Top 5 Most Challenging Hiking Trails in Arizona

Arizona mountain

Have you dreamt of hiking in the homeland of Indian tribes?

Arizona is the place to be for backpackers from all over the world.

It has lots of natural treasures which are reachable on foot only.

Some stunning canyons, green slopes, red rocks, and amazing skies are something that will stay in your memory forever.

The weather in the state is warm and sunny most of the time.

Therefore, pack your bags and come to Arizona to discover the top five most challenging hiking trails.

1. Antelope Canyon

Head to the Antelope Canyon from the tourist city Page.

This is the best spot where you can find food, drinks, and overnight stay.

You can reach the canyons at the Indian territory with a guide only.

The open part of the canyon is 200 m deep.

Antelope Canyon Arizona

2. Havasu Falls

Havasupai is an Indian reservation in the Indian state of Arizona.

Havasu Falls is what you are heading for after you’ve seen the Little Navajo Falls.

Havasu Falls is located right near the camping area and is probably one of the most photographed natural wonders.

The color of the water is just stunning and the rocks were formed naturally as the creek was flowing in the direction of the Colorado River.

If you are getting ready to hike to the falls, you must know that there are at least ten miles that you should pass.

Havasu Falls Arizona

3. Horseshoe Bend

Travelers recommend visiting the Horseshoe Bend in late morning or midday.

This place really resembles the horseshoe due to the form of the rock which is surrounded by the river.

The Colorado River offers stunning views in this location.

The length of the hiking trail is around 2.414 kilometers.

Horseshoe Bend

4. Visit the Grand Canyon

The Antelope Canyon is divided into two zones only – the Upper and the Lower Canyon.

The Grand Canyon has four zones and each of them is attractive for tourists.

In the North, the canyon is for brave and hotshot.

In the South, the canyon is for hiking and jeep exploring.

If you want to explore the Grand Canyon with lots of other tourists, start with the south part.

In case you are going for more secluded areas, go to the north.

Grand Canyon Arizona

Hike down the Canyon for the Colorado River rafting or seeing the waterfalls in the area.

You can be proud of being part of the team who have reached the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.

Imagine the eyes of your friends when you tell them you’ve hiked the 28 km wide and 1.6 km deep canyon.

To make pictures in the bottom of the Canyon, take the Bright Angel trail which is one of the most hiked ones.

5. Sedona

This is a desert town in Arizona that you can also visit by hiking in order to eat delicious local foods, and have a sleep in a local hotel.

Sedona is interesting for its natural electromagnetic intersections or ley lines.

Go to catch some natural energy.

The town has a few Vortex meditation centers to get you inspired and relaxed.

Nature and the views are worth your look.

Sedona Arizona

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