How Safe Is Grenada for Travel?

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Grenada is a sovereign state located in the West Indies and mainly in the Carribean Sea which consists of one big island with the same name and other north located six smaller islands.

What is interesting to notice about their culture is that even nowadays the different kinds of influences can be felt and mainly those of British, African, West Indian and Franch nationalities in their music, traditions as well as dialect.

Life on the island is believed to be easy to adapt to as it offers fascinating views, also inhabitants of the island are very friendly and hospitable that will for sure make you feel welcomed.

Warnings & Dangers in Grenada

Overall Risk


Grenada is considered to be safer than other major cities in the US, but it is advisable to not walk alone in not so populated places and take all measures of precautions to avoid any possible unpleasant cases.

Transport & Taxis Risk


It is possible to rent there a car in case you have a valid driver license with you, in case this is not applicable to you then it is really advisable to enjoy the huge number of available buses that are considered to be relatively safe beside the fact that these can exceed the speed limit.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets are often met here, but if attentive and pay attention to your belongings you will be more than fine and will not get into trouble with them for sure.

Natural Disasters Risk


As most people are afraid of the hurricanes that happen often in the Carribean, here we can considerably diminish your fear of natural disasters as the island is located in the southern part which means that it is outside the hurricane belt.

Mugging Risk


There are really fewer cases of mugging registered when compared with the other Carribean islands that have a really high level of violence, however, some cases do not mean that there are not at all any and this is why it is recommended not to walk in unhabituated places.

Terrorism Risk


Even if there is no historical data that can confirm recent cases of terrorism, these can hardly be ruled out and this is why you should always be informed regarding the island status and in case of an emergency always follow the pieces of advice given by public authorities.

Scams Risk


There are scammers on the islands but these could be easily avoided through using your common sense and trying to not be so easily influenced.

Women Travelers Risk


Even if it is advisable for both sexes to be more attentive while traveling, as women are more vulnerable in this case it is really important for you if alone to avoid dark places and choose wisely your accommodation.

So... How Safe Is Grenada Really?

Even if it is claimed that most of the trips are trouble-free, there as everywhere in the world have been some cases of violence, crime, and armed robbery, which means that while traveling in Grenada you also should keep at least the same level of personal awareness as in other places.

The most important piece of advice is that you should choose wisely your accommodation as this will ensure your safety most of the time.

Another one will be to take care if you’re walking alone at night is not so densely populated areas or isolated beaches and try to avoid as much as possible these situations.

It is important not to carry all your valuable things with you especially in the festival period, but instead try to put them in a secured and safe place, for example, the hotel safe.

From the transportation perspective, you can choose what is more suitable to your preferences, but from the safety point of view it is recommended to take a taxi, but before this be sure that they are licensed and agree on the fare fees.

If following all pieces of advice given to you above and use your common sense, you will for sure be safe on the island.

How Does Grenada Compare?

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Useful Information

  • Visas - Visa requirements are based on the country of your citizenship so it is recommended to check out the website of the Embassy of Grenada to get more information.
  • Currency - The locally used currency is considered to be Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$), but it is advisable to take US$ with you as in this case you will be able to exchange money at a more favorable rate.
  • Weather - The weather on Grenada is considered to be tropical, which means that on the island it is hot and humid all year round.
  • Airports - There are three airports on Grenada, but only one operates international flights and it is named Maurice Bishop International Airport.
  • Travel Insurance - As it is always recommended to have travel insurance while traveling, no matter the destination Grenada is not an exception.
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Grenada Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 26° C
Feb 26° C
Mar 27° C
Apr 27° C
May 28° C
Jun 28° C
Jul 28° C
Aug 28° C
Sep 28° C
Oct 28° C
Nov 27° C
Dec 27° C
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    Carli Bell says:

    I love Grenada! The people are wonderful. Such an amazing island.

  2. Would go back anytime

    Having spent a full month on Grenada out of which 24 days were exclusively on water I was blown away how picture-perfect everything was. Blue water, perfect sandy beaches and amazing food.

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    Amy Gbayagula says:

    I would like to go to Grenada in 2025.

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