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Updated On November 7, 2023
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Mali is a landlocked country located in the Sahel, sharing its borders with Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal, and Mauritania.

Mali is a developing African country and is one of the poorest countries in the world.

That being said, it still has some incredible sights to offer to its visitors, like the historic city of Timbuktu and a couple of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

As for the main sights in Mali, it is sad that both most visited sights are mostly destroyed or forbidden for tourists.

The famous shrines of Timbuktu and the Muhave have been destroyed for the most part by an Islamist group during their occupation in June/July 2012.

There have been talks of these sights being rebuilt, but for now, they still just remain as ruins.

Then there’s the Great Mosque, known for being completely made out of mud, counting five stories and three towers.

But, however impressive it is, you will not be able to see it if you’re not a Muslim, as the entrance to non-Muslims is not allowed.

This came as a consequence of a photo shooting that took place here ten years ago and was viewed as “pornographic”.

Warnings & Dangers in Mali

Overall Risk


Overall, Mali isn't a safe country to visit. With political turmoil and threats of kidnappings and terrorism, you should definitely think twice before deciding to come to Mali.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transport isn't safe in Mali. Malian roads, as well as vehicles, are unsafe and unreliable, and drivers can be reckless, ignoring traffic signs and there are accompanying factors that make driving difficult like roaming cattle on the roads. The best way to move around Mali is to hire a driver.

Pickpockets Risk


As in most African countries, you should be careful with displaying your wealth or your belongings at all, as petty crime is spread in Mali and poverty is crushing. Keep your valuables in your accommodation.

Natural Disasters Risk


As for natural disasters that hit Mali regularly, they include desert sandstorms in the north, with the harmattan wind blowing during dry seasons, bringing a dust haze which may cause damage to aircraft and respiratory diseases to people. Droughts are also common.

Mugging Risk


Violent crimes are also common in Mali. People have been attacked in broad daylight, and kidnappings also occur commonly. Avoid walking unaccompanied in Mali altogether, be it during day or night.

Terrorism Risk


Terrorists are very likely to try and carry out attacks in Mali. The risk of terrorist attacks is extremely high in Northern Mali that under the control of Islamist rebels that are cooperating with Al Quaeda. There have been numerous attacks performed in Mali and you should be very careful.

Scams Risk


There are plenty of scams and frauds performed in Mali with a goal to steal from tourists. Be wary of anyone trying to distract you, or anyone offering help. Check your change twice and negotiate your rides before stepping into a vehicle.

Women Travelers Risk


Mali is not safe for solo female travelers. Anyone is strongly advised against walking unaccompanied in Mali, but this applies more to women as they may be perceived as easier targets by muggers and other criminals. Stay away from poorly lit and deserted areas.

So... How Safe Is Mali Really?

Mali is not a safe country to visit.

You should know that Northern Mali was under the control of Islamist rebels, who practice the extremely strict Sharia law which they use to justify the destruction of shrines, landmarks, and historic buildings.

The Sharia law also calls for women to wear veils, for adulterers to be stoned publicly and for thieves to have their hands cut as a punishment.

This law caused about 500,000 people to flee to other parts of the country or to Niger.

The worst part is that these terrorist groups are in cahoots with an Al Qaeda branch which has operated for many years in the Sahara desert and kidnapped several foreigners from Mali.

Tourists are strongly advised against traveling to Northern Mali or anywhere near the border with Mauritania, and if you do plan on traveling to Mali, you need to monitor events in this country extremely closely and follow the advice of your embassy.

Be wary when on the train commuting between Bamako and Kayes, since it is notorious for theft: if you’re planning on taking the train, you should remain vigilant all the while and keep your valuables tightly by your side.

How Does Mali Compare?

CountrySafety Index

Useful Information



Most countries do need a visa in order to enter Mali, and travelers will need passports valid for at least six months and one blank page in their passport. You must obtain a visa in advance as they cannot be acquired upon arrival. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need a visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



West African CFA franc is the official currency in Mali. ATMs aren't exactly plentiful but there are some in Bamako and travelers are advised to bring everything in cash.



Mali has several climates, as they vary from tropical in the south to arid in the north, with the Sahel in between. There isn't much precipitation in Mali - rain isn't common and droughts are one of the recurring natural disasters in Mali.



Bamako's Modibo Keita International Airport, formerly known as Bamako–Sénou International Airport is Mali's main and busiest airport located about 15 km south of downtown Bamako, the capital of Mali.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Mali, since it covers not only the costs of medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

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12 Reviews on Mali

  1. S
    Simon G says:

    Very risky!

    I had the pleasure of visiting Mali several times in the early 2000s, Timbuktu was such a beautiful city with so much history. Unfortunately, since the fall of Libya, it has become a terrorist haven and Timbuktu has been destroyed, as has many other cities. Yes, you are indeed putting yourself at extreme risk by visiting Mali today, proceed with caution.

  2. M
    Maritza Jacobson says:


    Mali has indeed changed over the years. I don’t follow politics or the world news but being an avid traveler, this is one place I have been told to not visit anytime soon. I hope things can turn around. I have not been to Mali since 2004. What a shame.

  3. Bullshit

    What are those facts based on? That can scare off anyone, the only information you have is that all is mid or high risk – exactly same as Europe!! That is not right, it all depends on an area you travel, you cannot generalize everything.

    1. E
      EvilWhiteMan says:

      Stay far away from Mali (and the rest of Africa) as a white person

      Exactly the same as Europe? Did you really just compare Mali with European countries?

      There are many countries in Europe (Western and Eastern) where you can go ANYWHERE you want without having to be afraid of crime and harassment. Show me one African country that’s even close to that.

      Btw, most troublemakers in Europe are originally from Africa or the Middle East. They are the ones responsible for most of the crime in Europe. The problem is Islam. Islam breeds violence as they have many extremists. 75% of Muslims are violent.

      1. Don't visit Mali, it's not safe, but it's not Islam's fault

        The first part of your argument is legitimate, Europe and Africa are not comparable in terms of crime but the things you said about Islam are not ok.

        Islam does not breed violence, Islam promoted peace with many taking a holy Jihad to extreme levels. Read the Qur’an or at least read on Wikipedia before stating this.

        The internet is full of false information like “75% of Muslims are violent” – That’s not true!
        If this was true you’d have 1.5 billion terrorists running around and the world would be dead. That statement is blasphemous and absolutely false and only the most naive would believe it.

      2. E
        EvilWhiteMan's worst nightmare says:

        Get ready for a good roast, EvilWhiteMan

        Nah. Your review is pretty racist and bad. Islam doesn’t breed violence and dumb people. You want me to name a country in Africa that is visitable? Why, I have many.

        – Ivory Coast
        – Senegal
        – South Africa
        – Kenya
        – Egypt
        – Ghana
        – Botswana
        – Tanzania
        – Morocco

        Now where was I? Oh right. You are probably a fat 40 year old who lives in his momma’s basement. I am going to visit Africa sometime whether you like it or not. Mali is unsafe, but it’s not Islam’s fault.

      3. K
        Katherine says:

        Racist cr*p

        Every Muslim I’ve ever met had been kind, respected and peaceful. I’m not sure what Muslims EvilWhiteMan has been spending time with (I.e. none most likely) but he probably needs to get out and actually see the world

      4. Mali...currently a **** Hole...

        B*****…most of the world’s violence currently is based on Islamic teaching…just read the Koran…a violent ‘prophet’ begets a violent religion…

  4. M
    Muhibah bin Perpaduan says:

    Perhaps a North Korean type Communist government is best for countries like Mali. Communists deal severely with criminals.

  5. No beach

    I had a terrible experience here. I got mixed up at the travel agents and thought I had booked tickets for a beach holiday in Bali. Imagine my surprise when the plane took me to this hellhole. Bloody ridiculous and a complete waste of my time packing an inflatable lilo, couldn’t even find the beach, awful place!

    1. H
      Hilarious says:

      You went to Mali instead of Bali? That is so dope!

  6. A
    Anonymous says:

    I would like to visit Mali in this year amy tips on why I shouldn’t go

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