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Updated On November 7, 2023
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Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijan : Safety by City

Azerbaijan is a former Soviet republic that lies on the Caspian Sea, in the Caucasus.

It shares borders with Russia and Georgia to the north, Armenia to the west, and Iran in the south.

Through the autonomous exclave of Nakhchivan, located between Armenia and Iran, Azerbaijan also borders with Turkey.

Azerbaijan often referred to as the “land of wonders” is a country of many wonders.

It’s capital, Baku offers amazing architecture and traces of this country’s ancient history are visible with every step you take in this city.

This country that is neither in Europe nor in Asia offers geographical variety with mud volcanoes and the curious fire phenomena in the surrounding desert area, and if you move further, you will encounter rural villages surrounded by orchards in front of timeless Great Caucasus Mountains.

Such natural contrasts are a rarity and if you do visit Azerbaijan, though these wonders will amaze you, the warmth of its people is what will make you want to stay.

Warnings & Dangers in Azerbaijan

Overall Risk


Azerbaijan is overall relatively safe to travel to, with both petty and violent crime to keep in mind and watch out for. It is advised that you remain vigilant at all times, especially when crossing the streets.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transport in Azerbaijan is generally reliable and safe, though you should be careful when on public transport as you might encounter pickpockets. Taxi drivers might overcharge you for a ride so negotiate everything in advance.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing levels are extremely high and you should remain vigilant at all times, making sure not to flash your belongings in crowded places such as bus or train stations, or public transport. It is especially widespread around Baku. Be careful and keep your valuables close by your side.

Natural Disasters Risk


Azerbaijan is susceptible to many natural disasters such as earthquakes, seasonal floods and landslides, though man-made disasters add to this number: there are many industrial disasters and transport accidents.

Mugging Risk


Mugging and other forms of violent crimes are on the rise currently in Azerbaijan. Avoid going out at night especially around areas filled with bars and clubs, where you can encounter intoxicated people. Male tourists are more targeted for violent attacks than female.

Terrorism Risk


There is a certain likelihood of terrorist trying to carry out attacks in Azerbaijan, and these attacks could hit at any times and affect locals as well as tourists. Remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.

Scams Risk


There are many scams and frauds performed on tourists in Azerbaijan: street vendors and cab drivers might try to cheat you and rip you off if you are not careful. ATM frauds happen, though they are not too common. You may encounter people pretending to be police officers, targeting tourists and extorting money. "Fake" tickets can also be issued on roadways by fake policemen. Be wary of women approaching you in clubs and leaving you with a ridiculously high tab to pay.

Women Travelers Risk


For a woman, especially if she's a lone in Azerbaijan, it can be pretty tough. A golden rule for women is that they shouldn't be out alone after 9pm. Of course, the general rules of precaution apply for all other times of day: avoid poorly lit and deserted areas at night and never find yourself in places filled with drunken people.

So... How Safe Is Azerbaijan Really?

Azerbaijan is relatively safe to visit but you should watch out for both petty and violent crime.

In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, you should expect crime like in many cities around the world, but the problem here is that petty crime made way for more violent types of crime, some of them involving foreigners.

Surprisingly, male tourists are more targeted than female ones and these attacks occur with groups of men just approaching and attacking unsuspecting tourists.

These crimes happen more during the winter months.

So avoid drinking and roaming around the tourist frequented areas such as Fountain Square and the Maiden’s Tower, and know that in case something happens, you can’t really rely on the police.

Expect corruption in this country – the police will expect you to pay if you want anything from them.

Avoid giving them any bribe.

If you are traveling outside of the city, do it during the daytime.

The roads are filled with potholes and bumps and driving at night is advised against.

Apart from the potholes, drivers in Azerbaijan often drive with dimly lit cars, so accidents are common.

Keep in mind that you might easily get scammed or attacked in this country, especially if you go drinking to a tourist bar.

One of the scams involves a woman approaching you for a drink and leaving you an astronomically high tab.

If you refuse to pay, a group of men approach you and demand you do, threatening to beat you up.

Azerbaijan is filled with scammers so be very careful.

How Does Azerbaijan Compare?

CountrySafety Index

Useful Information



Many countries need a visa to enter Azerbaijan, and some, such as U.S. nationals can get a visa upon arrival. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 3 months past the date of your planned departure from Azerbaijan. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Azerbaijani manat is the official currency in Azerbaijan. ATMs are widespread throughout the country, especially in Baku.



Azerbaijan has what can be described as continental influenced climate. It is characterized by warm summers and very cold winters with very little precipitation. Azerbaijan climate can be divided in three different climate zones: one north of the mountainous regions, one south of them, and one for the coastal regions of the Caspian Sea.



Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport is one of the six international airports and the busiest one serving Azerbaijan. It is located about 20 km northeast of Baku, connected to the city by a modern highway.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Azerbaijan since it covers not only the costs of medical problems, but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

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Sep 22° C
Oct 16° C
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Azerbaijan - Safety by City

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85 Reviews on Azerbaijan

  1. wrong

    I’m not really sure where this site is getting data from but I doubt it’s from first hand experience. Baku in terms of petty crime is very safe, and the cultural respect for women is high (especially compared to some neighbors– but about equal to Georgia). There are traditional aspects where its looked down on for being out late, but this doesn’t apply to foreigners. If anything I’d rank transport as higher than everything else (the opposite of what is on the list) as drivers can be aggressive, especially during rush hour.

    1. Azerbaijan is totally SAFE

      I don’t know where does this site get information from but, Azerbaijan is absolutely SAFE.
      All this information is WRONG.

      1. S
        Samantha Yazmin says:

        Visited and this info is wrong!

        Where ever you go in the world, there is always risk. The information in this article is totally wrong. Of course there are criminals, as with every other country in the world. However, when I visited Azerbaijan with my family, we were completely shocked at the kindness and respect that the people showed. I never witnessed any disrespect, crime or anything towards anyone. Especially the comments about risk for women made me laugh. We took the bus one day and whenever a woman would get on, a man would insist that she take his seat. It really warmed my heart since I have not travelled to any country where I have seen something like this. Even is restaurants, women are treated so respectfully. I recently found out that Azerbaijan was the first country in the eastern europe/asia region to allow women to vote. I was not surprised since i have witnessed firsthand how much respect they get. Also, would just like to let everyone know that when we went in the summer, it was wayy hotter than 27 degrees. Perfect beach weather! 🙂

        1. Safety from own experience

          This article is really wrong on safety note. Of cause it’s a big city and things could probably happen to someone, so I can’t tell about night life and bars. All other places es are very safe. I am a female and I was traveling to Baku alone. I never felt unsafe. The respect and friendliness of locals is amazing. They go out of the way to make sure that tourists feel safe and welcomed. They want to attract more tourists to their country. I was there in summer and it was very hot during the day. I often slept in air conditioned hotel during hottest time of the day, and went outside in the evening until midnight or even later. I spent hours walking around the center of the city, I walked alone to the fountain square in the late evening, never felt unsafe. I stayed in the old town, and I felt even more protected there. I literally roamed the ancient beautiful streets of the old town at midnight and I was safe. People are always polite, friendly and respectful.

          1. A Beautiful place to visit!

            I agree, totally!

      2. I think you are correct..

      3. S
        Samantha says:

        The most terrible place if you are pretty female.
        I had a mistake to visit there when was in Turkey.

        1. Azerbaijan have the most prettiest women. Don’t think any pretty woman would be that much on attention. Perhaps local men admire and appreciate females beauty , that you call disturbing attention . I live in Europe where men don’t care how women look like , that’s why so many desperate are online platforms trying to meet their match …

        2. Excellent.

          Four of my female model friends took me to Baku for my birthday in August 2021. Non, absolutely non of them complained while we were there for three days. None of us felt out of place, not even for a second.

      4. I have been here twice and always feel very safe

  2. Really? Pickpocket in Azerbaijan? Where do u get those information? As far as i understand those info are not first hand

    1. Wonderful hospitality

      Absolutely wrong! It looks someone who never been in Azerbaijan has written that article! As we are neighbour, for 4 times I have visited Azerbaijan and its other regions, I can say that the country is safer than Armenia and Turkey.

      As a European traveller, I have never seen this much special respect to women in the restaurants and transports. Also, the population who know in English would love to help you about the route to touristic places and museums.

  3. S
    Someone who really knows what is going on says:

    Article is completely wrong

    This article is completely fraud! Baku is the safest city in the world There is cultural respect especially for women . There are traditional aspects where its looked down on for making sex or hooking up with girls in streets But beside of this no one will aproach you The reason is Azerbaijanians will receive as disrespectful behavior for them

    1. J
      Johnathan says:

      Should I come?

      Really? so as a Jew would you recommend I visit?

      1. C
        Cdmarker says:

        Yes. The second biggest ”all jew ” place in the world, after Israel is in Azerbaijan.Qırmızı qəsəbə – the Red town- caucasus Jerusalem. Mountain jews live there safe and sound. You can visit your comrades.

        1. M
          Mark P. says:

          I don’t think that’s true at all. there must be more Jews in the USA then in Azerbaijan.

          1. Wrong info

            Mark google it. Ask somebody you know in Israel.

          2. A
            Anonymous says:

            of course there are more in USA. The point is ”ALL JEW” .

          3. The US is a larger country, so of cause there are more Jews in the USA.

        2. About denying

          No yoghurt seller says my yoghurt smells like shit. Thdre are problems with every country and some of those are true about Azerbaijan. No need to be offended. That about tourists safety so let them know the truth

      2. Or maybe some ine who has experienced such bad things there..

        1. .
          ... MYSTERY says:

          Well I have been living here for 10 years and none of those things have happened to me!

      3. .
        ... MYSTERY says:

        Extremely safe!

        TOTALLY! Jews are more than welcome to come to Azerbaijan. Believe me, Jews are highly respected by Azerbaijanians as the relation with Israel is pretty high. The only thing to be on the lookout for is some aggressive drivers during the rush-hour (And some little scams)

  4. K
    Kanan Bashir says:

    Wrong article

    70% of this article is definitely a scam. If a woman gets on the bus, the men stand up for the woman to sit. If a man and a woman have to go through a door at the same time, men will retreat for the woman to pass before. We have cultural respect especially for women. I have been living here for 21 years and I never heard about any terrorist attack even Baku hosted many international Olympiads, competitions (such as Eurovision 2012, Formula 1 2016-present etc.) So, yes Azerbaijan are safe country.

    1. Tell me more

      I would love to visit this country. But I need someone to guide me. Hope you can.

      1. R
        Reshad Ali says:

        If you want I can guide you write to me in instagram when you come-@aliyevvreshad

        1. S
          Shaik Rizwan says:

          Askum iam planning to come to azerbaijan for job in factory is it safe for me
          Plz tell me jazakqllah

  5. K
    Karimli says:


    Dont get me worng, but Azerbaijan is safer than London and New York in terms of terror attacks and pickpokets. There were no terror acts in Azerbaijan for last 20 years. In fact, random guy with motorcycle stole my phone in UK. There is no such things in Azerbaijan. Women are free to wear anything and people are warm and helpful to tourists. Azerbaijan is aslo very warm to jews as relations with Israel is very well at governmental degree. So, i dont think this article is worth a read

  6. J
    John Burr says:

    Biased Article

    I am wondering where does this article get its information, everything told is untrue and false.

  7. Pick-pocket incident

    I don’t know why people here say that this is untrue, I was a victim of pick-pocketing there and my father who also came to visit was as well.

    You are obviously not tourists in your own country so you don’t see it from the same perspective and you are not high-potential targets like tourists are.

    Thanks for writing what I already know after visiting, too bad I didn’t see this article before I went there.

    1. ?

      When did that happen? Did you travel as a tourist? Do you remember the street name where you and your dad has been pick pocketed?

    2. Baku is safer than many other destinations

      Sorry this happened to you. Pickpocketing is possible in every large touristy city in the world – be it Paris, London, Toronto, Rio, New Orleans, Prague, New York City, the list goes on; so you should be watching your pockets, obviously. If you don’t, you are not an experienced tourist. I was there as a tourist for 2 weeks, I loved it, will go again this year.

  8. E
    Emma jr says:

    I haven’t visit though am about visiting came here to see if it was safe

  9. Misleading article

    The article is totally misleading and not matching with crime statistics. Azerbaijan is totally safe for tourists. Check it out with your embassy website for accurate information about travel safety.

  10. Absolutely Horrible

    I wish I had read this before leaving to Baku. Obviously my family and I look American so we knew that we sorta would stand out, but not to that extent.

    My wife got her purse snatched by a Policemen, it was a nightmare trying to find law & order. Eventually after getting the stare down at the police station, we decided to forget about the purse due to us already fearing for our lives. Wasn’t worth it. We went back to our hotel and every 30 minutes the phone rang, and everytime i picked up, someone would yell PEYSEYR and hang up. This happened all evening till it stopped the following afternoon.

    Azerbaijan is miles behind civilization, it just has to come from the people which unfortunately isn’t there. We decided to book the next flight to Tblisi. Extremely glad we did.

    Anyone reading this, save yourself the risk and trouble, go to Tblisi. Heck, even Iran would be better.

    1. I am a victim of sexual assault but no where to find help cant wait to leave. My husband and I are both in shocked until this moment

    2. .
      ... MYSTERY says:

      Somebody is totally from armenia, aren’t you?

    3. D
      Dr.Monaco says:

      American point of view

      Dude, 95%. of USA is far behind « civilisation »….if you were dressed in the typical USA « fashion style »(aka socks in sandals 🤣), it’s normal scaring poor Azeri…..look at the good side: as an American you know where Baku is on the map (I mean, you didn’t confuse it with Milan)👍

  11. T
    Tourist says:

    Fake news/article

    Absolutely wrong information about Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, including its capital Baku, is very safe place. This article is a fake news spread by the unfriendly neighbours of Azerbaijan in order to stop tourists to come to Azerbaijan.

    Comparing to London, Moscow, New-York and many other capitals and big cities, Baku is the most safest.

    I have doubt that negative reviews is written here by those who have ever been in Baku.

    Be carefully of the taxi drivers and restaurants. Ask them fixed prices before you get in to the taxi or ask menu at the restaurants. I mainly used Uber taxi in Baku, which was extremely cheap and I knew the price in advance.

    1. every duff says he/she only is the intellegent including you.

  12. E
    Emmanuel Ajulo says:

    Never been to Azerbaijan before, but my friend has. He’s story is quite different from what’s on your site. Perhaps I’ll pay a visit soon to see for myself

    1. See you

      Hi dear,

      When will you come to Baku, I would like to suggest the places to visit, taste the national cousin, and learn the history of Azerbaijan.

  13. O
    Omayyah Casim says:


    Azerbaijan..ill give 5 star for this country peaceful, people are so hospitable. more of people I cross on the street they smile on me.And I feel they are so kind.. How I wish all the country in the world are like AZERBAIJAN.

    1. am planning to there soon

      I will like to have a word with you private if you don’t mind

  14. Im from Germany and I lived also 4 years in Azerbaijan due to my work and I can say that it is the safest place in the world. I dont understand why this site says so.

  15. Absolutely wrong!! Azerbaijan is a safe country to visit!

  16. A
    Anonymous says:

    It is good working country

  17. P
    Peter R says:

    Great City- False Information

    I visited Baku in October 2019 and found it to be a great city. Yes you have to aware of Taxi drivers they will try anc tip you off. Even at the aitport better to uber if you can. Found the city to be clean and safe no where did I see or hear of any petty crime. I was staying with a friend and asked him and he said there is very little crime in Baku. The beauty of the city is not be missed the mix of the old buildings with modern was great and was kinda of awe inspiring the way the two mixed together so well. The old town is not to be missed beautiful. If you get a chance to do a trip do the one out to rock drawing and mud volcanoes well worth it.

  18. K
    Katherine says:


    This is wrong to an extent the terror atack is extremely low and Azerbaijan is a very safe space especially baku however you should be awre when wondering the streets at night as in every other city.

  19. Gorgeous place to visit

    Are you kidding? :D, hospitality of Azerbaijan is priceless and higher than many countries. In every aspect is safe, tourists are always got respect by locals. Pickpockets are far from there.gorge

  20. I want to migrate to Azerbaijan for work and studies can it be possible..are there jobs there?

    I have been told the country is nice, can this be true?

  21. J
    John Broder says:


    Terrible place. Never again.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Are you armenian ? 😂

      1. .
        ... MYSTERY says:

        I also think so Anonymous!

      2. s
        someone says:

        yes, you are not really friends with Armenian, you just keep attacking and killing them, try to steal their land! You are, like all muslims on earth, absolutely incapable of accepting any critics, and you just think that you’re the best! But, sorry, you’re not! So take the critics, and apologize for the killing of Armenians! You can’t do that, that’s above your intellectual capacities, to admit your wrongs!

    2. A
      Azerbaijan says:

      Definitely an Armenian spamming us

      Cry more, our country is GLORIOUS, not some culture stealing Gypsies like you

      1. I have been told the country is nice, can this be true?

        I want to come to Azerbaijan for work can it be possible..are there jobs there?

      2. ironic that the real gypsy calls real Aryans “gypsie” hahaha poor Azeri

  22. all informations are wrong…

  23. p
    person who knows what hes talking about says:

    aside from the information about it being a safe country, even the average temperatures are incorrect. it is WAY hotter than 27 degrees in July lmfao it was close to 40 some days.

  24. A
    Anonymous says:

    Not in Europe Not in Asia can Albajanian join the Pacific Islanders 😀😊

  25. Totally wrong information. I have been to Azerbaijan 2 times and I’ve never regretted traveling there. Totally safe even I would say safer than many western cities.

    Their hospitality is priceless. Nobody touches you in the streets during the night. I have faced many accidents in big cities such as New-York, Paris but not there. Just be aware of taxi drivers but Uber works here so that you can get everywhere easily with no problem. I definitely suggest Azerbaijan to anyone. Love Azerbaijan from Israel.

  26. R
    Richard says:

    Safe to find a wife??

    Would love to travel there and find a great honest single woman to marry. Not the scammers like try to get u to send them money Canadian guy here

    1. .
      ... MYSTERY says:

      Our women are GORGEOUS and indeed very honest.

  27. D
    Dominik says:

    Awesome people

    The best nation , the best meals in the world . I am from Poland and I don’t know what is behind in this article . All are wrong information . I decided to go there with my family . I hope you will change this wrong information about this country

  28. A
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been to Baku countless times, and I honestly hope that silly tourists believe this site. I’ve seen the increase in tourism over the years and if people believe this extremely hospitable country is unsafe, that is great and fine by me. I don’t want more visitors to spoil a place I love so much. Stay away!

  29. N
    Nicholas says:

    This information is wrong. Baku was very safe for us

    This information is totally wrong! We have been to Baku last summer and everything was pretty good. Azerbaijan is safe country to visit, hospitality is very high and people are very warm there. Doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can absolutely wear what you want. We used uber as a taxi and everything was ok. Of course you have to be careful, as you do when you visit a foreign country.

  30. A
    AJ from Morocco says:

    Serene Stay

    My wife and I went to Azerbaijan last summer and stayed in Baku for 2 weeks. We have been fascinated by this city in so many respects : the people were so friendly, cheerful and polite. The city streets , both old and new, were clean every day. The food was great. We were shocked for noticing that there weren’t any beggars or erring people, neither at day time nor at night. No fights or yelling between people. Police everywhere as we as security cameras. It was a serene, peaceful and enriching experience for us!

  31. Not understand

    What? Really? Where have you been? And somebody said that people from their country can’t understand tourists, but almost rewies come from tourists not from local people. I could not get really how and where it should be happen? Maybe some drank people they were 🤷

  32. I
    I've been there says:

    This information is not Accurate!!!!!!!!

    This whole info is WRONG. Azerbaijan is the safest place to visit, look for people who traveled to Azerbaijan ALONE all over the country with not a single word known in the Azeri language.

    No beggars outside, no homeless people – everyone was treated and given home and job and a purpose in life.
    No pickpocketers, the police are patrolling everywhere 24/7.
    Terrorist attacks? You are mistaking this country for some other one.
    That’s a joke to claim that Azerbaijan has some hostile outlaws who’ll attack you on the street. You are safe.

  33. A
    Azerbaijan is awesome says:


    I know how safe Azerbaijan is.VERY SAFE.How did you get this info?u suck

  34. x
    xander pachecco says:

    so, bad opinion about Azerbaijan = Armenian? ok lmao

  35. N
    Nariman says:

    Azerbaijan is absolutely SAFE. All this information is WRONG.

  36. A
    Anonymous says:


    So bad place, and corruption

  37. A
    Anonymous says:

    All points that you have written about azerbaijan were wrong. It is 100 percent more safe place than the Us. No crime , terror is medium .hahahaa. Are you sure that you researched Azerbaijan

    What are you talking ab

  38. c
    cavin cunningham says:


    I came here to read about the home country of a well known scientist who developed Fuzzy Logic, and found an interesting site that tried to bash the country and riled up loyal citizens. I can assure you that Americans couldn’t care less what people say and would never bother to defend their cities- we are too busy defending our crazy politicians.
    I am now interested in visiting a country where people are respectful and polite (mostly- attacks on gypsies seemed uncalled for) and seem to welcome visitors to a country they are proud of.

  39. F
    Farhan Shahid says:

    Beautiful country and less character people ,
    Do not trust on Taxi drivers if they are polite and pretend they are helping a lot.
    Be ready for scam and black mailing.
    I have very bad experience and disappointed with locals mentality.

  40. Exceptionally Unforgettable and Beautiful!!.

    Pickpockets and not being safe? OMG. I’ve traveled to 81 countries, Azerbaijan is one of the safest countries I’ve traveled to.

    I and four of my female friends traveled to Azerbaijan on August 22 for my birthday. Stayed there for three days. We walked all around downtown and by the beach late at night.. we experienced the most beautiful memories out there, fulfilled with kindness, politeness, decency, and Great Food!

  41. This review

    I am originally from Azerbaijan, living abroad for a long time, and travel there frequently.

    I have traveled many times with many friends and guests from Europe, both male and very pretty females. They were traveling to the regions of Azerbaijan, in Baku in the beaches of Baku, and in many other places. During days and during nights. Yes, European women always say to me that they feel like a woman in Baku, as males pay true attention to them.

    Our men appreciate female beauty, they care about women, highly respect them and try to impress women with their careful attention. So, if you want to travel to Azerbaijan, take your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or colleagues and you will enjoy your stay in Azerbaijan.

  42. The best country

    I have been more than 20 countries such as USA, UK, France, Malaysia, Russia and etc. In my opinion Baku (the capital city) is the safest city in the planet. City is full of safety cameras and security police officers.
    On the other hand city if too beautiful you can find very historical buildings and modern buildings as well.
    Food is extremely delicious in Azerbaijan. You will fall in love with the food.
    People of Azerbaijan are the kindest people they are always ready to help.
    You can find everything in this country such as:
    Night life, clubbing, best restaurants, shisha bars, lounges, historical places, coffee shops, ski resorts, beautiful nature and etc.
    from my own experience that is the best underrated country to travel. More people have to travel there before everybody finds about it.

  43. P
    Princewill says:

    To know much better

    I want to migrate to Azerbaijan for green pasture, am a nigeran is there any hope for me there?

  44. R
    Romel filipino from UAE says:

    Tourist Scam Syndicate

    Unfortunately, my family was scammed here in Baku, we travel me and my wife with three small kids, We booked an apartment near Nizami, via , a guy( he is a driver from the apartment were we booked) picked up as in the airport and charged as 40 manats, stop on a shop to buy a sim card with data of 30gb worth 68 manats,(suggested by the seller) if you stay for 4 days, once we arrived from the apartment, we waited for a time and our driver is talking with some other guys, and 1 of the guy told that he is the owner, we went to the apartment and we noticed that its not the same apartment we booked in , so we decided to go out.

    My children were hungry, so we were supposed to go away but the driver guy, get our luggage and ask us to follow him, we went to a restaurant, and had breakfast(sliced of cucumber, tomato, bread, tea, and a 4-egg omelet) at 12:30 pm and charged as 63 manats, while eating, another guy approached us and asking that we need to come with him because he is the real owner of the 1st apartment that we booked, and I told him that we canceled it, we noticed that all these guys are connected to each other (look like a tourist scam syndicate) even the one who assist the parking of the car we used is asking money – 5 manats.

    So we decided to move away from that area, and go to a hotel via a taxi worth 10 manats, Nazimi street to Sapphire Bayil Hotel, today is our 2nd day here in Baku, hoping no more scams, and hoping they will not harm my family.

  45. An amazing country with history

    2019, as a matured Asian female, visiting sites and the city of Baku by foot, taking public transit to visit the regions outside Baku, I experienced no pickpocket, no harassment.
    People are welcoming, helpful and peaceful.
    I had travelled around the word, Visit this historical country, and especially to have the fresh h and sweet pomegranate drinks!

  46. Azerbaijan, especially Baku, is safer than most places

    I live in Baku, and I have lived in 10 countries and traveled in more than 60. Azerbaijan is extremely safe and muggings and pickpockets are virtually unheard of. What is the source for this information? I am a single woman and Baku is safe at all hours and has a rich nightlife. The culture is tolerant and I see no religious tension with any faiths. Due to the conflict with their neighboring country, and due to a strong economy, the government spends a lot on security, so risk of planned attacks is low. It should be rated 70 minimum.

Azerbaijan Rated 3.92 / 5 based on 85 user reviews.

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