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Updated On August 24, 2022
Atlanta, United States
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Atlanta, Hotlanta, the ATL – whatever you call Georgia’s largest city, you’re in for a good time when you visit this cultural travel epicenter.

The city brings in more than 110 million visitors each year from all over the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

Professional sports, major performance venues, incredible tourist attractions, civil rights history, the Hollywood of the South – the list of things to do is almost endless.

Even National Geographic ranked it as one of the best places on the planet for culture and history in 2022.

Atlanta is a mix of dynamic neighborhoods, the urban core, must-see museums, and vibrant parks with new businesses popping up all the time.

One of the phrases to know in Atlanta is ITP – which means “Inside The Perimeter” of I-285.

All of the city of Atlanta is located ITP, and there are so many more suburbs to explore.

We have a detailed list of suburbs and nearby cities on our website.

There is also a strong presence of Black-owned businesses here, fueling a cultural kaleidoscope of stores, restaurants, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Let’s not forget the wide array of musical artists from Atlanta or making music in Atlanta.

Tyler Perry’s studios are located here as well.

Warnings & Dangers in Atlanta

Overall Risk


Atlanta is a major city with nearly half a million people within the city limits and more than six million people in the metro area. A city that large, with that many visitors, will come with certain risks, and most crime rates are much higher than state and national averages. There's a medium overall risk, but it's too wonderful of a city to avoid because of crime concerns.

Transport & Taxis Risk


MARTA is the bus and rail line system that gets you around Atlanta from downtown to the suburbs with dozens of stops in between. MARTA also has its own police force to help with crime and safety. Taxis and rideshares are readily available. If you choose to rent a car, just know Atlanta is infamous for its traffic.

Pickpockets Risk


The theft rate in Atlanta is twice the national average, and there's a medium risk of being pickpocketed or having a purse snatched. You should use an abundance of caution when visiting here, carrying only what you need and not wearing valuable items like diamond earrings when touring the city.

Natural Disasters Risk


Atlanta can get tornadoes and flooding, which are the two biggest risks. Winter storms aren't all that common, but when they happen, the city's streets can be crippled by them. An ice storm in 2014 left hundreds of cars abandoned on the roads as any movement was impossible. There's a medium risk because of the various storms that can happen here. You should also know that Atlanta is extremely humid in the summer. That's not really a risk, but it is a harsh reality.

Mugging Risk


The robbery rate is twice the national average as well, so there's a medium risk here too. Atlanta also averaged more than two shootings per day in 2021. This is definitely a place where you don't want to fight back if approached by a robber.

Terrorism Risk


Atlanta is a major transportation hub, with Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport being one of the busiest in the world. Given the sheer size of the city and all the headquarters of private and public businesses, Atlanta is always going to be considered at medium risk. You can download the "See Something, Say Something" app from the state of Georgia and easily report any suspicious behavior.

Scams Risk


There's a medium risk in Atlanta for tourists being scammed, and scam artists will try anything to distract you. Avoid any situation where someone is trying to "help" you, even if it's just taking a picture with your phone (or their phone) or a street game with crowd engagement. Anything that takes away your focus is considered an opportunity for pickpockets. If you like to party, watch the movie Hustlers before you go. Versions of this scam happen in Atlanta as well.

Women Travelers Risk


The sexual assault rate is one category that is actually below the national average, BUT it did go up nearly 40% in 2021. Because all of the crime categories are medium risk, we're assigned the same risk here. It's a big city with many people looking to make a buck or talk to a pretty lady. Try to travel in pairs, don't walk around at night alone, and never leave a drink unattended at a bar. Even if you meet someone from social media, don't go to a private location. Stay in a well-lit, populated area.

Tap Water Risk


The water meets or exceeds all standards across the board, according to the 2021 Water Quality Report. Nearby, Gwinnett County's water was voted the best tasting in the state.

Safest Places to Visit in Atlanta

While it’s impossible to list all the safe things to do in Atlanta because there are just too many, the website has a list for all types of travelers and even a whole section with free attractions.

You can download the Atlanta City Pass for a list of attractions with discounts for bundled purchases.

All of the attractions in the app are approved by the tourism commission, so you know you’re visiting respected places.

Olympic Centennial Park is one of the top tourist spots in the city.

Get a picture at the Fountain of Rings and explore the various water features, sculptures, tributes, and exhibits of international collaboration.

The College Football Hall of Fame is right next door too.

The Georgia Aquarium makes many tourists “must-see” lists, and it’s no wonder why with more than 100,000 under-the-sea creatures to see.

You can also see the world’s largest fish and look a shark right in the eye.

The World of Coca-Cola walks you through this history of the soda brand’s history with bottling exhibits and samples of all varieties of the popular drink.

You can buy tickets for the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola at a discounted price.

For those traveling with kids, the Children’s Museum of Atlanta will be a great way to send a morning or afternoon.

The museum explores all senses with interactive exhibits and plenty of activities.

Just wait until you see the connected toy store!

If you’ve seen the Ferris wheel in pictures of Atlanta, that’s Skyview Atlanta, and it’s open for rides to the public.

The cars are enclosed, so you’ll get climate control as you soar 20 stories up.

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is one of the attractions that put Atlanta on the National Geographic list.

While it began as a memorial to the fight for civil rights in America, it expands to global human rights and how you can be a force for change in the future.

It’s an inspiring and humbling experience every Atlanta visitor should see.

Stroll through the Buckhead District for shopping, sightseeing, sipping, and soaking in this uniquely Atlanta neighborhood.

There are history museums and incredible Southern architecture to explore.

This district is lively day or night.

Places to Avoid in Atlanta

The Atlanta Police Department offers three variations of crime mapping on its website, so you can search your hotel’s neighborhood and where your preferred attractions are before you go.

This will help you see crime trends closer to your visit.

While there isn’t a perfectly safe part of the ATL, there are some neighborhoods with higher crime than others.

The farther south and west you go, the more dangerous the neighborhood is outside of the downtown core.

Bankhead is one of the more dangerous cities, and don’t confuse that with the above-mentioned Buckhead.

You should definitely stay in the tourist areas when you’re visiting, and don’t go through neighborhoods or pull over in a rundown part of town to check your GPS.

You’ll be able to see if a neighborhood is less-affluent, but you never know what nicer neighborhoods might have more crime too.

Without having to dive into each one, you’re just safer staying on interstates and main roads when visiting Atlanta.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Atlanta

  1. Notify ATL is the city’s alert system, and every tourist would be wise to sign up for these alerts. You’ll get emergency notifications of all kinds, including weather, and they’ll be sent to your mobile device.
  2. The Atlanta Police Department is very transparent with crime data, even releasing weekly crime reports. Review these crime reports before you go, or it could be great reading on the flight to ATL.
  3. Atlanta has LIT lanes, which are lanes designed for bicyclists. If you are driving, do not park or block one of these lanes, or else you’ll get a ticket. The LIT lanes are separated by posts from the traffic lanes for everyone’s safety.
  4. You can rent scooters in Atlanta if you don’t want to deal with traffic on the roads. There’s a safety video for where scooters can ride on the police department’s website. You cannot ride a scooter on the sidewalk.
  5. There is a one in 61 risks of being a victim of a car break-in. More than 8,000 of those were reported in 2021. Don’t ever leave anything in plain sight in your car. Be sure the doors are locked, and the windows are rolled up.
  6. If you happen to get information about a crime in Atlanta, you can remain anonymous and call Crime Stoppers at (404)577-8477. Cash rewards up to $2000 are offered for information leading to an arrest. Of course, if it’s an emergency, call 911.
  7. I mentioned MARTA as the major transportation hub above, but there are some other choices in certain parts of Atlanta. For example, you can ride The Buc to get around the Buckhead District. The Atlanta Streetcar makes getting around downtown easier and will allow you to rest your feet. Xpress is a great system to use if you want to explore the suburbs.
  8. If you’re planning to attend a major sports team game, like the Atlanta Falcons or the Atlanta Braves, don’t buy scalped tickets. Just pay the price from the venue for the safety and security of your personal payment information.
  9. Atlanta doesn’t have the traditional rush hour times on the roadways. From 5:00 am to around 7:00 pm is all traffic. There are memes and viral lists about Atlanta traffic, but it’s really almost a tourist attraction within itself – as long as you don’t have high blood pressure. I once sat in traffic for three hours getting from the west side of town to drive south toward Macon. When the traffic FINALLY cleared, it was ONE construction barrel partly in the far right lane that caused the slowdown.
  10. If you have any questions about the city of Atlanta or need guidance about the services offered, you can dial 311 or email You can report potholes, ask about parking rules, or get information about where to rent a bike/scooter.

So... How Safe Is Atlanta Really?

The raw numbers can be quite staggering to see at first, but then you remember there are nearly half a million people who live just within the city limits.

There are gangs.

There are gun crimes.

There is a drug problem.

However, I challenge you to show me a major city that doesn’t have those issues.

There isn’t an inherent risk of a tourist being a victim of a crime.

If you are coming from a small town, this is going to feel a little overwhelming.

If you’ve been to big cities like London, New York, Chicago, Miami, etc., this is no different aside from some higher-than-average crime rates.

Every single crime category went down in 2021, aside from rape, murder, aggravated assault, and larcenies.

More than 3,000 cars were stolen in 2021, almost average from the year before, but down slightly.

The overall risk in the Atlanta area is as follows:

  • Violent Crime: 1 in 136
  • Robbery: 1 in 621
  • Theft: 1 in 38

You must pay attention to your surroundings and keep your belongings secured.

Every bit of common sense safety you know will go a long way here.

You’ll also have a large and present police force helping keep the community safe and responsive to any emergency you might have.

How Does Atlanta Compare?

CitySafety Index
New York City67
San Diego67
Cordoba (Argentina)61
Toronto (Canada)81
Melbourne (Australia)80
Montreal (Canada)81
Sydney (Australia)80
Santiago de Chile (Chile)71

Useful Information



You'll need a U.S. Travel or Work Visa to get through Customs at the Atlanta airport. Be sure to put that in a secure place because you won't need it during your visit. It can take months to get an appointment to interview for a visa in your home country, so plan ahead.



Many of the attractions here won't even accept cash, so be sure you have a working credit card to make purchases. You can exchange currency at the airport or at numerous banks around the city. Try to avoid using an ATM in a public place. Go inside a bank if you need money.



Even the winters can be mild here, so you rarely need a winter coat. However, you'll see people dressed in winter attire when it gets into the 50s. A mix of t-shirts, sweatshirts with pants, shorts, and skirts will cover just about every weather event here. In the summer, just be prepared to sweat. They don't call it Hotlanta for nothing.



Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is on the southwest side of the city, and you can get there by car, taxi, rideshare, or public transportation. Given all the traffic, plan for at least an hour to get there.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

You should get travel insurance to cover your flight, baggage, and any incidents on the roadways. It will give you peace of mind in a city that moves quickly.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Atlanta Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 6° C
Feb 8° C
Mar 13° C
Apr 16° C
May 21° C
Jun 24° C
Jul 27° C
Aug 26° C
Sep 23° C
Oct 17° C
Nov 12° C
Dec 8° C
Choose Temperature Unit

Average High/Low Temperature

Temperature / MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

Georgia - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
East Columbus87
East Point54
Johns Creek91
Peachtree City89
Peachtree Corners72
Sandy Springs82
South Fulton48
Tybee Island82
Warner Robins68

Where to Next?

20 Reviews on Atlanta

  1. From someone born and raised here, first off “Atlanta has been known to fall victim to occasional earthquakes” is utter BS. Occasionally there are spring floods due to poor infrastructure in some urban areas and tornadoes aren’t that common.
    Places to go:
    Stone Mtn, pretty safe
    Midtown, generally safe (daytime till 10pm
    Olympic Park, Aquarium safe during the day
    World of Coke, safe during the day
    Botanical Gardens Safe
    LITTLE 5 Points safe during the day
    Lake Lanier safe, just don’t drown
    Anywhere north and east of Ellis St and CNN center to the north and east is generally safe

    Some of the best international food anywhere can be found along Buford Hwy.

    Places to AVOID AT ALL COST
    5 Points day or night
    South of memorial Drive / I-20 to the airport
    ANYWHERE west of Northside Drive to I-285 and South of Atlanta Rd, as well as the area now known as “South Fulton” this are all no-mans land and you’ll be 100% on your own. (It would be news is someone wasn’t shot in those areas on any given night)
    Generally if it looks like a dump, you don’t need to be there.

    Subway is pretty safe cops everywhere, avoid the buses and like all big cities, problems start when the sun goes down.

    1. G
      GuardianOfReality says:

      Brian is out of touch

      “….and like all big cities, problems start when the sun goes down.” LOL…Brian…you really need to get out a bit more. There’s plenty of cities in the world (especially in Europe and Asia) where going out at night is not a problem at all… matter what neighbourhood you’re visiting. Believe it or not.

      “In every major city you have these kind of problems.” NO YOU DON’T!!! STOP FOOLING YOURSELF!!! You have these kinds of problems in cities like Atlanta….because they suck!!!

      1. Common denominator: Big American cities run by Democrats have the worst crime, and Atlanta, (car jacking capital of the south) is no exception. Brian is pretty much dead on. They’ll never admit it, but one of the reasons the Braves moved to Cobb County was to escape the crime of downtown, where fans were accosted by panhandlers, mugged, robbed, or had their vehicles broken into. Much, much safer where they are now. One thing that doesn’t make the news but happens quite regularly are random drive-bys, where people of all colors are shot, wounded or killed. Totally senseless acts of roving thugs.

        1. S
          Steve-O says:

          GET OUT

          Common Denominator-Fox News brainwashes viewers…..And Atlanta is a s* hole compared to West coast democrat run cities. Never had my car stolen or home broken into anywhere but the dirty south of ATL! But you keep on keepin on.

          1. A
            Anonymous says:

            lol Atlanta IS a democrat run city and has been for decades. Atlanta is probably the most democrat infested city in the South East.

    2. Also born and raised in Atlanta, so how do you not know that we get earthquakes occasionally. Yea not a lot. But it definitely happens. Other than that I mean you’re basically right. Although problems don’t just happen when the sun is down. Anything can happen anytime in Atlanta. It’s best to just know where you are at all times. Atlanta is mostly safe.

  2. a
    allyfoxx says:

    Is Atlanta safe?

    Atlanta PD does not respond to 911 calls.

    Bad guys are well aware of this.

    Hope that answers your question.

  3. Traffic/dump

    Crime has permeated areas north of 285, Lenox is a swamp.Buckhead is dismal.
    No recent to visit this dump


  4. A
    Anonymous says:

    My 3 daughters and I went. Stayed right in centennial Park area. Walked all around at night. Never felt unsafe. No issues at the stadium, park, Coco Cola, the zoo and up the hill away from the park at the Westin area! Lots of police presence. Loved downtown!

  5. P
    Peter Storkos says:

    Avoid Atlanta

    Idk who wrote this review, but I’ve lived in Atlanta for 13 years, only for work. I can’t wait to move out, and I’m starting to look now. Crime is insane, my wife and daughters won’t go shopping alone anymore, same as about everyone we know. If you’re white, you’re going to be harassed constantly by people that think you’re not from here

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      It’s OK to be White!

  6. Plenty to see although it can be dangerous in certain areas

    Unfortunately, from what I can tell (and I may be wrong here), things in Atlanta are not going well. Crime is on the rise and while there are still plenty of areas where things are safe during the day, there’s still a sense of fear in the air. I hate to have to be extra careful, especially in the daytime, when things should be safe. At night, I wouldn’t go out in most areas as there are a lot of shady characters about. If you need to go out make sure you don’t go alone, as much as possible.

    Like others have previously said, this place can be quite dangerous at times. The Police don’t seem to have a handle on things. There probably needs to be more policemen on the street so people would feel safer. But, enough of the bad things. Let’s also talk a bit about the good things and nice spots to visit and there are plenty of those in Atlanta. If you focus on visiting these spots and go out in the daytime, this city isn’t bad at all.

    Here are just a few things I have visited in Atlanta:
    -Georgia Aquarium: very interesting interactive activities you can do with kids, plenty of marine life to see and they also have whale sharks which kids will probably love.
    -World of Coca-Cola: here you can learn about the history of Coca-Cola and it’s a very cool one. There’s also the Scent Discovery exhibit where you can get a chance to smell different things (it’s pretty awesome).
    -High Museum of Art: has amazing collections from the Renaissance to present day.
    -Center for Puppetry Arts: if you thought you knew everything about puppets then think again. This place is a goldmine for anyone remotely interested in this. And even if you’re not, still take the time to visit it.
    -Stone Mountain Park: get on the 1940s locomotive for a 5 mile circuit and see the park or go on the endurance courses of suspended rope walks and bridges through the treetops. There’s also a petting farm where smaller children will feel great.

    All in all, there’s plenty to see in Atlanta and if you are a bit careful you’ll avoid the bad stuff.

  7. A
    Atlantian says:


    Most of the crime is mostly done by the residents that moved here and made it home. Trust and believe we wish most of these people that brought their city behaviors here need to leave and return home. This is crazy….no home training.

  8. d
    dfghui87ytfd says:

    I live in atl for 15 yrs and haven’t seen any crime

  9. A
    Anonymous says:

    Atlanta-stan: crime mecca

    I got mugged on my street while walking the dog by 8 black youth probably in a gang. Violent crime in Atlanta as of 5/22 is out of control and has effected every area of the city. Nowhere is safe. Shoot outs at malls, schools, 5 star hotels, restaurants, movie theaters and even on the highways. Our black city leaders have played the crime down, focusing on “police justice” and defunding the police as violent crime has skyrocketed in the city. So much so Buckhead wants to breakaway from the city I don’t see the crime problem getting better but getting much worse. After 30 years of living in Atlanta I’m getting out of here.

  10. Not nice people

    First off, I never ever was a fan or cared for Georgia. Now that I have experience the rudeness of the employees of the ATL airport especially American airlines and theft of the employees of the reverb hard rock hotel. My dislike of Georgia is officially sealed. Especially the ATL.

    1. I had high hopes

      Moved to ATL in 2018 visited twice before deciding it would be a good move. Originally lived in McDonough – got pulled over for an expired tag and went yo jail! The cops presence in Henry and especially Clayton CO is insane! moved to the Sandy springs which I don’t mind it can get a little crazy on Roswell rd however it’s not the worse! My gripe is the people and lack of good food. Being from NYC I became a foodie straight out the gate! All these people here and not one good restaurant? Especially the service kiss that goodbye. Petty crimes up such as car break ins. I had a Dodge Charger and sold it once I was Victim (they break in dodges all the time) People here can be very superficial and shallow. The gay scene is small yet clicky.. Ladies beware a lot of DL men.. I guess everyone can’t be themselves anymore. love the weather and being close to nature weather you wanna hit FL to catch the beach or go to the mountains in blue ridge. Overall I would just like to keep atl as a distance home (meaning it’s just a good place to visit) for me at least lol

  11. T
    Travis B says:

    You will Love ATL, but be aware.

    I have lived in the City of Atlanta for 32 years. For the most part, Atlanta is a great place to live and visit-Lots of places to enjoy, nice people. It is not a pedestrian friendly city. In fact, it can be quite deadly. Sadly, this is the case for cyclists as well. A private car or ride-share is a necessity for most people. MARTA, the mass transit system, is very limited regarding destinations. It does work pretty well from the airport to Downtown, Midtown or Buckhead. Crime has always been a problem in ATL. It’s much worse now than it was 10 or even 5 years ago. Car burglaries are very common. Gun crimes committed by gang members that were once confined to a limited area, now seem to occur regularly city-wide. Sometimes the innocent are caught in the crossfire. Avoid Lenox Mall, Phipps Plaza and Atlantic Station, especially on weekends.

  12. K
    Kristina says:

    Atlanta Realities

    So, yah, if this author has ever spent more than 2days in Atlanta you’d know that guns and shootings are pretty much normalized. Coming from the northeast and living in Atlanta for a decade- it’s been a downward spiral of violence for the past 7years. Buckhead is not safe anymore, Lenox Square has huge police presence however that doesn’t seem to stop these thugs. I’d say nowhere is “safe” ITP or OTP. You constantly have to be aware where you are and who is around you. The wealthier areas attract criminals, great opportunities for them to steal cars, break into homes etc. A 70 yr old woman was found dead in her kitchen just making dinner -a guy walked in her house and murdered her stole $ -she thought she was safe in her kitchen expecting her son for dinner. I live just at the Perimeter in Dunwoody and our mall is extremely popular; 4pm one Friday afternoon two guys just decided to shoot each other across the food court while families were eating. I highly disagree about Marta being safe as well, only ever travel on it in pairs or a group. Homelessness is huge problem as well, there are encampments around the city, at one point there was one in the middle of a large medium off the highway and there were 50+ tents. Homeless people sleep inside the airport too and the airport workers do nothing about this. I just flew out last night and a homeless man was sleeping in the CLEAR line,& a traveler notice he had a wooden gun laying on top of one of his bags of things he was sleeping next to. The traveler had to insist airport staff in security to call APD. In the winter it does get cold here, we get frost and occasional snow, below freezing is pretty common in Dec. I ask myself daily why I live here, I can’t turn on the news because you’ll hear about at least 4 different shootings on a daily basis or some sort of violent crime and it will definitely scare you. The gun control is zero and the police forces are hardly staffed because who wants to be a cop in a place like this? They move to states with less crime and more pay.

  13. K
    Kennesaw 1990-2002 says:

    cobb county sucks

    meh. crime is not too bad. But stay out of cobb county. They have police that get their paycheck from harassing

Atlanta Rated 2.65 / 5 based on 20 user reviews.

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