11 Most Beautiful Castles in Minnesota

Updated On October 5, 2023
Glensheen Mansion

The land of 10,000 lakes and home to the Mall of America, Minnesota gets quite cold in the winter months.

However, that does not stop visitors from flocking to the state all year long.

Part of the allure is the architecture, which covers Nordic and Scandinavian design while appreciating the cold weather.

This is why Minnesota has Ice Castles, as well as Turnblad Mansion.

Still surprisingly, there are plenty of medieval-style castles this far inland. 

Let’s take a closer look at the top 11 most beautiful castles in MN, whether you are planning to visit or simply are castle-curious.

11 Most Beautiful Castles in Minnesota

Paisley Park

Prince was a world-famous pop singer and musician who left behind a legacy and an estate called Paisley Park.

This is not a castle, per se, but it is a mansion and a modern castle by any means.

Located in Chanhassen, MN, Paisley Park is open to the public every day but Tuesday and Wednesday for tours.

You can see everything from Prince’s guitars and shoes to the property itself, which is full of wonder and grandeur.

Whether you are a fan of Prince as a musician or want to learn more about Paisley Park, you can.

Ice Castles

Every winter, Minnesota gets hit with feet of snow and brittle subarctic temperatures, sending most people indoors.

However, there are those hardcore castle fans who are ready to slide down the tubes and tunnels of Minnesota’s Ice Castles in New Brighton.

These are castles that are only erected when it is freezing cold outside, so you won’t find them in the summertime. 

In addition, if you are visiting the Ice Castles, prepare to come early so you won’t get caught in the dark.

Shorter days and longer nights in the northern state of Minnesota leave a few hours for playing in snow-covered ice castles.

Go to the Ice Castles in Minnesota early to get the most enjoyment out of your day.

Also, pack a lunch and a warm, dry change of clothes to wear after the day of ice tubing and sliding.

Turnblad Mansion

With respect to the Norwegian and Swedish ancestors in Minnesota and the Twin Lakes Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, there is Turnblad Mansion.

This is a turn-of-the-century mansion constructed in the early 1900s.

Swan Turnblad and his wife Christine are the original owners of the property.

A newspaper owner, Turnblad, gave the mansion over to the American Swedish Institute which is still housed there today.

The mansion is built as a chateau and thus qualifies as a castle–and it contains 33 rooms.

Turnblad Mansion is also listed on the National Registry of Historical Places.

White Castle Building No. 8

The next most beautiful castle in Minnesota is White Castle Building No. 8.

For “Harold and Kumar” fans, as well as hamburger enthusiasts, there is just something about seeing the faux castle called White Castle where they are ready to serve you a burger.

This castle resembles a giant chess piece that is big enough to walk through.

Located in Minneapolis, MN, this castle is actually the location of the first White Castle hamburger restaurant.

The chain has locations throughout 13 states, mainly in the Midwest and Minnesota.

Unfortunately, the restaurant has closed White Castle Building No. 8, which is still up for visitors to see from outside. 

James and Marion Miller Medieval Castle

The James and Marion Miller Medieval Castle in Crow Wing County was constructed in 2008 but looks very medieval.

The castle complex is complete with a multiple-tower castle residence surrounded by fortifications.

These include stone walls and turrets to protect against invaders.

If you want to visit the most beautiful castle in Minnesota that looks like a castle you would see during medieval times, the James and Marion Miller Medieval Castle is the one to see. 

The interior features intricate works of art to remind one of a Renaissance festival.

Valued at $2 million, the castle is 12,000 square feet and hidden in the woods in Merrifield, MN at the Parker Scout Reservation.

One interesting note, this castle is specifically used by the Boy Scouts via the Parker Scout Reservation.

Landmark Center

One of the most beautiful castles and public buildings in Minnesota is the Landmark Center.

This public space is a castle reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

Located in St. Paul, the Landmark Center is a National Historic Monument building that is often used for dance recitals and musical events. 

The Landmark Center was built starting in 1892 and was originally a Federal Court House.

The castle features two massive towers, one housing a clock, as well as several smaller turrets.

These are covered in such a way as to protect against heavy snow from piling up on the rooftops.

The architectural style of the Landmark Center is Richardsonian Romanesque.

Glensheen Mansion

At Glensheen Mansion, there are five stories to explore on a 12-acre estate.

The property is open to the public and regularly hosts holiday-related events, such as Christmas at the mansion.

Located on the banks of Lake Superior, Glensheen Mansion is the most popular castle-like home in the state of Minnesota. 

There are 39 rooms on this expansive estate, which was originally constructed by Chester and Clara Congdon.

The Congdons are also remembered by the nearby Congdon Park.

As the family lived and worked in the mansion, they left behind tons of artifacts, including letters and clothing.

These are all on display at Glensheen Mansion in various exhibits throughout the seasons. 

Henry A. Castle House

While not an actual castle, Henry A. Castle is a prominent person in Minnesota.

As such, the Henry A. Castle House is located at 112 Western Avenue in St. Paul, MN.

With a colonial-style eggshell blue exterior with white trim, the mansion sits next to the road.

Take a walk and check out Henry A. Castle’s house, and then visit the Minnesota Historical Society to read his papers.

He was well-published as a military and war veteran and was also a lawyer and journalist.

Learn more about what Mr. Castle was all about and how he lived his life in Minnesota.

Mall of America

Now, this might be pushing it a bit, but the Mall of America could very well be qualified as a castle.

The complex is the biggest mall in the entire US, and there are several roller coasters under the roof.

You can eat at restaurants serving various styles of cuisine, or go watch a movie and get a back massage.

There are an infinite number of activities to do at the Mall of America.

Consider this mall a regal estate that is open to the general public.

Just make sure to wear good walking shoes and bring plenty of spending money for shopping.

You will need to have the support to get through all the stores.

Plus, you cannot stay overnight in the Mall of America.

The closest hotel accommodations are at least 10 minutes away when driving.

The College of Saint Scholastica Tower Hall

At Tower Hall in Duluth, MN at The College of Saint Scholastica, it looks like a giant fortress booming up into the clouds.

The towers are two large rectangular structures side by side with an arched Gothic spire that points overhead the entrance.

These are all constructed from gray stone that is trimmed in white rock for a solid contrast in colors.

Students get to see Tower Hall whenever they go to class, but the campus in Duluth is open to the general public.

Minnesota Museum of Mining

The Minnesota Museum of Mining is one of the most accurate replicas of a medieval castle, which is strange since it is a museum for mining.

This museum castle is in Chisholm, MN.

The building is a front-facing structure covered in large rounded stone.

On each side of the facade are two towers that are covered by crenelation or jagged teeth.

Since a castle cannot be completed without a drawbridge, this castle features a sheet of plywood tied down by two pieces of rope.

While not the most authentic drawbridge, it adds to the general feel of the castle aesthetic.

There are also a couple of seating benches out front of the castle, which is home to the Minnesota Museum of Mining.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I spend the night at a castle in Minnesota?

Yes, at least three castles in Minnesota, you can book overnight accommodation.

This includes the Castle On St. Croix River, which was available for stays booked on Airbnb.

However, this posting has been removed and the castle is also up for sale for $2.4 million as of August 2022.

Originally constructed in 1940, the Castle On St. Croix River has four bedrooms and more than 3,700 square feet of space.

What should I wear to the Ice Castles in Minnesota?

When you go to the Ice Castles in Minnesota, you want to be safe from cold exposure.

Wear snow bibs or ski pants, as well as slip-resistant snow boots and gloves.

Keep warm with a knit hat and face protection, but leave the scarf at home.

Wearing a scarf around your neck can be risky since you could be choked by it when sliding or tubing on the Ice Castle structures.

Can I eat at White Castle Building No. 8 in Minneapolis?

Sadly, the restaurant that was in White Castle Building No. 8 is no longer open or selling hamburgers.

Where is the original White Castle?

The first White Castle was opened in Minnesota in 1936 and is at White Castle Building No. 8.

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