How Safe Is Azerbaijan for Travel?

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Azerbaijan is a former Soviet republic that lies on the Caspian Sea, in the Caucasus.

It shares borders with Russia and Georgia to the north, Armenia to the west, and Iran in the south.

Through the autonomous exclave of Nakhchivan, located between Armenia and Iran, Azerbaijan also borders with Turkey.

Azerbaijan often referred to as the “land of wonders” is a country of many wonders.

It’s capital, Baku offers amazing architecture and traces of this country’s ancient history are visible with every step you take in this city.

This country that is neither in Europe nor in Asia offers geographical variety with mud volcanoes and the curious fire phenomena in the surrounding desert area, and if you move further, you will encounter rural villages surrounded by orchards in front of timeless Great Caucasus Mountains.

Such natural contrasts are a rarity and if you do visit Azerbaijan, though these wonders will amaze you, the warmth of its people is what will make you want to stay.

Warnings & Dangers in Azerbaijan

Overall Risk


Azerbaijan is overall relatively safe to travel to, with both petty and violent crime to keep in mind and watch out for. It is advised that you remain vigilant at all times, especially when crossing the streets.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transport in Azerbaijan is generally reliable and safe, though you should be careful when on public transport as you might encounter pickpockets. Taxi drivers might overcharge you for a ride so negotiate everything in advance.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing levels are extremely high and you should remain vigilant at all times, making sure not to flash your belongings in crowded places such as bus or train stations, or public transport. It is especially widespread around Baku. Be careful and keep your valuables close by your side.

Natural Disasters Risk


Azerbaijan is susceptible to many natural disasters such as earthquakes, seasonal floods and landslides, though man-made disasters add to this number: there are many industrial disasters and transport accidents.

Mugging Risk


Mugging and other forms of violent crimes are on the rise currently in Azerbaijan. Avoid going out at night especially around areas filled with bars and clubs, where you can encounter intoxicated people. Male tourists are more targeted for violent attacks than female.

Terrorism Risk


There is a certain likelihood of terrorist trying to carry out attacks in Azerbaijan, and these attacks could hit at any times and affect locals as well as tourists. Remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.

Scams Risk


There are many scams and frauds performed on tourists in Azerbaijan: street vendors and cab drivers might try to cheat you and rip you off if you are not careful. ATM frauds happen, though they are not too common. You may encounter people pretending to be police officers, targeting tourists and extorting money. "Fake" tickets can also be issued on roadways by fake policemen. Be wary of women approaching you in clubs and leaving you with a ridiculously high tab to pay.

Women Travelers Risk


For a woman, especially if she's a lone in Azerbaijan, it can be pretty tough. A golden rule for women is that they shouldn't be out alone after 9pm. Of course, the general rules of precaution apply for all other times of day: avoid poorly lit and deserted areas at night and never find yourself in places filled with drunken people.

So... How Safe Is Azerbaijan Really?

Azerbaijan is relatively safe to visit but you should watch out for both petty and violent crime.

In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, you should expect crime like in many cities around the world, but the problem here is that petty crime made way for more violent types of crime, some of them involving foreigners.

Surprisingly, male tourists are more targeted than female ones and these attacks occur with groups of men just approaching and attacking unsuspecting tourists.

These crimes happen more during the winter months.

So avoid drinking and roaming around the tourist frequented areas such as Fountain Square and the Maiden’s Tower, and know that in case something happens, you can’t really rely on the police.

Expect corruption in this country – the police will expect you to pay if you want anything from them.

Avoid giving them any bribe.

If you are traveling outside of the city, do it during the daytime.

The roads are filled with potholes and bumps and driving at night is advised against.

Apart from the potholes, drivers in Azerbaijan often drive with dimly lit cars, so accidents are common.

Keep in mind that you might easily get scammed or attacked in this country, especially if you go drinking to a tourist bar.

One of the scams involves a woman approaching you for a drink and leaving you an astronomically high tab.

If you refuse to pay, a group of men approach you and demand you do, threatening to beat you up.

Azerbaijan is filled with scammers so be very careful.

Useful Information

  • Visas - Many countries need a visa to enter Azerbaijan, and some, such as U.S. nationals can get a visa upon arrival. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 3 months past the date of your planned departure from Azerbaijan. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.
  • Currency - Azerbaijani manat is the official currency in Azerbaijan. ATMs are widespread throughout the country, especially in Baku.
  • Weather - Azerbaijan has what can be described as continental influenced climate. It is characterized by warm summers and very cold winters with very little precipitation. Azerbaijan climate can be divided in three different climate zones: one north of the mountainous regions, one south of them, and one for the coastal regions of the Caspian Sea.
  • Airports - Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport is one of the six international airports and the busiest one serving Azerbaijan. It is located about 20 km northeast of Baku, connected to the city by a modern highway.
  • Travel Insurance - Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Azerbaijan since it covers not only the costs of medical problems, but also theft and loss of valuables.
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22 Reviews on Azerbaijan

  1. wrong

    I’m not really sure where this site is getting data from but I doubt it’s from first hand experience. Baku in terms of petty crime is very safe, and the cultural respect for women is high (especially compared to some neighbors– but about equal to Georgia). There are traditional aspects where its looked down on for being out late, but this doesn’t apply to foreigners. If anything I’d rank transport as higher than everything else (the opposite of what is on the list) as drivers can be aggressive, especially during rush hour.

    1. Azerbaijan is totally SAFE

      I don’t know where does this site get information from but, Azerbaijan is absolutely SAFE.
      All this information is WRONG.

  2. Really? Pickpocket in Azerbaijan? Where do u get those information? As far as i understand those info are not first hand

  3. S
    Someone who really knows what is going on says:

    Article is completely wrong

    This article is completely fraud! Baku is the safest city in the world There is cultural respect especially for women . There are traditional aspects where its looked down on for making sex or hooking up with girls in streets But beside of this no one will aproach you The reason is Azerbaijanians will receive as disrespectful behavior for them

    1. J
      Johnathan says:

      Should I come?

      Really? so as a Jew would you recommend I visit?

      1. C
        Cdmarker says:

        Yes. The second biggest ”all jew ” place in the world, after Israel is in Azerbaijan.Qırmızı qəsəbə – the Red town- caucasus Jerusalem. Mountain jews live there safe and sound. You can visit your comrades.

        1. M
          Mark P. says:

          I don’t think that’s true at all. there must be more Jews in the USA then in Azerbaijan.

          1. Wrong info

            Mark google it. Ask somebody you know in Israel.

  4. K
    Kanan Bashir says:

    Wrong article

    70% of this article is definitely a scam. If a woman gets on the bus, the men stand up for the woman to sit. If a man and a woman have to go through a door at the same time, men will retreat for the woman to pass before. We have cultural respect especially for women. I have been living here for 21 years and I never heard about any terrorist attack even Baku hosted many international Olympiads, competitions (such as Eurovision 2012, Formula 1 2016-present etc.) So, yes Azerbaijan are safe country.

  5. K
    Karimli says:


    Dont get me worng, but Azerbaijan is safer than London and New York in terms of terror attacks and pickpokets. There were no terror acts in Azerbaijan for last 20 years. In fact, random guy with motorcycle stole my phone in UK. There is no such things in Azerbaijan. Women are free to wear anything and people are warm and helpful to tourists. Azerbaijan is aslo very warm to jews as relations with Israel is very well at governmental degree. So, i dont think this article is worth a read

  6. J
    John Burr says:

    Biased Article

    I am wondering where does this article get its information, everything told is untrue and false.

  7. Pick-pocket incident

    I don’t know why people here say that this is untrue, I was a victim of pick-pocketing there and my father who also came to visit was as well.

    You are obviously not tourists in your own country so you don’t see it from the same perspective and you are not high-potential targets like tourists are.

    Thanks for writing what I already know after visiting, too bad I didn’t see this article before I went there.

    1. ?

      When did that happen? Did you travel as a tourist? Do you remember the street name where you and your dad has been pick pocketed?

  8. E
    Emma jr says:

    I haven’t visit though am about visiting came here to see if it was safe

  9. Misleading article

    The article is totally misleading and not matching with crime statistics. Azerbaijan is totally safe for tourists. Check it out with your embassy website for accurate information about travel safety.

  10. Absolutely Horrible

    I wish I had read this before leaving to Baku. Obviously my family and I look American so we knew that we sorta would stand out, but not to that extent.

    My wife got her purse snatched by a Policemen, it was a nightmare trying to find law & order. Eventually after getting the stare down at the police station, we decided to forget about the purse due to us already fearing for our lives. Wasn’t worth it. We went back to our hotel and every 30 minutes the phone rang, and everytime i picked up, someone would yell PEYSEYR and hang up. This happened all evening till it stopped the following afternoon.

    Azerbaijan is miles behind civilization, it just has to come from the people which unfortunately isn’t there. We decided to book the next flight to Tblisi. Extremely glad we did.

    Anyone reading this, save yourself the risk and trouble, go to Tblisi. Heck, even Iran would be better.

  11. T
    Tourist says:

    Fake news/article

    Absolutely wrong information about Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, including its capital Baku, is very safe place. This article is a fake news spread by the unfriendly neighbours of Azerbaijan in order to stop tourists to come to Azerbaijan.

    Comparing to London, Moscow, New-York and many other capitals and big cities, Baku is the most safest.

    I have doubt that negative reviews is written here by those who have ever been in Baku.

    Be carefully of the taxi drivers and restaurants. Ask them fixed prices before you get in to the taxi or ask menu at the restaurants. I mainly used Uber taxi in Baku, which was extremely cheap and I knew the price in advance.

  12. E
    Emmanuel Ajulo says:

    Never been to Azerbaijan before, but my friend has. He’s story is quite different from what’s on your site. Perhaps I’ll pay a visit soon to see for myself

  13. O
    Omayyah Casim says:


    Azerbaijan..ill give 5 star for this country peaceful, people are so hospitable. more of people I cross on the street they smile on me.And I feel they are so kind.. How I wish all the country in the world are like AZERBAIJAN.

  14. Im from Germany and I lived also 4 years in Azerbaijan due to my work and I can say that it is the safest place in the world. I dont understand why this site says so.

  15. Absolutely wrong!! Azerbaijan is a safe country to visit!

  16. A
    Anonymous says:

    It is good working country

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