How Safe Is Nauru for Travel?

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Nauru is considered to be the third smallest country in the world but the smallest state outside Europe, which is an island located in Micronesia in the Central Pacific region.

What is sad to notice about the culture of the island is that it is currently faded by international influences and very little of the old customs have been preserved, but this is a downside effect of globalization that has affected the region.

The spoken language on the island is Micronesian, however, English is widely spoken and understood there, so you as a tourist will not have trouble with this.

Warnings & Dangers in Nauru

Overall Risk


Overall it is considered to be safe for tourists to go there but it is still recommended to take all measures for avoiding unpleasant cases.

Transport & Taxis Risk


What is interesting to notice is that on the island there is no public transportation available as well as taxi services, which means that one of the ways you can travel is considered to be the rented car, which is considered to be safe.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets are often met here and as a result, you are advised to keep a close look at your belongings especially documents and your identity card.

Natural Disasters Risk


The rainy season in the South Pacific is considered to be dangerous as this could result in loss of life and extensive infrastructure damage. Therefore, if traveling from November to April to the island keep an eye on weather forecasts and always follow the advice of local authorities.

Mugging Risk


There are really few cases of mugging that are well-known to the public authorities, but still, this does not mean that we should be fearless.

Terrorism Risk


Even if there is no historic data of any terrorist attack happening on the islands, there is still a chance for this to take place, so it is advisable to follow the recommendations of public authorities.

Scams Risk


There are scammers on the islands but these could be easily avoided through using your common sense and trying not to be easily influenced.

Women Travelers Risk


There is no considerable risk that can somehow affect traveling women and therefore it is considered to be safe.

So... How Safe Is Nauru Really?

The level of crime here on the island is low, but still, this does not mean that there are no cases at all and as a piece of advice would be to always take all the measures in order for you to ensure your safety.

One of the most important advice is to keep a look at your belongings especially your documents as if lost on the island it is kind of difficult to have them easily again.

As there is no public transportation means that can drive you from one point of the island to another, as well as no taxi companies that can provide you these services it is somehow advisable to rent a car as it is considered to be the safest way of getting somewhere on the island.

Keep in mind that not all the roads are paved and this is why it is recommended to make your route before driving, in order for you to be sure that you will drive on publicly authorized roads.

Also, it is claimed that the touristic industry is not so developed and as a result your facilities and services are limited, so you are kind of responsible for your safety.

How Does Nauru Compare?

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Useful Information

  • Visas - It depends on your citizenship whether you need a visa or not, but all the required information is clearly provided by the web-site of the public authorities.
  • Currency - Nauru's official currency is Australian dollar.
  • Weather - Nauru has an equatorial climate, which means that all over the year it is hot and humid.
  • Airports - Nauru International Airport is a single airport on the island that has eight destinations.
  • Travel Insurance - As it is always recommended to have travel insurance while traveling, no matter the destination Nauru is not an exception.
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Nauru Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 27° C
Feb 27° C
Mar 27° C
Apr 27° C
May 28° C
Jun 28° C
Jul 27° C
Aug 27° C
Sep 27° C
Oct 28° C
Nov 28° C
Dec 27° C
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1 Review on Nauru

  1. A hidden gem

    I hadn’t heard of Nauru up until recently. I’ve heard about it from a friend of a friend who recommended we go there. He said this is one of the safest places in the world and I can now attest to that. There are pickpockets here and there but nothing too scary. And the place is so beautiful. It’s too bad not many of the old customs have not been preserved because the ones that are still in practice are fascinating.

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