10 Most Beautiful Castles in New Jersey

Updated On October 5, 2023
New Jersey

Yes, the Garden State of New Jersey is home to many beautiful castles.

When you take a drive through this small state, you are able to see several castles.

This includes some that are open to public tours, as well as several castles you can rent for private parties and special events.

Learn more about where to go to visit castles in NJ and see these estates for yourself.

You might even run into Martha Stewart while you are there since she owns a castle in New Jersey.

10 Most Beautiful Castles in New Jersey

Kip’s Castle

Kip’s Castle is a medieval Norman-style mansion that features gardens in Verona, New Jersey.

This is one of the completed castle complexes in the Garden State.

Visitors to the 1905 castle are greeted with tall stone walls and windows trimmed with sandstone and a modern red roof. 

The 9,000 square feet estate sits on 11 acres and is in sight of New York City.

If you are in Verona, NJ for the holidays, be sure to check out the historic holiday house tour.

You can see what Kip’s Castle would have looked like in the 1920s.

There is even a holiday feast setup for display.

Best of all, Kip’s Castle is free to visit, including during holiday events.

Van Slyke Castle

At Van Slyke Castle in Oakland, NJ, you get a bird’s eye view of New York City, too.

This castle was formerly known as Foxcroft since it is located off of Foxcroft Road.

Warren Van Slyke married the widowed owner, Ruth Porter, and they changed the name to Van Slyke. 

Foxcroft was erected in the early 1900s and originally featured a pool and water tower.

Today the main castle structure of Van Slyke has been burned down and is starting to be overgrown.

You can still walk around the water tower ruins that are in Ramapo Mountain State Forest.

Hiking trails are maintained for safe traversing around the property.

Lambert’s Castle

Lambert’s Castle dates back more than a century to 1892.

The castle, also called Belle Vista, was erected by Catholina Lambert.

However, since the 1930s, Lambert’s Castle has been home to historical archives.

You can visit a castle museum that hosts exhibits and furnishings of the local culture.

Located on Paterson Avenue, Lambert’s Castle can be toured and is frequently the venue for concerts, lectures, and events.

No, surprisingly, Miranda Lambert nor Adam Lambert have taken up residence at Lambert’s Castle. 

The Castle at Skylands Manor

Skylands Manor is a summer getaway and the site of The Castle.

This is a medieval stone-style castle that features round buildings with a thatched roof and shingle siding.

Originally constructed in the 1920s, The Castle at Skylands Manor has been in the hands of the elite for its history. 

This includes the latest owner–Martha Stewart–who bought the property in 1997.

The property consists of 63 acres and was also owned by the Ford family.

In addition, the New Jersey Botanical Gardens are found within the Skylands Manor estate.

Visitors can still see gorgeous blooms throughout the year, which is why so many weddings are hosted here.

Also, the castle is currently run like a bed and breakfast with some celebrity-level caterers, the Frungillo Brothers who have had a reality show. 

The Legacy Castle

Another gracious castle that doubles as an event space is The Legacy Castle in Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

In the northern part of the state, The Legacy Castle features an expansive ballroom and banquet hall.

Up to 1,200 guests can attend an event hosted in the castle.

In the banquet hall of gilded gold walls and trim, there is a black bridge that stretches across. 

Throughout the rest of the castle, the same black metalwork, most likely wrought iron, is used for trim on the otherwise white and gold walls.

The exterior is of black trim with white paint to complement the interior.

However, this is not the traditional medieval stone castle that you would expect.

The Legacy Castle is grand and majestic with Italian marble, hand-painted gold detailing, and a 17-acre lake surrounding the estate.

It resembles the Palace of Versailles more than a traditional medieval stone castle.

If you are looking for more glamour and glitz, such as for a wedding ceremony or celebration, The Legacy Castle is all about the ballroom and showstopping centerpieces.

Iviswold Castle

One of the oldest castles in New Jersey is Iviswold, which was built in 1869.

Iviswold Castle aka The Castle is located in Rutherford, NJ.

The architect in charge of the construction was William Henry Miller.

On the exterior of this castle is a unique Ludowici clay tile roof, which is a red-tinted material.

The Castle is part of the Felician University complex of historic buildings and is used by the school today.

Students attending Felician University can explore The Castle, and the public has access to private events on campus.

See this unique style of architecture for a beautiful castle in New Jersey with a visit to Iviswold Castle.

Natirar Castle

Fun fact, Natirar Castle is located on Raritan River and is the river name backward.

The castle is also a working farm that has more than 200 types of produce.

Natirar Castle, or simply Natirar, is a wedding venue that was originally constructed as a private mansion in 1912.

At one point, the King of Morocco purchased the castle.

He intended to use the castle as a private residence for his son.

He was enrolled in classes at nearby Princeton University in Princeton, NJ, making the castle a perfect place for a student apartment for a royal figure.

Glynallyn Castle

Glynallyn Castle is another castle that was built in Morris Township of New Jersey.

The castle honors a medieval architectural style and covers 32,000 square feet and has three stories.

Today, visitors are enchanted by the beauty of Glynallyn Castle, which was inspired by a 16th-century castle in England that is called Compton Wynyates.

Consider this castle as the place to have your dream wedding or to throw your 50th birthday party.

The medieval architecture and intricate detail on the interior give visitors the feeling they are actually back in the Renaissance or medieval times. 

Merriwold Castle

Johnson and Johnson, famous for Band-Aid and Neutrogena, are related to Merriwold Castle.

One of the original Johnsons, Seward Johnson, Sr., constructed Merriwold Castle for his daughter in 1926.

She supposedly married a descendant of Davy Crockett.

She was the first resident of Merriwold Castle, which has changed hands since then and is no longer in the family.

Merriwold Castle is located in northern Highlands Park, which is ironically next to Johnson Park.

The latter park must have been named to honor the castle and its original residents.

This castle is also within walking distance of Rutgers University’s Livingston Campus.

Visitors today can expect to find the castle transformed into an office building.

However, they can also see the gardens and statues surrounding the estate.

Alnwick Hall

Alnwick Hall is a sprawling grand estate on Madison Avenue in Morristown, New Jersey.

The Hall, also called the Abbey, is modeled after Alnwick Castle in the UK.

It was constructed in 1904 and has 32 total rooms.

These rooms housed a banking institution, a church, and other commercial businesses.

You can see the styling of a medieval castle around the red-orange stone architecture.

The top of the castle is neatly adorned with teeth or crenelations.

Today, the Abbey has set aside hours when the doors are open to the public for tours.

Also, if you get a chance to visit, there is no admission fee to Alnwick Hall in New Jersey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I spend the night in a castle in New Jersey?

Yes, anyone who wants to rent The Castle at Skylands Manor can do so, and they might even see Martha Stewart there hiding in the bushes.

This is available through her private caterer duo who will be in charge of the event.

Martha is not rentable as a party planner even if you stay at The Castle at Skylands Manor.

Are any castles in New Jersey used for protective defenses?

Yes, Elizabeth Castle in St. Aubin’s Bay is used to protect New Jersey’s shores and coastline.

The castle has stood in defense for more than 400 years.

Visitors can tour Elizabeth Castle, which is a fort on a rocky hill.

However, it is only reachable by ferry ride or at low tide.

How many total castles are in New Jersey?

There are about a dozen or more castles, as well as at least that many manors, chateaus, and estates that could qualify as a castle.

Does New Jersey have a castle law?

Yes, and it is quite interesting.

According to Testa Lawyers, “Though there is no stand-your-ground law in New Jersey, we do have the castle doctrine.

This is an old legal principle that recognizes that a person’s home is their castle, and they have the right to defend it.”

This means you have a right to use force to remove a threat to your castle and household.

Also, there are no square footage or crenelation requirements when it comes to whether you have what constitutes a castle in New Jersey.

Are any castles in New Jersey for sale or have been on the market recently?

Yes, several castles have been on the real estate market in New Jersey.

This includes Chateau de la Roche, which is a French estate worth 25 million dollars.

Located in Alpine, NJ, this is a massive estate with a swimming pool, gazebo, water fountain, and gardens.

The castle is 25,700 square feet with two acres of land that is well cared for and landscaped accordingly.

In addition, there are seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, as well as the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Homeowners will have access to a Crestron system that covers all security, lighting, sound, and other electrical features of the estate.

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