Top 10 Countries for Safe Trip to South America

Updated On January 12, 2022
Peru mountains

Considering the situation in the Middle East and the growth of terrorist attacks around the world, most tourists tend to be very careful when choosing their vacation spots.

Latin America is a very beautiful place with numerous attractions.

Moreover, according to the Global peace index, countries in Central and South America were praised very much.

The peace index is put forward by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

This index is based on various indicators including international and domestic conflicts.

With the help of these indicators, the Institute decides whether a country is safe or not.

While many people think that Latin America countries are full of gangs, it is not true.

The truth is that the continent is incredibly beautiful with stunning nature.

One other point is that there are numerous countries with a high safety rate and even safer than in most places in the USA.

In this article, we’ve collected the list of Latin America countries that are considered very safe for travelers.

The Amazon

The Amazon
The Amazon

Of course, Amazon isn’t a country but a whole rainforest that covers about 9 countries.

This spot is incredibly popular among thrill-seekers, hikers, and people who like adventures.

The Amazon is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy some raw nature and incredible beauty of this place.

Speaking of a crime rate, it is one of the safest places on the continent.

The area covers territories of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and others.

All these countries pay much attention to safety issues especially when it comes to tourists.

If you are interested in the beautiful nature of this region and visit some mysterious places, there are some arranged tours.

Considering the fact the area is covered in the thick forest the place is pretty safe as there are no crimes.

Most locals are villagers as there are no big cities in the area.

If you don’t feel like experiencing the wild nature, there is a variety of river cruises.

It is a great option for those who want to have a comfortable and safe trip.



Peru is an amazing country that is known for its incredible culture and history as well as handcrafted garments and fabrics.

Also, the country is known for its stunning landscapes and gorgeous beaches.

If you are a history lover, this country is a perfect destination for you.

There are lots of amazing Spanish and Inca ruins all over the country including the famous city of Machu Picchu.

These ancient ruins are located at the top of the Andes and well-known all over the world because during the conquest Spaniards were never able to find it.

For those who look for more modern vacations, Lima is an ideal option for you.

It is a great place for surfing with its exotic beaches as well as enjoying a beautiful light-sound show.

Also, you can find a bunch of great campsites in the area.

Speaking of safety issues, you need to know that Peru is one of the safest countries in the region.

You need to know that the state department provides no specific travel warnings about Peru.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Island
Galapagos Island

Ecuador has numerous amazing places for tourists and the Galapagos Islands are for sure one of the best.

During your visit there, you can see numerous beautiful exotic birds described in Darwin‘s book.

In fact, this place is incredibly stunning and absolutely deserves all the praises it receives.

Speaking of safety issues, the islands were always known as one of the safest places in the region.

According to the State Department, Ecuador has a very low crime rate and there are only some general precautions for tourists.

Among the crimes, you should be aware of during your visit, there are credit card fraud and pickpockets that are common safety issues anywhere.

Also, there is a possibility of express kidnapping but it is also a common issue in any country.

You don’t need to get vaccinated but it is better to have been vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella to make sure your trip is safe.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

For a long time, Costa Rica has been known as one of the safest countries in the region.

The country is often called the Switzerland of Latin America.

The reason is the beauty and political stability of this country.

Speaking of safety, there are lots of aspects that you need to consider when it comes to your safety.

When it comes to your physical well-being, Costa Rica is pretty safe.

Local water is known as nontoxic and hasn’t caused any significant illnesses for many years.

You need to know that the healthcare services there are also good and there are numerous hospitals available throughout the country.

The healthcare system includes both community hospitals and world-class clinics as well as great doctors.

One other significant point is that Costa Rica is a very friendly and welcoming country.

The crime rates there are pretty low and among the most widespread crimes, there is theft that is a common problem around the world.

In other words, you just need to follow some general safety rules if you want to have a safe trip to Costa Rica.



Recently, Panama became extremely popular among tourists and there are lots of reasons for it.

Considering the fact that the country gets an incredible income from tourists, local police departments pay much attention to safety.

During the past few years, the crime rate becomes significantly lower.

However, there are some places such as the Colombian border that you need to avoid if you want to have a safe trip to Panama.

Local safety departments inform tourists that they need to keep a guide with them and should register with Senafront when entering the country.

If you want to learn about unsafe places in Panama, you can visit the country’s state website.

Why coast and border areas are pretty safe, make sure to follow some general safety rules if you want to have a good trip.



If you are looking for a place to visit in South America, Chile is one of those places you should consider.

The country is known for its diversity as there is a variety of amazing things and places everyone should visit.

Washed by the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the mountains, the country has lots of historical places and Antarctica in the South.

Make sure to visit the Atacama Desert that is one of the driest places in the world and climb the mountains to enjoy the magnificent view of local volcanoes.

Also, it is a great place for snowboarding and skiing.

Of course, it can be hard and even impossible to visit all these places during one trip if it isn’t a long-term stay.

Among the most incredible places, there are Moai, marble caves, and volcanic mountains.

When it comes to safety, you need to know that Chilly is a very safe country.

Of course, there are some common crimes such as street crimes, pickpocketing, and bag snatching but the situation is well-controlled by the local government.

Just make sure to follow general safety rules and your trip to Chile will be absolutely safe.



Argentina is the second-largest country in Latin America and one of the largest in the world.

Every year, tons of tourists visit this amazing country.

It is known for its beautiful landscapes with the snowcapped mountains and heavy glaciers.

In fact, is you want to enjoy the beauty of glaciers, you need to visit the national park that is dedicated to glaciers.

If you want to have fun, make sure to visit Buenos Aires that is known for its parties and festivals.

Also, it is a great place for shopping and enjoying sports events.

Vine fans can book one of the guided tours to local vineyards.

According to the global peace index, the country is one of the safest destinations in the region.

There are only some general safety rules provided bu the state department.

As the statistics show, there are only 7 cases of homicide per 100 000 people that is much lower than even in the USA.



Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in Latin America and one of the least known.

However, you can find numerous great resorts, beaches, and parks there.

There are numerous activities you can enjoy including fishing and hot air ballooning.

You need to know that the country is famous for its excellent vines.

Also, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is absolutely legal in Uruguay.

Speaking of the crime level, Uruguay is a very safe place for visitors.

In fact, it is one of the safest countries in South America.



There are only a few people who know about the incredible beauty of this country.

Located right near the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, this small country became even more popular among the tourists recently.

You need to know as it is a great spot for peaceful, relaxing vacations due to its numerous luxurious resorts.

Just make sure to enjoy some scuba diving and explore the Belize Barrier reef that is the second-largest reef in the world.

Also, you can stroll through the local rainforest filled with exotic birds and Mayans ruins.

There are no specific precautions about this country but there are some areas tourists should avoid.

While the homicidal rate is higher than in those countries mentioned before, there were no cases of attacks on tourists.

Also, there is a very low rate of terrorism so the place is considered as one of the best destinations for vacations in South America.



If you are one of the nature lovers and want to enjoy some beautiful landscapes, Paraguay is a perfect place for you.

The country is full of beautiful waterfalls, stunning lakes, and incredible landscapes.

Also, Paraguay is a great place for history lovers as there are numerous places where you can learn about the rich history of this country.

According to the global peace index, the crime rate is very low in Paraguay and it is the fifth safest country in the region.

For the last 20 years, the crime rate has decreased significantly so it is a great place to visit.

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