Is Kennett Square Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On February 2, 2024
Kennett Square, United States
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Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania’s picturesque Brandywine Valley lies Kennett Square, a charming borough steeped in history and crowned “Mushroom Capital of the World.”

This cozy gem, just 40 miles west of Philadelphia, feels like a different world, with its quaint character, delectable farm-to-table experiences, and proximity to vibrant urban life.

Founded before the ink dried on the Declaration of Independence, Kennett Square is a designated National Historic District, brimming with architectural gems from Colonial Revival to Victorian, showcasing its rich past.

But Kennett Square isn’t stuck in the past.

Step onto bustling State Street, and the present comes alive.

Boutique shops offer unique finds, farm-fresh restaurants tempt your taste buds with innovative menus, and craft breweries quench your thirst.

Foodies flock here for the Mushroom Festival, a vibrant celebration of the valley’s culinary crown jewel.

For nature lovers, sprawling farms paint the rolling hills with verdant hues, providing the backdrop for scenic hikes and bike rides.

But what truly makes Kennett Square special lies beneath its surface.

Acres upon acres of mushroom farms flourish in the surrounding land, producing a whopping 60% of America’s mushrooms!

From button to portobello, cremini to chanterelles, the “funki” (as locals call it) fuels the local economy and infuses the town with a unique earthy charm.

So, whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or simply seeking a charming escape, Kennett Square promises an unforgettable experience.

Embrace its rich past, savor its culinary presence, and breathe in the fresh air scented with earthy delights.

Just a stone’s throw from Philadelphia’s buzz, Kennett Square offers a taste of small-town life with a distinctly delicious twist.

Warnings & Dangers in Kennett Square

Overall Risk


The risk is low, with violent and property crimes way below average and an excessive number of things to do for such a small area.

Transport & Taxis Risk


The Chesco Bus is the system that goes through the cities in Chester County. SEPTA is the train system to get into Philly. Taxis and rideshares are easy to find, but this borough is very walkable. Of course, rental cars are a great option too. All options are low risk.

Pickpockets Risk


I'm always surprised when a place that draws in so many visitors has a low pickpocket rate, and Kennett Square is one of them! No pickpockets or purse snatchings have been reported in the past five years.

Natural Disasters Risk


The risk is low, but bump that up to medium during the hurricane season from June through November. Storms can move inland and cause devastation. Winter routinely brings in snow and ice, but you'll get plenty of notice about that. The biggest concern you would have, aside from personal safety, is losing power or mobile service due to the impacts of a storm.

Mugging Risk


This is another low-risk, with an average of just 2–3 robberies per year. You should still follow smart safety steps, like not walking around alone at night, but the risks are the lowest I've seen in many cities.

Terrorism Risk


This is another low-risk, but if you're going through Philadelphia, you should use extra caution. Philly is one of the largest cities in America, and home to priceless landmarks, so it could always be a potential target. Homeland Security issues a terrorism advisory bulletin throughout the year with the latest risks.

Scams Risk


The police department here does a great job letting people know when a scam has happened, but most of the reported ones are targeted at locals. They follow common trends like threatening an arrest if the scammer doesn't get cash or threatening to shut off the power for an unpaid bill.

Women Travelers Risk


Women of all ages and backgrounds will love this town. The risk is low, and the amenities are excellent.

Tap Water Risk


The 2022 Water Quality Report shows all passing marks with no violations. You can feel safe drinking the water here. If it floods or there's a deep freeze, you might get notices about boiling water or water main breaks, but that's not too often and is usually fixed quickly.

Safest Places to Visit in Kennett Square

Use the Brandywine Valley tourism website to find out more about Kennett Square and Chester County.

Visit PA’s website because it also has a section for Kennett Square.

Another website is hyper-focused on Kennett Square but might not stick out when you search, so let me give it to you –

Chester County goes as far north as Pottstown, as far south as the state line, as far west as Honey Brook, and as far east as Valley Forge.

At any rate, you’re never more than an hour from a Chester County attraction.

Wander down Kennett Square’s historic State Street, a vibrant artery humming with the energy of local shops and restaurants.

Browse unique finds in artisanal boutiques, then savor farm-to-table creations in cozy eateries, where flavors as fresh as the farmers’ market create culinary magic.

As the “Mushroom Capital of the World,” you can peruse farmer’s markets or nearby farms.

The Mushroom Festival is held every fall.

Rows of vibrantly colored fungi paint a culinary masterpiece, and the earthy aroma hangs heavy in the air.

NOTE: While mushrooms are popular here, there are plenty of wonderful meals that can be made without mushrooms.

The square is also full of art galleries, from “get your hands dirty” pottery to glasswork to fine art.

Beyond the town square, Kennett Square’s treasures extend like wildflowers in bloom.

Discover fascinating exhibits at the Chester County Historical Society, where the region’s past comes alive in vivid displays.

Or, stroll through acres of blooming wonder at Longwood Gardens, where fountains dance, and flowers bloom and bow to the seasons.

Lace-up your running shoes and hit the Chester Valley Trail, a scenic serpent weaving through rolling hills and picturesque farms.

Spend a day sipping along the Kennett Square Wine Trail.

Local wineries await, eager to share the fruits of their labor, each bottle a liquid poem of sun-drenched grapes and fertile soil.

Places to visit nearby include the Brandywine Battle Historic Site, the Brandywine Museum of Art, and the Auburn Heights Preserve, where you can tour a mansion and ride a Stanley Steamcar.

Places to Avoid in Kennett Square

In all the stories I’ve written about travel safety, I’ve always been able to figure out something to write in this section about where to avoid – even when I had to get REALLY creative.

This one is tough because the borough is just one mile across on all sides.

You won’t find any dangerous neighborhoods or parts of town.

I will say that if you’re looking for a chain hotel, you won’t find one here.

The borough has a series of bed & breakfast inns and historic hotels.

Heck, some might even have ghosts.

There you go – avoid the ghosts in Kennett Square.

That’s all I got!

Safety Tips for Traveling to Kennett Square

  1. Kennett Square does have its own police department. You can follow them on Facebook @KennettSquarePD. The department posts a weekly crime blotter. The phone number is (610) 444-0501, and the email address is
  2. You’ll want to follow the Chester County Sheriff, too, since you’ll be driving around the county most likely. That Facebook page is @ccsopa. Since there are several counties in America with that name, be sure you’re on the one with the 610 area code.
  3. Sign up for emergency alerts through This will send weather and public safety text messages, phone calls, or emails to you immediately. It’s important to stay aware of potential risks.
  4. Kennett Square has a parking permit policy, where certain streets are designed for residents only. You can find metered spots for visitors, and the Passport Parking app is the best way to find a location ahead of time. You can also stop by the police department to purchase tokens for the meters, so you don’t have to carry coins.
  5. In winter, a snow emergency can be declared. This sounds more ominous than it is. That just means you can’t park on the main roads. You can learn more on the city’s website, but in a snowstorm, you wouldn’t want your car parked on the street anyway.
  6. Expect traffic in this borough, especially on busy weekends. As more people move out of the city and into the suburban or rural areas, it is putting an immense number of cars on the streets here. Plus, residents are complaining as visitors drive through the neighborhoods as a “shortcut.” If you do that, please stick to the (slow) speed limits for everyone’s safety.
  7. Use PA511 to get information about traffic around the region. The interactive map shows real-time traffic, road closures, construction zones, and weather conditions. Just don’t interact with the map while driving – that’s against the law.
  8. If you want to go fishing in Philadelphia, you should know that a license from the Fish & Boat Commission is required.
  9. If you plan to shop while you’re here, enjoy the boutiques of Kennett Square, but you should also know that Delaware has no sales tax. The Delaware state line is just 10 minutes away. If you want to know more about that, check out You can also read our reviews of the area.
  10. The city has a podcast called “Talking About Kennett Square.” This is a great way to learn about the region and upcoming events.

So... How Safe Is Kennett Square Really?

Kennett Square’s crime rates are low.

Violent crime is 64% lower than the state average, and property crime is 69% lower than the national average.

With a population of fewer than 6,000 people, the raw numbers are even more punctuating.

No more than 10 violent crimes have happened in a year going back a decade, and since 2019, no more than six.

Looking at thefts, there were 26 reported in 2023.

We know from 2022 crime statistics that just four of the thefts involved car break-ins or accessory thefts.

Even the outdoor risks are low here since much of the borough is paved streets lining tourist-friendly stores.

The biggest challenge you’ll have is wearing clothing in winter that suits walking outside and going indoors without being too hot or too cold.

Don’t let the assumptions about Philadelphia violence keep you away from this place.

Kennett Square is a whole different vibe.

However, if you have a mushroom allergy, you might not want to visit here.

How Does Kennett Square Compare?

CitySafety Index
Kennett Square84
Los Angeles56
New Orleans57
Washington DC56
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82

Useful Information



U.S. Citizens don't need a visa to visit Kennett Square. International visitors should have a visa or visa waiver and a valid passport. The U.S. State Department website has all the information you need.



Only the U.S. Dollar is accepted here. Try to use credit cards if you can avoid foreign currency transaction fees. That will protect you better against fraud or a lost wallet. Exchange currency at the airport or at your home bank for the lowest fees.



Wear comfortable walking shoes, whether it's winter boots or summer sandals. Bug spray is helpful for the humid, warm months, but if you don't want to smell like bug spray, try a nice citrus scent.



Wilmington, Delaware, and Philadelphia's airports are each within 45 minutes, but Philly has the larger option. Be sure you look at ILG for Wilmington flights so you don't end up in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

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May 17° C
Jun 21° C
Jul 24° C
Aug 23° C
Sep 19° C
Oct 13° C
Nov 7° C
Dec 3° C
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Kennett Square84

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