Is Philadelphia Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On November 7, 2023
Philadelphia, United States
Safety Index:
* Based on Research & Crime Data
User Sentiment:
* Rated 58 / 100 based on 41 user reviews.

Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love and one of the largest metro areas in America.

It’s halfway between New York City and Washington, D.C., and about an hour from the beach.

“Philly,” as it’s often called, is home to the creation of America at Independence Hall.

People also line up to see the Liberty Bell, the National Constitution Center, and the Museum of the American Revolution.

Get a few rounds in on the “Rocky” stairs, made famous in the Sylvester Stalone movie, because you’ll need to burn some calories to enjoy the incredible cultural cuisine of Philly.

The city also has a waterfront view of the Delaware River, with New Jersey just across the way.

Philadelphia marches to its own beat, has its own name for popular foods, and makes no apologies for its loyalty to local teams and hatred of just about anything to do with Dallas.


Youse ready to talk about safety in Philly?

Grab water ice and let’s go!

Warnings & Dangers in Philadelphia

Overall Risk


Philadelphia has had a medium risk for a long time now. The crime rates are high, and some parts of the city should be avoided at all costs. People in Philly will say, "It's not that bad. Just don't act stupid," and there is legitimacy to that claim. However, with a lot to see and do, it's good that you're researching the safer areas to explore in a city truly like no other.

Transport & Taxis Risk


The Philadelphia PHLASH is a bus service that goes to some of the most popular parts of the city. It's part of the larger SEPTA system that goes through the different neighborhoods and regions by buses and trains. For tourists, PHLASH is the way to go. There is a safety concern about homeless people and crimes happening at SEPTA stops, so use an abundance of caution. You can also take your life into your own hands and rent a car here (Darn Jersey Drivers!) or call a taxi or rideshare.

Pickpockets Risk


There were 327 pickpockets in 2021, which isn't a lot compared to the more than 28,000 thefts, but you should still be proactive to prevent them from happening to you. Carry your wallet in the front pocket, and don't bring a large purse. Only bring the bare necessities with you, especially if you'll be walking around a lot.

Natural Disasters Risk


Philadelphia can get snow storms, blizzards, ice storms, severe thunderstorms, the occasional tornado, and hurricane remnants that come inland. Since there is severe weather potential throughout the year, there's medium risk.

Mugging Risk


The robbery rate in 2021 was three times higher than the national average, and crime data in 2022 shows that the rate doubled year-to-date. Violent crime is surging (even higher) in Philly in 2022, so treat any dangerous situation with as much patience and compliance as you can. Avoid any situation that feels suspicious, and don't leave the areas designated for tourism, entertainment, or shopping.

Terrorism Risk


Philadelphia and the military presence here are enough to make it a potential target, but having the nearby major cities makes it all the more worrisome. It also brings a heck of a lot of security from the federal government down to the local level. "See Something, Say Something" is a reminder to report anything suspicious to local police, even something like an abandoned bag.

Scams Risk


Tourists must be on guard for anyone approaching them on the street selling something or pretending to be helpful. Even something as simple as asking what time it is could be a setup for a scam. If you are waiting to get a picture at the Rocky statue, it is illegal for people to solicit there, but it still happens. You have to be confident and firm when dealing with people trying to get your money because they will be relentless (although not necessarily violent.)

Women Travelers Risk


Women should treat this area with the same medium risk as everyone else but avoid drawing too much attention to themselves, especially when they're out at night. Sparkly jewelry or designer bags could make you a target. Get door-to-door service, and don't walk around at night, even if you're with another woman.

Tap Water Risk


The 2021 Water Quality Report shows testing of 100 elements that can be found in tap water, and no violations were reported. The utility was in full compliance with state and federal requirements.

Safest Places to Visit in Philadelphia is the official tourism website for the city.

I highly recommend spending a few hours looking through the site, as Philadelphia has an overwhelming number of things to see and do, even outside of the traditional popular spots.

There’s history here you will want to check out, including:

  • Liberty Bell Center: The cracked bell is a great photo op and there’s no admission to see it.
  • Independence Hall: Where the Declaration of Independence was signed. MUST RESERVE TICKETS ahead of time to visit here.
  • The President’s House: Before the White House, there was this house. Only the house isn’t there anymore. However, the foundation remains with videos detailing the lives of Presidents Washington and Adams at this location.
  • National Constitution Center: A life-sized immersive experience of the Bill of Rights and the foundation of America.
  • Museum of the American Revolution: The more expansive and detailed museum with interactive exhibits where you can learn about America’s fight for independence.
  • African American Museum: When this museum opened in 1976, it was a groundbreaking location to preserve and educate about the African American heritage in our country.
  • Betsy Ross House: Go back to the 18th century into the home of the most famous flag maker America will ever know.

Spruce Street Harbor Park is along the Delaware River, open seasonally from May through September.

There’s a carnival atmosphere here with board games, barge restaurants, and breweries as far as the eye can see.

In winter, there’s an ice rink here, but the full park amenities aren’t available.

Visit America’s first zoo at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Advance reservations are required and it’s open all year, aside from the bulk of January.

Tickets are $24 for adults, $19 for kids, and $17 for parking.

Kids will love the Please Touch museum, which is about as interactive as a museum can get.

There is also an antique carousel open for rides.

Advance reservations are required.

A plethora of tours are available too.

Some are self-guided walking tours, or you can get guided tours of history, neighborhoods, food, brews, and just about everything in between.

Use the official tourism site to review options so you know the recommendation is coming from a legitimate source.

Rittenhouse Square is a popular neighborhood that will always be filled with people, giving a greater sense of safety.

It’s also close to many of the hotels in the City Center region.

Places to Avoid in Philadelphia

In very broad terms, the neighborhoods north of I-676/Vine Street Expressway have the highest crime rates.

West Philadelphia, on the other side of the Schuylkill River and west of 38th Street, is also a higher crime area.

The main tourist areas are not the main concern here at all.

Those places are well-patrolled and busy with crowds.

Aside from panhandlers and potentially scammers, you shouldn’t face a high violent crime risk.

The most dangerous areas are the neighborhoods you shouldn’t be in, to begin with.

The City Center (what would otherwise be called Downtown) and surrounding neighborhoods, like Rittenhouse Square, are generally safe to visit.

There is one caveat – this is a big city with big city crime.

Just because any area is safer, doesn’t mean you can let your guard down or start walking around alone at night because some web article said it was safe.

Make smart personal safety choices and enjoy all that Philly has to offer.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Philadelphia

  1. You can read the Crime Prevention & Violence Reduction Action Plan on the main page of the Philadelphia Police Department’s website. Here you’ll find peace of mind plus some safety steps, so you can be better prepared for your trip.
  2. There is also an interactive crime mapping tool on the department’s website where you can search for crimes in certain areas and a preferred time range. We suggest checking all car break-ins, assaults, robberies, and homicides in the past month, though you can search for as much as six months.
  3. Find out which police district you are in and contact the officer in charge of that area. They can give you specific safety advice for crime trends happening closer to your visit. You can find a map of the districts on the police department’s website.
  4. If you have any information about a non-urgent crime or notice something suspicious, you can submit a tip anonymously by calling (215)686-TIPS (8477). The website also offers an online form if you prefer to report something that way.
  5. The giant LOVE sign in Philadelphia is more than just an icon. It supports inclusion and diversity in the community. There is an LGBTQIA+ liaison you can contact for questions about the community. Sgt. Tees is in charge, and can be reached by phone at (215) 686-3380 or by email at
  6. Listen to the LOVE & GRIT podcast offered by the tourism bureau to learn more about the heart and soul of Philadelphia residents.
  7. If you are using SEPTA or PHLASH during your time here, review the options for travel passes so you don’t spend extra money per ride. You can get passes for different routes or to certain attractions and tickets are available for purchase online.
  8. is the best place to learn about parking your own vehicle in various Philadelphia neighborhoods. There are different prices and rules for the different areas, so be sure you know the rules of your chosen route. You don’t want to get ticketed or towed for parking on the wrong residential street. Street parking is metered, and you’ll need to know how to parallel park in some places.
  9. Sign up for ReadyPhiladelphia alerts to get important safety and weather information on your mobile device or email. It’s critical you keep up with developing weather or other threats that could impact your stay. We recommend signing up a week ahead of time so you can be more informed about what’s happening in the city emergency management office before you go.
  10. If you want to do activities on or in the waters of the Philadelphia area, don’t do anything without checking the website. This will tell you if the waters are safe or too polluted on a given day. As I write this, there’s a red “No Do Enter” advisory for the Schuylkill River.

So... How Safe Is Philadelphia Really?

Philadelphia is one of many U.S. cities seeing a spike in violent crime, and 2021 was a record-setting year for homicides.

As of late 2022, the city is on track to be at or above the 562 homicides of last year.

Robberies with guns are up 60% and property crimes are up 30%.

The challenge with Philadelphia is a cycle of poverty that isn’t being broken through city resources or law enforcement.

The poverty rate is 24% and the average income is less than $50,000.

Poverty breeds crime and it’s a systemic issue here, not just a factor of bad or good neighborhoods.

You’re going to run into homeless people and other people hustling to make money off oblivious tourists.

You need all the street smarts you can muster with a strong sense of confidence to avoid confrontation while not being taken advantage of while you visit.

In late 2021, even Pennsylvania representative Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked and robbed in broad daylight.

This is a strong reminder to drive with doors locked, windows rolled up, and never leave any personal belongings in your vehicle when you park.

It’s best to visit the different areas during the daytime, and try not to walk alone any time of the day.

Don’t drive around random neighborhoods if you don’t know where you are going.

Getting lost in Philly is a terrible idea.

Visiting can be done safely, and you’re doing the right thing by researching safety advice.

How Does Philadelphia Compare?

CitySafety Index
St. Louis58
Los Angeles56
New Orleans57
La Paz (Bolivia)52
Sao Paulo (Brazil)45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)43
Sofia (Bulgaria)73
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61

Useful Information



Start at the U.S. State Department website and use the "Visa Wizard" program to see what kind of Visa you'll need to visit America from outside the country. Follow all the instructions with great attention to detail. Even applying for a Travel Visa instead of a Work Visa can disqualify you and risk starting the process all over. There are several steps to take, including an in-person interview, so schedule that as soon as you can.



The U.S. Dollar will be the only currency you can use here. Carry as little cash as possible, and don't use public ATMs. Always go into a bank if you want cash, but honestly, you can get by with just credit cards here.



You'll get all four seasons here, and bring full winter gear when you visit from November through March. It can be extremely cold and snowy at times. Spring and fall vary a lot, so bring layers of clothing to help acclimate to any temperature swing. Summers will be warm and humid. You'll want bug spray and sunscreen. Bring good walking shoes because there's a lot of ground for a tourist to cover on foot.



Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is on the south side of the city and provides direct flights to just about anywhere you want to go. It's about a 15-minute drive from downtown, but double that estimate in rush hour traffic.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We always recommend travel insurance just for peace of mind and for the extra protection you get if a winter storm shuts down air traffic or worker shortage causes delays. You also want to get the best car insurance you can if you're renting a car here due to break-ins and carjackings.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Philadelphia Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 2° C
Feb 3° C
Mar 8° C
Apr 14° C
May 19° C
Jun 24° C
Jul 27° C
Aug 26° C
Sep 22° C
Oct 16° C
Nov 9° C
Dec 5° C
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Pennsylvania - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Kennett Square84

Where to Next?

41 Reviews on Philadelphia

  1. E


  2. T
    Tyler Boro says:

    Philly is dangerous

    Look before exposing what’s actually going on in Philadelphia you should take a look the all of the residents within the town itself. It is not accurate to assume a big city as safe, because you could be in danger in Philadelphia if you’re not an eagles fan.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Only if you wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey!

  3. x
    xander pachecco says:

    Northeast Philly is peaceful and cool

    Before I start I wanna say that i’m only 14 so some things might differ for adults. These 5 stars are for Northeast Philly, possibly the safest area of Philly. Petty theft barely happens here, there was no major natural disaster ever since I was born, women are safe (there are a few creeps in Frankford though), and you won’t get shot at all (but act decent and normal just in case). The transportation system here is amazing and can take you to every corner of the ENTIRE city but sometimes some SEPTA buses do be having some nasty things in it. There is a lot of smokers in the Frankford Transportation Center just to add. Pennypack Park and Poquessing Valley Park are cool nature parks to visit. I go to Pennypack Park like every week since I live very close to it, you can bring a bike and ride on the pavement while seeing the nature stuffs. You can also skip rocks and look at the beautiful landscape. Northeast Philly also has Philadelphia Mills (it used to be called Franklin Mills btw), one of the biggest malls in Philly, you can come here if wanna shop for the average items. So yeah, cool place, it has flaws but which place doesn’t?

  4. P
    Philly girl says:

    You are wrong about philly I lived there my whole life yeah there may be some bad places but is not as bad as any other places.

  5. P
    Phillysusan says:

    Philly no longer safe

    What you say used to be true but violent crime, day and night, has absolutely infiltrated Philadelphia’s formerly safe neighborhoods and particularly Center City and the tourist areas. No part of the subway system is safe. Don’t mislead people.

  6. B
    Bucks Mike says:

    As someone that lives in one of the suburbs I will not venture into this city for anything . It bad enough I need to drive thru it to get to the airport.

  7. P
    Phillysusan says:

    Reality check

    You’re not doing anyone any favors by downplaying how dangerous Philly really is. On a per capita basis Philadelphia is most dangerous city in the country. I live here and have most of my life. It used to be that the danger was confined to areas that can be easily avoided by visitors. No more. Shootings, stabbings, beatings, assaults, car-jackings, armed robberies, rapes – all over the city including the heart of the tourist area, at all hours of the day.

    1. J
      JayPhilly says:

      Oh stop. Jackson, MS is the most dangerous city per capita, followed by St. Louis and New Orleans. Philly isn’t in the top 20 most dangerous cities. I live here in Center City and haven’t witnessed a single crime in my 4 years of being here and walking everywhere. My family loves to visit too. Stop spreading misinformation about a wonderful city.

  8. D
    Dash Riproc says:

    Content with its corruption and graft

    Homeless people live in the subways and terminals Police lay down DA is a joke
    The only law is the USAttorney and US Marshals
    Open air heroin and meth markets all along the Frankford Ave
    All major news outlets dumb down the looting and shootings
    It’s a spectator sport to count the stabbings and gunshot victims on the weekends
    The City Administration wants to dumb down the felony murder rate and encourage more soft targets into the tourist areas
    Stay back Jack this isn’t Disney World

  9. Highly inaccurate

    I have been a resident of Philly for 7 years now and it is undoubtedly dangerous unless you know exactly where you need to go. Most people I know here have been mugged at least once and my car has regularly been broken into. I would be very cautious while visiting here and not venture very far away from the Market/Chestnut/Walnut St center city area.

  10. N
    Not a Philly Girl !!! says:

    Philly Not Safe

    Philly is not safe. Read the papers & watch the news. Shootings & murders every day. Any time of the day… broad daylight & dark of night. You should tell the truth & warn people. I no longer live or work in Philly because it is so dangerous. If you are going to visit Philly, you have to be on guard every minute, because that’s all it takes, a minute to get shot. Or mugged by the druggies.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      I was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania been practically to center city and was raised in northeast Philadelphia Pennsylvania
      Philadelphia is not for everyone at least not for conspiracy theorists and racist and bigotry and fake religious people or as we say MAGA or Trump swamplickers! If you are one of those people who watch Fox News and are delusional at best I suggest you do not live here and if you don’t love the Philadelphia eagles or wear anything but jerseys with eagles on it you’re welcoming party will be short lived Philadelphia has nice people and brutally honest people and is a very diverse city to live in you depends on the person you are is how people in Philadelphia will welcome you with open arms and btw Philadelphians who know Philly know people do not tolerate someone talking shit means gossiping or being two faced or judging others is something you never do! Not on anything that’s when shit turns sideways cause Philadelphians believe in you being firm and stating honesty and respect and saying it straight out to the person you talk shit about another Philadelphian you will be either beaten within an inch of your life or worse warning but make Philadelphia a positive experience and be nice and kind and truthful and you won’t have a problem be yourself and definitely show some love if needed treat people like fam there and you will be all good

  11. Not safe at all ESPECIALLY for women.

  12. Safe to visit Philly in Center City?

    My husband and I are invited to a wedding in Center City Phila., Mid September. We’re staying at the “W” hotel. A friend from Cape May warned me about high crime in that area. We’re from mountains in Colorado. We’re late 60’s in age, are we taking a big risk safety wise attending this wedding?

    1. Absolutely not. I live in the suburbs but work in Center City and I’ve never had an issue. Any big city comes with a level of risk so be aware of your surroundings. You’ll be fine.

    2. F
      Former Police Officer says:

      Don't go to Philadelphia

      Don’t go. Shootings and carjackings everywhere…day and night!

  13. Born in northeast Philadelphia, I’ve seen the “changes” over time.
    As far as I’m concerned, the 1960’s and 1970’s were good times in Philly.
    But as the 1980’s progressed, things have gone downhill.
    Now?…. several parts of Philly have gone to crap, society has to deal with the criminals, invading like a cancer, in neighborhoods that once were safe.
    West, North, Southwest…. areas like Strawberry Mansion, Logan, Germantown, Cobs Creek….. among others, have become filthy death zones.
    Not to worry, the usual criminals are easy to spot, wearing hoodies in summer.
    And now, the mask mandates have allowed these fine young cannibals to rob and shoot stores up with less fear of the security cameras.

  14. A
    Anonymous says:

    The city crazy right now

    We passed 430 homicides in 10/2021 and its still going up as well as other crimes such as robberies, assault, and rape… lets lay facts, even that one good neighborhood is easily prone to something dangerous happening.

  15. N
    Narelle says:

    I love Philly

    I have been to Philly 5 times as a tourist… as the article says, keep out of the dangerous areas and you’ll be fine.
    We have never had an issue in Philly and I cannot wait to travel again and return to Philly. Philly is my happy place!
    P.S I’m from Melbourne, Australia!!!

    1. I’m looking to visit one day to see the sites and visit the Rocky steps.

  16. One the most unsafe cities in America

    I’m sorry but Philadelphia is unsafe. It’s a 50 on the index max. It’s a huge city with lots of people in it and whenever that happens chances are there’s going to be crimes. This city has so many problems that I don’t know where to start. Please update the safety index to reflect reality.

  17. Philly is not loving.

    I loved Philly when I was here for college (2005-2009). Now I’m back and reading articles like this… crime is out of control. Even if you are lucky and don’t get mugged, you’ll read about a shooting a block from where you were. Homeless people are everywhere, the subway is their personal toilet.

    I’m so disappointed, this city has so much potential. City administration should make no apologies for gentrification. In fact, they should try to do everything to achieve this. In the meantime, they should hire police to patrol the entire city, especially the subways.

  18. Author Has Never Visited Philly

    The author has obviously never visited the city of murderous love or is a woman. I have lived in North Philly for 6 years and I have had to keep one eye ahead and the other behind me everywhere I go the whole time. Center City, Fishtown, Germantown, Chinatown, Fairmount are all fine during the day, however, they constitute a small portion of the whole metropolis. It is OK for touring. “Even though it is said that it’s one of the most dangerous cities in America, this only applies to dangerous parts of the city.” What are the dangerous parts, oh wise one? Give tourists the truth and don’t mislead them into possible “death zones.” And get a new job.

  19. Philly is a complete nightmare. Krasner should be arrested.

    Born and raised in Philadelphia, in multiple neighborhoods (some safer than others).

    Philly is in the worst shape it’s been since maybe the 70s. And no- it’s not just the “dangerous neighborhoods.” It’s all over the city, day or night.

  20. P
    Philly Rich says:

    Come roll the dice if you want. Gunshots on 3rd and south street once the most popular street in Philly. Someone just got robbed outside city hall, on camera while the news was doing a story live. Telling people its safe here is setting them up for disaster.

  21. G
    Gabrielle says:

    2 stars for safety and 4 starts for things to do

    Philadelphia was once a great city and I hope it gets back there where it belongs. Unfortunately, right now the city is unsafe in many areas. That 60 on the safety index should be a 40 or lower to reflect the current reality in the city. Drugs, crimes of all sorts, the police can’t handle things well and don’t have enough employees and so on. Pickpockets are present everywhere there are crowds and will snatch your purse, phone or whatever else they can grab in a hurry. Don’t even get me started on public transport: they are there. Just keep your eyes open and you’ll notice them.

    You can get mugged in Philadelphia. It almost happened to me but fortunately a few good people stepped up and caught the thief and handed them over to the police. I know of people that have been mugged so it happens. For tourists, things might seem a little better and will feel better, but people that live here know how bad things can get. And it’s a damn shame as there are so many great places to visit here.

    Independence National Historical Park is probably the most historic place in America. There’s over a square mile of crucial landmarks like Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were created here. Then there’s the Ben Franklin Museum or the National Museum of American Jewish History.

    Another place you must visit is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The steps in front of it are the ones where Rocky Balboa (from the movie Rocky) strikes a pose with the city as a backdrop. The Museum has one of the biggest collections of paintings in the whole US.

    If you’re visiting with kids then make sure to visit the Please Touch Museum. Your kid will be crazy about it because they can touch everything! It’s filled with interactive exhibits that teach kids and encourage them to learn through play.

  22. G
    Grieving Philly woman says:

    Extremely risky sad to say

    I went to live with my mother in philadelphia at the age of five, comming from the deep south I thought this must be the greastest place in the world, just going downtown felt like Disney world’I have untold number of friends and family living there,For the past 22 years Ive lived in Florida near Disney world which truth be told is almost as bad as Philly , I hear the same horror stories repeated in both places , I am very saddened to think what has been lost in this once great city called Philadelphia,the culture was almost unmatched, unfortunately , now so is the crime, I have traveled to many countries unafriad, now I am petrified travel to my once beloved home town, from what I see on the news as well as personal experiences shared by friends and family, Please believe me.

  23. S
    Senior Citizen says:

    Will not visit

    Having read the above reviews, I will not be visiting Philly. Car jackings are out of control. And there is crime everywhere. Tourist officials and business people often lie about crime to get people to visit.

  24. Canceled trip

    I once planned to visit Phil but canceled my trip plan after learning more about its safety situation. Just a few days before my trip there was a shooting in centre city near my hotel. And there was shootings last weekend as well. What a pity as I was quite looking forward to visiting PMA and meeting friends.

  25. Safety is area dependent

    I lived in Philly for about 5 months in 2019. I lived in University city, and I felt safer than in my hometown in the Netherlands. It does depend on the area of course. As long as I didn’t pass 47th street everything was fine. The subway and North Philly did make me feel very unsafe, but in University City and Center City I felt safe, also at night. There are many homeless people though.

  26. Horrendous City

    Philadelphia is the most unsafe city I have ever been to. I lived in Lancaster my whole life and went to Philadelphia many times and had progressively noticed it get more and more unsafe, not to mention its so trashed, trash on the streets and side walks, junkies and homeless people everywhere, drug deal happening out in the open, and there is crime all over the place. My sister went to Drexel and someone got shot dead right infront of her dorm building. -5/5 stars is what I would give but I can’t, but hey if you don’t mind possibly getting killed or robbed at gunpoint then be my guest and go live there but don’t make a big deal about being robbed or having your car stolen, it’s a sanctuary city and the police there are absolutely useless.

  27. P
    Philly resident says:

    too dangerous

    From 1/1/22 thru 9/25/22, there have been over 1,000 carjackings within the city limits in Philadelphia, in both bad and good parts of the city. I have told my female relatives that I’ll meet them in safer areas near where they live in the far off suburbs, rather than my home in the Old City area. It’s just too dangerous to walk, park a car, or drive in this city anymore.

  28. Safe in Tourist Spots

    Philly’s crimes are clustered in several notoriously dangerous districts like Kensington, places where tourists are unlikely to set foot on. Philly’s main tourist areas, around the Market/ Chestnut/ Walnut streets in Center City, and UPenn in near West Philly, are extremely safe in daytime. If you look at the gun violence map by the Philly government, you will notice that gun violence are quite rare in the Market/Chestnut/Walnut streets from Penn’s Landing all the way to 46th Street in West Philly, especially in daytime.

  29. Great City

    Living in University City, I feel quite safe. Crime is rather rare in University City. I have walked around the Arch/Market/Chestnut/Walnut Streets from Center City all the way to 46th Street all the time, and I never felt dangerous in daytime. This is the main area tourists will visit (well, maybe except Italian Market or Museum of Art, but these areas are pretty safe too). Walk along the main streets at night and you will fine.

  30. c
    cautious tourist says:

    We are planning on visiting Philly in July of 2023. We will need to take public transportation, what is the best way to do this? We will be coming in at the airport and want to see the historical places in center city. We will be staying in Ogden. Is that a safe place?

    1. I wouldn’t recommend staying in Ogden because it’s far from tourist sites, and I would avoid public transportation at night unless you plan on going out just during the day. The main bus/subway is SEPTA.

      I would try and stay close to the tourist areas, ie, Society Hill. I am a lifelong Philadelphia resident and Philly has definitely lost some of its luster during the pandemic. Our crime rate is up, there’s more homeless people on the street, and our streets are dirty except for main tourist areas.

      Having said that, Philly has great restaurants and a lot to offer. I really hope the next administration can turn things around.

  31. L❤️VE Philly

    I love Philly. I visit the city often. I like Rittenhouse square and Washington square. There are great things to do. My fav is the mural tour.

  32. C
    Christina says:

    Subways felt very dangerous, lots of homeless and druggies but also plenty of good people.

    I stayed 2 nights with my 12 year old son and his two friends to see the Phillies game. I have lived in some high crime areas, so I’m aware of my surroundings, but the poverty and homelessness was more than I expected. I’ve ridden the metro in DC many times so I thought I could handle the subway. I was wrong. We entered the walnut/chestnut entrance of the septa subway and had to step to the side to dodge human excrement and puddles of urine. I was immediately approached from afar about giving a man $2 and I made it very clear that I was not helping him. That entrance is huge prior to getting to the ticket kiosk and turnstiles. Plus there is NO police presence in the subways. I will never ride the subway again if I return to Philly (which I would love to do because there is much that I didn’t see). Parking was also difficult…I’m from Virginia and used to self park garages… not valet garages where they expect you to leave your key. I refused to leave my key (I only have the one) and was charged $50 for doing so. Plenty of kind people helped me and my boys navigate the city and we made it safely to the game and back. However, we did see people who were clearly drugged up on the sidewalks and once even heard a lady screaming like she was fighting for her life… this was after we had returned from the game and took a bit of time for seeing the liberty bell and having a cheese steak sandwich. We were on 12th street at this time walking back from Market St…so it’s not like we were in a bad area, but it was close to 7:30 PM at that time and I felt the need to rush back to our hotel.
    Definitely stay in Philly but be aware of your surroundings. Keep some of your cards/cash in different spots

  33. L
    Landon Morris says:

    Like any big city, it’s essential to stay aware of your surroundings, especially in certain neighborhoods. Stick to well-populated areas and follow basic safety tips, and you’ll likely have a fantastic time exploring the rich history and vibrant culture Philly has to offer.

  34. H
    Harry Chase says:

    I’ve been to Philadelphia multiple times, and I’ve always felt safe. The key is to research neighborhoods before you go and use common sense.

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