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Updated On November 7, 2023
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Syria is one of the larger countries of the Middle East and shares its borders to the north with Turkey, to the east with Iraq, with Jordan and Israel to the south, and with Lebanon to the south-west.

An added natural beauty is its short coastline on the east Mediterranean Sea.

However, Syria has been caught up in serious warfare and it is, at this point, so dangerous to visit it that it has become impossible to visit the country as it is essentially a war zone.

The civil war has been raging in the country since 2011, and Syria is now probably the most dangerous destination in the world.

Before this, it was a country of great natural diversity and with plenty of archeological sites worth visiting.

However, the question remains how much of that is left of Syria, given the fact that it is being destroyed for years and devastated by the raging war.

Warnings & Dangers in Syria

Overall Risk


Syria is extremely dangerous for everyone. It is currently probably the most dangerous destination in the world. If you're in Syria currently, try and find a way to get out of it, if at all possible.

Transport & Taxis Risk


You should bear in mind that, even there are plenty of ways to get around Syria, traffic is unreliable with plenty of factors affecting its quality, like the near-constant congestion, drivers that drive recklessly and ignore traffic signs, bad roads and poor quality of road signs. You should be careful.

Pickpockets Risk


The country is destroyed up to a point where they're probably aren't many people on the streets as they are in hiding due to the war that is raging or simply in a state of panic. However, if you find yourself on the streets, keep your belongings tightly by your side.

Natural Disasters Risk


Putting aside the man-made disasters that have hit Syria very hard, one of the most prominent natural hazards that Syria is susceptible to is flooding.

Mugging Risk


Violent crimes in Syria do exist but are not too common, again, due to the fact that the country is a war zone and every day is a fight for survival.

Terrorism Risk


Chances are extremely high that Syria will be targeted by terrorists while you're there - if you intend to go there. There have been many terrorist attacks already, everywhere in the country, including major cities and the threat comes from many terrorist groups that are active in Syria, like Daesh and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham

Scams Risk


Scams should be the least of your concerns if you end up in Syria. You should, just in case, double-check your change and agree upon a price before making a deal with someone, whether it's a taxi driver or a merchant.

Women Travelers Risk


Women aren't safe in Syria. The country isn't dangerous for women particularly, but it is advised for tourists in general, regardless of their gender, not to walk around Syria, be it during day or night, as the country is essentially a war zone.

So... How Safe Is Syria Really?

Traveling to Syria is extremely strongly discouraged because of the on-going raging conflict and war that has been going on for 7 years now and has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Syria is now a war zone and as such, should be avoided at all costs.

You should know that forces loyal to the Assad government have carried out deadly bombings and attacks targeting rebels that hide among the civilians.

On the other hand, rebel forces have also carried out attacks targeting the government and pro-government civilians.

There have been instances of foreigners attempting to enter Syria so they could join the opposition forces (namely jihadist groups) against the government.

The situation, however, is so tense at this moment, that if you get captured by either side, you may be in life danger.

If you end up in Syria and without a way of leaving, at least try and avoid areas that are known as critical war epicenters like the cities of Aleppo, Damascus, Homs and a couple of others.

It should be emphasized once more that tourists should not go to Syria under any circumstance, and there have been incidents of foreigners being killed in Syria.

ISIS terrorists have also been known to operate in Syria’s neighbors Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, so there aren’t many ways to escape this country.

How Does Syria Compare?

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Useful Information



All countries do need a visa in order to visit Syria, and they must be obtained from one of the Syrian diplomatic missions well in advance. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need a visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Syrian pound is the official currency in Syria. Keep in mind that Visa ATMs are available in major towns, though there aren't many of them, they may not necessarily accept VISA cards.



The climate in Syria is a Mediterranean-influenced one, with long, hot and mostly dry summers and mild, wet winters. Temperatures vary from 12 °C in January to 36 °C in August.



Damascus International Airport is the main international airport in Syria. It is located in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Syria, since it covers not only the costs of medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Syria Weather Averages (Temperatures)

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Feb 8° C
Mar 11° C
Apr 16° C
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Jun 24° C
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Aug 27° C
Sep 23° C
Oct 19° C
Nov 12° C
Dec 8° C
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Syria - Safety by City

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40 Reviews on Syria

  1. M
    Mahmoud Mo'ret says:

    Not as bad as media suggests

    It’s not so dangerous that I wouldn’t consider suggesting a visit. In the past things were worse, but the violence has mostly stopped. Lots of history here make it a great place to check out.

      1. fdfdfdsf

        I wouldn’t say its bad for muslim people, they hate americans so i wouldnt recomend us going

        1. No, we don’t hate Americans, but it’s out of control and extremely dangerous for anybody even us Syrian people.

          1. A
            AlgGotNoGame says:


            Coming from a person that can’t keep up with the news bc it’s too dependent on drama>facts. But, Knowing my nephew, basically my son and best friend, is currently there… I had zero idea how dangerous it actually is. My heart breaks for the country in general.

        2. No

          Muslims do not hate the Americans, but if you want to abuse or for their religion, they will hate you, the Muslims have a bias for their religion ,

    1. Forget the slander!

      Agree. Western governments are spouting so much crap about Syria its unreal. Literally ‘unreal’! Visiting Syria is a magnificient experience. Stay away from the border with Iraq, be prepared for a few harmless scams in the popular Palmyra, and you will be fine. Aleppo is hardly unsafe – the trouble is well over for god’s sakes! Damascus and environs are a pleasure to explore and generally the people are fun and friendly. Drinking isnt ilegal, but only establishments in the Christian quarters usually sell it. Ice cream parlours are busier.

  2. W
    World Traveler says:

    Wonderful place to see

    I am an American woman and I travel to Damascus Syria every year. I walk the streets to shop at the souk “Shopping malls” Dine in nice restaurants. If people mind their business and respect their culture then they will have no problem.

    1. well you are probably muslim then

      1. R
        Random person says:

        Racist reply

        That is racist. And the fact you would say that is very offensive

        1. G
          Great point says:


        2. S
          Seriously?! says:

          Get a grip.

          There is literally nothing racist about that. It may be off color and presumptuous but it’s not racist. In fact, it was comment about religion….not race. This is the problem in America now. EVERYTHING is racist. People are professional victims who just can’t wait to be offended. They go around looking for it. Moreover, it waters down ACTUAL racism. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. Get a grip.

      2. A
        Arab Atheist says:

        Syrians are diverse

        “You are probably Muslim then” Syria has plenty of non-muslims, and Muslims who aren’t particularly conservative (No Hijab, Bikini at the beaches in Latakia, bars and nightlife in a Damascus, etc).

    2. A
      AlgGotNoGame says:

      Humble question

      I’d you don’t mind me asking… as a blonde hair, blue eyed, very Caucasian woman… would I be safe to go visit?
      (Only asking bc I visited Mexico on a solo trip and evidently where I went is a very high risk area for sex trafficking in my specific genre of Human Being… so I was preached to a lot in my “lack of care for my own safety”. I had no clue – even with research).

  3. A
    Anonymous says:


    If you go you are literally begging to get killed.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      But what if I want to die

    2. I travel there twice a year to finish getting my degree and here I am typing this comment 💀 I can’t say it’s completely safe you still find people stealing just like other countries, but no, you wont die.

  4. M
    MUSLIM MAN says:

    I Just did

    Don’t listen to the people telling you it is not dangerous! They are ISIS trying to bring more people to their deaths! DON’T IGNORE THE DANGERS OF THIS COUNTRY. THESE PEOPLE ARE VICIOUS AND KILL ANYONE IN THEIR WAY

    1. It’s not dangerous though all isis women are detained and isis men are in prisoned they are very low on numbers, plus the war ended years ago whats left is just rubbish and broken houses but it’s safe only thing dangerous is Americans, pickpockets and terrorism ACTS ,

      1. Why do you not like us Americans? Not everyone is bad people. I don’t hate anyone and i am American.

        1. N
          No Name says:

          I doubt you have even Visited Iraq, Syria, Lybia or even Iran, I’m British but people there were still nice to me and my friend who came with me (my friend was American) they offered us way too much free stuff and I enjoyed it.

        2. I
          I’m Muslim says:

          Americans have ruined many countries such as Libya and Iraq. And Americans think that the Muslims are the terrorists but Americans are. Plus, why in the Vietnam war did you support the occupying power if you guys want “Freedom for All”

    2. A
      Angel H says:


      Yes, thank you! Folks need to take your governments travel warnings and advice very seriously! Don’t put your safety in the hands of strangers who probably have no clue what they’re talking about and most likely don’t give a crap about your safety. You have no idea who these “people” are behind these types of comments. Take them with a grain of salt. Please!

  5. L
    Los Cabos says:

    Very good

    Its the best place to go they only shot my leg!

  6. Muslims have suffered in this war like everyone else

    What on earth is with several of the reviews on here saying along the line of “it’s only safe if you’re Muslim”? You do understand that it’s mainly Muslim people that have been killed in this war?!

    1. P
      Papercup says:

      Collateral Damage

      Isn’t that kind of the point and particularly revealing? Many Syrians themselves can’t survive in their own country with all the threats to their safety. It doesn’t matter whether the threats to their safety are directly from the Assad Regime, or Rebels, or Muslim extremists, or interfering foreign powers; or if the threats to safety are Indirect from the fighting between these forces. It’s not safe for the majority Muslim population that lives there but surely a traveler is more safe as a Muslim than not.

      1. Even Syrian Muslims are killed and tortured every day it’s not safe even for its own people.

        1. J
          Jon snow says:

          Only for Muslim and Mexicans

          I’m white blue eyes dirty blonde hair and a god fearing Christian who happens to be gay I was shot in 2 mins exiting the plane in Syria looking for a Starbucks I was mugged 4 times in the hospital 3 times I was wide awake my luggage was gone so I only had my make America great again shirt on literally a block away from the embassy and was shot again by a 6 year old who looked Mexican don’t ever go there

  7. A
    Anonymous says:

    it should be fine if your brown

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Syrians are White. As are Lebanese. You’re confusing them with those from the Arabian peninsula.

  8. B
    Bob Kahub says:



    1. Assumptions...

      You have no idea what you’re talking about lmao, all these westerners that make assumptions based on dramatical media. I’ve been living here since I was born, never got mugged, threatened, injured by any sort of artillery, or anything you all claim. It’s super peaceful in most of the country, only the electricity is bad, really. Don’t walk around at night, and if you have to, have some people with you, usual advice for literally any other country’s dimly lit streets.

      1. A
        Angel H says:


        You are straight up lying about everything you just said! Except electricity. I honestly don’t believe you’re Syrian. If you are and you haven’t experienced any of the war there then you’re extremely lucky. If you haven’t even heard of any of it, you’re a straight up liar!!!! To try to put others in danger by lying about something this serious is disgusting!

  9. S
    Senzin Chang says:


    someone held me hostage, free babysitting

  10. S
    SuicideSimulator says:

    4D Game

    It’s basically Doom Eternal on Ultra-Nightmare difficulty but instead of being reset when you die, you actually die.

  11. S
    Senzin Chang says:

    honestly, pretty good! WW2 flashbacks of bombing! tons of napalm and street fighting! they held me hostage, but they fed me good food! 10/10 if you want to make some permanent buddies!

  12. A
    Anonymous says:

    A modern day dystopia

    I watched the show ‘’30 Coins”. When Father Vergara travels to Syria he spent just a little bit there and he is captured by terrorists and almost killed. After watching what it was like in Syria I think it’s best to avoid traveling to the country. Truly a modern day dystopia

  13. Damascus is completely safe

    Damascus is completely safe, maybe not so much around the Turkish borders.

  14. I think Syria is pretty good, it’s just dangerous

  15. Do not try to come to Syria, please. I am from Syria and I live in it. I tell you that Syria is not a safe country. Crime, drugs, murder, organ trafficking and sex are widespread in the city. If they see any foreigner, they will try to kidnap him.

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