How Safe Is Santiago de Chile for Travel?

Santiago de Chile, Chile
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Santiago de Chile is the capital city of Chile with a great number of citizens which makes it very densely populated. Besides all this, it is a peaceful, clean and wealthy Latin American city which is developing fast and the city’s economy is very prosperous.

Even though many people tend to visit Santiago de Chile on their way to the Atacama Desert, the city has recently become a tourist destination itself and it is on a constant rise.

Travelers that decide to start an adventure in this gorgeous city can explore its lively parks, culture and architecture, and enjoy the perfect view of the city from some of Santiago hills.Some of the attractions are the Parque Metropolitano, The Museum of Human Rights, and the Festival del Barrio Brasil.

Warnings & Dangers in Santiago de Chile

Overall Risk


Santiago de Chile is a beautiful city and a safe place to visit only if you are watchful enough and practice your common sense. The threat of crime exists and in order to avoid displeasing situations, minimum safety precautions are enough.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Even though taxis are considered safe in Santiago, there are those that are unlicensed, so it is better to take the licensed one, since it was reported that some tourists had been attacked by taxi drivers. The licensed taxis have the logo of the company on their car. While you are at the airport, you should pay attention to your personal things, due to the large amount of robberies in the recent years. Buses can also be risky after dark.

Pickpockets Risk


Theft of personal belongings is very common in Santiago and grabbing of wallets and purses are extremely popular. You have to hold onto your bags at all times and do not put it away from your sight. Since tourists are the ones usually carrying bigger amounts of cash, thieves target them. So, when paying for something, do not show your wallet or cash in public.

Natural Disasters Risk


Besides the occasional flooding that can be caused by heavy rains, air pollution is the main problem in Santiago.

Mugging Risk


Muggings are frequent in Santiago, and the main targets are drunk people outside of clubs, especially foreigners, that walk alone at night. In case of being attacked, do not resist, but give them what they want, because thieves tend to be impatient and can become violent, which can lead to further more serious consequences.

Terrorism Risk


The threat of incidents of terrorism exists in Santiago since anarchist groups tend to occasionally use small explosives around the banks and in public transport. Tourists just need to follow the advice from authorities and tour guides.

Scams Risk


Taxi drivers are the most usual scammers, once they realize that they are driving the foreigner. Travelers are often overcharged. Different strategies of robbing are used, so be aware that the possible threat are the individuals who are asking for help or directions.

Women Travelers Risk


The crime against women tourists is not frequent in Santiago and they usually have no trouble. What each woman should know is that men from Santiago tend to comment or make some gestures that are not pleasant to alone woman on the street. The best advice is not to dress provocatively and not to walk alone at night. As long as you do not attract attention, everything would be fine.

So... How Safe Is Santiago de Chile Really?

Santiago de Chile is full of beautiful landscapes and natural wonders which makes it a lovely place to visit. Its clean, modern and safe streets attract tourists worldwide.

Nevertheless, the dark side of each major city is the crime.  Popular areas, such as Plaza de Armas or Bellavista, can be risky, since the police are not present there during the night.  Serious crimes against tourists are not common, so the visitors just need to pay attention to thieves and other petty crimes and can consider the city of Santiago a safe city.

Useful Information

  • Visas - Considering the fact that tourists from some countries do not need a visa when they come to Chile, you can visit certain websites and get all the necessary information. The Tourist Visa lasts for 10 years, but you can stay in Chile less than 90 days at one time.
  • Currency - The Chilean peso is the official currency in Chile. ATMs can be found in the majority of cities and credit cards are accepted. Tourists need to pay attention to the people around them when using credit cards, since there is always a risk of being mugged.
  • Weather - Santiago has Mediterranean climate. Summers are usually hot and dry. Period from November to February is the summer season with temperatures about 30°C. July and August are the coldest months. Even during the winter, temperatures rarely fall below 0°C.
  • Airports - The major airports in Chile, which are also used when coming to Santiago, are Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, Diego Aracena International Airport and Cerro Morenoo International Airport. Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, well known as Santiago International Airport is 15 km away from Santiago, and it is the busiest one in the country. The facilities inside the airport are parking areas, VIP lounges, Duty Free shops and restaurants among many others.
  • Travel Insurance - Tourists usually expect never to use travel insurance policy while spending time in a foreign country, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Most travel insurances cover medical problems in case of emergencies as well as the theft and robbery.
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Santiago de Chile Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 21° C
Feb 21° C
Mar 19° C
Apr 15° C
May 12° C
Jun 9° C
Jul 9° C
Aug 11° C
Sep 12° C
Oct 15° C
Nov 18° C
Dec 20° C
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  1. Mugging Santiago

    On March 14th 2019 at 11:00 am were visiting Santa Lucía Hill walking up to the top when we realized we were being observed by 4 young men dressed in designer clothes. We left the park and got back on the main road. We felt safe as we were no longer isolated on the hill and there was lots of traffic and other people. WRONG they attacked us pulling one of the women to the ground trying to get a cross body purse. They fled across the 8 lanes of traffic causing a car to swerve and hit a motorcyclist. There was no police presence. Santiago is not a safe place even in daylight

    1. T
      The Browns....from USA says:

      Overall safety and transportation

      My husband and I have visited Santiago several times during summer as well as beautiful southern Chile and Atacama region, and never experienced any issues with crime. Took long walks all around Santiago and enjoyed our visit….food is great, plentiful and cheap. For transportation we used the Metro train which can take you all around the city, or Uber. From the airport Shuttle services are good. Like in any other big city use precaution and common sense. Chile is a beautiful and safe country to visit.

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