Is Nairobi Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On November 7, 2023
Nairobi, Kenya
Safety Index:
* Based on Research & Crime Data
User Sentiment:
* Rated 69 / 100 based on 81 user reviews.

Nairobi is a huge city located on the Nairobi River, with a population of three million people. It is considered one of the largest cities in Kenya and Africa.

The city was founded in 1899 as a swamp area but grew very fast due to administration and tourism businesses.

What tourists visit most are numerous churches, mosques, temples, such as the Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Family, All Saints Cathedral, Ismaili Jamat Khana, and Jamia Mosque.

They can also enjoy a range of restaurants offering nyama choma, which is a local term for roasted meat.

Today, Nairobi is an active and modern city that tends to meet everyone’s tastes.

Warnings & Dangers in Nairobi

Overall Risk


The capital city of Kenya is not a safe place to travel, especially if you are not vigilant enough. You can easily become prey to robbers, muggers or pickpockets. The city is generally safe during the daylight, however, going to some parts at night alone is too risky. Be ready to protect yourself from violent robbery, car-jacking, and kidnapping throughout Nairobi.

Transport & Taxis Risk


What you need to know when coming to Nairobi is that Matatus, the minibusses that people use to travel around the city are frequently stopped by criminals. If you decide to drive, be aware that Nairobi has bad traffic, due to the lack of road signs. Only use a licensed taxi which is the best way of getting around the city, since walking is not generally considered safe for foreigners.

Pickpockets Risk


Once in Nairobi, prepare yourself to encounter pickpockets everywhere, especially in public transport. Bag snatching is common and armed robbery occurs regularly. Even though travelers are rarely targeted, there have been reports about incidents of violent crime against foreigners.

Natural Disasters Risk


There are not too many dangers related to naturals disasters in Nairobi, but the rainy seasons might cause flooding. Earthquakes are also possible in Nairobi. However, they are not too severe.

Mugging Risk


Violent crime is usually followed by kidnapping and mugging. Nairobi is a city where you can easily be kidnapped to give them money and valuables. You need to get familiar with the danger zones to know what to avoid. The kidnapping of westerners became more common in Kenya. Kidnapping is usually operated by armed groups based in Somalia.

Terrorism Risk


Even though terrorism is a worldwide threat, Kenya has a moderate probability of a terrorist attack. The threat from extremists linked to Al Shabaab exists and many attacks in Kenya happened in recent years. The police are patrolling the city and it prevented numerous attacks. Usual targets are places like churches and mosques.

Scams Risk


Unlike violent risks, scams risk almost does not exist in Nairobi. You may not encounter beggars, but some people will try to talk to you, to distract your attention and steal something from you.

Women Travelers Risk


Women cannot feel completely safe in Nairobi since there were numerous reports of sexual assaults against women. High safety precautions are advisable and solo females should never walk through dangerous areas, especially at night.

So... How Safe Is Nairobi Really?

Nairobi is a city full of thieves and robbers.

The level of overall crime is high, which thus leads to the importance of being vigilant and practice common sense while in Nairobi.

The best advice for a tourist is to stay in the city center, not to carry large quantities of money while on the street, and do not accept help or drinks from strangers.

Also, slums should be avoided and make sure that you do not need to walk alone after nightfall.

Police are doing its best to protect tourists, but still, the level of crime does not decrease.

How Does Nairobi Compare?

CitySafety Index
Melbourne (Australia)80
Montreal (Canada)81
Sydney (Australia)80
Santiago de Chile (Chile)71
Vienna (Austria)88
Hong Kong (China)70

Useful Information



When traveling to Kenya, you need to obtain a visa. You should know that entry and exit requirements can change at short notice. A visa can be obtained on arrival at the airport, or before you travel. If the purpose of your coming is not tourism, you will need to apply for that type of visa at the nearest Kenyan High Commission or Embassy. Certain nations do not need to have a visa when coming to Kenya. All the information about it can be found on the Internet.



The Kenyan shilling is the official currency and the best advice is to exchange your money in reputable banks. ATMs are widely available but be aware that thieves operate around it. Credit card fraud is frequent, so it is better to use ATMs at large shopping centers.



Nairobi has two rainy seasons, from October to November and March to June, which is followed by severe flooding and mudslides. Nairobi has a subtropical highland climate, which includes the sunniest and warmest part of the year from December to March.



Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi belongs to the most frequently used airports in Kenya. Kenya Airways is the national airline and has international flights everywhere in the world.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

A travel insurance policy is a need when traveling to Kenya since numerous accidents and incidents might happen to you. The level of crime makes it even more necessary because theft and loss of possessions can never be predicted.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

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81 Reviews on Nairobi

  1. A
    Anonymous says:

    Not accurate at all and very negative!

    1. It is true..

      People in the center might feel like it’s safe..
      But go out at night in the neighborhoods as a white female and I am not envy of you and what might happen to you…….

    2. I mean, it is a negative review but quite true. Crime is prevalent all over the city. Best option walk in a group if you’re walking alone. Avoid crime hotspots. All crime aside, the city is fun and has a very vibrant nightlife scene!

      1. Which part of the city. Nairobi is safe if you don’t go to the ghetto areas. If stay in civilized areas you are safe any time. But if you to the slums it’s only 70 per cent safe.

      2. How, exactly, does one walk in a group and walk alone at the same time?

    3. A
      Anonymous says:

      Change your review, stop falsifying

      1. C
        Christiaan says:

        Find out Nairobi by yourself

        I go every half year to Nairobi, I stayed in Airbnb, Thindiqua Nairobi, where no other tourist at all are. Actually all the times I went to CBF Nairobi i never ever saw any other white.
        You only see most of the other tourist in Luxury tentcamps or costal área.
        As for me speaking my stays are always awesome.
        The first time I went there I stepped into a Matatu by myself to explore the surroundings of Nairobi.

        Karura Forrest for example.
        Its a fact that always the negative wins from the positive news 👎🏼.

    4. I mean I started laughing at the rating and I was like is this the Nairobi I know or another one ???every cosmopolitan city has the same challenges even in the developed countries,the statement is indeed very negative, is full of thugs and robbers 🙆🙆🙆 how about the rest of us. Pickpocketing is rife even in US, Europe etc that can’t be our tag mostly the ones who engage in that are the homeless and worldwide they are there.

      1. E
        EvilWhiteMan says:

        Stop this “it’s the same everywhere” BS. You’re generalizing. There are cities in Europe where things like that are actually NOT a problem. Just because you’ve never seen a peaceful city doesn’t mean there are non.

    5. n
      nosdjoasjdoasdas says:

      it is pretty accurate, according to all the articles ive read on it. its negative, as it is actually negative. honestly, take these reviews as much as a grain of salt

  2. True

    Very true, you need to know where you’re going, don’t walk around at night and not alone in places without a lot of people.

  3. a
    anonymous says:

    not accurate/true at all. . . Nairobi is a city that has always attracted tourism due to the nature of the city, its people and the history it holds.

    1. The article is correct.

      You fail to understand statistics… Nairobi might not seem high in crime, but the crime it has per the population is quite high compared to other big cities, thus, the article is on point on their advice.

      1. W
        Withheld says:

        What statistics?? are you from Nairobi?? or you are one of those Fake writers born with self-hate. I can bet you are one of many Africans(not Kenyan of course) ready to smear mud on matters you know little about. State which big cities!?, crime per population??? Nairobi has 3 million people, less than cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Dareslaam, Addis Ababa.

        1. Your vitriol betrays your motive in your “review”.

    2. What has been said about Nairobi is mostly true. You have to be particularly careful nearly every where – you will encounter pick-picketers, rude making as in matatus, very disrespectful city dwellers, very dangerous especially walking alone at night, if you are a female you could be raped in many places, pretty dirty city among many cities I have visited in Africa, beggars on every street Conner, car jacking if you rare driving (it happened to me) nearly got killed but I escaped, machete wagging characters will try to cut you into pieces in mostly upcountry areas, etc. It is important to tell the truth to potential visitors, especially tourists so they can be careful at all times.

      1. L
        Lucas K says:

        We have a lot of US students on exchange program, European students and tourists who visit clubs at night and I have not received any single incident of mugging. Kenyans, including those with criminal minds, do not target foreigners, especially if you are white. The only areas which are fairly unsafe are slums. But they respect whites coz they associate them with projects to help the communities.

      2. P
        Proud Nairobian says:

        Nairobi, city of wifi in the sun

        This is not true at all – rape almost everywhere? Not true. Car jacking mostly up country – this is far from the truth. Nairobi is safe, peaceful and beautiful. Just like any other city there are areas where one can go and where you cannot go. Use your common sense and you’ll be fine in any city you travel to. You did not even mention our easy access to high internet speeds unlike any other city in Africa. We are the warmest people you will ever come across and most of us speak three languages or more.

        1. S
          Steve Tetley says:

          Lived here for 8 years…great city…warm people…I never never walked around at night….Nairobi is beautiful ..but it is not a safe city….far from it….it is a brilliant city…important to know where and when to go to places….

        2. M
          Michael Davidson says:

          Kenya including Nairobi was safe for this white American

          I’m a white male American, 56, and vacationed in Nairobi and Mombasa alone for about 7 months total in 2020 and 2022. I walked alone late at night sober and falling down drunk at 4 AM from clubs in Mombasa and nothing ever happened to me. I was out late a lot, sometimes alone, and felt completely safe in Nairobi and Mombasa. All the Kenyans I met all treated me like royalty. There are bad areas in every city on Earth. Did I go to any dangerous areas of Nairobi or Mombasa? No, because I had no reason to go there and neither should any other tourist. Kenyans treat tourists very well there. Stay out of over crammed Matatus and take a TukTuk, Boda, Bolt or Uber instead. Stay out of Eastleigh in Nairobi and any bad areas of Mombasa at night and you’ll be fine. The police carry AK-47 machine guns and they’re literally everywhere tourists are. I felt much safer in Kenya than I do in my home city of Los Angeles to be honest. I agree that Kenyans are the warmest people you will ever come across.

          1. Actually all areas of most cities in Europe are safe 24/7.

      3. Garbage.

        This sounds like a pretend story. I’m a white woman, I’ve lived in Nairobi for years and traveled the country extensively and have never experienced any of this. Theives don’t target mzungus. This sounds very racist, to be honest. Machete wagging characters upcountry?
        I’ve lived in both Maasai country and Nairobi, and my husband has family all over western in small rural villages. I’ve always been safe and looked after when alone, and welcomed. I’ve never owned a car here, always use public transport. If everyone is rude to you, perhaps YOU are the rude one? Stories. Kenya doesn’t need you 🙂

        1. A
          Anonymous says:

          Maybe some confusion between “machettes” and Pangas? Pangas are used in small scale local agriculture for digging market gardens, such as beans and corn, etc. So many country people carry their pangas with them as they walk around the countryside. Pangas can potentially be used as weapons but they are normally used for gardening. But of course you
          need to know the safety situation in each area you visit, before you go there, like any country. Use your sense of safety; and ask the local authorities, like the police, if there are any risks in any areas you might want to visit.

    3. No.. Safaris are the main thing that attracts people to Kenya, let’s be honest here

  4. A
    Anonymous says:


    This is absolute nonsense. Not accurate.

  5. Falsehood

    This WRITER needs to be condemned with the highest level of Falsehoods ever. Nairobi is generally safe, how is it full of thieves and robbers and yet hosts world organizations. Paris has pickpockets, Joburg, Cape town is crime infested with regular carjacking. This Article is pure NONSENSE.

  6. E
    Elizabeth says:

    Pure lies against our city

    Who is the writer? in fact, if I am to rate Nairobi city, its the best in the world, Kenya is the best place to live in the world, the writer is not a Kenyan or Africa his/her lies should be condemned in the highest order, we are not the way you have described.

    1. d
      dorotnick says:

      Living somewhere (and knowing your ways) can be totally different to visiting it as a tourist. In my observations citizens of so-called “third world countries” are so well immersed in their culture and don’t know anything different that they don’t even realize how extreme for us “westerners” it is.

      1. I’m from the US (white female) and I have lived in Nairobi for years. I love it. I think some people are able to experience other cultures with an open mind and not find them “extreme”. Nairobi is not dangerous unless you are in the slums, and even then only at night.

  7. Surely you jest

    Nairobi city is “the best in the world”? Surely you jest. Or have never traveled anywhere outside of Africa.

    1. p
      patriot says:


      excuse me? you do not even live in africa. you shold not even be talking.

  8. Nairobi is safe… Matatus are not stopped by thugs… Contrary to the review it is not a bandit state.They have Uber, Bolt and Little Cab if you need to move around as a tourist. The tourist circuit in Nairobi is very secure… Any areas with insecurity are generally to the east of the city in Eastlands, far from the tourist beat, again these are generally safe if you’re with a local. Major international brands are available in Nairobi catering to a burgeoning middle class and a large expatriate community.

  9. Nairobi

    This is not a completely accurate review. The writer makes it seem like you can get jumped at any time. You are not at risk of getting mugged unless you visit a slum area but that is the same in all other cities I’ve been to. Also, avoid wearing flashy jewellery when in the CBD and be mindful of your phone. Also, avoid walking aimlessly at night or using public transport past 8pm, just use a cab and you’ll be okay.

  10. p
    patriot says:


    very true. if you do not live in nairobi then you shuold even be speaking. its a wonderful city with beautiful sceneries.i am saying all this because i know nairobi.the person who wrote that is just trying to ruin its name .you cant just judge a city you have not been to.ITS ONLY IF YOU ARE CARELESS OR NOT ATTENTIVE THAT ANY OF THOSE MAY HAPPEN TO YOU.

    1. P
      Proud Nairobian says:

      Nairobi a must visit

      Very true and well said! Nairobi is a must visit. To the author of the piece, any seasoned traveller knows how to use their common sense when in a foreign land because no one city is fool proof safe. Come and enjoy our city, Nairobi. Ask yourself why expatriates never want to leave Nairobi when they are stationed here…

    2. doesnt matter. you do not need to go to the specific area to have an opinion. and he should be talking, as everyone should respect others POV. to hate a country, you just need facts to back you up on the reasons you hate it. YOU CAN JUDGE A CITY YOU HAVE BEEN TO, you just need facts. no, actually you dont even need facts. honestly man/woman, just take these reviews as a grain of salt. And yes, ive heard of nairobi’s beautiful sceneries, but the amount of cons far exceeds the amount of pros

  11. D
    DO NOT BE MISLEAD. says:

    My girlfriend who lives in Kenya says it’s a dangerous city that’s right a local tells me that this is a place not safe. As they said in the artical it’s not safe in the night she carries large stones in a handbag when she is in the city where you will not be jumped straight off the plane but you will be eventually mugged even she says that it’s a city of thieves people who have had a good expierance your lucky. That’s all it is sheer damn luck. The writer is accredited by my books if a local 37 year old never left her country is saying this then you should probably listen she has had more expierance then you dafty fools. It’s virtually as bad as America.

    1. r
      realist says:

      Inconsequential and full of Lies.

      “My girlfriend who lives in kenya” by that statement I can tell where your from!Its not rocket science to comprehend who you are,your species is every where in every country in Africa and world wide.Its sad how you trying to bring other cities down,cz u know your entire Country is in a disarray.Anyway,I wonder why your “girlfriend”carries stones in her handbag?that’s so primitive n depicts your Country’s culture.Nairobi receives more visitors every year,check the stats.n I drive around Nairobi at night,n I can tell you its buzzing big time.

    2. Ridiculous

      Hilarious. As a white female living in Nairobi, and knowing dozens of Kenyan women, this is complete garbage. You are the one being mislead, it seems. I’ve been here for years. Never such an experience, nor for any of my friends.

  12. A
    Anonymous says:

    Not accurate

    No place is perfect but it doesn’t mean you tell lies. Nairobi is a safe and friendly city. It has it’s bad side just like any other big city but it’s the best place to live

    1. P
      Proud Nairobian says:

      City of fun and warmth - Nairobi

      Thank you for telling it as it is. Nairobi is beautiful and warm. As a people we’re warm and fun loving. I like what you said, that like any other city there are safe places and unsafe places. A seasoned traveller will know to use their common sense when moving around in any big city.

  13. B
    Born and bred says:


    Nairobi is as safe or as dangerous as any other big city. You have to be careful if you don’t know your way around. I would advise going out at night if you are a woman. It would be sad to avoid visiting magical Nairobi and its diversity because of some negative reports. Come and enjoy and experience life.

  14. B
    Born and bred says:


    Oops I should have written I advise NOT going out at night if you are a woman!

    1. Y
      Yule Msee. says:


      Budaboss pia wewe ni fothogari sana,(you are useless).women in nairobi go out at night especially in night clubs.Most Nightclubs in Nairobi and Kenya in general are mostly frequented by women.Majority use Uber,bolt and others drive their own cars.Unless you dont party at all.Magical kenya has a lot to offer in terms of touristic sites and destinations.The night life is basically partying,wine and dine;as like any big cities in the world.

  15. Scary as a white female

    As an American white female visiting the city for work I was afraid to walk alone in some places. seeing groups of black men looking at me and shouting between themselves was very scary.

    I would not recommend going there for women.

    1. M
      Mwananchi Maarufu says:

      Nairobi is no different in comparison to so many Crime tested American cities – Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, etc. Your state of mind May have contributed to your fears of black men as you have been taught to fear black people in America. Your whiteness may not have helped because of your superiority complex that may have made you feel that the black Africans should worship you. Crime is every where in any metropolitan city world wide. You can always return to America to work in any Hood-vile in your white America. Give Nairobi ( the city in the Sun) a break; will you?!

    2. Guys are pigs is ALL countries. LOL

      This happens to me in Canada. Jus sayin’…

    3. P
      Proud Nairobian says:

      Nairobi city in the sun

      Why were you going to those places in the first place??? Check your statements with those of other expats who have lived in Nairobi and would want to come back. Stop trying to make us sound like savages and barbarians which we are not as you speak from your high horse. Nairobi is beautiful and we are a warm people.

      Ignore this writer who is biased and visit our city.

    1. Dangerous city

      Nairobi is very very dangerous. I am Kenyan and I would never advise any tourist to visit my own country. It’s being honest as , one could be killed or kidnapped just for really little money. Even the policemen are corrupt and they would force you to give them money.

      1. D
        Dummy sue says:

        Full of sh*t

        Why don’t you go live somewhere else then, liar trash

  16. Truth About Nairobi

    No place is perfectly safe. We have seen shootings in the USA, attacks in Jo’burg, violence in Paris, I mean there is no place that is perfectly safe. The writer has written about a lot of negativity about Nairobi. Well, a lot of things mentioned are heresy and untrue assertions. Nairobi is not 100% safe, just like other cities, but it is a good place to visit. I do not live in the city but I usually visits it occasionally. Do not be deceived by the writer.

  17. A
    Afraid off you says:

    Be afraid at all times

    Majority off people in Nairobi have turned in to crooks ….absolutely not safe ….just an empty she’ll with no system anymore in place …everything fake from police to lawyers and there court system…fake fake fake ….you have no protection there ,….they can screw you up at any time because almost everyone is corrupt …..if you are a Foreigner you are very vunerable …they will set you up and loot you off all your belongings ……in simple words there is no Law more at all jUSt an empty facade ……very dangerous people

  18. A
    Afraid off you says:

    Stay away from that place

  19. N
    Nicole Stam says:

    Mzungu advice

    Well i have been in Nairobi 4 times and i’m Greek. Nairobi is safe enough to walk during the day. Come on people! No city is safe enough to walk alone at nigh wearing golds and holding an expensive bag. Everywhere you go as a tourist you have to keep an eye on your personal belongings. Matatu is ok also. There are places such as ghettos that you are not “welcomed” as a mzungu but it’s totally accepted by me and I don’t plan to go. I never felt like i’m in danger in Kenya. This article is way far from the real Nairobi. I feel more unsafe in Paris or Athens for example if i walk alone at night. It’s the same thing everywhere! I recommend Kenya and Nairobi and I really love Kenyan people are very kind. Karibu 🙂

    1. Safety Concerns

      Mzungu I’m African American with plans to visit Nairobi I have friends who are of the Apostlic faith and they are probably middle/low income families It’s my desire to stay for approximately one month possibly late May or early June of 2020- what’s my survival rate

      1. A
        A Local says:

        😂😂survival rate😂😂 like seriously! As a black person with all due respect especially from the US, Nairobi will be heaven for you. So long as you use common sense and respect the people. Enjoy your stay and learn some Swahili💪🏾

    2. P
      Proud Nairobian says:

      Nairobi city in the sun

      Thank you for the great and TRUE review of our city and welcome again and again!

  20. B
    Biased, half-baked article says:

    cringe-worthy article

    I read this article and was shocked, to say the least. Nairobi is safe and the people are the friendliest you will ever meet most especially to foreigners. Funny, because Kenyans, and Africans, in general, are the kindest people you will ever meet. Here you w will almost never find anyone that looks down of you because of your skin color or such shit. Do your research better, very careless of you.

  21. S
    Stop Lying About Nairobi says:


    The lies about Nairobi in this article. Too much! what do you gain by saying such lies about a city? To say our roads don’t have signs is a lie. Numerous assaults on women is a lie…not based on facts. In fact, those found to assault women we have reports of them currently in jail. How will you protect yourself from violent robbery and carjacking? This happens just like crime in any other city and not as exaggerated as you have. If lying on blogs led to prosecution you would be the first one to be arrested for the lies you have told on this blog. America is much worse with the reports of people shooting others in malls and schools, in fact, Kenya is much safer than many of these so-called heavenly countries.

  22. N
    Notcher says:

    Kenya has many beautiful spots but beware the hustle

    Kenyans will always defend the perception of Kenya vehemently, this is understandable.

    However the Kenyan hustle is an integral part of Kenyan culture. It is everywhere in this country and citizens take pride in how well they can hustle. The hustle exists at the top, middle and bottom of society, the hustle is interwoven into the fabric of society and is one of the reasons a known criminal (a prison escapee no less) is the Governor of Nairobi.

    Some common hustles = fraud, theft, misrepresentation, pathological dishonesty about anything involving money.

    Kenyans have an unwritten code. If a Kenyan sees another Kenyan hustling they cannot intervene and must go along with the hustle if requested.

    In short Kenya is a country where theft, corruption, fraud aka the hustle is the accepted norm. If you are a ‘muzungu’ you are simply food. You will be hustled, it is literally inevitable although you may not realise you have been hustled. In short, in the context of the foreigner the average Kenyan is a corrupt thief (from the President to the disabled beggar) so always be wary amongst them. Most of their salaries are below the subsistence so they feel they have no choice except hustle (thief) to top-up their income which seems plausible at first reading but Ethiopia and Madagascar have lower wages but haven’t succumbed to embedding the hustle (thief) into the Nation’s culture.

    Kenya has many beautiful spots but beware the hustle.

    1. M
      Mzungu girl in Kenya says:


      I’m a mzungu woman who lives in Kenya. I’m food? I’ve not been eaten yet. And if you think Ethiopia isn’t ALL about the hustle, you’ve never been there. Madagascar…have you been to Antananarivo? All big cities have hustle and crime. Paris? Rome? Lots of crime in Europe, also. The pickpockets don’t even hide in Rome.
      Your statement makes me think you actually haven’t traveled.
      If you’re robbed in Nairobi, the punishment is a mob beating, sometimes a mob death. I’ve witnessed mob justice on numerous occasions, to varying degrees of brutality. I saw a young man who snatched a purse in the CBD get brutally beaten. Kenyans are NOT ok with these things happening. They don’t turn a blind eye.

      On the other hand, in Addis Ababa, I was nearly robbed numerous times in BROAD daylight and not a local did a thing.

      Good luck, I hope you get a chance to travel to the places you pretend to have gone one day! Particularly Kenya, since you are lying like you have actual experience.

      1. N
        Notcher says:


        Why would I take the time out of my day to lie about such things?

        The main theme of my contribution is that corruption and criminal hustle is interwoven into the very fabric of the Kenyan culture; this is a stylized fact. Mob beatings are hardly just! I wonder how many innocents have been beaten to death by vigilante justice.

        If a tourist goes to Kenyan expect to be hustled from day one. Simple. If you want to address my points, great but please no-nonsense accusations about where I’ve been. It is like me accusing you of being Kenyan writing as a Mzungu!

  23. More or less right

    I’ve lived in Kenya for three years, and Nairobi for 18 months. I walk around during the day and it’s mostly fine, but you do get hassled in the street for money (beggars, street kids) which you can mostly ignore. But bear in mind I live in a relatively affluent part of the city and know where I’m going. A European can’t just walk around randomly in Nairobi without knowing what’s what, they could easily stroll into a slum. The audience of people reading this may come from cities where you can go anywhere at any time.

    It’s just inaccurate to say that “all cities are like this” because they aren’t. I’ve never been to a European city that isn’t safe to walk around at night, without worrying about taking a wrong turn. There are pickpockets at tourist locations, but I’d never think twice about walking three miles home, while drunk, at 3 am, in London. No chance in Nairobi, you have to take a taxi (well an uber or bolt). I’m not saying don’t come to Nairobi, it’s mostly decent, but don’t think you are in London – it definitely isn’t as safe for random westerners.

    Last year our guard at my old apartment building was shot in the leg and the guard across the street was shot dead. Guess why my guards have never been shot in Europe? Because in Europe you don’t need guards in your house. Nairobi is probably safer than Dar or Joburg for the most part. I wouldn’t walk around Joburg CBD, and I will in Nairobi during the day. But London or Berlin it is not. If you want safety in Africa, check out Kigali.

    Another anecdote to stress: My South African friend came to visit a couple of years ago and she’d been robbed of $160 within two hours of arriving at a market. Kenyans are ruthless to white people, even ones use to Africa. You could say it’s a form of colonial reparation I guess, but it’s something that is true, rightly or wrongly.

    I’m not sure how anyone can defend Kenyan roads. The roads being utterly terrible is a pretty binding topic of conversation in Nairobi. There are signs but they are inconsistent, unlike potholes which are ubiquitous. The roads are terrible places, especially for pedestrians. They are immensely dangerous (compared to Europe) and the vehicles spew out Delhi levels of pollution.

    Some of the commenters on here are either fantasists, in denial or they’ve never left Nairobi. Recognize the problems, or you won’t actually be able to fix them.

  24. e
    ex kenya lover says:

    so a bad place

    sorry kenyan people…..but…
    police is a nightmare,i would avoid kenya as tourist.
    Better give away your money elsewhere.

    1. Horrible. Never ever

      I totally agree with you . It is really a horrible place . It’s sad that people aren’t being honest by saying that Nairobi is safe . It is not advisable to visit Kenya as one could be killed for a dollar. Not worth it .

  25. This is a BAD LIE.

    Big lie!!!

    It’s so unfortunate that many people will stumble on this page. You’ll get robbed or mugged in almost any city in the world. It’s worse in first world countries where random people open fire in public places or schools and kill many people.

    Nairobi, just like any other city in the world has it’s dark side but nothing like what’s portrayed in this article. Utter bull!

  26. W
    White African says:

    Your Review of Nairobi is not True

    Nairobi like most developing countries cities has it’s fair share of insecurity, but to generally dismiss it as an unsafe place to be is simply UNTRUE.
    Taxi hailing apps are in plenty in Nairobi, Uber, Bolt, Little cab not to mention decent taxi services by registered companies.
    Since the inception of M-pesa it is literally possible to operate cashless while in Nairobi, you can pay for everything using M-pesa.
    While it’s noble to warn visitors of dangers that they may encounter in a particular city, it’s irresponsible and in bad taste to try and tarnish the reputation of that city.

  27. Good

    I have been taped sixteen times in Nairobi. It is a wonderful city. I shall be going again soon.

  28. THE UNITED STATES IS RIDDLED WITH CORRUPTION TOP TO BOTTOM. Morality is a MYTH here. Lived here 84 years. The government really cares nothing for the citizens. It cares only for the wealthy and big corporations…anything else is a facade…
    Internationally it cares only for power…..RACIST TOP DOWN! From the first ship to land for OUR FOREFATHERS….SLAVERS EVERY ONE. SLAVES EVEN BUILT THE WHITE HOUSE!
    You need only to study history to see how the US relates to other countries. Peaceful ….read out military history closely and you will see the facts. First nation to use nuclear weapons..GUESS WHO???? I am sick of it…I was fortunate to work my way through the Far Eastern Dpt. w/a BA. and the ability to read deeply.
    If I were out there I certainly would not trust the US…HEY!! WE ACTUALLY ARE IMPERIALISTS!. Even the churches….are co-opted! Notice how they (due to 501c3 IRS regulation) are muzzled.. Notice how the immigration rules have been tightened…..etc…..
    I have not once heard the church RC preach about the immorality of war….they water their teachings down. I would never enlist now as I did for the GI bill (PL550)

  29. P
    Proud Nairobian says:

    City in the sun

    Nairobi is safe, like any other big cosmopolitan city, use your common sense.

    This article is untrue, the author has falsified all the information about my beautiful city! Where else in the world do lions from time to time obstruct traffic in a major city? What a beautiful site to behold.

    Where else in the world do you get high speeds of internet everywhere you go around my city? Not to mention our warmth as a people and our hospitality. Add our national park that is in the heart of the city. A well structured system of taxis that you can hail using apps. There’s so much to see and do in Nairobi – come and feeds giraffes and baby elephants, or go to the orphanage and see our animals up close or go to the Maasai market and buy curios to take back home to always remember our culture and history.

    I could write a book on the wonders of Nairobi but you be the judge and visit us. Use your common sense though as a seasoned traveller always does.

  30. White woman who LOVES Nairobi 🙂

    I’m a white woman, and I’ve lived in Nairobi for years. Not a posh area with fences all around, just a regular neighborhood. Nairobi isn’t like this article at all.

    Kidnapping??? Be real.
    In all of my years here, I have never felt unsafe. I do not own a car and only use public transport.

    This article was a ridiculous read. I hope everyone who reads this and believes it is able to overlook the violent crime through the rest of the world, including the US and Europe. I’m originally from the US, and I love living in Kenya.

    Keep your wits, like you would in London, or Rome or Chicago or New York. Don’t flash cash. Don’t be a moron.
    Nairobi is a great city, culturally rich and diverse. Forget the stupid article and use your common sense. Karibu Kenya 🙂


    Being in Nairobi, I got shocked reading the first paragraph, but then laughed all through the remainder.

    Media in Kenya is soo vibrant and even international media have their regional offices in Nairobi. If kidnappings were a weekly or even monthly affair, you’d be hearing about it anywhere in the world.

    I am not sure about the intent of the article, but if it makes you happy, run with it.

  32. Pathetic Review!

    Nairobi just like every city may have challenges, however the attitude of the reviewer is negative off the bat. We in Africa welcome EVERYONE unlike other “superior” nations. What a joke of a review!

  33. Shoddy article

    I can tell that this writer has never been to Nairobi. Take it with a pinch of salt. Grossly exaggerated!

  34. Another view

    Ok , my take on Kenya being there 5 times and knowing quite a few Kenyans. Things that have been said to me from Kenyans have been stated to me ….. such as …… a lot of Kenyans will tell me …. Trust very few ….. money is definitely a big issue from begging, business scams , lying, police corruption, be careful just like many other places …. Common sense. I experienced most all of these issues including the police stopping my taxi and extorting money from my friend and I. I have forty countries under my belt so I’m not a beginner at this . I do love going to Kenya and maybe plan to live there part time in future. I have walked at night alone , never any Jewlery in any country. I love most Kenyans personalities. Just remember….. if anything about business…. Verify two or three times to make sure your not getting scammed. Very good scammers if they are telling you they need money for something…. Check check and check , great liers . I know a good ten to fifteen Kenyans….most say , trust no one. Even my friends friends say the same. Be ready for someone to ask for money , phones . I’m not saying all Kenyans will ask for money but it’s definitely possible when you get to know them or when in streets. Again this is my experience talking and knowing people. This happens in most places depending on where and what I’m doing as a traveler . I can definitely feel the vulnerability in the streets at night even in Nirobi but I had no problems even by myself. Caution that’s all …. Street wise . I was going to Kenya again this January but with a ban probably coming, I might not make it. I’m a thin white male older just for the curious ones . I travel mostly in third world countries… Columbia Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and the list goes on…. Many more than once like Coloumbia ten times. Another place that could be dangerous depending where you go or beauty everywhere around you.

  35. R
    Richard says:

    Just aware of where and when you go.

    Having traveled to Nairobi in several occasions in the past 12 years I believe it’s no worse than any other capital around the world. The biggest problem in my opinion is the poverty which can make crime rates higher. I was robber once but I put that down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The same can happen in London or Manchester. Despite the odd bad experience it would never put me off returning to Nairobi in the future.

  36. G
    Gary Morgan says:

    Vibrant under the Sun.

    There’s much hurt pride in the reactions to even slightly critical reviews so I’d like to assure you that I’ve a Kenyan fiancee, I love Kenyan people and the natural world here and I’m speaking as I find. I usually do.
    I was well aware of the traps for travellers in Nairobi, not unlike those of any large city though anyone rating it as no more dangerous than London is deluded. It IS very lively, the people are friendly and I was lucky in that my (black) partner is streetwise and knew where to go; a few places near the CBD we avoided for pickpockets…nastier than European ones my fiancee said.
    Be wary but not neurotic, don’t flash valuables or behave ostentatiously and you’ll find the city vibrant, interesting and with an ideal climate. I’m returning in November 2023. Careful as well as open to more fine African experiences, which is why I like the place.
    Please though, easy on the vitriol critics: bribery and grifting are common here. Locals do the place no favours in trying to wish the negatives away.

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