World’s Top 9 Gorges for Bungee Jumping

Girl bungee jumping

The first in the world bungee jumping spot was created in 1988 in New Zealand

We wonder how the first person to test it felt at the time. 

Now there are lots of incredible gorges in the world where adrenaline junkies like you can test themselves.

Another portion of adrenaline can reach you anywhere from Italy to Peru

1. Bungee Center Veglio (Biella, Italy)

152 meters jumping from the Colossus Bridge.

Are you ready for this adventure?

Beginners start bungee jumping adventure here. 

They meet in the first half of the day at Bungee Center Veglio, get ready for the jump that is only 4 seconds long, and watch a video of their jump afterward.

That’s pretty cool.

Female bungee jumper
Female bungee jumper

2. Redwood Forest Trees (Humboldt, CA)

If giant sequoias in the Redwood Forest, California do not interest you as trees anymore, go bungee jumping from them.

You will jump between two giant red trees that are as high as 60 meters.

This is higher than a bridge jump.

Still, it’s available for beginners.

And you can get pictures and videos for additional fees.

Giant sequoia
Giant sequoia

3. Victoria Falls Bridge (Livingstone, Zambia)

Do the first two places seem too simple for you?

Jump here in Livingstone.

The Victoria Falls Bridge assures you get the best bungee jump in the world from the height of 110 meters.

Free falling towards the Zambezi river full of crocodiles.

If you are experienced enough, you can do all sorts of flips, backflips and so on.

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

4. Bhote Kosi River Jump (Tatopani, Nepal)

They say you will have the most spectacular bungee jump on the planet.

We would like to believe it.

You will definitely experience the longest bungee-jump in the world.

Within three hours of smooth drive from Kathmandu, there’s the jumping site that you need. 


5. Artuby Bridge Bungee Jumping (Verdon, France)

You can jump from the Artuby bridge in France. 

Easy and exciting.

First, you pay something like $120 for the jump, then you get to the hight of 182 meters and enjoy amazing views. 

This bridge in Verdon is named the highest bungee jump point in Europe, so you will get some extraordinary and unforgettable memories.

Road in the Alps
Road in the Alps

6. Europabrücke (Innsbruck, Austria)

Thousands of adrenaline junkies have already jumped from this Europabrücke bridge. 

And they were not afraid of its height of 192 meters!

Are you ready for this kind of adventure?

This massive bridge with an amazing mountain view seems to have been created for bungee jumpers.

By the way, you should book in advance and check the weather forecast, because you won’t be allowed to jump in bad weather conditions.


7. AJ Hackett Macau Tower (Macau, China)

Are you fearless enough to conquer the height of the AJ Hackett Macau Tower?

It’s 233 meters which makes it the highest bungee jump in the entire world!

The ropes seem so tiny compared to the mighty of nature and stone jungles around.

And this tiny rope will lead you all the way down until you get your adrenaline fix all at once.

The pictures are really scary. 

Tell us when it’s over!

Macau Tower
Macau Tower

8. Poroy Cusco (Cusco, Peru)

The bungee jump of your dream in Peru is only 15 minutes away from the city of Cusco.

You are going to jump from the highest bungee jumping platform in Latin America.

They currently have a record of 100 000 bungee jumps!

Are you ready to become the 100 001?

Then come half an hour in advance to prepare for the jump.

Enjoy the extreme leap with the intensity that you’ve been looking for!

Peruvian women dancing
Peruvian women dancing

9. Navajo Bridge (Marble Canyon, Arizona, US)

The Navajo pedestrian bridge with a special platform for bungee jumps is located in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Are you ready to wait a few hours in a queue?

We bet you are.

No matter if this picturesque and challenging free flight lasts for only 4 seconds.

It will surely remain in your memory forever.

Navajo Reservation
Navajo Reservation

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