10 Most Beautiful Castles in Lithuania

Updated On October 5, 2023
Kaunas Castle

Far older than the US, Lithuania has a rich heritage and culture that includes a ton of castles.

Lithuania is an Eastern European country and a Baltic state.

Located next to Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Latvia, there are more than 800 castles in Lithuania.

Whether you want to explore the oldest or richest castle, there are Gothic and medieval castles, as well as modern castles.

Learn more about these castles in this list of the 12 most beautiful castles in Lithuania.

10 Most Beautiful Castles in Lithuania

Kaunas Castle

Lithuania is already an old country dating back to 1253 in the 13th century.

So it makes sense that the oldest castle was built around that time.

Kaunas Castle was constructed in the 14th century in order to defend the country from invaders.

The castle was first mentioned in 1361 in print publications, which date the stone Gothic structure to that early at least.

Kaunas Castle is currently open to public walking tours.

The castle has one large round tower with a spire roof, while the rest of the building is a long stone-lined hallway.

Once used as a prison, there are said to be many ghosts haunting Kaunas Castle.

Trakai Island Castle

Perhaps the most prestigious of the castles in Lithuania is Trakai Island Castle.

This castle was built in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Trakai Island Castle is located entirely on what were originally three small islands that have been transformed into one island expansive enough to hold the castle complex. 

Trakai Island Castle features a highly elaborate medieval architectural style of red brick and gray stone.

It is the only Eastern European castle to be built on water or an island.

The aerial view of Trakai Island Castle is quite striking as most of the castle covers the island. 

There are several spires around the complex, but not the typical crenelation found atop British medieval castles.

Originally, all of Lithuania’s Grand Dukes were expected to live in this fancy castle.

Today the public can visit the castle by crossing a bridge or taking a boat to get onto the island. 

Raudone Castle

Considerably the most traditional British looking castle in Lithuania is Raudone Castle. 

The castle overlooks the Nemunas River in Raudone.

The tops of the round towers are crenelated and appear like teeth along the top row.

You can imagine knights with bows and arrows ready to shoot down anyone who trespasses through the jagged tower tops. 

The castle was built in Renaissance architecture in the 16th century, making Raudone Castle one of the newer castles in the country.

It is one of the more popular castles among tourists today who are visiting Lithuania.

For the majority of months each year, Raudone Castle is used as a schoolhouse.

However, the general public can visit the castle during the months when school is out of session.

Birzai Castle

Birzai Castle was constructed in the late 1500s as a bastion castle.

This type of castle is designed for protection and is the best example of such a type of castle in Lithuania.

However, the castle has also been extensively reconstructed following the war in the 1700s, and again in the 2000s.

As a result, Birzai Castle is more modern in appearance than other castles in Lithuania. 

This castle looks more like a large manor house with two towering structures on each side.

The center consists of rooms and porches with dramatic archways.

The castle exterior is solid white, and the rooftop is a deep crimson hue.

The Birzai Regional Museum is currently located inside the castle and is open for educational programs.

Siesikai Castle

The Renaissance-style Siesickis castle was constructed to serve as a residence for the Gabrielius Daumantas-Siesickis household.

In addition, Siesikai Castle appears to be the most terrifying of all the castles in Lithuania.

The castle is not as old and therefore home to as many spirits as older castles in the country, being erected in the 16th century.

However, as one of the most haunted, there was a horrifying end to one owner.

The duchess of Siesikai Castle was imprisoned in a tower with the doors and windows bricked shut until she perished.

As a result of dying in the tower, the duchess continues to roam the castle.

While the castle is currently temporarily closed to the public, the interior has been maintained and renovated over the centuries in case you hope to visit there one day.

Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

Not to be confused with Trakai Island Castle, also where the Grand Dukes were also housed, there is the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

This is a royal castle built in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania for royalty to live in. 

It is within a short walk of Gediminas’ Tower, which is a historical museum and part of the next castle we are going to discuss–the Upper Castle.

This is one of the more modern castles built in Lithuania.

Along with being a royal residence, the castle complex also provides a meeting place for political leaders. 

Vilnius Castle

Vilnius Castle is perhaps the most important political and financial castle in Lithuania.

As a result, this castle, featuring three towers, has one tower on the national currency.

This is Gediminas’ Castle Tower, which was built in the early 1400s in the Upper Castle at Vilnius Castle. 

The tower is naturally the most visited museum in the country.

Inside the well-restored castle tower that is open to visitors is a reconstructed model of what the original Vilnius Castle would have looked like. 

Medininkai Castle

For castle fans who want a large complex, there is Medininkai Castle.

Also located in Vilnius, Medininkai Castle was constructed for its military defense capabilities.

There is a large moat surrounding the castle, which was built in the early 14th century in a medieval Gothic tradition.

The castle has robust walls and squared-shaped towers, which differ from the typical round-spired towers of medieval castles. 

Medininkai Castle was restored in the early 2000s and is open to the public for tours.

However, what you find might surprise you.

The excitement is all in the keep, which holds a museum of the castle and medieval Lithuanian history.

Artifacts including cannons and ancient artifacts are on display in the museum.

Panemune Castle

Panemune Castle in Vytenai rests on the Nemunas River.

One of the more picturesque castles of Lithuania, Panemune Castle features two tall towers in alternating gray and white.

The castle also has long halls constructed from more traditional red brick.

This is used to reconstruct areas of the castle that have fallen into disarray. 

Panemune Castle was built by the Teutonic Knights, which is a Catholic military society dating back to circa 1190.

In fact, many castles in Lithuania are from the Teutonic Order.

In amazingly good condition, the castle is currently owned by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Visitors to Panemune Castle will find museum-quality artifacts on display throughout the complex.

Klaipeda Castle or Memelburg 

One of the most interesting works of art in Lithuania can be viewed outside of Klaipeda Castle.

Here is the Black Ghost or Juodasis Vaiduoklis, which is a haunting shadow-shaped sculpture.

The figure is located on the side of a harbor to look like it is coming up out of the water.

While the Black Ghost has only been installed since 2010, the Castle of Klaipeda, aka Memel Castle or Memelburg, has been around since the beginning of Lithuania in the 1200s. 

The castle was also constructed by the Livonian Order of Teutonic Knights.

This is an order that opposed the central government and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

You can call it a rebellious outpost of sorts that was once the battle ground for Germans and Lithuanians.

While visiting Castle Klaipeda today, you can see several other interesting town artifacts. 

This includes a ring of the city that features gemstones. Annually, a copy of the ring is given, like a key to a city, to the most distinguished members of society.

There is also a Free Masons’ goblet–reminiscent of Indiana Jones’ “Last Crusade” that is on display at the castle museum.

Lithuania Safety Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim around Trakai Castle in the lake?


There are no crocodiles swimming in the water, which would be useful for defense purposes.

Visitors frequently take a dip in the water surrounding the castle.

In fact, this is a recommended place to sunbathe in the summer for locals and tourists alike.

Which of the castles are in Lithuanian currency?

You can see Trakai Castle, as well as the Gediminas’ Castle Tower, on European banknotes.

However, these are only issued by the Lithuanian government, and the European Central Bank does not dole out Lithuanian currency printed with castles.

Is Lithuania called the Land of Castles?


The country of Lithuania is often referred to as the Land of Castles, thanks to the prevalence of castles across the hilly landscape.

This is also because there are more than 800 castles in Lithuania that are still standing from centuries of war and essential living.

Whether you are discussing hill castles in Lithuania that have been demolished for centuries, or the longer-standing castles like Gediminas’ Castle Tower that have a popular image in Lithuanian culture, there are plenty of castles in this country’s history.

Is Lithuania Slavic or German?

Lithuania is a Slavic country that is Baltic and inhabited by Indo-European people.

This is one of the earliest groups of people, dating back to the Prussians, which is a race that has long been lost.

This also makes Lithuanians one of the oldest Eastern European countries.

Does Lithuania have a royal family who lives in the castles here?

No, there are no kings or queens, princes or princesses, living in Lithuania.

The country has a democratic semi-presidential system of government.

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania dissolved in 1795, following a long reign of kings, including King Casimir IV and Mikolaj the Black.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth II of England was also related to the Lithuanian royal family and the British royal bloodline contains Lithuanian DNA.

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  1. The haunting tales of Kaunas Castle, the grandeur of Trakai Island Castle and the historical significance of Vilnius castle make Lithuania’s castles a must-visit for any history or architecture enthusiast.

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