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Updated On November 7, 2023
Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia : Safety by City

The biggest country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia occupies the biggest part of the Arabian Peninsula and has coastlines on the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.

The holy Muslim cities Mecca and Medina are located in this very country, the cities all physically and financially able Muslims are obliged to visit at least once in their life, while the non-Muslims are forbidden from entering here.

However, even though Saudi Arabia has the second-largest reserves of petroleum in the world, and strong government controls over its major economic activities the rate of unemployment in this country is high, due to, most of all, reluctance to take on many jobs.

The unemployment situation on the side, this country is brimming with tourists, although the major part of those tourists is the religious pilgrims visiting Mecca and Medina.

And just like its neighbors, Saudi Arabia boasts wonderful architecture, breathtaking sandy beaches, and a plethora of historic, religious, and cultural landmarks.

Warnings & Dangers in Saudi Arabia

Overall Risk


Saudi Arabia is mainly safe but there are extremely unsafe areas, particularly near the border with Iraq and Yemen. Some of the biggest concerns for tourists in Saudi Arabia should be disrespecting their moral codes, as this is followed by severe punishments.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Reckless drivers are a major concern in Saudi Arabia. Accidents on the road occur frequently. If you're visiting Saudi Arabia as part of a pilgrimage, be prepared for extreme traffic jams and severely overcrowded public transport. The roads outside of the main cities vary in quality from well maintained to extremely poor. Vessels operating in the Northern Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Oman are at risk of a pirates' attack.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing is relatively common in Saudi Arabia despite the constant presence of police on the streets. Pickpockets are especially active during pilgrimages. Avoid wearing purses and keep your money in a hidden place, not easily accessible by pickpockets. Also, be wary of people trying to distract you, it might very well be a way to take your money.

Natural Disasters Risk


As for natural disasters, you can expect extremely high temperatures, reaching as high as 50C. This is why it is highly recommended that you always carry water with you and maintain hydrated. Sandstorms and thunderstorms are also common.

Mugging Risk


Near the aforementioned borders, muggings or kidnappings might be a concern, though generally, they aren't common in Saudi Arabia.

Terrorism Risk


Terrorists are extremely likely to try and carry out attacks in Saudi Arabia. The main threat comes from Daesh that was formerly referred to as ISIL. Remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.

Scams Risk


Except for credit card frauds, expect virtually no scams in the territory of Saudi Arabia.

Women Travelers Risk


There are some risks for women traveling to Saudi Arabia, especially if they're not respecting their codes of morality, like wearing an abaya at all times. Apart from that, women should apply basic precaution measures.

So... How Safe Is Saudi Arabia Really?

Probably the main concern for travelers in Saudi Arabia is the situations they can get themselves into in cases of disrespecting Islamic codes of morality, which are definitely a lot stricter than anyone outside of UAE can imagine, and what you may see as minor or non-relevant, may get you into serious troubles.

Women, for example, whether local or foreign, need to wear an abaya, a long and loose black robe.

And even though a headscarf is usually enough for foreign women, you are advised to at least bring one with you.

Another strict law in Saudi Arabia prohibits all LGBT activities in the country.

Anything LGBT related is illegal in Saudi Arabia.

It is, in fact, one of the least homosexual friendly countries in the world.

For first offenses, you can get prison sentences of several months to life, and physical punishments like whipping/flogging, chemical castration, torture, vigilante killings, and public execution.

Second offenses invariably lead to an execution. If you’re a member LGBT community, you are advised to stay out of Saudi Arabia.

As far as crime is concerned, the biggest danger for tourists in Saudi Arabia is the Fahateen: bad drivers.

You have to be very careful when picking your drivers and always wear a seatbelt.

Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest crime rates in the world as the police are regularly present on the streets, but there’s always a small degree of petty theft like pickpocketing and purse snatching.

How Does Saudi Arabia Compare?

CountrySafety Index
Saudi Arabia46

Useful Information



All nationals are required to get a visa in order to enter Saudi Arabia. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six-month from your planned date of return from Saudi Arabia. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need a visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Saudi Riyal is the official currency of Saudi Arabia. Airports offer the best exchange rates, and ATMs are widespread throughout the country. Credit cards are accepted in most establishments.



Saudi Arabia has a desert climate, characterized by extremely high temperatures, exceeding 50C. The period from June to September is the hottest period of the year.



King Fahd International Airport is an airport in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It is located about 20 km northwest of Dammam and it is the largest airport serving Saudi Arabia.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Saudi Arabia, since it covers not only medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

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Saudi Arabia - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Ad Dammam67

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56 Reviews on Saudi Arabia

  1. M
    Mohammad says:

    No where near accurate. Get your facts straight please.

    1. E
      Elias Ziad says:


      LOL, even Yemen is way safer than Saudi Arabia despite them dropping bombs there lol, you should get your facts straight.

      1. A
        Abdullah says:

        To make things clear, many Arabs hate Saudi Arabia because of envy (Saudis are much richers than them) and that is why we see such stupid comments.

        1. N
          Natsuki says:

          Yes, true

          Yes true, In fact, the media also makes it even worse. Like I have been searching for articles that are true and I can’t even find one good article that says most true things at least. All of the articles talk about the past like the 1980s till the 2000s. People also think Saudi Arabia is Harming Yemen but it’s absolutely the other way around. Yemen is like hitting bombs on Saudi Arabia every month or months. They won’t give up like bruh.

      2. M
        Mahamad says:

        Facts please, not feelings

        Go and live in Yemen…Bon voyage

      3. B
        Bad saudi says:

        Don't go there dangerous

        I think Saudi Arabia is a dangerous place but I don’t like it because you’re so much terrorist and stuff going on they should fix their problems make it safer for women and anyone to come here

        1. غ
          غليون says:

          Tell you haven’t visited Saudi Arabia without telling me ↑

        2. -

          You said that YOU THINK but have you seen or went there before? Saudi Arabia is way better than before and it literally has like the lowest crime rates. Women are now free and safer than before.

          1. A
            Apostate says:

            Anti-human-rights and religious extreimism.

            Free? A woman was recently given a prison sentence that would amount to half of her expected lifespan for re-tweeting a message that supports women’s rights.
            Yes, it’s better than before. They murder less people now for their religion than they used to. Congrats I guess…

  2. Warning: Saudi Arabia NOT safe.

    It’s actually worse than what it says in this report. Nice people aside, overall extremely backward society.

    E.g.During a conversation with his host (a Saudi businessman ) my brother in law mentioned that he likes to drink alcohol once in a while. The Wahhabi Saudi host decided he deserved to have his head chopped. Fortunately the Saudi host’s own brother talked some sense into him and rushed my brother in law out of the place. You don’t experience such things in Turkey or Iran two other very religious countries.

    1. .

      Sean Cmon dude
      This is super untrue
      Some ppl in Saudi that drink talk about drinking but dont in ksa (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and they dont get killed or hurt in anyway

      1. M
        Mhammad says:

        Facts only

        Absolutely true, thank you.

        1. S
          Salman khan says:

          Super safe country for good people

          If you are a thief or a smuggler, then Saudi Arabia is extremely dangerous for you.

        2. Yes finally someone opened their mind.

    2. A
      Abdullah Alotaibi says:

      Saudi 2020 is different

      People of Iran and Turkey hate Saudis, for many reasoons (including envy), that is why this guy created this imaginary story.

      However, Saudi Arabia is now much different, and the whole page in this website describes Saudi Arabia in the 90’s, to see the real Saudi Arabia, search in youtube, for (Tourism in Saudi Arabia).

      Btw, once a friend of mine who is American, said that he never felt safer in his life, after staying in Riyadh for few days.

      1. YOU are WRONG

        The people of Iran and Turkey are not envious of Saudi Arabia. They have much to be proud of in their own countries, so THINK AGAIN!

        1. A
          Anonymous says:

          Hey I’m saudi and I usually say thank god im actually safer than what I see in America like dude I have been to every major city in Saudi Arabia and I’ve been living here for over 15 years and I have never been pickpocketed robbed mugged or anything else

          Also what’s your source

          1. Same I am a Saudi myself and I have never been pickpocketed robbed or mugged or anything bad that could possibly happen. I mean bro, thank god we are safer in Saudi Arabia. Look at Yemen, I feel bad for those young kids being brainwashed by some people with no braincells that are also brainwashed by the people who TRY to bomb Saudi Arabia.

        2. People in Iran and Turkey are ACTUALLY jealous because of the wealth and the crown prince. I don’t really know why people have to read what the media says. The media would always be against Saudi Arabia. It’s so freaking annoying.

    3. singular judgment

      So from the experience of one person you judged the whole country? doesn’t sound accurate to me buddy.

    4. A
      Anonymous says:

      I live in Saudi Arabia I can say this is false and this report is now no terrorists are attacking.

    5. A
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, alcohol is forbidden (which is a good rule) but the punishment for the violator is nothing more than “a confirmation” that he should not do it again. if he did a crime while drinking, the punishment is for the crime and not the drinking.

  3. S
    Someone from Saudi Arabia says:

    Almost everything said here is wrong

    It is safe almost everywhere except near the yemen border

    1. Maybe for residents like you

      1. What do you mean by ‘ Like you ‘ ?

  4. T
    Travel Enthusiasts says:

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is mostly safe, as long as you obey the Islamic moral code and stay away from the Yemen boarder its pretty safe, the kingdoms full of hospitality and its culture and traditions are amazing, its truly the heart of Arabia.

    1. One of the best countries

      It’s a great country in everything except for the hot weather

    2. M
      Mishari says:

      The best time to visit saudi arabia is at Winter temaptures are cool which hit around 15 c but not the best time to visit at summer when temaptures reach 50 C

  5. My dad was invited to a public execution…

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Was that 1970s ? Or maybe 1980s ?
      Because there is no public execution after that

    2. Big time lie, the public executions are no longer public since cellphones exists.

  6. s
    saudi is safe says:

    Saudi is safe. go check chomad on youtube, a testimony of how safe saudi is from a non muslim south korean guy

    My mom went to Saudi for umrah pilgrimage, the Meccans aren’t friendly but extremely helpful, they will gladly help you. The people in the medina city, however, are very nice and friendly, she said that Saudi is one of the safest countries in the world, you can leave your Lambo unlocked without being stolen. Once there was a Harley Davidson on the side of the road with the key in it, and it is still there for days. No muggings or any assault-related crimes. Just stay away from Yemeni borders. the Houthis are a bunch of nutcases, they tried to bomb the Kaaba and blocking aid for the Yemeni people.

    If any of you are interested to go to Saudi and need some sort of a testimony.. go check chomad on youtube, here is the link to his profile

    he’s a non-muslim south korean guy who went to saudi and had good times there..

    1. M
      Mishari says:

      Is your mom a muslim?

      Mekkah is Not allowed for tourists as it only allows muslims

  7. W
    Wild Bill says:

    Don't Bother

    it is somewhat safe, driving and crossing the road isn’t safe, the idiots living there will drive at you to try and run you over – also male sexual harrassment is a thing, the place is gayer than a Village People video.

    If you are a gay teetotaler, then the place is heaven.

    1. d
      dummy above me says:

      you sound like the type of guy to climb a glass wall to see what’s on the other side

  8. W

    you are the worst for the Saudi Arabia page.

    I saw your Kuwait Page but Saudi Arabia is SAFER!

  9. A
    Anonymous says:

    Get your fact straight ,, every single word you wrote is wrong !!

  10. Please update the article

    I would like this article on Saudi Arabia to be reevaluated since the country changed so much in the recent years. Most of the points are outdated!

    Pickpockets do happen mostly and even only in Makkah and Madinah since they are crowded, but other than that its impossible because we are conservatives and no one will go out of their way to follow you. In my experience the pickpocket act happens mostly in the Western region of SA because of expats, this is my experience and knowledge and it might not 100% accurate, but I am sure of my country and its future vision.

  11. Avoid!

    I have visited many countries and cities, on five continents, throughout the world and the one place I never want to travel to again is Saudi Arabia. The oppression here drips from the leaves on the trees. What few leaves and trees they have, I should say.

  12. A
    A guy who LOVES honesty says:

    The truth

    I’m a Saudi and I’m here to cut all the bull*** they tell you.

    It’s ONLY safe for the citizens for people who are exactly the same as the rest of the society, if u are different in style, thinking, looks, accent, language “EVEN IF URE SAUDI” it’s not safe for you at all, you’ll get bullied and maybe sometimes you’ll get harassed, people heads here are so closed except maybe %10 of them but good luck with the other 90% 🙂

    What I’m saying is really true because my family dumped me just because I have a different mindset and outlook than their old extreme lifestyle and mindsets.

  13. Forget one one person says about a country that’s stupid . The CBC of Canada and BBC of Britain have done extensive docs on this ” place” Its a basket case and you would be crazy to visit there . Also this government spends a large fortune to make you believe its ok. If it was ok why spend billions to say its safe? The only peoiple here saying its safe are the Saudi Plants

  14. I had been there so untrue

    This is untrue I went there to work it’s safer than many countries

  15. F
    Fatimah says:

    sally and rubbish

    This is rubbish report and bias.

  16. S
    Sulami1995 says:

    Anyone who believed this report should go to YouTube and see videos of tourists who visited Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia is Safe

  17. As a citizen of Saudi Arabia, I can say in full honesty that this is just a report that needs to be updated. And the people in the comments are wrong about Saudi Arabia, it’s very safe, and has a very low risk of burglaries, and harassment. The women don’t need to wear abayas, and they are certainly safe traveling alone. The only unsafe place is the Yemen border, that is it.

  18. what is mentioned is completely not true

  19. W
    Waman malode says:

    I love ❤ Saudi Arabiya 🇸🇦

    I’m working here in Saudi Arabiya past 8 years
    as you said pickpocket did not happen with me a single time in 8 years
    Saudi Arabia is a very safe country for straight people

    I love ❤ Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  20. M
    Mishari says:

    The true report

    This report is fake this is for a long time here’s the real report

    Houses LOW: Houses are so good you won’t find anyone trying to scam you.

    Scams MEDIUM: In social media, you can find free iPhone 12 tests but are mostly fake and want your phone number

    Terrorism LOW: Now Saudi in 2022 is so much safer and now Promoting more events But there might be a rare chance of terrorism

    Pickpockets HIGH: In all of Saudi there are no pickpockets but in Makah, that’s a different story People will try to Pickpocket you and distract you Be on your guard

    Natural disasters HIGH: As people say that the hottest country or place is death valley well in Saudi not in the north it can get pretty hot especially in Riyadh and Jeddah Hail might happen But if you go to the north it can get chilly hail storms might happen and rain with thunderstorms Temperatures can reach until 50

    Traffic MEDIUM: There can be some car crashes but There not as common due to COVID but if you are close to a school then there can be serious Traffic jams But even if you’re not in or close to a school there can be long traffic jams

    Mugging or Car risk LOW: In a lot of places like malls there’s so much security to keep you safe And it’s better to park not in an underground Parking lot but said it is mostly safe always lock your car.

    Covid-19 MEDIUM: As Omnicron has come in Saudi You should put on hand sanitizer and put a mask and avoid taking kids to play areas as there can be a risk of COVID-19

    Tap water LOW: All tap water in Saudi is safe

    Overall LOW: Saudi Arabia is all safe Just don’t go near the border of Yemen Where you can get mugged but that being said Saudi is all safe and you can plan trips Just don’t try to sneak in Mekkah where they will punish you since only Muslims are allowed.

  21. N
    Natsuki says:

    Change the article please.

    Well now everything is different.

    Saudi Arabia’s ways and all have changed. Women can drive , women who are travellers dont have to wear an abaya but atleast wear something that could cover the chest , arms till the knee. Now there are a lot of singers coming and the crime rates are low. I myself have also seen a lot of Saudi women not wearing Abayas or Hijabs.

    in 2022 Saudi has become even more safer and they are adding more events. Saudi Arabia is also organized with social distance and they even have apps that could help and update the latest immunes and everything. The terrorist attacks are in between medium to low but nobody was harmed with those attacks because they have special stuff that could help them stop the attacks like the bombs or anything.

    I think you guys should not believe the media and actually go there, its really cool.

  22. My thought

    Having been there myself but have some close relatives there who says Saudi is relatively safe. Just be law abiding and respect their religious codes and you’ll be fine.

  23. K
    Khaled Mohammed says:

    I’m a citizen of Lebanon 🇱🇧 and I’ve visited Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 5 times and it was very safe. Please do visit and enjoy 😉 yourself.

    Thank You.

  24. A
    Anonymous says:

    Welp saudi is much safer than usa here’s why

    I’ve been living in the usa for a year and so now and to say saudi is more dangerous than usa thats cap never have i heard that much shooting in my life until i came to the usa and i never saw amber alerts by the day about mass shooters and kidnappers and wow school shootings thats another thing homelessness everywhere make believe houses of wood that ain’t good for s**t look at saudi the country the that you view as sooooo bad and 3rd world and look at North America and Europe and everywhere else we are the only nation with sanity and progression we are the only 1st world country everywhere else i went too was a nightmare but Saudi was and still is gods heaven on earth

  25. A
    Anonymous says:

    but i really dont see whats wrong with this country its fun

  26. The safest country ever! Kind people, pretty places, even the cities near by yemen is safety!!! I loved it🥰

Saudi Arabia Rated 3.43 / 5 based on 56 user reviews.

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