Top 5 Places Your Inner (And Outer) Gamer Will Love

Gamer lightning console

Are you an experienced gamer or just going to become one?

If you are going on a vacation but can’t live without your computer, favorite games, and the console, look at our list of best hotels for gamers.

You’ll reconsider your position.

It is a pleasure to rest in these great hotels.

1. I Hotel (Taoyuan, Taiwan)

This is the best cybersport hotel in Asia!

If you want to participate in the tournament do it here.

Show yourself and make new friends.

Powerful computers, excellent monitors, and new consoles can all be found here.

In case you are dreaming of trying all the new gaming industry.

No problem, the arsenal of games is constantly updated.

You can have a delicious and varied breakfast and all kinds of service.

The average rating based on reviews of tourists – 3.8 out of 5.


2. The Arcade Hotel (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

The confident gamers try their hand at the first retro video game hotel.

It doesn’t matter which console you like: retro or super new.

Any choices are all right.

By the way, gamers are adored here!

Best breakfasts, bicycle rental, and great excursions – not boring ones.

It’s “Geek tour Amsterdam”.

Gamers love this place.

The average rating based on the reviews of tourists – 4 out of 5.

White bicycles
White bicycles

3. Hilton Panama City (Panama City, Panama)

The gamers who find their rest incomplete without games go to this Hilton Panama City hotel.

Great view from the rooms, and a special separate room for gamers.

You will have your console right in a hand all the time.

The hotel has a private room with a huge screen.

A gym, a restaurant, and even a casino are located here.

The best casinos are no longer in Las Vegas, but here in Panama.

The average rating based on the reviews of tourists – 4.6 out of 5.


4. Staybridge Suites London (London, England)

A trip to London would be incomplete without staying at Staybridge Suites Hotel.

You’ll find everything the gamers need.

There are PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii – enjoy!

You can even play without leaving your king-size bed if you choose this type of room.

Practice in a gym, try the restaurant dishes and have a short walk in London downtown.

Your trip will be unforgettable.

The average rating based on the reviews of tourists – 4.6 out of 5.

London double-deckers
London double-deckers

5. PentaPlayerPad (PentaHotels in Asia and Europe)

PentaHotels is a hotel chain created specifically for gamers.

There are more than 30 hotels in Europe and Asia.

Each one has equipment for gamers like huge screens, consoles, and sets of new games.

The rooms look exactly the same in any country you choose be it China, Russia, Austria, Belgium, France, England or Germany.

Where will you go first?

Game console
Game console

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