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Updated On November 7, 2023
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Bangladesh FlagBangladesh : Safety by City

This humble country, often overlooked by many tourists, is located in Southern Asia, sharing its borders with the Bay of Bengal to the South, though its major part is almost completely encircled by the Republic of India – literally around: to the West, North, and East.

It also borders Myanmar to the Southeast.

And although tourists keep forgetting it and overlooking its many virtues, considering it to be off the beaten path by literally any measurement, Bangladesh is a country of very friendly people and you can expect a warm welcome if you stumble into this part of the world.

A major part of Bangladesh is covered by the Bengal delta, the largest delta on the planet.

The country is actually famous for having 700 rivers and 8,046 km (5,000 miles) of inland waterways.

It also boasts highlands with lavish green forests located in its northeastern and southeastern regions, as well as many islands and a coral reef.

Among other natural beauties you can find here, there is the longest unbroken sea beach, Cox’s Bazar Beach, and the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world.

It is a country of immense biodiversity, with flora, fauna, and wildlife like nowhere else, including endangered Bengal tigers, the national animal.

Warnings & Dangers in Bangladesh

Overall Risk


Bangladesh is mainly a safe country to visit. However, it does have an extremely high rate of both petty and violent crime, though it's mainly ridden with petty street crime. You should be vigilant and take all possible precaution measures in order to minimize the risk of getting hurt.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transport is also risky. If you're traveling in rickshaws, CNGs or taxis, especially at night, you may be particularly vulnerable to being attacked and robbed at gunpoint. Avoid public transportation when traveling alone.

Pickpockets Risk


Since Bangladesh is a very poor country, it is no surprise that pickpockets are extremely active. They are an everyday occurrence, so you should be extremely careful when handling your valuables and never carry your money in a purse or a pocket. Never carry all your money in the same place, and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Natural Disasters Risk


Bangladesh is susceptible to many natural disasters. It has suffered from floods, cyclones, storm surge, river bank erosion, earthquake, drought, salinity intrusion, fire and tsunami, with cyclones and floods particularly causing massive damages.

Mugging Risk


Violent crime is also a common occurrence in Bangladesh and you have to be very careful. Armed robbery is the second most common crime in this country, so do everything you can do keep your valuables low profile. Kidnapping of businessmen and abduction of children are becoming increasingly popular.

Terrorism Risk


There is a high probability of terrorists trying to carry out attacks in Bangladesh. The last terrorist attack occurred in March 2017 and it targeted security forces and there is a risk that future attacks could also occur in public places where public gatherings take place. Places where foreigners are known to gather may be at higher risk of attack, so be vigilant at all times.

Scams Risk


Scams are an everyday occurrence in this country. As in most countries ridden with poverty, there are a number of scams performed on tourists, and it is no wonder that the locals use every situation to try and get money from you. Double check everything, and negotiate everything in advance. Be careful when taking a taxi and make sure they use the meter or negotiate the ride before getting into the cab.

Women Travelers Risk


Though many women have visited Bangladesh and encountered no problems at all, going to Bangladesh alone has its risks. If you do, be sure to avoid remote streets, both during day and night, and do not flash your belongings or handle money in public. Stay out of the streets at night and be vigilant for any possible dangers at all times.

So... How Safe Is Bangladesh Really?

Despite being a country of friendly and open-minded people, Bangladesh is poor, with a high crime rate, so coming to Bangladesh may not be the safest option crime-wise.

This means that you should stick to your wits and apply basic common sense, like not going anywhere alone after dark.

However, if you do find yourself in a risky situation, start shouting and drawing attention to yourself.

That should work just fine, as someone will probably run to your aid.

Most tourists are safe during the day as they draw curious looks and locals are highly interested in them, so you will probably be watched at any time.

However, you should keep your valuables close to you at all times, especially when traveling by rickshaw, CNG (auto-rickshaw) or bus.

Never wear anything that is visibly valuable, latest technologies and expensive jewelry, and most middle-class locals just opt for gold or silver imitations when going out.

Most crimes typical for Bangladesh are petty in nature, so expect thefts like pickpocketing or purse snatching, especially when walking near the road: many criminals work as teams on motorcycles.

The second most common crime in Bangladesh is armed robbery and the areas you should avoid are those of Gulshan and Banani in Dhaka, as they have experienced such cases.

The robbers mostly target westerners or anyone looking like them.

Avoid moving from place to place in a rickshaw, CNG or a taxi, especially at night, as they are particular targets when it comes to gunpoint robberies.

In general, avoid public transportation when alone.

How Does Bangladesh Compare?

CountrySafety Index

Useful Information



Many countries do need a visa to enter Bangladesh. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Bangladesh. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Bangladeshi taka is the official currency in Bangladesh. You can find ATMs that accept foreign cards in most big towns and cities, but not in smaller towns, at least not many. Bear in mind that whenever you take money out of an ATM using your foreign card, you will have to pay a convenience fee of a few hundred taka.



The climate in Bangladesh is subtropical monsoon climate that, depending on the season, varies in rainfall, high temperatures and humidity. Generally speaking, Bangladesh has three distinct seasons: a hot, humid summer that lasts from March to June; a cool, rainy monsoon season from June to October, and a cool and dry winter from October to March.



Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, formerly known as Zia International Airport, is the largest airport in Bangladesh. It is located in Kurmitola in northern Dhaka.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Bangladesh, since it covers not only the costs medical problems, but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

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Bangladesh - Safety by City

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15 Reviews on Bangladesh

  1. Safer than the US

    Weird that the website states one of the safest areas of the capital as a place to avoid. The Gulshan/Banani/Baridhara area is the diplomatic zone under 24/7 security and surveillance. Use common sense, stay in populated areas and have a guide if traveling off trail.

  2. A
    Anonymous says:

    What a shithole

    Terrible place with the worse slums i’ve ever seen

    1. More safe then US

      What an a**hole! These poor slum dwellers in that country and elsewhere are the ones who are forced to work overtime in health hazardous conditions by companies from so called “civilized*, rich” west.

    2. Safest than so called Ultra- modern, racist, Terrorist USA…

    3. E
      Edward Snowden says:

      Bubbled mind

      Have you ever seen a luxury 5 star slum anywhere on the planet?

      Come out of your bubble world and have some empathy who struggle to feed their family a healthy diet.

    4. A
      Anonymous says:

      I agree mate went here and was traumotised from the experiience ive had it doesnt even comppare to my house in Yemen, would not return i wud raher be in a gulf war

  3. Safer than US and UK

    Those who wrote the article have 0 ideas. Gulshan and Banani is a diplomatic zone and the safest area in Bangladesh with 24/7 armed security.

    Yes, there is theft, snatching and scam possibility like other countries but it’s safe than many countries in the world.

    1. D
      Daniele Domenicali says:

      Go tell the relatives of the bakery shooting and pf the italian jogger in Gulshan! Take a walk around in darker areas of Banani and Gulshan themselves (let alone suburban areas or Chittagong!)…then come back and let us know if it’s safer than UK or US’s Gulshan correspondent areas (diplomatic rich western like downtown)

  4. Overall risk: Nil

    This rating is totally shit. They exaggerated some small issues. Terrorists attacks also happening in Europe. Some small crime like theft and robbery happens but that are now rare and they never target foreigners because law enforcers are much more serious about foreigners than local. I never heard of armed robbery in my last 10 years.
    Bangladesh is poor and densely populated. People are helpful and extremely curious about foreigners, because they don’t see foreigners everyday life (maybe in whole life)

  5. S
    Sebastian says:

    Safer than european countries

    The local law enforcement personnel’s are much active and people are also very much friendly. No petty crime detected in my watch.

    1. J
      Jane Alam Affan says:

      Bangladesh is absolutely a naturally beautiful country

      There are many historical & famous places in this country. It’s one of the most densely populated countries in the world 🌍.

      But It is a great Muslim-oriented county. All the people follow the peace rules of religion. But poverty, indiscipline, corruption is a bitter side of this country. But most of the citizens of this country are absolutely friendly, helpful, well behaved, civilized, gentle, polite & humane.

      Basically, they simply sacrifice their own life for sake of others. Especially they are very hostile. Hostility is one of the traditions of this country. People are curious about foreigners. As western so-called ultra boost countries.

      Muslim people always believe in society and family rules of religion.

  6. Nicest People

    Been there many times. What makes Bangladesh so unique is not the country but its the people. Warm welcome and such hospitality. Always!

  7. Always felt safe and welcome

    Incredibly country, extremely safe. I travelled there solo for 3 weeks, the people could not have been nicer or more helpful – couldn’t recommend more!

  8. E
    Edward Snowden says:

    You have no idea on what you are talking about. Gulshan, Banani & Baridhara are one of the most secured and safest areas in the city even for the local people, let alone foreigners. There has been only one single isolated incident in history in that zone when a group of young gun men took over a cafe. And because of that incident the security of already a secured area has been tightened.

    Foreigners has seldom been a victim of mugging or any other crime not just in that area but in the whole country as a general.

    The only disadvantages for a new foreigners would be their bargaining skills at local markets (usually for local people) and annoyance of getting too much attention (like a celebrity)

    Watch YouTube travel vlogs on Bangladesh and you will see that how wrong is the article.

  9. S
    Sheikh Naqeeb says:

    Bad side about this country is that there is lots of crimes here. But people are very friendly and welcoming.

Bangladesh Rated 3.73 / 5 based on 15 user reviews.

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