Mableton is part of Cobb County and all government and law enforcement services come through there, it’s hard to pinpoint exact crime numbers.

You can search the crime map but it will only show results for the past 5-6 months.

There is an ongoing effort to make Mableton a city, but as of April 2022, those plans were still in the world.

This does make getting crime statistics a little challenging, but not impossible.

Warnings & Dangers in Mableton

Overall Risk


There's a low risk here. While nearly 41,000 people live here, it's a mostly residential area with 2-3 top draws for visitors. Crime rates are generally lower than the state average.

Transport & Taxis Risk


The Cobb County bus system, Cobb Linc, has two parks and ride facilities in the city. It's not a bus system that will get you around Mableton, however. There isn't a MARTA stop here either. Taxis and rideshares are going to be your only option if you don't have a car. There's a low risk using any option.

Pickpockets Risk


There is a low risk of being pickpocketed here. Theft rates average one in 100, according to the crime maps from October 2021 through October 2022. If you're attending a crowded event at the amphitheater that risk will go up.

Natural Disasters Risk


A medium-risk exists because this whole metro area can get severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, mostly in spring, but throughout the year.

Mugging Risk


With about 20 robberies per year, there's a low risk. This just isn't a city with a lot of places where muggers would lie in wait for a victim. In my experience in this region, about half of the robberies happen in homes.

Terrorism Risk


There's a medium risk because of its proximity to Atlanta. Big population areas and major transportation hubs are always going to be hard targets but also get more attention from Homeland Security.

Scams Risk


There's a low risk of a tourist getting scammed here. With so many residential homes, scammers use email and landlines to target victims.

Women Travelers Risk


Women should feel safe visiting here. There's a low risk but really not a whole lot to do. You won't find a lot of shopping or unique restaurants here, much less a day spa. You do have those amenities in nearby cities with different levels of crime rates.

Tap Water Risk


Cobb County provides the water here and there's a low risk. The annual water quality report shows no violations and states the water meets or exceeds EPA requirements.

Safest Places to Visit in Mableton

The big draw here is the Mable House Complex.

There’s a historic house with a surrounding farm that belonged to the Mable family for many years.

The house was built in 1843 and a public area was built around the farm with an amphitheater and an arts center.

The Mable House is only open on Thursdays from 8:30-11:30 am when it hosts a farmer’s market.

Group trips are available with a two-week notice.

Check the schedule for the amphitheater during your visit.

It holds 2500 people, so you won’t be seeing a Justin Beiber concert or anything here, but it’s a nice intimate venue for a variety of artists.

You can bring your own picnic basket to the venue or buy food and drinks there.

Six Flags over Georgia is just over I-20 along the Chattahoochee River.

It’s open from April through September and has death-defying roller coasters and some interactive rides that stay on the ground.

You can buy a pass that gets you into Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, the latter of which is 12 miles away in Marietta.

There are some water rides at the main Six Flags theme park if you don’t want to travel or spend more money.

Places to Avoid in Mableton

Crime maps show the largest number of crimes happening near I-20, which isn’t surprising.

I’ve only seen a handful of cities that don’t have crime along interstates or major roadways.

Inside the Mableton area, the crime is much lower, but there’s also not a lot to do there.

Most of the hotels near Mableton are going to be on the south side or south of the city.

Lithia Springs, Smyrna, and Austell are names attached to the hotels near Mableton.

There’s just one hotel inside the Mableton area.

Don’t get tricked into thinking Mableton Town Square Park is a big multi-use retail area.

It’s actually just a one-acre park near the small downtown area, which isn’t a tourist attraction either.

Even though the “Hooch” (that’s what they call the Chattahoochee River here) runs along the south side of the city, there are only designated areas where you can get in and there’s not an access point in Mableton.

It doesn’t mean it’s illegal to get in the river there, it’s just a lot more dangerous.

The Silver Comet Trail connects to Mableton.

This is a nearly 62-mile multi-use trail that goes all the way to the Alabama state line and then continues on the Cheif Ladiga Trail where you can ride another 30 miles or so.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Mableton

  1. If you’re visiting Six Flags, you need to bring a credit card or mobile pay device. The park doesn’t accept cash. They even go as far as to put cash machines around the park that turn cash into a payment card.
  2. Cobb County uses Swift 911 to send out emergency notifications. There is a mobile app available where you can sign up and choose the notifications you want to receive.
  3. The county also has 70 tornado sirens spread throughout the area. If you haven’t lived in a tornado-prone area, you should know these sirens sound for 3-5 minutes and mean get to a safe place immediately. These sirens are meant to alert people outdoors of the risk. People inside should rely on emergency notifications.
  4. Those sirens are tested at noon on the first Wednesday of the month. This is a normal test system most tornado-prone areas do. If you are there on a Wednesday and hear the sirens at noon, you don’t need to run for your life.
  5. Even though this is a residential area with little to do, you still need to lock up your car and keep the windows rolled up when you park. When visiting new places, I like to park the car where I can see it if I’m going to a restaurant. In the latest six-month period I can search, 32 cars were stolen in this area and 72 were broken into.
  6. Mableton is in Precinct 2 of the Cobb County Police Department. If you need to speak with someone from that precinct, call (770) 499-4453. Using 911 for emergencies still works here, even with such a large area. You don’t need to do anything special other than clearly communicate where you are and what the emergency issue is.
  7. If you are going on the Silver Comet Trail, bring at least a gallon of water for each person riding. It’s a long trip in very humid conditions during the summer. There are plenty of entrance and exit points, but you still need to have enough water to get back to Mableton. Adding in some electrolytes is a good idea too for increased energy levels.
  8. You’ll want to bring bug spray along for any outdoor activities here. Mosquitos thrive in a humid environment and are particularly attracted to people. The insects can spread West Nile Virus, so it’s important to protect yourself from more than just the bites.
  9. Traffic in Atlanta is intense almost any time of day. Of course, everyone complains about it, but there’s not much you can do. I sat in a traffic jam in Atlanta once for two hours. There were no accidents or road closures, it was just because of the sheer number of cars. Be patient. Plan extra time. Keep your middle finger on the steering wheel because there are some very aggressive drivers here.
  10. Anglers are required to have a fishing license here from the state of Georgia. Your license from home isn’t going to be enough. You can get a license online from the Natural Resources department. Be sure to get the “non-resident” license.

So... How Safe Is Mableton Really?

Mableton is pretty average in every respect.

Crime numbers are lower than the national and state averages, but they aren’t so low they stand out as an ultra-safe community.

There’s just not a lot to do here and no main gathering spot to bring the community together.

Finding crime numbers in this area isn’t easy, since the crime data from all of Cobb County isn’t reflective of the crime in just Mableton.

Here’s how you can get the latest data:

  • Go to the Crime Mapping section of the Cobb County website from the “Department Units” section.
  • Select “Crime Data”
  • If you choose “Event Search” you can only go back a week to check incidents reported and you won’t get specifics on the crimes.
  • Instead, choose “Crime Mapping”, the last option on the page. That will take you to a detailed crime map and you can search as far as six months back and choose which crimes you want to learn about.

Once you see the map of incidents, you can choose to view it by a specific incident or in a graph format.

The boundaries of the map are not going to be specific boundaries of Mableton.

You can choose an address and then select the radius to search.

Here are the crime numbers from November 2021 through April 2022:

  • Thefts: 152
  • Vehicle Break-ins: 75
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 38
  • Robbery: 10

Most of the crimes during this time were along Highway 278/Veteran’s Memorial Parkway.

Tourists don’t flock to Mableton because there isn’t much for them to do.

If you’re visiting here it’s likely because you are visiting family/friends, seeing a show at the amphitheater, or want to be close to Six Flags.

You should feel safe visiting the surrounding cities as well.

How Does Mableton Compare?

CitySafety Index
New Orleans57
Washington DC56
New York City67
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82
Cordoba (Argentina)61

Useful Information



The Visa isn't handled at a local level at any time. This process happens when you enter the United States. A Visa does not guarantee entrance, but most people make it through just fine after being reviewed by Border Patrol and Homeland Security.



The U.S. Dollar is the only currency you can use here. Make any currency exchanges at the airport so you don't have to drive around in Atlanta traffic looking for another option. You don't need to carry cash since mobile pay and credit cards as widely accepted. Another reminder - Six Flags doesn't take cash under any circumstance.



Dressing in layers is always a good idea in Atlanta, especially from late fall to early spring where the temperatures can be all over the place. This isn't a city where it's always cold in the winter. Summers are always hot and humid. Just be prepared to sweat. You'll need good walking shoes too.



Atlanta's airport is the premier hub of transportation in the South and it's just 20 miles south of Mableton.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is going to give you peace of mind when traveling in case of any delays, cancellations, or accidents. It's a great idea to have it, just in case.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Mableton Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 6° C
Feb 8° C
Mar 12° C
Apr 16° C
May 20° C
Jun 24° C
Jul 25° C
Aug 25° C
Sep 21° C
Oct 16° C
Nov 12° C
Dec 7° C
Choose Temperature Unit

Average High/Low Temperature

Temperature / MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

Georgia - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
East Columbus87
East Point54
Johns Creek91
Peachtree City89
Peachtree Corners72
Sandy Springs82
South Fulton48
Tybee Island82
Warner Robins68

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    Paula Kelly says:

    I visited Mableton last summer and had a fantastic experience. The community is welcoming, and I felt safe exploring the area. The locals were friendly, and I encountered no issues during my stay.

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    Jolie Lynch says:

    I recently traveled to Mableton for a business trip, and I must say I felt completely safe throughout my stay. The streets are well-lit at night, and the overall atmosphere is peaceful. I even took a stroll in the evenings without any concerns.

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