How Safe Is Dominica for Travel?

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Dominica is an island country in the West Indies located apart from the Leeward Islands in the Carribean Sea.

Initially inhabited by African people then colonized by Europeans and afterward injected with a strong African influence, their population now resembles a multinational one with a mixture of all main historical influences.

The official language of Dominica is considered to be English, which knows its development and spread between locals from the colonization by Great Britain far back in history, however, they also speak Spanish and Franch.

Warnings & Dangers in Dominica

Overall Risk


Most visits to the island are reported to be trouble-free however there are as usually chances of getting into trouble if not attentive and taking care of your belongings.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Taxi, car rentals, as well as bus services provided on the island, are reliable and one can easily choose the most preferred option, however, for renting a car it is necessary to get a local temporary driving license.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets as everywhere in the world are met here as well, but this only means that you should take care of your belongings and do not carry all your expensive things with you at night.

Natural Disasters Risk


The hurricane season in the Carribean is from June to November as well as earthquakes can be felt there often, so it is advisable just in case to follow all pieces of advice given by public authorities.

Mugging Risk


There are really few cases of mugging that have been registered, all of them around night, this means that you as tourists should probably avoid walking alone at night and expose luxury jewelry while walking around.

Terrorism Risk


Even if there is no historic data of any terrorist attack happening on the islands these can not be ruled out and this is why you should be aware of all the measures that should be taken just in case.

Scams Risk


Use your common sense and try to not get easily influenced by people and you will obviously avoid scams.

Women Travelers Risk


Women travelers are more than welcome on the island, but still, it is advisable to not travel alone, but at least get a friend of yours with you.

So... How Safe Is Dominica Really?

Even if there are some registered cases of crime and robberies this most of the time does not involve tourists, but still, you should be very attentive and take all the precautions measures that will make you avoid all the possible unpleasant cases.

Women are recommended to avoid putting themselves in dangerous situations as walking alone at night or go alone on isolated islands, but instead, try to go there with a group of people or in another case just avoid such places.

From the economic and political perspective, the country is stable which means that it is a well-functioning state that can in case of emergency protect its citizens as well as tourists of the island and provide them with all the necessary equipment and assistance.

From the health perspective, there are some troubles that one can encounter while traveling as a risk of Zika virus transmission, but if you get informed and keep a close look at all the information provided by the public authorities you will definitely be fine.

Keep in mind all the analysis provided above for all the listed cases and take necessary actions when in need and you will be safe while enjoying your trip.

How Does Dominica Compare?

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Useful Information

  • Visas - It depends on the nationality you have whether you need a visa or not, but all the required information is clearly provided by the web-site of the public authorities.
  • Currency - The locally used currency is considered to be the Est-Caraibian dollar, but the US dollar, euro, the British pound is widely accepted as well on the islands. There is a fixed exchange rate set between these two currencies and mainly that $1.00 EC dollar is equal to $0.37 US dollar.
  • Weather - The climate on Dominica is tropical, which means that it is hot and humid all year round with a cool and dry season from January to April and a hot, rainy season from June to November.
  • Airports - Douglas–Charles Airport is one of the two airports, the other one being Canefield Airport.
  • Travel Insurance - As it is always recommended to have travel insurance while traveling, no matter the destination Dominica is not an exception.
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Dominica Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 25° C
Feb 25° C
Mar 26° C
Apr 27° C
May 28° C
Jun 28° C
Jul 28° C
Aug 28° C
Sep 27° C
Oct 26° C
Nov 27° C
Dec 26° C
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Average High/Low Temperature

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    Jasmine Hewitt says:

    Sending this to some friends who travel to Dominica

  2. Always hot, lovely views and less known

    The greatest thing about this is that it’s a lot less known than other regions which means it is less visited which means it’s a bit more private. I loved it and will be back for sure. It has beautiful views and places to visit and is very safe. Plus it’s always hot here which I particularly like.

    1. really it was rather cold when i went

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