How Safe Is Yemen for Travel?

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Yemen is a country located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Yemen is a country devastated by war and it has had a tumultuous history in the recent past with civil wars raging inside the country.

Though it is a country populated by extremely warm and friendly people and with a lot of things to offer culturally, naturally and historically, it is still an extremely dangerous destination right now and visitors are discouraged from visiting.

What would be interesting for visitors, putting aside the current unfavorable political situation in Yemen, is the Sana’a – the old city, a mystical site and at the same time a UNESCO World Heritage site.

You can visit and see a bunch of fairytale gingerbread-like houses situated in the streets that are alive with the sound of passers-by.

This is one of the oldest cities in the world.

If you’re a nature lover, the Socotra island is for you – this is a picturesque island untouched by modern man, and home to many unknown and rare species of the world, as well as plants.

Warnings & Dangers in Yemen

Overall Risk


Yemen is currently a very dangerous destination for potential travelers. Governments in several countries have even issued warnings against traveling to this country, for reasons such as terrorism, kidnappings and other types of violent crime. Visiting Yemen can end in you getting seriously hurt or killed.

Transport & Taxis Risk


The road transportation system in Yemen is extremely limited, with only a small percentage of roads paved. Taxis and public transportation are available but they are often in poor condition and lack safety precautions. Do not travel around Yemen unaccompanied under any circumstance.

Pickpockets Risk


Crime levels are high in Yemen and this goes for both petty and violent crime. Expect petty crimes like pickpocketing, bag snatching, camera snatching, and other forms of theft. Avoid crowded places, if you must leave your accommodation.

Natural Disasters Risk


Floods and cyclones are Yemen's worst enemies when it comes to natural disasters. In 2015, the country's fifth-largest city, Mukalla was hit by severe flooding while thousands of people were left homeless.

Mugging Risk


Violent confrontations like muggings, armed robberies, and kidnappings are regular in Yemen so it is recommended that you take extra care on the streets of this country, avoid dark streets and deserted areas. Bear in mind that risks increase after dark.

Terrorism Risk


Terrorists are very likely to try and carry out attacks in Yemen, and the biggest threat is coming to AQAP in a place where they have strong connections and in more isolated areas like Hadramawt and Shabwah. Remain vigilant at all times.

Scams Risk


If you go to Yemen, scams are the least of your problems. However, there are scammers here too, and with them, the risk of you getting crossed over. Double-check your change, never pay anything upfront and negotiate everything in advance. Be very careful around ATMs and be wary of anyone trying to distract you.

Women Travelers Risk


Yemen is not a safe destination for women. Do not go alone anywhere, and keep in mind that it is best not to move around Yemen at all, except if you're in a car with windows rolled up.

So... How Safe Is Yemen Really?

Yemen is an extremely dangerous country, and unless you absolutely have a dire need and necessity to be here, do not venture to Yemen: there is a brutal war raging inside the country at the moment and anyone visiting it could end up injured or dead.

If you are already in Yemen, do everything you can to leave ass soon as the opportunity presents itself.

The situation is so serious because the country is split between militants: one is a Shia militant group and the other Al-Qaeda.

Given that the country is divided between militants, you can only imagine the risks you can run into: terrorist attacks, abductions, tribal violence, and general lawlessness are only some of the threats in Yemen.

Statistically, it makes sense that those who are staying in the country for a while have a greater chance of being killed, but groups of tourists aren’t safe either as there are heightened risks of terrorist groups targeting tourists in groups by carrying out suicide bombings and armed ambushes in places frequented by tourists.

You are not safe even in the capital Sana’a, as the country’s law enforcement is generally unreliable.

Refrain from traveling to the San’aa region of northern Yemen, as there is a serious risk of violent civil unrest and political turmoil.

However, traveling to some of the eastern and southern parts of the country isn’t safe either as these are the places where Al-Qaeda is active.

These places are Ma’rib, Shabwah, Hadramaw in the east and Aden, Abyan, Al-Bayda’ in the south.

Useful Information

  • Visas - Most countries do need a visa in order to enter Yemen and if you need one, you will have to acquire one from one of the Yemeni diplomatic missions. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need a visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.
  • Currency - Yemeni rial is the official currency in Yemen. ATMs exist in this country and you can use your credit cards but it is still recommended that you bring cash with you.
  • Weather - Yemen has subtropical dry, hot desert climate characterized by the lack of precipitation throughout the year, and by high temperatures during summer and a big difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures, particularly in the inland areas.
  • Airports - Sana'a International Airport is the busiest and the main international airport in Yemen. It is located in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen.
  • Travel Insurance - Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Yemen, since it covers not only the costs of medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.
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Feb 17° C
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Jun 23° C
Jul 23° C
Aug 23° C
Sep 21° C
Oct 17° C
Nov 15° C
Dec 14° C
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6 Reviews on Yemen

  1. E
    Elias Ziad says:


    Kill yourself, nothing here is true except for the war….
    I am a tourist who went to Yemen just last month and I cam home loving the adventure, unlike you who never been there….
    How could you say that the people are so good and heart-warming when you literally talk shit about them stealing and kidnaping you????
    I am ignoring you and I will do the exact opposite and do my best to get back into the country because there is so much more I could see!!
    The capital city is very safe including Mukalla and Ibb, not saying that the country is safe, just saying that it is not lawless and that there are cops everywhere, but I am pretty damn sure the pickpocketing and robberies are in every country in the world.
    It is not that dangerous, I sometimes even walk at night alone and all I get is people wanting to take a picture with me.
    So get all this nonsense away and actually let someone who has been there explain the safety rating.

    1. How safe is there right now i was going to go soon when they open up or is open now so i know

    2. A
      Abdulrahman says:

      Thank you Elias.
      You are absolutely right, its totally safe to room around in all cities in Yemen. I am planning to go there once the travel ban is lifted. Maybe in Sep. I would love to accompany you. Let me know

  2. A
    Anonymous says:

    I think its spot on.As of 2020 it was ranked 4th most dangerous country in the world. People can be nice but that dosent mean that its a safe country. Especialy when you have an armed gang threatning to take over Saudi Arbias capital.

  3. Unsafe, but this article is factually incorrect

    This is factually incorrect. There aren’t kidnappings, natural disasters, suicide bombings. The militant groups aren’t two terror groups fighting each other, its much deeper than that. Please get your facts straight before spreading misinformation like this.

  4. M
    Miriam Yafai says:

    Stop scare mongering please

    The media always exaggerates the situation in Yemen, there’s some trouble in some places between people but not like the way they portrayed it! I came back in January this year it was absolutely safe in Aden and I’m planning to go in December so please stop scare mongering 😔

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