How Safe Is Buffalo for Travel?

Buffalo, United States
Safety Index:

If you are wondering whether Buffalo is worth visiting we can just say that there are so many reasons to do so.  

Nowadays, Buffalo is not so popular among other American cities, but that does not mean that this is a place that should be skipped.

The city is on the western edge of New York State.

What you can see there are residents who gather in local pubs or restaurants and tree-lined avenues making this city look amazing.

Buffalo has been a city of millionaires, and it has not lost all of its past.

Warnings & Dangers in Buffalo

Overall Risk


Even though Buffalo offers many exciting activities, you need to be aware that there are criminals committing violent crimes as well as those petty ones.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Making a deal about the price of your ride might be the best way of traveling through the city by taxi. Taxi drivers tend to overcharge tourists.

Pickpockets Risk


If you are not watchful of your belongings, you can easily become prey to pickpockets. Expensive items and passports are the things that are usually targeted by them.

Natural Disasters Risk


Buffalo is a city that is prone to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and forest fires. The areas of high risk are canyons, hills, and forests.

Mugging Risk


When mugging is in question, travelers are suggested to be cautious all the time. Avoid walking through less traveled areas and if you need to go there, research your destination before traveling.

Terrorism Risk


It is very important to watch the news and follow the advice of the local authorities in case of a terrorist attack. The main threat is individuals inspired by terrorist ideology.

Scams Risk


It is important that you do not accept anything from strangers as drug dealers may try to sell you illegal drugs or spike your drinks so as to rob you.

Women Travelers Risk


Our suggestion for women is not to travel in Buffalo alone and stay on your guard at every moment. There were instances of females being attacked at night.

So... How Safe Is Buffalo Really?

It is true that this country is frequently a target for terrorists, but that does not mean that they are happening all the time.

You should not avoid coming to Buffalo if this is a destination you want to travel to.

You just need to be precautious and stay away from the places with a heavy police presence and searches on bags.

The best advice we can give you is to avoid walking anywhere in Buffalo at night as the city has a high crime rate and numerous registered sex offenders.

You should not visit any remote areas, but only those parts of the city that are designed with tourists in mind. There you can feel safe, but only if you remain vigilant all the time.

Furthermore, our suggestion is not to drive in Buffalo, but if you have to, lock the doors of the rented car when the vehicle is parked and avoid dangerous streets.

You can get the information about dangerous streets at the hotel you are staying in.

During your visit, you need to remember to watch out for your welfare.

How Does Buffalo Compare?

CitySafety Index
St Louis58
Los Angeles56
Sao Paulo (Brazil)45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)43
Sofia (Bulgaria)73

Useful Information

  • Visas - The organization which allows or rejects applicants for visas will determine whether you should visit the country or not and it usually gives a 3-month visa when the purpose of traveling is tourism.
  • Currency - The official currency in Buffalo is the American Dolar. Travelers have to bear in mind the fact that money should only be changed in banks and exchange offices.
  • Weather - Buffalo has a fairly humid, continental- type climate. Winters are cloudy, cold and snowy, while summer is pleasant with a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures.
  • Airports - Buffalo Niagara International Airport is the airport in Buffalo. It operates both domestic and international flights.
  • Travel Insurance - Each traveler is suggested to obtain travel insurance which will cover not only emergency situations related to medical issues but also luggage lost and missed flights.
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Buffalo Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan -6° C
Feb -4° C
Mar 1° C
Apr 7° C
May 14° C
Jun 19° C
Jul 21° C
Aug 21° C
Sep 16° C
Oct 10° C
Nov 5° C
Dec -1° C
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Average High/Low Temperature

Temperature / MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

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9 Reviews on Buffalo

  1. P
    Paul Mortellaro says:

    The Truth about Buffalo

    Terrorism, canyons fires, earthquakes, and crime? Are you sure that this isn’t a joke just to see if anyone ever looked up Buffalo.
    This is all you need to know:
    For a city this size, there is very little violent crime. Try the local food that you can’t get elsewhere – beef on kummelweck. Traffic is light. The city is very affordable. Parking is easy. Imagine if New York City and Toronto had a sibling that only spoke English and went community college. Buffalonians are very friendly and unpretentious and of course expert winter drivers.

    1. Almost Any Other Place Is Better Than Buffalo

      The fire trucks are very active here. There is a lot of violent crime, look at the statistics. Buffalonians are friendly once they determine you are from here. If not, they are not. I have heard this from many people who relocated here. It is shallow. People are not held accountable for their mistakes. Immigrants who are put here are required to stay a year and then can’t wait to leave for a better place. The food is good but the prices are rising to make it not worth the price. Many parts of the city are decaying. Lots of segregation by neighborhood. Many people are nice. The city is very boring.

  2. M
    Mr Buffalo says:

    This review is wrong

    The review of Buffalo is wrong. There are no earthquakes here. If and when we do they’re usually so low that it’s compared to a truck rolling down a street.

    Crime is not that bad either. Yeah you have a few places where you shouldn’t go but for the most part there isn’t anything of interest in those places anyway.

    With Uber being a thing don’t use taxis. Simple.
    Stay out of the ghetto. Simple.
    Enjoy the food, people, and everything. Simple.

  3. T
    Ted Beneke says:

    So many forest fires

    The canyons in Buffalo are very dangerous! Forest fires everywhere. Earthquakes, tsunamis, OH THE HUMANITY!

    1. M
      Marie Bertola says:

      Hahahaha.. I thought the same thing… Where are these canyons?? and forest fires??
      Possible a tsunami on Route 5 during windy weather though….

  4. Travel safe reviewer is wrong

    Whoever wrote this review had never been to Buffalo, nor have they done much research. If you’re reading this – disregard everything you read in the review, and check any other sources for accurate Information.

  5. lived here 50 years +

    This review is utter nonsense , Buffalo has great architecture, great food, natural resources-lakes, rivers, green-space, and great people, best kept secret in the NE

  6. Avoid Buffalo

    Buffalo should be avoided. Not open and friendly to people who did not grow up here. Weather is among the worst anywhere. Lots of mistakes are made, especially overcharges. High crime that is severe is many areas. Public transit is often not safe. If you are in this region go to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada and skip Buffalo. The food is good but it is better in Toronto and many other places. Many people here have not been elsewhere so they do not know any better. Chances are wherever you are from is much better than this place. It is nearly 10 hours drive to New York City and not near another decent USA major city for at least 200 miles and that would be Cleveland, Ohio.

  7. E
    Edgar M. says:

    Buffalo is pretty fun

    It’s so sad to see this low safety index (which I actually kind of agree with) for Buffalo. This city has so much to offer but many people are a bit scared to come here. I’ve been there recently and it was very nice. I was careful not to stand out like a tourist so I pretty much avoided most bad things that could happen by just blending in. Yes, the taxi drivers will try to overcharge you if you’re a tourist but just do a Google search beforehand and see how much a certain fare might be worth. Or it’s a good idea to have a guide with you, someone who knows the city well. It’s better to pay them (make sure they are affiliated to a known agency).

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